CORONAVIRUS: Florida New Cases, Deaths Rise — Now 42k Cases In State

Florida new cases as of might 13 2020Florida new cases as of might 13 2020

BOCA RATON, FL ( — The numbers are rising in Florida. The latest numbers from a Florida Department of Health now uncover during slightest 42,402 reliable cases of COVID-19. The genocide count in Florida has risen to 1,827.

The “new case” count has risen for any of a past 3 days of reporting. Health Officials news 813 new reliable cases on May 11th — a many new day with statewide information entered. There were 617 cases logged on May 10th. 389 on May 9th.

The daily genocide count continues a multi-day ceiling trend as well. There were 15 deaths logged in Florida on May 9th, May 10th shows 19 deaths, May 11th shows 20 deaths.

In Palm Beach County, during slightest 4,176 people have tested certain for COVID-19. The genocide count in PBC is 254. The male/female separate is 51-percent to 49-percent.

The past 5 days uncover an up-and-down graph for “new” cases in Palm Beach County. 171 new PBC cases were logged on May 8th, 78 on May 9th, 22 on May 10th, 124 on May 11th and 143 on May 12th.

The deadliness rate in Palm Beach County is 6-percent of all COVID-19 cases. It’s 4-percent for a whole state.

The Boca Raton putrescent count is now 532. The Delray Beach putrescent count is 394. The Boynton Beach putrescent count is 457.

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