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Mannequin iconique des années 80, Cindy Crawford a depuis laissé tomber les podiums et studios de photos. Elle peut aujourd’hui se vanter d’avoir deux enfants qui ont pris exemple sur elle et qui n’hésitent pas à montrer leur protection fraternel. Jeudi 15 février, Presley Gerber s’est en effet fait tatouer le nom de sa sœur, Kaia, sur le bras. Il a posté une print du résultat sur son compte Instagram. 


Une announcement partagée standard Presley (@presleygerber) le 15 Févr. 2018 à 3 :23 PST

Un détail a toutefois piqué la curiosité de ses abonnés. En dessous du « Kaia », on peut lire un « 23 », écrit en chiffres romains. Beaucoup on essayé de comprendre à quoi cela correspondait. Deux hypothèses ont notamment été évoquées sur les réseaux sociaux. La première veut que 23 corresponde à leurs dates de naissance respectives : Presley Gerber est né un 2 juillet 1999, Kaia Gerber un 3 septembre 2001. La deuxième, un poil and tirée standard les cheveux, rappelle que la jeune femme a fait ses premiers pas en Haute Couture le 23 janvier dernier, sur le lectern du défilé Chanel. Les deux mannequins ont visiblement choisi de laisser planer le suspens. 

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La estamos viendo en todos lados y se está convirtiendo en todo un icono fashion. La gatita japonesa Hello Kitty conquista corazones fashionistas, desde la sudadera de Laura Escanes que ha triunfado en redes sociales hasta la nueva colección de Hello Kitty x Puma. Porque este año el modelo Suede cumple 50 años y la marca ha decidido celebrar sus sneakers estrella criminal una colaboración de altura: nada más y nada menos que el gato más famoso del mundo.

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

Las Suede de Puma son todo un clásico, el street style da buena cuenta de ello. Este año cumplen cinco décadas de vida y se merecen una buena celebración. Como esta colección cápsula criminal el dibujo de la cultura cocktail japonesa. Sin embargo, no solo las zapatillas fetiche de la marca alemana se han cubierto de Hello Kitty. También grain prendas como ese chándal rojo completo que hará las delicias del público de cualquier edad, además de gorras, sudaderas y hasta mochilas para no dejarnos al gatito de Yuko Shimizu en ningún sitio.

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

La colección, al completo en rojo, blanco y negro, se convierte en una de las favoritas del año en cuanto a diseños athleisure. La gran estrella es, impiety duda alguna, ese standard de deportivas criminal Hello Kitty estampada y su lazo en las suelas de goma. No, no es una colección para niños. Sí, tenemos permiso para morirnos de amor y hacernos criminal todo.

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

hello pool puma deportivashello pool puma deportivas

Fotos | Puma.

En Trendencias | Seas o no fanática del mundo Hello Kitty su última colaboración criminal Asos llamará tu atención (¡palabra!).

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The day we’re scheduled to speak and sketch Charli XCX, it’s 36 degrees outside. In fact, it’s 36 degrees everywhere. Inside, outside, in cars, underneath shade. The feverishness is stifling, though Charlie is many effervescent. Not that effervescent arrange of liveliness you’d associate with Hannah Montana, though a kind that hints during an matchless ability to Have A Good Time. If she’s enjoying herself, we are too—whether we like it or not.

When we accommodate inside a little selected store in Fitzroy that’s doing an excellent pursuit of combating a heat, Charli is days divided from releasing a soon-to-be-celebrated Pop 2; her third mixtape and fourth full-length recover (yesterday, she announced a mixtape would be pulpy on vinyl as a Valentine’s present to fans). Over Pop 2’s 10 parsimonious tracks, Charli is electrifying. She offers adult a building to some of music’s many sensitively disruptive cocktail voices: Carly Rae Jepsen, Tommy Cash, Brooke Candy, Mykki Blanco, Tove Lo. It’s dreamy, futuristic, and intimate. Charli and co. sing about life as we know it over skittish, glitching production. Writers contend this about strain all a time though we unequivocally meant it: Pop 2 is a unequivocally good adore minute to being young.

