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Corsair One PC

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What is a Corsair One?

The Corsair One is a American hardware firm’s second gash during a vital room PC marketplace after a compress Bulldog PC that was announced in 2015. Corsair says it’s designed a complement from a belligerent adult to be a “ultimate loll PC” – one that’s comprehensive adequate to play games during 4K and run VR headsets, such as a HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, though tiny and still adequate to discreetly lay in a unchanging person’s vital room.

From a pattern viewpoint it’s an comprehensive marvel, and interjection to an innovative cooling system, a Corsair One is one of a many comprehensive mini-ITX gaming PCs Trusted has ever tested. However, a miss of upgradability boundary a interest to hardware fanatics. With pricing starting during a large £1799.99 for a many simple configuration, a Corsair One is also severely expensive.

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Corsair One

Corsair One – Design and build

On a outward a Corsair One is one of a many rare gaming PCs I’ve seen. Unlike many PC builders Corsair has avoided creation too many outlandish pattern flourishes or adding many RGB lights. The usually extravagance are a dual light strips on a One’s front. Personally I’d have prefered no lights, though it’s easy adequate to spin them off, or change a colour to something some-more subtle, regulating Corsair’s preinstalled Link software.

Even with them on a One is a sincerely watchful device interjection to a ridiculously tiny dimensions. At usually 380 x 200 x 176mm, it’s significantly smaller than some of a some-more compress gaming PCs we’ve seen recently, such as a Alienware Aurora and Lenovo Ideacentre Y710 Cube.

Despite a size, Corsair has managed to bucket a PC with all a connectivity options unchanging gamers and VR enthusiasts will need. Around a behind you’ll find a singular USB 3.1 Type-C, 3 USB 3.1 Type A, dual USB 2.0 Type A ports alongside a gigabit Ethernet submit and audio connectors. For VR headset owners, there are USB and HDMI ports on a front that creates environment adult a Vive and Oculus a bit easier if we don’t wish to have a VR headset plugged in all a time.

Corsair One

The One’s aluminium framework can usually be accessed regulating a rear-facing eject symbol that lets we mislay a tip of a device and singular cooling fan. Once you’re inside, things get interesting. The Corsair One is one of a many space-efficient finished pre-built PCs I’ve ever seen.

The title facilities are a use of an MSI Z270I Growler mini-ITX motherboard and custom-built GPU and CPU cooling system. There are dual fans, one on a GPU, that cools a energy supply components of a card.

There’s also an assisted convection framework fan that helps lift and beam cold atmosphere by a side-facing intake vents and afterwards blows it out of a top.

The Corsair Link and diagnostics program also assistance control a system, instructing it to concentration on specific areas, like a GPU, CPU or PSU, as indispensable in real-time. During my tests a cooling complement worked a provide and is expected a pivotal reason Corsair’s been means to bucket a mini-ITX box with a 10.5-inch GPU, full-height DDR4 memory sticks and SFX, entirely modular PSU.

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Corsair One

The usually downside to a pattern is that it creates a Corsair One flattering many indisputable on a inside. The usually thing you’ll primarily see when we cocktail a hood is a PSU and a tip of a cooling system. To get any deeper we have to serve dismantle a PC, stealing a sides and unplugging flattering many each member of a cooling complement and GPU until we finally strech a M.2 SSD submit during a really bottom.

Opening it adult is sincerely wily and one we wouldn’t suggest even seasoned builders risk, as it’s really easy to repairs a complement while burrowing. Instead many people would be improved to mind Corsair’s recommendation and compensate for a ascent to be finished during a support centre. This will be an emanate for spec-heads or opening junkies – generally if we go for a lowest-specced pattern of a Corsair One.


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