Could Apple’s Next Magic Keyboard Make Room for a Apple Pencil?


The Magic Keyboard is a game-changing appendage for those who wish to use their iPad Pro as a laptop deputy for critical work like writing, though like many first-generation Apple products and accessories, it’s not though a limitations.

Some of these are a bit esoteric, like a USB-C pier being singular to charging, while others are simply a matter of pattern taste, such as a enamel material, and of march there are a few bugs that Apple still needs to work out, that are hopefully possibly iPadOS program issues or simply a matter of a few poor units that can simply be transposed underneath warranty.

However, after a few weeks of regulating a Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro, there’s one repudiation that unequivocally leaves me meditative that Apple could have addressed better, and that’s carrying somewhere for a Apple Pencil to go.

To be clear, a Apple Pencil docks magnetically on tip of a iPad Pro (“top” being a rather relations term), and it stays in place pretty good during use interjection to a captivating connection. However, when we overlay adult a Magic Keyboard to take a iPad Pro with you, a Apple Pencil sits there, unresolved off a side, usually watchful to be sent drifting off if you’re not careful.

Other keyboard accessories such as Logitech’s Slim Folio residence this rather some-more elegantly by providing a tag closure that lets we leave a Apple Pencil charging on a corner of a iPad Pro while during a same time ensuring that a firmly hold in position. Of course, a downside for these is that they don’t use a some-more fit Smart Connector, and of march there’s no trackpad.

The Hinge

It turns out, however, that Apple might be operative on an even improved idea, if a new apparent unclosed by Patently Apple is any indication.

While a recently-granted apparent doesn’t impute to a Magic Keyboard by name, given Apple unsentimental for it in late 2018, prolonged before it had staid on a name, there’s no doubt during all from a diagrams that it’s about a Magic Keyboard, and in fact highlights many of a facilities we already know about, including a captivating advancing system, a use of a Smart Connector, and a pass-through USB-C charging.

What’s quite noteworthy, however, is that a apparent shows a hinge public of a Magic Keyboard being used as a place to store a Apple Pencil when not in use, that is something that indeed seems rather apparent once we demeanour during it.

Magic Keyboard with Apple Pencil storage

According to the patent, it looks like this would not usually yield somewhere to store a Apple Pencil while on a go, though also embody a built-in horse to keep it juiced adult so that users wouldn’t have to rest on withdrawal it docked to a corner of a iPad Pro usually to make certain it’s prepared to go.

What This Means

That said, like many Apple patents, it’s not wholly transparent if this was an thought that Apple already had an deserted or something that it might still try to exercise in a destiny chronicle of a Magic Keyboard.

While a hinge cylinder on a stream Magic Keyboard looks vast adequate to simply accommodate a Apple Pencil, it’s critical to keep in mind that it also needs to embody a hinge resource itself, and this needs to be clever adequate to support a iPad Pro hovering above a keyboard. So it’s probable that by a time Apple designed a tangible hinge there was no longer any room to accommodate a Apple Pencil though creation a hinge cylinder larger, that wouldn’t unequivocally be unsentimental due to a need to compare it to a density of a iPad Pro when folded closed.

The fact that Apple didn’t unequivocally yield any other resolution for holding a Apple Pencil could also indicate to this devise carrying been deserted during a eleventh hour, withdrawal them no time to come adult with any alternatives. However, that doesn’t meant that Apple has indispensably deserted a thought completely, and it could come to a destiny chronicle of a Magic Keyboard.

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