We lay down on a cold petrify building after a fire to speak superclubs, friends, and a residence celebration during Charli’s Brooklyn Beckham competence have attended. Maybe. Because Charli is Charli, a 36 grade day feels like a ideal time to try on garments and survey any other.

Charli, hi! How are you?
I’m good — hot!

It’s fucking hot.
It’s so hot.

Were we here yesterday?
Yeah, we flew in yesterday from LA and usually got loyal into a life, basically. Cashmere Cat did a uncover that me and MØ went to, and we both usually incidentally performed. We usually jumped adult on theatre and sang Boys. It was his birthday as well. That was unequivocally nice, and we had a cake. we woke adult during 5AM today, feeling so crazy.

You and MØ have been friends for a while now, right?
Yeah, we’ve worked together a few times. we adore her, and we really adore her latest EP. we usually feel like her voice is so singular and she’s such a kind chairman with such a cold vibe. We usually did another strain for a mixtape, it’s called Porsche. She usually sounds so implausible on it, it’s unequivocally cool.

The collaborators you’ve got on Pop 2 are ridiculous. Ridiculously good, that is. Tommy Cash, for one.
He’s a voluptuous male isn’t he…

Very sexy.
He indeed named a mixtape. He came adult with Pop 2. Honestly, we usually adore collaborating with people. It felt unequivocally fun and foolish to do literally as many collaborations as humanly possible. we consider usually dual of a songs don’t have collaborations! we wanted it to be this hectic, crazy whirlwind of friends and people who enthuse me. we wanted it to be one large kind of party.

It’s unequivocally a singular attainment to put out an manuscript with a list of facilities that’s a loyal denote of a people who matter in strain during that moment. Not usually who’s popular, or who’s charting, though who unequivocally matters. Very Kanye West of you. What guides who select to to combine with? It’s people we know really, it’s friends. we don’t unequivocally like collaborating with strangers, usually given we feel like a partnership is so most some-more fun and genuine when it’s someone you’ve partied with, or we know, or we have some arrange of loyalty with. Everyone’s a crony on a mixtape.

Have we ever strike a bar with Tommy Cash? You know what, we indeed haven’t strike a bar with Tommy Cash, I’ve usually strike a studio with Tommy Cash. A.G. Cook, who constructed flattering most all of a mixtape, is flattering good friends with Tommy Cash, and he introduced us. When Tommy was over in London we worked on a few things for fun and connected. And we was already a fan of his character and his dancing. we wish to strike a bar with him, we wish him to learn me how to cocktail and close and shit.

Are we some-more into: A) a form of superclub that’s like 8 stories tall, and there’s women unresolved from a roof on silk doing aerial acrobatics, or B) a small, sweaty, unwashed basement?
Honestly, we can do both. we unequivocally adore a sweaty, little basement, that’s my home. Well, we know, a gross, fucked-up, 4AM home. But we can bro down during a bougie bottle use club. we can do it, as prolonged as I’m with my friends, who are going for fun and not holding it seriously. we can do it. we honour all forms of partying. No merrymaking taste here.

What is a best celebration you’ve ever privately thrown?
I indeed chuck a meant residence party. we live in LA half a time and we have a residence there that we fundamentally like to keep as a hotel for artists and friends who are in town. We had a large celebration there for my birthday. It was indeed ostensible to be during another place that we’d rented though a military came and close it down before we even did anything, so we altered it behind to my house.

Yeah. We indeed have a lot of parties during my residence though this one was on a Tuesday, so we were like “It’s going to get close down again though whatever.” Anyway, we did it and it was crazy, it was so most fun! The military did come and we had a showdown with them, we hid everybody in a basement. It was like that film Project X. We hid everybody in a groundwork until a cops went divided and everybody was like “Yeah!!!” and came behind adult to party.

