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    Le groupe de prêt-à-porter Gap a annoncé jeudi une hausse inattendue de ses ventes à périmètre allied en décembre, grâce à une gift demande flow ses marques Gap et Old Navy, et a relevé en conséquence ses prévisions de résultats.


    Les ventes comparables du groupe ont progressé de 4 % en décembre, là où les analystes prévoyaient en moyenne une mitigation de 0,7 %. Le chiffre d’affaires sum du mois de décembre a au final augmenté de 3 %, à 2,07 milliards de dollars (1,95 milliard d’euros).

    L’enseigne Gap a connu sur le mois une course de 1 % de ses ventes, contre un recul de 2 % un an and tôt. Comme souvent, c’est Old Navy qui affiche le meilleur bilan, avec une course de 12 %, après la baisse de 7 % en décembre 2015. Banana Republic connait flow sa partial une trench de 7 %, après en voir déjà connu une de 9 % un an and tôt.

    L’action gagnait 7,4 % à 24,98 dollars dans les échanges d’après-Bourse à Wall Street alors qu’elle avait clôturé la séance régulière en baisse de 3,93 % après des annonces décevantes des chaînes de grands magasins Macy’s et Kohl’s, dont les titres ont chuté de respectivement 13,9 % et 19 %.

    Gap, qui a engagé un devise de fermeture de magasins et de réduction des coûts, list maintenant, flow l’exercice qui se terminera fin janvier, sur un bénéfice annuel 2016 légèrement supérieur à sa précédente projection de 1,92 dollar standard movement après ajustement. Sur l’exercice 2014/2015r, le groupe Gap avait réalisé flow 15,81 milliards de dollars (14,12 milliards d’euros) de ventes, alors que même Old Navy n’était pas snob à sauver les meubles.

    (avec Reuters)

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      Can it be repealed easily?

      Kind of. Through a years, there have been over 50 tries to get absolved of Obamacare.

      But now that Trump is entrance into office, he can start undoing tools of a module by a array of executive actions. In fact, vice-president elect Mike Pence pronounced on Wednesday that a incoming administration’s “first sequence of business is to dissolution and reinstate Obamacare.”

      The Republican-controlled Congress can also take stairs to safeguard a module is dismantled, from flitting a bill fortitude that will strengthen destiny dissolution legislations from a filibuster to anticipating a deputy for Obamacare.

      So they still don’t know what will surrogate a program?

      Not yet. There’s some push-and-pull among members of a Republican Party on a financial components of a deputy and other annoying sum they should substantially figure out before murdering a ACA.

      After all, according to NBC News, some members of a GOP have pronounced that it could take adult to four years after repealing Obamacare for a new module to be implemented. What will occur with a millions insured interjection to a ACA stays unclear.

      Okay, so how will this impact me?

      To start off, we would need to contend goodbye to that giveaway IUD and identical contraceptives. And if we work in a place with 50 or some-more full-time employees, a association competence no longer be compulsory to yield affordable health insurance.

      Annual or lifetime caps for advantages could make a return. Repealing a module might also be bad news if we are underneath a age of 26 and still on your parents’ health care. Without a ACA, word companies would no longer be compulsory to keep we on your folks’ plan.

      But many influenced will be low-income adults who were means to enroll in Medicaid interjection to a ACA, and both comparison adults and people on disability, who might have to compensate even aloft premiums.

      Unless a Republican celebration and a Trump administration come adult with a torpedo deputy for Obamacare, it seems like everybody is in for a formidable tour on a query for satisfactory health caring over a subsequent several years.

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        Natural tone diamonds continue to gleam a brightest within a valuables industry, with record-setting auction sales, increasing recognition among a Hollywood elite, and an investment intensity that continues to grow year after year.

        Natural tone diamonds continue to gleam 1In a final month, a solid universe has been set fervent by dual marvellous auction sales.   On Nov 20, Sotheby’s New York hold a valuables auction of pieces belonging to famed humanitarian Bunny Mellon.   Her 9.75-carat Fancy Vivid Blue solid sole for USD$32.6 million, environment a universe auction record for a top cost for a Blue solid in history, as good as a top per-carat cost for any solid ever sole during auction.

        Five days later, on Nov 25, Christie’s Hong Kong hold a “Magnificent Jewels” auction, where a 2.09-carat Red solid ring sole for a whopping USD$5.1 million, a record volume for a Red diamond.

        Natural tone diamonds continue to gleam 2What accounts for a swell in seductiveness and direct for healthy tone diamonds?   The primary reason is their rarity.   Although Yellow diamonds are a many common tone in a healthy tone solid spectrum, they paint reduction than 2% of a world’s solid inventory, while awfully singular colors like Red paint usually 0.1%.

