CORONAVIRUS: Palm Beach Percent Positive Rate Highest In Six Days; More Deaths

Florida covid-19 nesFlorida covid-19 nes

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The Palm Beach County “percent positive” rate is a top it’s been given May 22nd. It is a potentially meaningful pointer as some fear that Palm Beach County residents aren’t following CDC discipline — heading to increasing widespread of COVID-19.

By a numbers: all exam logged on May 22nd, May 23rd and May 24th yielded a 5 percent certain rate in Palm Beach County. On May 25th that jumped to 5.7 percent. On May 26th it forsaken to 3.7 percent, though that might have been an anomaly. It increasing on May 27th to 5.9 percent.

The “percent positive” rate is an critical number. Instead of display how many people tested certain — that can boost or diminution depending on a series of tests given — it uncover a percent of tests given that suggested a certain result.

Whether or not a boost is no large understanding or partial of a incomparable trend stays to be seen. However, we are now during a indicate where those out and about once Palm Beach County changed to a “full proviso one” would feasible be display signs of exposure.

Statewide, there are now during slightest 53,285 reliable cases of COVID-19. The genocide count is 2,364.

In Palm Beach County, during slightest 5,541 are now certain for COVID-19, with a genocide count of 327.

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