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What is a Lenovo Yoga 700?

Lenovo’s Yoga array is concurrently one of a many peculiar and many unsentimental attempts during a automobile laptop/tablet. Its 360-degree fold-back shade means it’s roughly totally uncompromised as a laptop, and can also be used in a accumulation of touchscreen configurations.

The many new further to a line is a Lenovo Yoga 700. It includes a latest Intel processor during a heart, though is differently a mid-range device: it’s larger, heavier and rebate lush than a Yoga 900.

However, this 14-inch indication is accessible in options that embody an Nvidia graphics chip and a storage expostulate is an easy-to-upgrade 2.5-inch SATA model. These qualities make it an intriguing choice for those looking for a somewhat some-more versatile automobile that doesn’t mangle a bank.

Lenovo Yoga 700 – Design and Features

The examination representation Yoga 700 we perceived creates a distinguished initial impression, interjection to a bright-white extraneous and black edges. Open it adult and a ying/yang styling continues with a white keyboard approximate and black keys. Alternatively, we can sequence it in black and black or china and black.

Finished in plastic, a Yoga 700 doesn’t offer a reward feel of a truly top-end laptop, nor indeed a Yoga 900. However, a cosmetic does a somewhat textured finish on a outside, that should infer hardwearing.

Inevitably, mud will build adult and be distant some-more manifest on a white framework though a discerning inspection with a cloth should have a Yoga 700 behind to looking a best – distinct some laptops with a soft-touch finish that can wear away.

Lenovo Yoga 700

With measure of 334.9 x 229.5 x 18.3mm, this 14-inch appurtenance is comparatively skinny and light, nonetheless it’s no record-breaker. Notably, it’s a small incomparable than a likes of a 13-inch MacBook Air and another step adult again from a Dell XPS 13 or new MacBook.

As a outcome it can be a small unmanageable as a tablet, regardless of a merits – or miss thereof – of a foldable automobile design. The iPad Pro might come tighten in terms of footprint, with a 305.7 x 220.6mm measurements, though it’s half as thick and heavy.

On a flip-side, those measure concede for a full-sized keyboard, with zero of a key-size rebate of a Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Air 11-inch.

Connectivity is mostly standard solely for one standout feature, that is that a energy hollow doubles as a USB 2.0 pier – and a mains energy adapter so doubles as a ubiquitous USB charger. Although this has been around on several Lenovo laptops for a while, in ubiquitous it stays a monument and is positively a useful feature.

This pier sits on a left edge, subsequent to another USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack and SD label reader. On a right corner is a energy button, liberation button, revolution lock, volume rocker, micro-HDMi and a second USB 3.0 port. The front and back of a device have no connectivity options.

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Lenovo Yoga 700

The heart of this appurtenance is an Intel Core i7-6200U processor, that includes a really latest 14nm Skylake record and Intel HD 520 graphics, that should mix to make light work of many workloads, as good as some gaming. All this while immoderate rebate energy than ever – nonetheless a real-world formula of these improvements are usually expected to be a few per cent of additional opening and battery life over final year’s Yoga 3 in normal use.

You can also spec adult a Yoga 700 with an Nvidia GeForce GT 940M. Although a flattering medium graphics chip, it will double a opening of a Intel graphics and spin this laptop from one that’s means of personification comparison games during low fortitude and 30fps to one that can play comparison games during a high support rate. It will usually about be means to play a latest games, too, if we keep a fortitude down.

Whip off a bottom of this laptop and we can see a 2.5in SATA drive. Lenovo has usually done this laptop accessible with SSDs, though there’s zero to stop we from adding a tough expostulate if storage ability is a priority over speed, or we could ascent to a incomparable SSD – Lenovo usually offers adult to 256GB – or supplement a total SSD and HDD.

You can also entrance a singular SO-DIMM memory slot, again giving we a choice of a destiny ascent from a 8GB (DDR3 1,600MHz) that comes with all a accessible models.

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What is a MSI GT72S Dragon Edition with Nvidia GTX 980?

PC gamers frequently on a pierce are an under-served market. Sure, there are copiousness of super-powerful gaming laptops out there, though they all humour one vicious smirch – they use laptop GPUs.

Some will disagree a GPUs are excellent – and to be fair, a some-more costly M variants in Nvidia’s 2015 register have been some-more than good adequate for 1080p gaming. But for hardcore gamers and zealous overclockers, it’s meant that a outing to a relatives or a holiday with their poignant other involves giving adult on top-end graphical performance.

The MSI GT72S Dragon Edition aims to repair this by including a GeForce GTX 980 GPU. And no, we haven’t missed off a M in error; when we contend GeForce GTX 980, we meant a genuine deal.