Who was a craziest chairman there? Someone we wouldn’t design to be there.
Well okay, we don’t know that this is loyal though my crony was like, “I swear we saw Brooklyn Beckham in your house.” we consider his partner was there so… maybe? But that usually could have been my friend’s fantasy. we consider a thing with LA residence parties, that we feel like doesn’t occur in London, is that people usually go. You know, people usually uncover adult and everyone’s like “Whose residence is this?” And nobody unequivocally knows. I’ve had residence parties during my residence where people have come adult to me and been like “Hey did we know a chairman who owns this residence is this crazy dude who—” and I’m like “Oh yeah? Sweet, sweet.”

Incredible. So we destined Boys, are we going to approach some-more clips from a mixtape?
I’m not unequivocally sure. we do unequivocally adore directing. we destined a video for Dirty Sexy Money with French Montana and David Guetta. we did that video with Sarah [McColgan] who also co-directed Boys with me. But for a mixtape, we don’t know, we would adore to make a video for each singular strain though we’ll see.

They’ve finished a visible album, though have they finished a visible mixtape? we re-watched your i-D Meets this morning, there’s an engaging impulse in there where we not how most a strain attention has altered given we final put out an LP. Is a mixtape track your approach bettering to that change?
Yeah, we theory so. we do feel like it’s so tough to recover an manuscript and have that be “it” anymore, we know? I’m not certain if we utterly wish to contend a manuscript as a whole is dead, given we don’t know if we trust that. we still adore a manuscript as an idea, though for me, I’m someone who’s in a studio a lot, so a mixtape is usually a approach for me to recover a lot of strain during once but there being vigour on it to perform on a charts, to do good in that way. This is usually what we love: creation things with friends. That’s all it is.

Listen to Charli XCX’s Pop 2 now. The Pop 2/Number 1 Angel double vinyl is due out Apr 20th, and is accessible to pre-order now.


Text Issy Beech
Photography Isabelle Hellyer
Collage John Hurley
Makeup Nadine Muller
Charli XCX is contentious in COCO Store

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Body denunciation can exhibit many truths about relations — yet usually if we know how to review it. In Celebrity Couples: Decoded, an consultant interprets A-listers’ interactions to strew light on their IRL dynamic.

Chrissy Teigen, 32, and John Legend, 39, began dating in 2007, tied a tangle in 2013, had their daughter Luna in 2016, and have a son on a way. Through it all, their sharp-witted tweets have showcased their steadfastly witty chemistry:

While fun to follow online, a couple’s tangible interactions are even some-more adorable. Here’s what their physique denunciation has pronounced about their attribute over a years, according to North Carolina-based body-language consultant Blanca Cobb.

1. Chrissy Leans Out

“Normally, we lift divided from things we don’t like,” Cobb says of Chrissy’s positioning. “But that’s not a conditions here.” In a photo, that was taken comparatively early in their relationship, Cobb suggests a twin might be perplexing to figure out how to benefaction themselves in public. “He’s disposition toward her, and she’s perplexing to rage a PDA, yet they’re still disposition to a same side — that suggests they’re in sync,” she says, observant a approach John’s fingers only brush his then-girlfriend’s hip. “It’s like he’s claiming her in a cute, amatory way.”

2. Chrissy Gets All Up in John’s Lap

Here, Chrissy doesn’t seem to be bashful about planting both hands on John’s left knee. “It’s a respectful approach of saying, ‘He’s mine,’ ” Cobb says. Although Chrissy is a one initiating earthy contact, with her purse placed on her left side rather than between her and her then-boyfriend, a approach John leans toward her suggests he’s into a affection. “You gaunt toward people we like and wish to be around,” Cobb says.

3. Chrissy Holds on to John

“She’s like, ‘You’re mine! You’re not going anywhere,’” Cobb says of a approach Chrissy clutches John’s jacket. “You squeeze when you’re shaken or uncertain and need fortitude and grounding.” Although Chrissy is a one unresolved on here, “their facial expressions are roughly accurately a same, an denote they’re emotionally connected and in sync.”

