CORONAVIRUS: Now Nearly 51K Infected In Florida, Palm Beach Infections Up

Florida covid-19 nesFlorida covid-19 nes

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The Florida Department of Health now reports during slightest 50,867 reliable cases of COVID-19 in a state. The Death count has risen to 2,237.

There is a new miracle in Palm Beach County. The putrescent count has upheld 5200 — it’s now during slightest 5,201.

The Palm Beach County genocide count has strike 315. The series of people who have been — or are — hospitalized with COVID-19 associated issues is now during slightest 1076.

In Palm Beach County, a make/female separate is 2,608 masculine to 2,497 female. The health dialect reports that 5 of those putrescent are unclear as to gender.

In Boca Raton, during slightest 594 people are reliable certain for COVID-19. The Delray Beach COVID-19 count is 458. It’s 550 in Boynton Beach.

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