Chilling warning: ‘There are some-more Wests out there’


West has usually oral publicly to one person, crime author Brian Masters, after her trial. 

The author of She Must Have Known, now 81, recalled: “What was so startling about her was that she is so ordinary. She only got on with what she was doing, that was knitting. 

“I said, ‘How do we spend your time here in prison?’ and she pronounced ‘I am always needlework for my grandchildren, it keeps me busy’. 

“I collected from that assembly that she was uncertain of herself, broke about a playground that has surrounded her name and she did not unequivocally know how to appreciate what had happened.” 

He added: “She did contend one thing – ‘Look, we did realize utterly early on Fred was no good though we did not know he would go so far’.” 

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