4. Chrissy Swaps Her Seat for John’s Lap

“Couples who are in adore and ardent about any other like to hold any other,” Cobb says, observant a approach John appears to be regulating his right palm to toy Chrissy’s thigh suggestively. Even some-more apparent: The approach he touches her boundary with his left hand. “The tush touching could be for stability, yet here it seems flirtatious. He could have put his left palm on a dull seat, yet we hold things we like. He’s apparently loves her body.”

Despite Chrissy’s rather critical expression, a approach she reaches out to her father with both hands suggests she welcomes his adore and, in response, uses her arms to say their connection, according to Cobb. “There’s emotion, there’s tenderness, and there’s no tragedy in their fingers or expressions. It’s love,” she says.

5. Chrissy and John Walk Hand-in-Hand

The approach a integrate binds hands with full palms and forearms touching suggests they’re maximizing earthy alliance to stay connected to any other, according to Cobb. “They’re both heading with their right foot, and a length of their speed is similar, that says they’re connected and in sync,” she says. “This happens automatically when you’re into any other — a physique takes over.”

6. Chrissy and John Lock Lips

“This is a honeyed and proposal lick that’s really intimate,” says Cobb of a approach Chrissy and John hold any other’s cheeks while locking lips with eyes closed. “Touch releases a fastening hormone that keeps passion alive, and we can tell they’re not distracted, and only enjoying any other and this kiss.” Cobb thinks zero of a approach Chrissy crosses her legs divided from her husband, that can sometimes indicate disinterest. “It’s substantially an emanate of comfort,” she says, given Chrissy is still disposition in toward John.

7. John Puts His Hand in Chrissy’s Lap

“Draping his palm opposite her thigh shows John is perplexing to get closer to Chrissy by touch,” Cobb says, observant a approach Chrissy’s hands are wrapped around John’s arm, solidifying their tie while reporting he’s her man. She even spreads her fingers to cover an even incomparable apportionment of his arm. “It’s like saying, ‘I wish some-more of your love,’ ” Cobb says.

8. Chrissy and John Navigate a Red Carpet

As John and Chrissy walk, John binds onto Chrissy with his palm on tip — a pointer he might have a some-more widespread purpose in their relationship, according to Blanca. “It doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” she says. “It’s only one approach to make your partner feel secure and safe.”

Although Chrissy leads with her right leg and John leads with his left, that typically signifies a integrate is out of sync, Cobb doesn’t consider most of it. “Sometimes a design is only a picture,” Cobb says.

9. Chrissy Hooks Her Leg Under John’s

Even yet John has his eyes glued to a diversion as Chrissy is looking by her purse, a pointed approach she’s slipped her crossed leg behind John’s left heel suggests they’re still meditative of any other. “Invading any other’s space signifies a clever connection, and pity tip signs like this when you’re bustling doing apart things is a good pointer of a healthy relationship,” Cobb says.

10. John Holds Onto Chrissy With Both Hands

“You hold what’s critical to you, and he has his whole universe in his hands,” Cobb says of a approach John rests his palm on Chrissy and her baby belly.

The Bottom Line

“They’re crazy about any other!” Cobb says.

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I’ve never finished a career fumble dishonourable adequate to get me fired, yet I’ve finished copiousness of tiny ones we subsequently mulled over for weeks on end, like Everlasting Gobstoppers that never unsuccessful to run out of highlight juice. we consider work mistakes feel utterly anxiety-inducing since distinct unsatisfactory a primogenitor or crony or even yourself, unsatisfactory a co-worker — generally a hierarchical higher — can have immediate, rippling consequences for an whole business that depends on a employees to keep it running. Those are high stakes!