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MSI GT72S Dragon Edition with Nvidia GTX 980 – Design

MSI brought out a GTX 980M “Dominator” chronicle of a Dragon Edition in 2015. The special Dragon Edition here adds a few visible and pointed technical changes to a design.

As distant as a visible changes are concerned, some will adore them; others will hatred them. Unfortunately, we tumble into a latter category.

The Dragon Edition is one of a gaudier-looking notebooks on a market. It has a distinguished red framework with a dragon striking emblazoned on a front that looks really Game of Thrones. Again, maybe that’s your thing. It’s not mine.

MSI Dragon

For combined pizazz, a dragon’s eye lights adult when a appurtenance is incited on to deliver a “cool” cause when you’re personification on it. we perceived many glances while regulating a Dragon Edition on my sight float home during Christmas – unfortunately, they weren’t of a hostile kind.

Although there will be those out there who cruise a adorned lights cool, we wish that some-more gaming cover makers would follow Gigabyte’s lead with a understated P37X, that ditches a over-the-top aesthetics.

Beneath a red dragon, however, things demeanour adult – MSI has installed a gargantuan cover with all a hardware and connectivity a gamer will ever need.

Along a corpulent sides a Dragon Edition houses stereo jacks, 4 USB 3.0 ports, dual USB 3.1 ports, twin Mini DisplayPorts, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port, a BD–RE Blu–ray rewritable drive, a connected Gigabit Ethernet connector and a exclusive energy jack.

The cover is equally considerable when it comes to wireless connectivity: it has 802.11ac Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 4.1 and Killer DoubleShot anti–lag technology.

Build peculiarity is also flattering decent, nonetheless not a best I’ve seen. The red steel tip feels solid, though is let down by a Dragon Edition’s cosmetic bottom, that suffers a satisfactory volume of flex. If it’s carried in a case, a Dragon Edition will be means to tarry a peculiar strike and scratch – though it doesn’t feel anywhere nearby as strong as a Gigabyte P37X.

MSI GT72S Dragon Edition with Nvidia GTX 980 – Keyboard and Trackpad

The Dragon Edition’s backlit SteelSeries keyboard is generally really good, though again, not a best I’ve seen on a gaming notebook.

The keys offer decent transport and are formally spaced out, notwithstanding a further of a full numberpad on a right. However, they’re not as reactive as those on competing, cheaper gaming notebooks, such as a Alienware 15.

The keyboard doesn’t feel quite robust, either. During complicated typing – or exhilarated gaming sessions, where we was pummelling a keys with larger force – we beheld a keyboard’s support had significantly some-more give than a rest of a notebook, frequently flexing slightly.

MSI Dragon

The left-hand by-pass keys partially make adult for this and offer discerning entrance to a series of useful features. These embody a choice to manually spin on a Dragon Edition’s fan, switch between dissimilar and UMA graphics, and change a colour of a keyboard’s backlight. (I opted for pink/red, obvs.)

The trackpad is vast and reactive adequate for simple tasks, though as always, rival gamers will need to bombard out for a decent gaming rodent if they wish to be anything though cannon provender in online matches.

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MSI GT72S Dragon Edition with Nvidia GTX 980 – Display

The Dragon Edition’s large 17.3-inch Full HD arrangement is one of a best I’ve seen on a gaming notebook.

Running my customary set of shade tests regulating my devoted X–Rite colorimeter, a Dragon Edition achieved superbly and ran in with a 6,536K colour heat and 0.13 Delta E. That’s reduction than 40k divided from a 6,500k ideal. Anything revoke than a 1.0 Delta E measure is flattering damn good.

The shade covers usually 85.9% of a sRGB progression and 62.9% of a Abobe RGB, though deliberation this is a gaming machine, not a pattern tool, a total are some-more than good enough.

The inclusion of Nvidia’s G–Sync record is another positive. G-Sync is a tradition tech identical to AMD’s FreeSync. It works to revoke shade ripping and submit loiter by synchronising a display’s modernise rates to a GPU.

MSI Dragon

MSI has also ensured a Dragon Edition can support to gamers’ hungry for some 4K action. The Dragon Edition’s arrangement can bond to mixed higher-resolution screens regulating HDMI 1.4, Mini DisplayPort or a USB 3.1 Type-C port, that support 4K resolutions during 60Hz.

Alongside a Dragon Edition’s capability to bond to mixed outmost displays, a ports and top-end GPU also meant it should be achieved during operative with VR devices, such as a Oculus Rift.

