BOCA RATON, FL ( — The infection and genocide numbers in Florida as a Memorial Day weekend starts are on a rise. More than 50,000 are reliable certain for COVID-19, according to a just-released news from a Florida Department of Health.

By a numbers: At slightest 50,127 people in Florida are putrescent with COVID-19. The genocide count is during slightest 2,232. At slightest 760 additional certain tests were logged on Friday. The percent certain rate by Friday was not nonetheless accessible mid-day Saturday. That’s a series that compares “positive” tests to a series of tests logged and provides context to new box spikes. We will refurbish once it’s released.

In Palm Beach County, during slightest 5,140 have tested positive. The genocide count is now 315. There have been during slightest 1,068 hospitalizations associated to COVID-19 in Palm Beach County.

Of those putrescent in Palm Beach County, 2,572 now brand as male, 2,465 brand as female, 11 are “unknown.”

In Boca Raton, 592 are reliable certain for COVID-19, Delray Beach reports 452, Boynton Beach reports 542.

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