        Color originates in diamonds in several ways. Some like Blue or Yellow, performed their singular hues when unfamiliar elements such as boron or nitrogen were benefaction during a time of arrangement underneath a earth’s surface.   Others, such as Brown diamonds, got their tone due to defects in their chemical interior structures.

        Red, Pink and Purple form as a outcome of heated vigour within a earth during their formation.

        Natural tone diamonds continue to gleam 3The interest of Pink diamonds, other than their apparent beauty, is their monument factor; a earth is producing an ever-diminishing supply.   Almost 95% of Pink diamonds come from a Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond cave of Western Australia.   However, this cave is approaching to tighten by 2019 and with no estimable apportion of Pink diamonds found anywhere else in a world, a supply might be used up.

        Amongst all healthy colors, Pink is mostly a star attraction.   The “Pink Star,” a 59.60-carat solid rated as a Fancy Vivid Pink by a Gemological Institute of America, was sole during auction by Sotheby’s in Nov 2013 for over USD$83 million. At a time, a sale cost was a world-auction record for a gemstone of any kind.

        In a intolerable spin of events however, only days after a auction, a customer had defaulted and a solid was put behind into Sotheby’s inventory. However, as new story has proven, a solid will in all odds set new annals when it goes adult for auction once again.

        In a final decade, healthy tone diamonds have had an normal yearly value boost of between 15 and 30%.   This arise has been even some-more thespian in a final dual years, where a boost in value has been over 30% for generally singular diamonds.

        Natural tone diamonds continue to gleam 4If we wish to learn some-more about a sparkling universe of healthy imagination tone diamonds, hit one of the solid experts here during Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color.   We can be reached during 1-866-350-4646, found during www.ouroborodiamonds.com, or follow us on chatter during @ouroborodiamond.

        Jim LaChapelle

        Community Administrator

        Ouroboro Diamonds of Rare Color

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        • Magnificent Jewels during Christie’s New York on Dec 10
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          1. Clarks doing a best distance 9s roughly creates adult for not being means to get Magic Steps in your distance (28 years on, still bitter)

          2. You’re a usually chairman in your Pilates category who can’t hold their toes and it drives we INSANE (you have 36in legs, it’s fine, breathe, let it go.)

          3) You’ve never modelled or played basketball though still get asked this adequate to consternation if we competence personally be Karlie Kloss.

          I’m quitting amicable media this New Year – here’s why

          4) Men infrequently whisper, “YOU’RE TALL” as they pass you, and won’t stop staring. Is this what being a Kardashian’s like?

          5) Nothing stresses we out like fighting for your favourite dropped garments on eBay. Topshop Tall Baxters, a onslaught is real.

          6) If we could anathema one thing, it would be selling emails that start: “Hi, leggy lovelies!!!”

          How ice blonde became *the* hair shade of a winter

          7) Your hair gets sucked into a Tube carriage roof fans during slightest once each summer #FML

          8) Your tallness acts as an Idiot Detection Device on dates (stand up: afterwards if he looks horrified, grin and leave).

          9) Nothing – not socks, not boots – has ever intentionally left over your knee.

          The Positivity Project: 30 ways to retrieve confidence this year

          11) When we accommodate another girl’s eyeline during a party, we both solidify since this never, ever happens…

          12) …but if you’d upheld her on your commute, you’d sell a Tall-Girl Look of still approval.

          13) You wouldn’t change your tallness for a world. Well, we competence for some perfect-fitting trousers.

          Need some-more tall? Check out these good places to emporium when you’re prolonged in a leg/arm/pretty most everywhere actually.

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            Estoy un poco harta de tanto propósito de manual.

            No es cuestión de frustración- porque la hay, ¿eh?- por no cumplir, año tras año, los cuatro objetivos de turno que yo misma me había impuesto hace un año por estas fechas.

            Lo que me molesta es la incansable hipocresía criminal la que componemos la perpetual y egocéntrica lista de propósitos. Una y otra vez.

            Nuestros propósitos outpost de tener un mejor cuerpo (para vernos mejor), una mejor actitud (para ser más felices), unos logros más significativos (que nos mostrarán lo disciplinados que somos), unos mejores hábitos (para mejorar nuestra propia salud), una limpieza de amistades (para alejarnos de la gente tóxica), un nuevo empleo (donde nos valorarán como es debido)…

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              I remember irreverence for a initial time when we was in seventh grade. we pronounced “hella,” felt definitely scandalized and afterwards proceeded to hide the robe from my relatives for a subsequent decade. It was a tip we took flattering severely — a usually slip-up we remember happened when we was 16 and indicted my mom of “treating me like crap.” (She wasn’t, we was only terrible.) we felt guilty about it for like 3 hours!!! That’s how tedious we was as a teen. Crap is not even a swear word.

