Clendaniel: It takes us all, including Apple, to solve Bay Area housing crisis


The longest bang cycle in Bay Area story has a segment confronting a biggest housing predicament ever.

This is what happens when a Bay Area economy creates 367,000 jobs and builds usually 57,000 new homes between 2010-15. The final 3 years only finished things worse.

The border of a problem strike home Thursday with Bay Area News Group contributor Marisa Kendall’s story saying home prices are so out of strech that even rarely cherished engineers operative during Apple, Facebook and Google can’t means a residence here.


If that doesn’t get a tech industry’s full attention, it should. We’ve famous for years that sell businesses, schools and military and glow departments have a tough time competing with other regions for top-flight talent. But if Silicon Valley can’t attract and keep a brightest minds from around a world, it’s sayonara for a creation economy.

The normal program engineers during Google and Apple make about $200,000 a year, that isn’t adequate to to get a customary loan for a median-priced home — about $1.25 million — within a 20-minute invert from their offices. That’s assuming, of course, that they can come adult with a $250,000 indispensable for a standard down payment.

At slightest Google and Facebook are starting to commend a need to do their part. Google is backing building of 10,000 homes in Mountain View to support a new bureau development. Facebook wants to build 1,500 homes on a stretched Willow campus in Menlo Park.

But Apple has finished subsequent to zero in terms of housing to support a new spaceship in Cupertino, where as many as 12,000 employees will eventually work.

Apple is contributing $5.85 million to a city’s affordable housing fund. This from a association that is bringing home a immeasurable infancy of a $250 billion hold abroad that it claims it would use to make a large investment in a United States. Making a situation worse was Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul’s state of a city remarks indicating that a city’s housing necessity isn’t apocalyptic and doesn’t need extreme action.

The median home value in Cupertino is estimated during $2.2 million. And Cupertino, like many other Bay Area cities, is unwell to make a affordable or market-rate housing goals set by California.

The problem isn’t disdainful to a Peninsula and South Bay. The trends there are mirrored in in a East Bay, where Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Fremont and Moraga all have median sales cost of some-more than $1 million. Pockets of affordability still exist in eastern Contra Costa County, where a median cost of homes is closer to $500,000.

The usually approach a Bay Area can residence a problem of this bulk is if all a essential players — business, labor, supervision — work together for a larger good, rather than focusing usually on their possess needs.

“As shortly as we get into a conditions where we consider it’s not possible, we need to find other jobs,” pronounced Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez. “The doubt is either we have adequate people of goodwill who can commend this predicament for what it is and can act.”

There’s one other pivotal actor in addressing this predicament — you.

Business, labor and supervision can do their part, though if people in communities retard each housing bid by perfectionist “Not In My Backyard” zero will improve.

Counties and cities need to honour people’s fears, and work to pill them. To make this work, a Bay Area is also going to have to build some-more densely nearby open travel and urge a open travel options.

A five-county check of 900 purebred electorate in a Bay Area conducted Dec. 27-Jan. 9 by this news classification and a Silicon Valley Leadership Group offers enlivening news. It showed that 64 percent of residents support building poignant quantities of new housing. And get this. A majority, 53 percent, pronounced they would support construction even if it altered a impression of their neighborhood.

Some of a pieces required to residence a problem are in place and commencement to uncover promise. Gov. Jerry Brown sealed 15 housing bills in Sep aiming during a sea change in how California residence a housing challenge. Santa Clara County’s $1 billion Measure A bond upheld by electorate in Nov 2016 is commencement to bear fruit. And San Jose has 8,400 new homes in a tube with a idea of 25,000 in a subsequent 5 years.

The county, working with a city of San Jose, awarded $39.9 million for a Villas on a Park plan that will build a first-of-its-kind, six-story, 84-unit housing trickery for a homeless in downtown San Jose. Five other projects designed to yield affordable housing and additional units for a homeless are in a works.

Everyone agrees about a border of a problem. The doubt is either a Bay Area can collectively work together to get something finished about it.