Nvidia claims a Dragon Edition is one of a usually notebooks that can hoop VR headsets – prior mobile GPUs couldn’t hoop a workload.

Specifically, a association claims a Dragon Edition will be means to run VR titles during 90fps in “stereo perspective” – as in one picture per eye – with an unnoticeable latency of 20ms or below. Sadly, we didn’t get a event to check out a explain during my review, though will do so a impulse we get my hands on a Rift.

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Hands-on with a Asus ROG GX700 liquid-cooled gaming notebook

2016 is set to be a large year for gamers and will see a new call of “enthusiast class” notebooks powered by Nvidia GTX 980 desktop GPUs.

The ROG (Republic of Gamers) GX700 binds a singular position in this new call of notebooks, featuring a tradition glass cooling complement Asus claims will let it outperform competing super-laptops – such as a MSI GT72S Dragon Edition.

Having gotten my mitts on an early pre-production build of a Asus ROG GX700, we can privately demonstrate that there might good be some law to this claim.

Watch a video hands-on with a Asus ROG GX700

Asus ROG GX700 – Going opposite a flow

The H2O cooling complement is a apart “Hydro Overclocking System cooling module” that connects to a ROG GX700’s categorical cover section. The cover can be run autonomously though will offer discontinued performance.

As notebooks go, a categorical territory doesn’t have an overly decorated design, that in my mind is no bad thing. The categorical laptop territory is slimmer than a competing MSI GT72S Dragon Edition and, while not totally giveaway of remaining lights, doesn’t underline any over-the-top graphics.

Along a sides are a customary collection of ports you’d pattern from a gaming machine. These embody SD, USB-C, USB 3.0, Display and Mini Display connectors.


Inside is a full-sized backlit keyboard which, while not a many pleasing I’ve felt, is some-more than large adequate and comes with 5 programmable macro keys on a top.

The cooling module, on a other hand, is a tiny some-more distinctive. The procedure facilities an bony pattern that looks undisguised ominous – in my mind it’s what a Decepticon would renovate into if it was told to spin into a bit of computing kit.

The advancing routine is comparatively simple. It compulsory me to place a cover territory on a forward-facing tray and pull brazen on a lever, that thrusts a cooling tubes into docks on a laptop’s rear.

From there a procedure will assign a cover territory and light adult red to let we know it’s operative – that is a good thing, as this thing runs so sensitively that we was primarily endangered I’d finished it wrong.

Asus ROG GX700 – Performance and overclocking

The procedure is designed to let a ROG GX700 run a desktop-class Nvidia GTX 980 GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 memory and Intel Core i7-6820HK Skylake processor during full speed – something competing GTX 980 notebooks reportedly can’t do.

When docked, Asus claims a procedure will boost a ROG GX700’s graphics opening by adult to 43%, CPU speed by adult to 48%, and memory by adult to 31%.


Sadly, since we tested a pre-production demo unit, with inner specifications that “may somewhat differ from a finish product’s,” I’m not authorised to exhibit any organisation benchmarks or shade calibration stats.

However, we can exhibit a scores were aloft than prior top-end GTX 980M-powered notebooks, such as a Gigabyte P37X (I benchmarked a demo section regulating 3DMark, Unigine Heaven, Cinebench and Geekbench).

I also saw a conspicuous boost in scores on GPU-focused benchmarks, like 3DMark’s Firestrike and Unigine Heaven tests, when a cover was docked. With CPU-based tests, like Cinebench and Geekbench, however, a wharf supposing during best extrinsic improvements to scores.

Like a MSI GT72S Dragon Edition notebook, a ROG GX700 is overclockable. However, a chronicle of ROG’s Gaming Center program has been toned down to safeguard we can’t repairs a section when overclocking it.

What’s more, an Asus orator told me “the software/BIOS has been softened in a final chronicle of a GX700 so we should see improved overclocking then.” Which means my opening knowledge of overclocking a GX700 pre-production section isn’t deputy of a final performance. As a result, we can’t realistically criticism on a overclocking capabilities yet.ROG GX700

Asus ROG GX700 – Cold as ice

The opening boost might sound impressive, though it was how sensitively a ROG GX700 ran when connected to a cooling procedure that blew my mind.

Every other gaming cover I’ve reviewed, be it a Alienware 15, Gigabyte P37X or Aorus X5, has caused a cacophony when personification perfectionist 3D games, or being benchmarked.

By comparison a ROG GX700 is a ninja. With a cooling procedure trustworthy a appurtenance ran tighten to silently, even when personification Assassin’s Creed Unity and Metal Gear Solid V with their graphics maxed during 1080p. What’s more, a appurtenance remained cold to a hold – that is unheard of on a gaming notebook.

