Corbyn suspended news live: Latest Labour updates as Keir Starmer’s party plunged into civil war over antisemitism report

<p>Jeremy Corbyn leaves home ahead of the publication of a report into antisemitism within the Labour Party</p>

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<p>Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home ahead of the publication of a report into Labour antisemitism</p>

Labour splits are emerging as Jeremy Corbyn supporters rallied to his defence following his suspension from the party amid a damning report into its handling of antisemitism.

The investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) found the party was responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination.

Mr Corbyn rejected some of the equality watchdog’s findings, claiming the issue had been “dramatically overstated for political reasons” by his critics – a stance that put him at odds with his successor Sir Keir Starmer and led to him having the whip removed on Thursday.

In a bid to avoid a left-wing exodus from the party, Mr Corbyn urged members to “stay” and fight internally against any shift to the centre ground.


ITV’s Shehab Khan reports Keir Starmer has not spoken to Jeremy Corbyn since the former leader was suspended yesterday over his response to the EHRC’s report on Labour antisemitism.

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 09:29


Starmer says he does not believe Corbyn is antisemitic and denies ‘Militant purge’

Keir Starmer says he does not believe Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic and has denied carrying out a 1980s-style ‘Militant purge” against Labour leftwingers.

Speaking after the dramatic suspension of his predecessor – after he challenged the damning equality watchdog’s report – the Labour leader said the decision had been taken by the party’s general secretary, not him.

Asked if there was a way back for Mr Corbyn, he said: “It’s not my process it’s the party’s process – and what I mustn’t do is express a view on what should happen in the case.”

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 09:02


Conservative cabinet minister Michael Gove has used the release of the EHRC’s report into antisemitism to send an open letter to Keir Starmer “seeking answers” to some of his own questions. 

As The Independent’s Tom Peck points out, Mr Gove himself, as well as Boris Johnson, last year agreed to a probe into Tory Party Islamophobia. That investigation still has not happened. 

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 08:44


McCluskey warns Corbyn suspension will lead to Labour civil war and compromise next election

Labour civil war over the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn moved a step nearer as the leader of Unite, Len McCluskey, warned it will create “chaos” in the party.

Mr McCluskey – whose union is Labour’s biggest donors, giving around £7m since the start of last year – warned that failure to reinstate the former leader would leave a split party “doomed to defeat” at the next election.

His comment reflected widespread anger on the left of the party over the treatment of Corbyn, with former shadow chancellor John McDonnell branding his suspension “profoundly wrong” and Momentum denouncing it as “a massive attack on the left by the new leadership”.

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 08:26


Keir Starmer has appeared on BBC Breakfast and Sky News this morning, where he told viewers he was “disappointed” in Jeremy Corbyn’s comments into the EHRC’s report on Labour antisemitism. 

Mr Corbyn said the prevalence of anti-Jewish racism in the party had been exaggerated by political opponents of his left-wing project. 

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 08:05


A series of Labour MPs supportive of Jeremy Corbyn have come out publicly calling for the former leader’s reinstatement. 

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 07:50


Corbyn vows to fight suspension from Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to fight his suspension from the Labour Party after being stripped of the party whip pending investigation over his response to a damning report on antisemitism under his leadership.

The dramatic move came in response to Mr Corbyn’s refusal to accept all the findings of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and his continued insistence that allegations of antisemitism were “dramatically overstated for political reasons”.

It risked sparking civil war within the party, with former shadow chancellor John McDonnell blasting it as “profoundly wrong” and the left-wing Momentum campaign denouncing it as “a massive attack on the left by the new leadership”.

Tom Embury-Dennis30 October 2020 07:43


Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s up-to-the-minute coverage of all the latest fallout from the crisis engulfing Labour over antisemitism and its suspension of former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

We’ll also bring you the latest from the wider UK political world. 

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