The thing about messing up, though, is that literally everybody does it. Your ability for disaster doesn’t meant we are terrible or special — it usually means we are tellurian and ordinary. But we know that’s easy to forget in a impulse of crisis, so to buoy all of us with a comfort of oneness in those moments, we asked a whole garland of women to tell me about their misfortune (or best, or funniest, or many memorable) career mistakes. Enjoy them below, and supplement yours in a comments if we have one.

Hannah, 21

“I was handling Instagram for a immature code that was taken very severely during my corporate company. Every square of calm we posted ran by during slightest 4 rounds of behind and forth, down to a many teenager retouching records for what was meant to be a ‘casual’ shot. In a time of amicable media impetuosity and pity calm in a now, we did zero of a arrange and it was an comprehensive nightmare. One balmy afternoon, we was rummaging by my purse when we satisfied that we had left my Polly-O fibre cheese break in there to marinate all morning long. we suspicion it would be waggish to post a find on my personal account, bouncing a cheese opposite my table for a full effect. we penned a smart small caption, clicked send and posted a video onto my account. Roughly 4 mins later, checking behind to see if anyone had replied to my story, we utterly literally forsaken my phone in horror. Not usually had we posted to a brand’s account, yet it was a entrance story so Instagram SENT A NOTIFICATION TO ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS TO COME CHECK IT OUT!!!!! After an evident undo and a amiable panic attack, a colleague talked me down from a situation. Her categorical square of advice? If someone had seen it, we would’ve already known. Turns out she was right, and we never listened anything from anyone in a association about it. Long live The Great String Cheese Incident of 2016.”

Paige, 30

Elle, 25

“I am a French stylist partner formed in Paris and worked for dual years during Vogue Russia (but a bureau is in Paris). They like their assistants to be unequivocally watchful and quiet, not extemporaneous or humorous in any way. So we schooled to be as watchful as probable when on set and during a office. Then we got a pursuit of my dreams: partner to a editor-in-chief of French Vogue. we was so excited! But after a month, we got dismissed since we was too watchful and not humorous enough, according to my boss. So fundamentally we schooled that we have to be myself in any conditions and be unequivocally variable to any people we work with from now on.”

Annabelle, 23

Betty-Marie, 18

“I took my pursuit as an executive partner right out of college, and a training bend has been extravagantly steeper than we could have ever expected. An constituent partial of pronounced training bend is a clearly everlasting tide of mistakes — scheduling errors, lunch sequence misunderstandings, transport skeleton left wrong, etc. Most recently, and potentially my misfortune to date, were flights requisitioned for a wrong day, a mistake that was usually held as my trainer was streamer out a doorway for a airport. As stressful and anxiety-producing as a failure was, it gave me a much-needed event to stop and examination my awareness practices during work and during home. we totally restructured my organizational methods, grown improved communication structures with my trainer and have started operative out daily. Though we will many expected have highlight dreams about that mistake for a while, we do (begrudgingly) conclude a impossibly useful changes that have been finished as a result.”

Liz, 23

Alexandra, 31

“My biggest career mistake (can we call it a mistake if we schooled something from it?) was staying roughly dual years in a selling pursuit that was so distant divided from where we wanted to go professionally. At a time, we took it out of financial need and felt it was something temporary, yet we finished adult removing comfortable. we finished adult withdrawal it in sequence to try and find my place. It wasn’t easy, yet it was unequivocally value it. we schooled to never settle, follow my bliss, get out there and hit on many doors, even if it’s usually for a brief conversation. … You will be astounded where a connectors we make along a approach can lead you.”

Michelle, 26

Abbey, 21

“While operative as a long-term child protecting caseworker, we had a child in encourage caring with a pre-adoptive family. The biological mom would boyant in and out of hit with a agency, yet a permanent residence or approach to locate/contact her. There was not an identified father. On one occasion, a mom finished hit with me and concluded to come to justice and obey her parental rights, with conditions. She wanted 4 annual visits and swell reports on her child. In an bid to grasp permanency for this child, we had a 15-minute phone review with a adoptive relatives enlivening them to determine with a mother’s desires. They reluctantly agreed. At a time, we suspicion this was good casework since we had achieved permanency for a child.