Sure, things altered when we ran a cover detached, though a module’s opening stays severely considerable and will be a pivotal offered indicate for gamers who don’t have a decent sound complement or headset.

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Asus ROG GX700 – G-Sync era

The further of Nvidia’s G-Sync is another boon. G-Sync is a tradition tech identical to AMD’s FreeSync, that works to revoke shade ripping and submit loiter by synchronising a display’s modernise rates to a GPU.

The tech has seemed on a handful of top-end gaming notebooks over a final year, including a MSI GT72S Dragon Edition. But that hasn’t stopped Asus creation a large understanding about a inclusion. Specifically, Asus claims this cover is a initial ever “17-inch genuine 4K UHD gaming laptop to underline Nvidia G-Sync”.

While I’m not authorised to exhibit a arrangement scores we available regulating an X-Rite colorimeter, my opening impressions of a shade are positive. Colours have a decent heat and it has a splendidly low black level. Viewing angles aren’t a best I’ve seen though are distant from terrible.

The G-Sync tech also worked a treat, as it has on past laptops, and ensured we was means to suffer exhilarated Rainbow Six Siege and Killing Floor 2 matches tear-free.ROG GX700

Asus ROG GX700 – Opening impressions

There’s no removing around a fact that a liquid-cooled cover feels like overkill. But carrying spent a week with a Asus ROG GX700, we have to contend it’s winning me over.

The ROG GX700 might be a laptop in name only, with a large weight and cooling procedure weighing some-more than many tiny children, though it’s stonkingly quick and has one of a best screens I’ve seen on a gaming notebook.

However, there are a few questions that need responding before we can offer any decisive outcome on a ROG GX700. I’ll need to have a play with a finalised sell indication before we can get any plain thought about a overclocking capabilities, for instance.

Asus is also nonetheless to offer any plain information about how most a ROG GX700 will cost – a pivotal cause that will fundamentally impact a altogether allure.

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What is a XMG U706?

Most firms usually furnish gaming laptops alongside other products, though XMG puts these machines front-and-centre. Its latest complement is quite special: a U706 is from a “Ultimate” series, and it’s a range’s 17.3-inch flagship.

An “Ultimate” gaming laptop could go down one of twin paths: it could be slim, light and with a penetrating change between opening and battery life, or it could be a appurtenance that’s bigger, faster and bolder than any rival. XMG has unashamedly selected a latter option.

XMG U706 – Design

This 17.3-inch appurtenance is huge: it’s 39mm thick and 418mm wide, and weighs 3.9kg. Those total are significant. A immeasurable bag will be indispensable to lift a XMG to LAN parties, and you’ll substantially need to strike a gym to find a strength to projection it around. It could also make this appurtenance worried for lounge gaming.

The back-breaking measure are accompanied by unfussy design. The lid is matte cosmetic with a barely-visible silken XMG logo. The interior has a thick orator grille above a immature energy button. Below is a keyboard, surfaced with angular, unconventional letters, and afterwards a wrist-rest: matte, divided by a plain touchpad and flashy by stickers.

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XMG U706

The XMG’s perfect heft means it’s built like a tank. There’s no weakness: a wrist-rest doesn’t budge, a steel underneath a keyboard is rock-solid, and a shade hardly moves – and when it does flex, there’s no on-screen distortion.

The U706’s rivals are vastly different. The MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro is done from red aluminium and is ornate with MSI’s impracticable Gaming Series trademark – and a keyboard glows with varicoloured illuminations. Gigabyte’s Aorus X7 v2 is done from matte steel and has a slimmer, thespian design.

The MSI is only 21mm thick and weighs 2.66kg. The Gigabyte is 24mm thick and tips a beam during 3kg. That means both are some-more docile than a XMG, generally when it comes to transport.

The U706 matches a distance with versatility. Two bottom panels slip giveaway to betray a interior, and each member is accessible. The twin memory sticks, SSD and tough hoop are easy to remove, and a corpulent heatsinks can be eased free. There’s a gangling 2.5-inch bay, nonetheless a Aorus has some-more ascent room.

The flexibility continues on a outside, with copiousness of ports. It’s got 5 USB 3.0 connections, a USB 3.1 Type-C plug, eSATA, an HDMI output, twin DisplayPort 1.2 connectors and a label reader.

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XMG U706 – Features

It’s no warn that this “Ultimate” appurtenance houses fantastic components. The many distinguished is a processor: a Core i7-6700K. That’s a desktop chip, and it’s one of Intel’s many manly parts: it uses a Skylake architecture, it has 4 Hyper-Threaded cores, and a 4GHz bottom time boosts to 4.2GHz.

