Currys’ Fitbit and Google Nest gold is behind – and it’s improved than ever


Get a giveaway Google Nest Mini giveaway in this Fitbit Charge 3 gold offer.

Currys PC World only one upped itself with this latest gold deal. In a past we’ve seen a same multiple of products though with a – in comparison – defective Fitbit Inspire. Now, however, Currys PC World has total a Google Nest Mini and Fitbit Charge 3 in one good value deal.

Pay only £89.99 for a aptness tracker and intelligent orator together, saving a tenner on a cost of a Fitbit Charge 3 on a prior inventory cost and radically giving we a Nest Mini totally for free.

With both a aptness tracker and intelligent orator featuring in a tip tech hacks for staying healthy during home, as good as a tip tips for building your during home bureau set-up, this Currys PC World gold unequivocally couldn’t have come during a improved time, permitting we to some-more absolutely and good work remotely from home, while ensuring we keep relocating – from a lounge to a fridge and behind again.

We awarded a Fitbit Charge 3 a high 9 out of 10 rating, final in a review: “Fitbit has been doing this for so prolonged that it’s now simply enlightening a timeless blueprint,” observant a upgrades from a prototype as a genuine standout of this aptness tracker.

Offering some leaps from a Fitbit Charge 2, a Fitbit Charge 3 now has H2O insurgency adult to 50-metres, with a ability to automatically lane when you’re doing lengths in a pool. It also sees upgrades to a battery life, earnest to strech adult to 7 days of tracking before wanting some-more juice.

The Fitbit Charge 3 also sees tweaks to a design, that we settled “is one of a many areas where these tiny changes have had a large impact.” Swapping steel for aluminium, it’s 20% lighter, wise some-more flush to your wrist and charity an all-round, some-more gentle fit.

Able to lane calories and pull to to grasp your daily step challenge, this will safeguard we keep relocating while operative from home, and inspire we to lift out your daily exercise.

The Nest Mini is also a good tool to have right now, with a ability to set reminders, curate selling and other to-do lists, as good as personification we a few tunes during your request. Admittedly, we also like a thought of it giving us a possibility to pronounce out shrill – other than on discussion calls – and Google Assistant competence even tell we a fun or two.

A illusory multiple of gadgets to get by a work from home slog, we save a good understanding with a Fitbit Charge 3 ignored and a Nest Mini intelligent orator radically being thrown in for free. Order now if you’re meddlesome since we doubt this gold will be around for long.

Fitbit Charge 3 and Nest Mini Bundle

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker Black Chalk Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) Bundle

With a bonus on a Fitbit Charge 3, get a Nest Mini intelligent orator radically for giveaway in this good value gold deal. Track aptness and your daily to-do charge with these good gadgets.

Currys PC World

Free Nest Mini

Now £89.99

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Now £89.99

Free Nest Mini

Currys PC World

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