However, we did not comprehend a weight placed on a adoptive relatives to promote 4 annual visits and yield swell reports to a biological mother. As we continued my career, we satisfied that such critical decisions should not be brokered by write — families need time to routine and weigh if they can accommodate carrying hit with biological relatives until a child is of age. At a time, we did find permanency for a child in encourage care, yet during what cost? I’ve schooled to demeanour during a box from all sides and to promote decisions that advantage all involved. we am now a administrator in a adoption unit.”

Michelle, 45

Emily, 25

“I recently got a new boss. He’s flattering awful (I guarantee this isn’t hyperbole). He was describing these foolish templates to me and they were unequivocally retrograde and finished no sense. So, as any mature veteran lady would do, we Slacked my coworker, saying, ‘What a fucking rubbish of time,’ and yup, we sent it to him instead. Luckily, he wasn’t during his table so we immediately deleted it (thanks, Slack!) yet afterwards he got a presentation on his phone (fuck you, Slack) and messaged me he didn’t know we could undo Slack messages until now. So yeah, that was a flattering low low and unequivocally embarrassing. we acted confident. we attempted to play it off and apologized for deletion it. Obviously, we should have usually told him what we had finished and why. we schooled it’s improved to be honest when we fuck adult instead of covering something up, yet also, infrequently it’s required to play a process diversion and put on a good face and tell someone what they wish to hear. Even yet he’s a shitty manager and sucks, he’s still my trainer during a finish of a day, and we need to honour that and use that to my advantage. You can’t get anywhere if your manager doesn’t have your back.”

Emma, 28

Sarah, 20

“On a second day of a pursuit that we was so vehement to land, we put a coffee mop (that they gave me on my initial day) in a bureau x-ray to feverishness adult some coffee. we didn’t comprehend it was steel and that steel can’t go in a x-ray so…I started a fire. Someone we didn’t know from a accounting dialect had to put a glow out since we was most useless.”

Carson, 27

Sabrina, 23

“I stayed with a manager who refused to give me metrics and a pathway for growth, both skill- and money-wise. we spent a year stagnating financially after that, and yet we did learn and it wasn’t a finish waste, we was repelled when we started pursuit sport and detected we was approach some-more profitable than a volume my employer was profitable me suggested. I’ll essay for lady bosses perpetually now. The dignified of this story is don’t let anyone sell we short!”

Bobby, 27

Claudia, 34

“I was on a call with my boss, non-stop Slack and typed, ‘This is so annoying’ to my best crony during work. My trainer immediately asked, ‘What’s annoying?’ Turns out we had totally lost that my shade was shared. we fast finished adult a story about spilling extract on myself and how angry we was about it. He unequivocally didn’t buy it. Lesson: Slack is dangerous, and don’t use it to critique your boss. Also don’t share your screen, ever.

Kaycie, 28

Kimberly, 31

“I had a unequivocally critical talk during a holidays and motionless to take an Uber to a bureau nearby Bryant Park instead of a train, usually to be safe. we totally forgot to cause in how swarming it would be since of a time of year, and we got stranded in violent traffic. Five mins before a scheduled time of my interview, we was still a 10-minute expostulate away. In my panic, we somehow assured myself that we would get there quicker by foot. we apologized to my driver, non-stop a door, and ran during full speed down 42nd street…in a snow…wearing heels. we showed adult to a talk shower wet, red-faced and, notwithstanding my best efforts, 20 mins late. (But hey, we still got a job).”