It’s a prolonged approach forward of tide iterations of a XMG’s rivals. The latest MSI GS70 notebooks have a i7-6700HQ. That still has 4 cores, though it’s a mobile partial that runs during 2.6GHz with a Turbo limit of 3.5GHz and a smaller cache. The priciest tide GS70 costs a some-more medium £1,400.

The latest chronicle of a Aorus looks poorer. The many absolute CPU inside those machines is a Core i7-5850HQ, that relies on comparison Broadwell silicon and tops out during 3.6GHz.

XMG U706

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The U706′s graphics core is only as impressive. It uses a GTX 980M, that is Nvidia’s best mobile GPU. It has 1,536 tide processors, a core time of 1,038MHz, and 8GB of GDDR5. It’s identical to a desktop GTX 970, despite with one streaming multiprocessor disabled.

This appurtenance also has Nvidia G-Sync. This record reduces picture ripping and loiter by synchronising a screen’s modernise rate to a rate during that frames are topsy-turvy out by a graphics card.

The best GPU in any iteration of a MSI GS70 stays a GTX 970M. The Aorus appurtenance we reviewed had twin GTX 860M cores, though now tip models have twin GTX 970M cores and it costs around £2,100.

In other areas a XMG impresses. The foot expostulate is a 512GB Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD that uses PCI-Express bandwidth for additional speed, and there’s a 1TB tough disk. There’s 16GB of memory, and Killer Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band 802.11ac WiFi. Both of a networking options are optimised for gaming.

XMG offers immeasurable customisation: 4 processors, twin GPUs, twelve memory configurations and fifteen opposite SSDs can be propitious to a U706. The many affordable chronicle costs £1,425 with Windows 10, and it’s got a Core i5-6600 processor, a GTX 970M GPU, 8GB of memory and a 500GB tough disk.

At a rise a U706 costs £4,401. That’s with a GTX 980M and Core i7-6700K, 64GB of memory and 4 SSDs – twin PCI-based models and a span of 2TB drives. Its rivals loiter behind on versatility.

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Hands-on: Dell gives a best laptop a business makeover

We adore a Dell XPS 13 – we gave it a desired Recommended Award and it even won Laptop of a Year during a TrustedReviews Awards 2015. It’s so good that, notwithstanding being a “consumer” laptop, business people wanted to buy it. In response, Dell has finished a Latitude 7370 – an XPS 13 with tweaked pattern and facilities for vast business announced during CES 2016.

Dell XPS 13 3

The basis are a same. It’s a 13-inch laptop in a really tiny physique – a 13-inch laptop in a 12-inch support as Dell likes to put it. It weighs reduction than 1kg, advantages from good battery life and is accessible with possibly Full HD or Quad HD screens. Nothing new here.

The differences start with a design. Black is a word; there are no imagination splinter pieces here. Its all soft-touch black cosmetic save for a carbon-fibre lid. That’s excellent with me, yet – it looks good and a ultra-thin bezel continues to dazzle.

Dell XPS 13 5

The keyboard has a splendidly tangible feel though it’s also wheeze quiet, and a touchpad is vast and smooth. The screen, meanwhile, is anti-glare. In fact, we was dumbfounded by a miss of reflections in a brief time we had with it. It’s a singular pleasure these days.

The core hardware is most a same though for a further of TPM confidence and Intel vPro, that is all partial of a big-business integration.

Likewise, dual USB-C ports and a Thunderbolt pier yield plenty connectivity. And if a default preference isn’t enough, Thunderbolt advancing stations will enhance that to abundant proportions, such as ancillary adult to 3 4K screens.

Dell XPS 13 11

Dell Latitude 7370 – First Impressions

What’s not to like here? Take a good product, tweak it for business users and a outcome is that we have a winner. There’s zero hugely difficult about a Dell Latitude 7370 given that it’s formed on an existent product. Nevertheless, I’m blissful Dell’s finished it.

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The Acer Aspire Switch 12 S is a Windows 10 automobile with high aspirations. With pricing starting during a reward €1,200, it targets a same top-end marketplace as a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – a device formerly touted as a best 2-in-1 on a market.

Aware of a unbending competition, Acer has installed a Switch with a resources of top-end components – including Intel’s super-swanky RealSense 3D camera. On paper, this creates a Aspire Switch 12 S one of a many engaging convertible’s around.

