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Today, we got an early demeanour inside Nike’s new five-story flagship in New York City. While a SoHo space was full of interactive sports practice to assistance shoppers collect a best shoes for their style, it wouldn’t be a grand opening but some special heat.

To christen a new space, Nike has some special launches planned. Exclusive to a emporium will be a John Elliott x Nike LeBron Soldier X and a series of NYC Air Force 1s, as good as restocks of some new releases.

Additionally, a final span of a Nike Mag and a arriving Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will be accessible during a store in a future.

Have a demeanour during a kicks next and let us know if you’ll be backing adult during a new NYC emporium to cop.

Nike SoHo
529 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Nike Air Force 1 “NYC”

Nike SF Air Force 1

Air Jordan 1 “Bred”

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 x John Elliott

Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard V2”

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Nike Air Mag

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Achile, marque de chaussettes fabriquées dans l’Oise appartenant au groupe Kindy, se pierce dans la chaussure enfantine avec une première collection flow l’hiver 2016.

Baskets flow fille de la première collection de chaussures Achile – Achile

Malgré une baisse des ventes de 22,3 % de son pôle chaussure sur l’exercice 2015-2016, Kindy complète son offre de souliers flow enfant avec Achile. GBB,  l’autre marque en propre du groupe sur le même marché, est destinée aux enfants jusqu’à 6 ans.

Les modèles Achile viennent donc en prolongement de GBB, en proposant des modèles flow les juniors de 6 à douze ans. Les paires sont conçues en France puis fabriquées au Maghreb. La première collection se harmonise d’une vingtaine de modèles flow fille et garçon.

L’idée est de proposer des produits tendance, en cuir, avec des semelles amovibles venant s’adapter à l’ajout de semelles orthopédiques flow répondre aux besoins des and petits.

La ligne est distribuée dans 600 points de vente en France, comprenant les détaillants de chaussures flow enfant ainsi que les grands magasins comme les Galeries Lafayette ou le BHV. Les modèles sont vendus entre 75 et 115 euros.

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As we solemnly emerge from a haze into a new American experiment—which indeed starts in January, so take a low exhale and bucket adult a imagining app in a meantime—take a impulse to demeanour behind on a really peculiar materialisation that occurred final night. No, not a fact that Donald Trump, reality-television star and bloviating billionaire, is now a president-elect of a United States of America. Rather, a extraordinary box of his extended family’s social-media feeds. After a day of posts featuring them going to a polls and examination choosing formula flow in, they were mysteriously abandoned of posts from Trump’s winning night.

This could all change during any moment, though as of 9 A.M. Wednesday morning, Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump had not posted any photos on Instagram given before their father had been announced a leader of a 2016 election, nor had their spouses. There were no cinema of Barron personification with balloons (although that competence be a equivocal copyright pierce by Bill Clinton during this point) during a feat celebration in New York City.

This could be an revelation released by a debate as a uncover of oneness to denote how critical Trump is about his win. In his celebratory tweet, he called a night, “Such a pleasing and critical evening.”

It could also be a pointer that after months of dedicated campaigning, a family took a night to concentration on their hard-won victory. The 2016 debate was an outward-facing one, with each pierce delicately documented on amicable media. For one night, a Trumps competence have distinguished internally (with a ballroom full of supporters, of course). Now that a feat party’s over, things could lapse to business as usual.

Vanity Fair has reached out to a Trump debate for serve comment.

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When we finally crawled into bed final night during 4 a.m., we had dual disproportion for my husband: “dead inside.”

I’m peaceful to theory that even among women who were feeling reduction despair, among those who did expel a list for Trump, a infancy do not support any facet of a Republican celebration height or any one of Trump’s debate promises. Perhaps we against America’s unfamiliar process underneath Obama, though do not wish to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Or, maybe we consider we need taxation cuts—and gun control.

The indicate is, with Donald Trump’s electoral college win over Hillary, Republicans’ triumphs in a House and Senate, and a intensity for a historically regressive Supreme Court, we will have significantly fewer bureaucratic checks and balances on a Republican agenda. This is their vacant check. If we wish to stop any aspect of their program, we’re going to have to organize.

Perhaps it was useful that Hillary Clinton didn’t pronounce to her supporters final night. It gave us a chance, as existence sunk in, to start to feel a approach towards a trail though her. For a past 25 years, Hillary has turn inextricably related with feminism. But Hillary will not run again. A transformation that has been focused on Hillary as a brightest wish for a feminist epitome of a initial womanlike boss contingency now regroup and refocus.