Hannah, 18

Alexandra, 29

“A work mistake we finished was not seeking adequate questions about a pursuit we was pursuing. When we initial reached out, a association wasn’t indeed hiring. But a integrate of months went by and we had a array of calls, and they told me they had me in mind for a position that would be opening up. After months of articulate to people there about myself and my strengths, we was assured they knew what form of pursuit would be a good fit for me. we perceived an offer and leapt during it WITHOUT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS. What a fuck was we thinking???? we didn’t even negotiate a salary, and we took a compensate cut. we was seduced by a fact that this unequivocally cold association wanted me. we got there, and it took about dual hours for me to comprehend that we was in a wrong purpose for me. we attempted to make it work and attempted to worm my approach into a pursuit with another department, yet we was doing a terrible pursuit since we was so out of my element. we was there for 6 months before going behind to a accurate same pursuit we had before. It was a rubbish of 6 months, yet we also schooled a large lesson.”

Eleanor, 26

Hannah, 25

“When we was 25, we was abounding with my possess small startup yet was in a long-term attribute and my partner was 8 years comparison than me. He had quit his pursuit and was operative on a food hall. Since we had PR background, we dedicated myself some-more toward his project, assisting him build a amicable media, removing designers to emanate a logo, operative on his picture and a company’s [image], etc. Basically worked with him for an whole year (for free). Long story short, 3 weeks before a food gymnasium opened, he dumped me after dual years of being together, totally ghosting me, and a month after started going out with someone else. The law is, it was a mistake to concentration on someone else’s dream instead of my own, no matter how most we desired him!!! You should always be your possess priority and dedicate yourself to advancing your career since it’s something we can tumble behind on when things tumble apart! Happened to me!”

Andrea, 27

Erada, 32

“My work mistake was operative during a valuables story during 16 removing paid smallest wage. we had keys to a store and would open and tighten by myself. At 16. After dual years with no raise, my relatives put me on limitation until we got a bravery to ask for one. Now during 32, in my career we resolutely asked for a large lift after usually 10 months. Because we work hard. And we merit it. Never be ashamed to ask for something you’ve worked tough for.”

Ashlee, 32


Collage by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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We’re not most but a friends. Friends make we feel protected in your possess skin. They tell we there’s something in your teeth. And sometimes, if you’re unequivocally propitious indeed, friends concede we to shade them as they go about a quotidian work of raking in millions on a big-time film set. Good friends do, during least. Lindsey Vonn—alpine skier, bullion medalist, and inhabitant heartthrob—has one in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, America’s dad.

Speaking to Savannah Guthrie on a Today show, Vonn explained that if she were to retire after a 2019 deteriorate (as is a expected plan), she competence give behaving a whirl, with Johnson as a Virgil to her Dante. “[The Rock] pronounced he’s going to assistance me after a deteriorate and we can follow him around a small bit and see if it’s unequivocally something that we would potentially be means to do,” she said. We can suppose their mentorship now. “See now, this automobile is a quick one, Lindsey,” he tells her. “But this one? This one is furious. Really that’s all we need to know in a business they call uncover business.”

It competence be a compare done in heaven. They’re both impossibly tough workers, and seem to be godlike in a face of setbacks. “I’ve overtly had a lot of crashes in my whole career,” Vonn told Vanity Fair in 2009 as she geared adult for a Vancouver Olympics. She was recollecting her harmful tumble during a 2006 Torino games, that accounts for usually some of her mythological injuries. She’s concussed her head, ripped her A.C.L. twice, fractured her tibial plateau on both legs, and most more. Yet, here she is, during another Olympic Games. “I don’t know—I’m not afraid. we know crashing is partial of a sport, and we only wish to get behind adult and try to ski quick a subsequent day. It’s partial of a game. You can’t be fearful to go fast.”

Johnson works out approximately 800 times a day and has most taken a hashtag #HardestWorkersInTheRoom as his own. And we know what The Rock can‘t stand? Candy asses. You know what Vonn positively is not? A candy ass. Looking brazen to Fast and a Furious 12: It’s All Downhill from Here.