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Acer Aspire Switch 12 S – Swish design

Acer isn’t a initial association to open to mind when it comes to reward design. Previous convertibles, such as a 2014 Acer Aspire Switch 11, have sported woefully dull, cosmetic frames – that is because we was astounded by how many we favourite a Switch 12 S’s pattern during my hands-on.

The Aspire Switch 12 S is separate into inscription and keyboard sections, both of that are built from aluminium. The device is sincerely portable, featuring medium 12.5-inch measure and measuring in during a miniscule 7.85mm.

Acer Aspire Switch 12

Acer has managed to bucket a Aspire Switch 12 S with a reasonable series of ports. With a keyboard and inscription sections connected, a Aspire 12 S offers USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3, micro-HDMI and microSD ports – definition it should accommodate many users’ connectivity needs.

The captivating locking resource is also one of a best I’ve seen. The connector felt some-more strong than that on a Surface Pro 4 and, distinct a one on a Dell XPS 12, can be used to set a shade during a accumulation of angles – so we won’t have to aria your neck when regulating it on your lap.

Acer Aspire Switch 12 S – 4K and RealSense awesomeness

Like a competing Dell XPS 12, a Aspire Switch 12 S comes with a 4K fortitude touchscreen display. However, we didn’t get a possibility to check pivotal sum during my hands-on, such as how many of a sRGB and Adobe RGB colour gamuts a shade covers.

However, if my early impressions are anything to go by, a shade is really good. Testing a Aspire Switch on a brightly illuminated Acer exam room, colours looked offset and whites were among a cleanest I’ve seen. Blacks also looked formally sable and a shade offering adult a dazzlingly high limit brightness.

The usually slight emanate we beheld was that a screen’s Gorilla Glass cloaking was disposed to picking adult wandering light – nonetheless being satisfactory to Acer, this is an emanate we notice on 99% of laptop screens.

Acer Aspire Switch 12

Creative forms will be gratified to learn that a shade also supports Acer’s Active Stylus tech.

The use of Intel’s RealSense camera is a pivotal differentiator that could also be a large pull for creatives. For those that missed it, RealSense is a nifty bit of camera tech Intel denounced during CES in 2014.

It aims to let machines constraint and tide 1080p images in 3D, reading pivotal information – such as abyss – that many laptop and inscription cameras can’t.

Acer claims a tech will let we indicate objects and constraint images that can after be used to emanate 3D models – that could be of good use to designers who frequently use 3D Studio Max, Blender or Maya. Sadly, we didn’t get a event to see how a RealSense camera or Active Stylus support worked during my hands-on, though will be certain to do so come my full review.

Acer Aspire Switch 12 S – Don’t strech for your wallet only yet

This all sounds great, though we do have a integrate of concerns about a Acer Aspire Switch 12 S. Unlike a Surface Pro 4, a Aspire Switch 12 S can’t be upgraded to run on an Intel Core processor. If we buy it, you’ll be stranded with a sixth-generation Intel M processor and possibly 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

This could be an emanate – in a past, I’ve found that many Intel M-powered inclination have begun to run a small delayed small months after purchase.

Acer Aspire Switch 12

The Aspire Switch 12 S is also home to a satisfactory volume of bloatware. These embody some-more tradition Acer applications than we could count, as good as a series of third-party services that I’d never even listened of.

The bloatware done a Aspire Switch 12 S’s interface feel cluttered and a apps are also expected be a empty on a convertible’s memory – a problem that could serve impede a performance.

However, for now these are fanciful problems. Since we didn’t get a event to benchmark a Aspire Switch 12 S, or see how it rubbed anything though simple tasks – such as web browsing – during my hands-on, I’m incompetent to yield some-more accurate criticism on a device’s performance.

Acer Aspire Switch 12

Acer Aspire Switch 12 S – Opening impressions

Outside of my concerns about a processor, on paper a Acer Aspire Switch 12 S shows signs of being one of a best Windows 10 convertibles on a market.

Featuring a top-notch 4K display, plain though slim design, a resources of connectivity options and a combined allure of an Intel RealSense camera, a Aspire Switch 12 S oozes potential.

However, with pricing starting during $1,200 it has some flattering unbending competition. I’ll be meddlesome to see how a device compares to a some-more determined Surface Pro 4 and incoming Dell XPS 12 when it arrives in Europe this February.

Check behind afterwards for my full examination of a Acer Aspire Switch 12 S.

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What is a Asus TP200SA?

We’re in a midst of a foldable frenzy. Companies are tortuous over retrograde (sorry) to obey a foldable laptop/tablet hybrid design, used maybe many recognisably used by Lenovo on a operation of Yoga automobile laptops.