              But as my siblings and we have gotten older, we’ve flattering most finished a 180. The once manifold Venn blueprint of who we are and who we are in front of mom and father has solemnly transitioned into a prosaic circle. Our mouths are dirty during annual family gatherings. There is roughly no filter whatsoever. I imagine some find that kind of thing sickening or disrespectful. But if I’m honest, my whole physique feels friendly when my mom says shit. Somehow we consider it creates us closer.

              I know everybody doesn’t feel this way. Amelia pronounced that she has sworn in front of her relatives for as prolonged as she can remember — that her mom indeed swears some-more now because of her — though she hates irreverence in general. Krista told me that she didn’t swear in front of her relatives until college, that when she was flourishing adult her father called ruin “a nasty four-letter word.” (Lol.) Harling pronounced she’s not authorised to swear in front of her relatives now and never has been. She pronounced it was so inbred in her during a immature age that irreverence was terrible that in seventh grade, when she listened her father contend fuck on a business call, she cried. we also cried when she told me that story since it’s hilarious.

              Do we swear in front of your parents? Did we always?

              Collage by Emily Zirimis.

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                We go hands-on with HP’s ultra-secure EliteBook x360

                CES 2017 has yielded some good automobile business laptops, including a horde of Lenovo ThinkPads, a AsusPro and Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1. HP has taken a classical 2-in-1 format and bolstered it with clever confidence facilities and good build quality.

                Let’s speak build first. It feels great, with a bombard done from brushed aluminium. It feels clever and will almost mount a rigours of years being shoved into your trek or laptop bag.

                It weighs usually 1.29kg, creation it one of a lightest laptops in a class. It’s usually somewhat heavier than a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 and almost some-more powerful. It’s also usually 15mm thick, that is admittedly thicker than a rivals.Hp EliteBook x360 7

                You can flip a keyboard around and use a EliteBook like a tablet, and a discretionary active stylus creates holding records easy and fuss-free interjection to Windows 10’s Ink features.

                The many engaging confidence underline here is a remoteness screen, called Sure View. Unlike other business notebooks where a remoteness shade is an combined appendage that we have to manually insert and detach, here it’s a covering over a tip of a touch-enabled IPS panel. Simply strike a symbol on a tip quarrel of a keyboard and it’ll activate, dramatically shortening a plane observation angles of a screen. This means any nosey folk sitting subsequent to we won’t be means to see what you’re operative on. Hp EliteBook x360 2

                Sure View on from a front

                Hp EliteBook x360 3

                HP Sure View on from a side: good fitness reading that

                Hp EliteBook x360 1

                It’s not but issues. Switched on, it creates darker colours demeanour really dark (above), creation a left and right corners of a shade really tough to view. There’s also some backlight drain during a bottom of a quarrel as a result. HP says it’s still adjusting a remoteness filter so it should urge before launch. It’s a good idea, and we wish HP is means to optimise it before a launch after this year. It’s an discretionary feature, as is a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. You can also opt for a Full HD choice with and but a remoteness screen.

                Related: Best laptops

                Elsewhere in a confidence stakes, there’s an discretionary infrared camera for facial recognition, and an discretionary fingerprint scanner. Both of these offshoot into Windows 10’s glorious Hello confidence system. Hp EliteBook x360

                There’s also a self-healing BIOS, that can automatically tell it’s been compromised and mislay a hazard before we foot into Windows.

                There’s loads of connectivity as well, including dual USB 3.0 ports, a MicroSD label slot, a Smart Card reader, a full-size HDMI port, a USB-C/ThunderBolt 3 pier and a 3.5mm headset jack. Power comes around a exclusive connector rather than a USB-C customary that’s flourishing in popularity.

                The keyboard is one of a best I’ve attempted during CES, with a poetic clicky feel and a grippy cloaking that creates typing a breeze. The touchpad is likewise good, and comes with Precision Touchpad acceptance for seamless gestures. Hp EliteBook x360 4

                It’s good and quick as well. Performance comes from dual-core Intel Core i5 or i7 U-series processors along with 16GB of memory, that is customary for a laptop in this class. It’ll be quick adequate for assuage bureau tasks and print editing. SSDs operation from 128GB M.2 models adult to 360GB of PCIe storage.Hp EliteBook x360 5

                Battery life should also be a clever point. While a 16-hour battery life determination is almost optimistic, this laptop facilities fast-charging tech that’ll get we adult to 50% assign in 30 minutes.

                Early verdict

                Starting during around $1,400, this is a high-end business machine. But a confidence facilities and good built make it a estimable aspirant to Dell and Lenovo’s offerings.

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