As Hillary pronounced when she spoke this morning, “Our debate was never about one person, or even one election. It was about a republic we adore and building an America that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.” This is a transformation about all of us. And when we contend all of us, we don’t meant usually women, though people of color, eremite minorities, a LGBT community, immigrants and refugees, and all group who don’t wish to live underneath a Trumpian code of masculinity, where women are ornaments to be grabbed and consolation is branded weakness. We as a republic are usually as equal or giveaway as a slightest equal or giveaway citizens.

Last night, as a news during a Javits went from bad to worse, we found Stephanie Schriock, boss of Emily’s List. The votes were not entirely counted, though we could see her wheels were already turning, meditative about how she would conflict and recover. “Women are going to grieve, though after we grieve,” she said, “we need to come together. In many ways, we consider we’re looking during a emergence of a new section in a quarrel for women’s rights. Maybe we need a new ERA. We’re going to have to take batch and think, where are we? What does this meant for a girls?”

Schriock was bowing her conduct over her phone subsequent to Ilyse Hogue, boss of NARAL Pro-Choice America, who was doing a same, typing madly. Hogue lamented that she hadn’t even review a email to supporters that her group had prepared before choosing day for a probability of a Trump win. It had seemed so unthinkable. She was quite endangered about a probable Supreme Court implications for reproductive choice. “This is going to need us to consider in opposite ways. We need to consider about Poland,” she said, referring to Poland’s new try to sequence a check creation probably all termination illegal. It was followed by mass demonstrations by women and, ultimately, lawmakers corroborated down. “We no longer get to live underneath a apparition that we’re going to elect people who simulate a best interest,” she said. “We’re going to have to take control of a possess destiny and take caring of any other in ways we haven’t had to do for a prolonged time. But we’ve finished it before and we’ll do it again.”

As we attempted to nap final night, we found myself meditative about a centuries in that women and African-Americans went though a opinion in this country. And we suspicion about how, even after those milestones were achieved, many some-more fights still lay forward in sequence to mangle down a secular and gender barriers to full county and mercantile participation. we recently review John Lewis’s pleasing and harrowing striking novel trilogy, March, about his purpose in a polite rights movement. It’s easy to forget how nauseous fights can get before we make progress, that people have mislaid their lives in a name of a rights. But we do make progress.

I was also reminded of an talk we had with Hillary when she was Secretary of State, behind in 2012. We were articulate about her efforts during a State Department to foster women’s and girls’ rights around a world. She told me afterwards that a universe didn’t change overnight. “I don’t take emanate with how formidable this is though we do reject a thought that it’s a never. Because we don’t trust that in a march of tellurian history, a nevers have been proven right,” she said. “It is loyal that all of these campaigns to enhance a round of tellurian event and tellurian rights are prolonged tenure struggles, though that isn’t a same as never.” She talked about a suffragettes. “When we consider about … Seneca Falls, in terms of domestic action, it seems like a prolonged time, though it’s a brief time in tellurian evolution. we consider a lot of people are still struggling with, ‘what disproportion would it make if women were empowered in a country? Really, does that make a difference?’ They don’t see it as we do, that is a unprepared business of a 21st century. If we consider of labour as being a unprepared business of a 19th century and autocracy as being such an aspersion to tellurian grace in a 20th century, afterwards a subsequent limit is a full intensity for women.”

So I’m perplexing to consider of Hillary Clinton’s better final night as usually one some-more step in a prolonged highway towards leisure and equivalence in this country. It creates me feel, during least, a small reduction passed inside.

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It was a Big Night for a Big Shift amid a Big Stunner.

Yes, yes, it was going to be an ancestral election, either a leader was a initial lady or a initial narcissist hotel-casino executive. But media coverage unavoidably incited practical confidence into common dishonesty as indifferent assumptions about a transparent Hillary Clinton feat crumbled while a presidency hung in a balance. It was so startling that even solemn friends who cover politics wondered if a Russians had hacked into state choosing computers. How could each vital consult be so errant? The Polling-Survey Industrial Complex would be in tatters, with scorn targeted during both aged standby operations or heralded data-driven gurus like Nate Silver. “It’s 9:15,” pronounced Judy Woodruff on PBS, underscoring warn that one couldn’t call a leader in Virginia, suspicion to be flattering plain Clinton country. “This could put a voter projection attention out of business,” pronounced CNN’s Jake Tapper. Most had a contingency of a Clinton win during over 65 percent. “This is not a elimination for Donald Trump and Trumpism that a lot of Republicans in Washington and Democrats hoped. We are saying a convincing trail for Trump to a White House.”