There are several examples of a 360 grade hinge on a reward finish of a laptop spectrum, though what about a bill ranges? Can we trust a design, let alone a performance, in a foldable hybrid that cost we reduction than £300?

Well Asus reckons it can remonstrate we that a answer is ‘yes’ with a Transformer Book Flip TP200SA. It’s an 11.6-inch foldable two-in-one with some good extras, such as a USB Type-C port, to try to set it detached from a competition.

However, with a rather underwhelming Intel Celeron dual-core processor, will pattern flourishes and total extras be adequate to detract from what’s approaching to be unsatisfactory performance?

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Asus TP200SA Design

The 360 grade hinge is all a fury during a moment. It offers an choice to a detachable shade setup found on other convertables, like a Surface Pro 4, and is a good approach of adding several opposite use modes to a hybrid.

The TP200SA competence not have a considerable ‘watchband’ hinge done of some-more than 800 tools that can be found on a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Yoga 900, though it does accurately a same thing as a higher-end counterparts. Asus’ hinge is distant from a marvel of complicated engineering though it doesn’t need to be – it works. In a end, it creates we consternation why, with a volume of bid that goes into conceptualizing and producing a hinge with some-more than 800 parts, companies bother.


You can get a TP200SA in dual colours, Dark Blue and Crystal Silver. My examination indication came in a latter. The laptop is lonesome in a lead finish that Asus says has a blemish resistant texture. It’s zero extraordinary though it does go some approach towards creation a laptop feel rather some-more reward than a cost would imply. The bottom of a box is cosmetic though this doesn’t unequivocally take most divided from a design.

Also, all is dull on this thing. Every corner and contour has been smoothed off that gives a device a kind of old-fashioned feeling, as if it were done for kids who competence cut themselves on anything some-more defined. It’s not accurately a bad thing, though when total with a device’s sincerely tiny distance it does arrange of feel like a kid’s laptop.

Still, altogether a TP200SA feels flattering stout and indeed seems worse than some high-end laptops I’ve used. The shade doesn’t flex or hook when we use it, nonetheless it does stagger a bit when typing, and there’s no rattling to be listened from any of a pattern features. The association says it has ‘carefully embellished each final gram of additional weight’ from a TP200SA, and during 1.2 kg it positively feels lightweight for a laptop, while still maintaining that strong feeling.

It is a small on a complicated side for enlarged use as a inscription though during 18.5mm thick, a TP200SA is still impressively slim. For comparison, a HP Pavilion x2 is 19.8mm thick and a similar-priced Acer Aspire Switch 11 is a sincerely large 25mm. All these foldable laptops feel rather unwieldy in inscription mode and nonetheless a TP200SA is no different, it feels some-more healthy to reason than a incomparable equivalents.

Asus does however seem to have succumbed to an vitriolic trend among many companies who seem to have a inclination for surrounding their screens with a largest bezel they can. I’m not certain what it’s going to take for them to know that it’s only not cold anymore.

Asus TP200SA – Keyboard and Trackpad

The thing about laptops this distance is that a keyboard is fundamentally going to suffer. Packing full distance keys into a 12-inch device isn’t easy though Asus has managed it utterly well. It really feels a small cramped, though a keys have a decent transport to them and they don’t clap around too much. It’s not going to be a best keyboard you’ve ever used, though during this cost indicate it’s flattering good.


The trackpad was surprisingly manageable too. Unlike a lot of laptops during this level, a pad done it easy to perform simple tasks. When regulating dual fingers to corkscrew for example, a charge that seems to perplex many low-end inclination of a identical sort, it worked improved than some higher-end laptop trackpads I’ve used.

The pad is also flattering big. Asus says it has done it 46% bigger than ‘other brands’. Which laptops they’re comparing a TP200SA with isn’t transparent though we can positively contend that a distance is some-more than adequate.

Asus TP200SA – Screen

With a 1,366 x 768 fortitude and 135 pixels per in. firmness the, TP200SA’s shade isn’t a best we can buy. It’s sincerely customary when compared to other laptops in a operation however, relating a fortitude on a Acer Aspire Switch 11 and violence a 10-inch HP Pavilion’s x2’s 1,280 x 800 display. You’re really not looking during a 4K arrangement here, and you’ll notice a particular pixels, though this is no worse than anything else we can buy for underneath £300.

Colour facsimile is surprisingly good. Colours mount out though ostensible overly vivid, and blacks, while not a deepest you’re approaching to see, positively don’t demeanour cleared out. The tip liughtness turn is also flattering good, nonetheless it didn’t compare a tip liughtness of my Macbook, that is to be expected. Basically, we competence have some issues regulating a TP200SA outward on a balmy day though a shade does a pursuit otherwise.