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Unique among shoes, a jackass has a possess evocative soundtrack. For Manolo Blahnik, a flirtatious “Click! Clack!” means one thing: sex. The jackass he says is a one shoe with betrayal in a soul. “It acts like no other – remember that shoe, it’s been going on for centuries,” says a engineer who might not have invented it though is a aristocrat of a mule’s difficult incarnation, with over 40 styles in his stream collection. The mule, he says, was a favourite of a courtesans in ancient Rome – reduction difficult than a normal Roman sandal it could be slipped on and off in an instant. This easiness, (of trait and wear) has followed it down by a centuries. Blahnik references François Boucher’s La Toilette, a sensuous depiction of women undressing and lifting adult their skirts to exhibit small feet clad in smooth mules. It’s there too, in a bombshell opinion of a Fifties sex black like Monroe and Mansfield whose signature shake was extended by a precariousness of their mules. “You travel uncertain in them… though not,” says Blahnik of a mule’s contemptuous sexuality.

So installed with idea is a shoe, that it has been a consistent tie in Blahnik’s collections via his career. He’s now enjoying a renewed enthusiasm for a Maysale mule, that he designed behind in a 1991 for Isaac Mizrahi. Nicknamed a ‘Pilgrim mule’ for a vast Puritan bend on a toe, Manolo describes how Mizrahi wanted something that total a pared down righteous cultured with supermodel sass (Linda Evangilista had them in each colour-way and Marge Simpson even wore a span in The Simpsons). “I gave it a small heel,” says Manolo of a playful character that has remained unvaried and a best seller ever since. “It’s got an fast appeal, we like boots that don’t have time and don’t have a period,” says a designer.

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Fast brazen to 2018 and a jackass has morphed and developed over a bedroom. From backless ballet flats to bejewelled silk heels, or vividly charming suede varieties, there’s one for each situation. “You can wear them with pants, we can wear them in a summer and a winter,” says a Blahnik. “The jackass is easy, comfortable, we travel all day prolonged and it’s like we have zero on. That’s a reason because a character is still going on and a removing some-more popular.”

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DIPLOMATIC sauce is a formidable habit pretence to crack. Even a Duchess of Cambridge, who spends months commissioning pieces that curtsy to a horde nations of a stately tours, can humour a occasional slip. Remember a £50 Glamorous dress she wore while visiting New Delhi’s travel children on a open 2016 debate of India? The Manchester-based fast-fashion tradesman unsuccessful to pointer adult to reliable trade initiatives, so creation a Duchess’s China-produced dress demeanour ill-thought-out in a republic that’s home to sweatshops of a own.

Think of Meghan Markle, then, who is still anticipating her sartorial walk in a spotlight. For her fourth open coming on a arm of Prince Harry, a former Suits star greeted well-wishers during Edinburgh Castle wearing a check Burberry cloak and floor-sweeping Veronica Beard trousers, with a Strathberry cross-body bag punctuating her tartan.

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Think of her still, as she was forced to keep her restraint while assembly Cruachan IV, a Shetland hack and mascot of a Royal Regiment of Scotland – in a cold, with hundreds of Scots watching. The hack once famously attempted to eat a Queen’s flowers during a monarch’s revisit to Stirling Castle, though – thankfully – was on good poise in front of a soon-to-be royal.

Back to a fashion. The cashmere cloak – that Burberry says is “patterned with Black Watch tartan, a curtsy to a sundry clans and tribes of a British Isles” – is a transparent signpost to a nation, though a bag by Strathberry, before famous as Strathberry of Scotland, shows some personality.

Worn opposite her torso – not a custom of a Duchess of Cambridge, nor indeed a Queen – a bottle-green, chain-strap bag looked during home on her – distinct a Chloé Pixie bag that looked tokenistic when ragged on Christmas Day during Sandringham.

Markle has ragged Strathberry before. The midi receptacle she carried on her initial stately revisit sole out in 11 mins and was soon listed during 4 times a £495 sell cost on eBay. Proof that not usually is a “Meghan Markle effect” in full swing, it’s a brands that she is figure out as her own, and not those dependent with a Duchess, that people are meddlesome in. And that’s a whole new form of tactful dressing.

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