“Like, unbelievable, right?” announced a half-giddy Megyn Kelly on Fox News, call magnanimous Juan Williams to wonder, “What is a heart of this? … Does this come behind to Comey and a F.B.I.? we don’t know though something has happened. It’s revolutionary.” By 11:37 p.m., Silver concurred that Democrats’ best wish if Trump won Wisconsin was a 269-269 tie. “This was a primal roar on a partial of a lot of electorate annoyed with a standing quo,” pronounced CNN’s David Axelrod, an designer of President Obama’s dual wins. Clinton, he noted, had “underperformed,” in a evening’s user phrase.

But America was also witnessing a ongoing unraveling of another pivotal domestic player: a All-Knowing Anchor. Coverage on wire and promote networks Tuesday dusk was crook than ever, from pundits to graphics, from demographics to informative analyses. Don’t mythologize a Cronkite-Brinkley-Brokaw past. This was vastly higher to days of old, partly for reasons of record and hulk corporate investments in what’s proven to be a Trump-driven ratings grabber during a past year. “With each election, there appears to be some-more and some-more ostentatious technology, fantastic gizmos, on display: Fox’s digital candelabrum and ‘tower of closings’ presumably combined to opposition CNN’s now classical ‘Magic Wall,’” pronounced Harvey Young, a dramatist and museum and African American studies consultant during Northwestern University. “What is rather startling is how unhelpful they seem to be. Live Facebook feeds, Instagram photos of pets wearing Trump sweaters, live voting earnings from particular counties all yield small insight. In a end, there’s still a faith on long-serving reporters to simulate on past elections, share required wisdom, and yield instruction in a sea of large data.”

It remained a feast for domestic junkies and other approved citizens, during slightest those who still rivet in county affairs and indeed vote. But it was also a initial truly multi-screen election, where a TV sets competed with some other device, with consumers glued increasingly to screens tied to amicable networks. Facebook, Twitter and others were vehicles on that a events of a dusk played out. Upstarts like Buzzfeed offering heterogeneous live feeds, mostly with a work of others. The brew of news and quickie, one-line opinions could have hold one in good stead if TV only isn’t your thing, as is a existence for flourishing armies of younger Americans. The news bulletins (from Politico, CNN, MSNBC, we name a organization) were dispatching them in lightning fashion. It was only one phenomenon of a several ways to devour worldly information but only staring during a box encased in injection-molded plastic.

“BREAKING,” heralded Politico, whose success has helped to change domestic journalism. “Donald Trump has won Mississippi’s 6 Electoral College votes.” But wait! Before we could strike their link, it came behind we with this: “BREAKING: HILLARY CLINTON has won Washington D.C.’s 3 Electoral College votes.” Now there was non-news news!

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The final formula of this year’s choosing were shocking, to contend a really least. Thousands of protestors opposite a nation took to a streets after conference a news that Donald Trump would be a new personality of a giveaway world. While Hillary Clinton’s detriment means she won’t be a initial lady boss of a United States, there were a lot of strides done in a House and Congress in terms of different representation. According to a Washington Post a series of women of tone to offer in Congress has increasing to 38 — a record number. Accomplished and resilient, these different women will move required representation. This new register of Congresswomen might not be as large of a change as anticipated, though their appointments uncover that we are relocating brazen in some ways.

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Donald Trump es el nuevo presidente de los Estados Unidos de América y Hillary Clinton la gran derrotada de la carrera electoral del 2016. Todas las predicciones fallaron y habrá que esperar todavía unos años (quién sabe cuántos) para que una mujer sea presidenta de la nación más poderosa del planeta. ¿Lo habría conseguido Hillary si fuera un hombre? ¿Hay todavía un techo de cristal que impide a las mujeres acceder a los puestos más altos de la política mundial? ¿O el sexismo es aun más grave que todo eso?

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No todos los días la conform icon, Victoria Beckham le pide consejos de estilo a sus fans. Después de todo, ella es la mujer más stylish cuando viaja y en todo momento. Aunque no lo creas, en ocasiones para ella también es complicado decidir qué ponerse, por eso acudió a sus seguidores.

Compartió en su cuenta de Instagram una selfie usando un LBD de cuello de tortuga mientras su estilista la peinaba y escribió en el cake de foto: ¿Qué me pongo?

What shall we wear??? Kisses from China