Chelan Fresh Rockit Apples Now Available Year-Round


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Chelan, Wash. – Chelan Fresh announced currently that Rockit™ apples, a usually tiny apples specifically grown to a accessible distance ideal for on-the-go snacking, baking, or cooking, are accessible year-round.  

to flourishing consumer direct for Rockit™ apples, Chelan Fresh launched a
large-scale selling debate to showcase Rockit™ apples’ graphic qualities
that make them matchless in today’s market. Now accessible any time of year, Rockit™
apples are a healthy and
naturally honeyed pocket-sized provide ideal for both kids and adults. Their petite
size creates them a ideal messenger to propagandize or work lunches, a sweet
addition to caprice desserts, or a snackable apple for bustling lifestyles.

Rockit™ apples are
passionately grown in a fruitful valleys of Central Washington by fourth and fifth
generation farmers who are driven by family birthright to furnish a best
tasting fruit available.
Harvested each tumble and accessible in stores year-round, Rockit™ apples are
excellent storing apples. When refrigerated they stay uninformed and frail for adult to
six weeks.

“The initial thing people notice about Rockit apples is their
adorable and accessible size, though that is not a usually thing that sets them
apart from other apples,” says Julie DeJarnatt, executive of sell plan for Chelan
Fresh. “We are anxious to see people’s fad when they ambience a difference
and learn a nutritive advantages wrapped adult in a tiny package.”

Rockit™ apples are not only for snacking. Many veteran and
home chefs have done Rockit™ apples a pivotal part in renouned recipes. Explore
ways to incorporate Rockit™ apples into artistic dishes, such as a Rockit™ Appletini
Rockit™ Apple Pie
and Rockit™ Rosettes.

To learn some-more about Rockit™ apples revisit To find stores that
carry Rockit™ apples and other Chelan fruits revisit

Rockit™ Apples

Rockit™ apples are the
world’s initial miniaturized apples. They naturally grow in a perfect
snack-size, are really honeyed and broach a large crunch.  Packed with
essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to support bland health for active
kids and adults. Rockit™ apples are grown by Chelan Fresh in Central Washington

About Chelan Fresh

Chelan Fresh growers
take honour in flourishing reward apples, pears, cherries and mill fruit.
 Our uninformed fruit is all handpicked on 3rd and 4th generation family farms in a plateau of Washington state
where plenty sunshine, peaceful towering slopes, fruitful valleys and cold crisp
air mix with a strong waters of a Columbia River for ideal growing

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