You will notice a lot of reflections in a shade though this is frequency an emanate specific to a TP200SA. The final laptop we reviewed, a Lenovo Yoga 900, had a same problem with a clearly silken shade and that device costs some-more than 5 times a cost of Asus’ bill machine.

In terms of inscription mode, a arrangement is manageable and accurate. we had no issues regulating a TP200 as a inscription and found it only as serviceable in terms of hold attraction as a some-more costly foldable hybrids.

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What is a CyberPower Fangbook 4 SX6-300?

The Fangbook SX6-300 doesn’t come from a informed gaming laptop name, yet it does come from a organisation with outrageous high-end experience. CyberPower is best famous for a gaming PCs, and it’s won dozens of awards for a pixel-pushing behemoths.

This laptop is a 15.6in appurtenance with copiousness of energy on offer: it has a challenging Intel Skylake chip and one of Nvidia’s best mobile GPUs, alongside an SSD and 16GB of memory.

CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 – Design

This appurtenance has a snazzy Fangbook trademark on a lid and, elsewhere, it bears many of a informed hallmarks of gaming portables. There are pointed sections, a tough-looking trademark above a keyboard, and a Scrabble-tile keyboard that glows with dozens of LEDs. The whole appurtenance is clad in brushed aluminium.

It’s no warn that a Fangbook looks identical to MSI’s operation of gaming machines – MSI indeed done this laptop before CyberPower altered a name and specification. It’s a smart-looking unit, yet it doesn’t have a visible aptitude of a Alienware 15: that appurtenance has some-more angles, some-more vents and some-more lights.

Cyperpower Fangbook

Although a Fangbook could simply hoop being lugged around in a bag yet a need for a box or sleeve, there are a integrate of build peculiarity niggles to bear in mind. There’s some give in a steel on a lid, and a right-hand side of a wrist-rest also flexes a tad. It’s on a standard with a MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro, yet a Alienware is sturdier.

There’s one area where a Fangbook does trump a Alienware – in a dimensions. The CyberPower machine’s 26mm breadth simply undercuts a 34mm Alienware, and a 2.4kg weight is reasonable too: some-more than half a kilo lighter than Dell’s laptop.

The MSI is thinner and lighter still, though, with a 2kg physique that’s 20mm thick during a chunkiest point.

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Cyberpower Fangbook

CyberPower Fangbook SX6-300 – Features

There’s no encountering a high-end hardware inside a SX6-300. The Core i7-6700HQ is a many medium partial from Intel’s latest high-end mobile range, yet don’t doubt a abilities: it has a new Skylake architecture, 4 Hyper-Threaded cores, and a 2.6GHz batch speed can use Turbo Boost to rise during 3.5GHz.

Graphics bravery comes from an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M. Again, this sits right during a tip of Nvidia’s mobile range: incorporating 1,280 tide processors, a 924MHz smallest speed and 3GB of dedicated memory.

The storage array is decent, too. Windows 10 is commissioned to a 120GB Kingston M.2 drive, and it’s corroborated adult by a 1TB tough hoop that’s simply vast adequate for a good games collection. Elsewhere, there’s 16GB of 2,133MHz DDR4 memory.

Connectivity is good interjection to dual-band 802.11ac wireless and Bluetooth 4.0, and Gigabit Ethernet comes from Killer – that means trade is prioritised for games. The Fangbook matches many other gaming notebooks in this department. The preference of ports is decent: dual USB 3 connectors and a USB 3.1 Type-C port, an SD label slot, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs and a DVD writer.

Cyperpower Fangbook

Its rivals are versed with likewise considerable hardware. The MSI has a same processor and graphics core and falls behind usually with 8GB of memory. The latest Alienware machines are kitted out with a same Core i7-6700HQ processor, and pricier models are permitted with a GTX 970M. Note that even obtuse machines still exaggerate GTX 965M graphics.

If a hardware inside this representation doesn’t suit, afterwards a Fangbook is permitted in several other configurations. The SX6-100 costs £919 and includes a same Core i7 processor alongside a GTX 960M graphics core and a 500GB tough disk, and a £989 SX6-200 includes a 120GB SSD and GTX 960M graphics.

Customisation is possible, too. CyberPower can dump a appurtenance down to 4GB or 8GB of memory, switch adult a storage, or move a GPU down to a GTX 960M to save income – or, if there’s some-more income in a budget, serve SSDs can be added.

The Fangbook’s internals are accessible, yet it’s wily to get inside. It’s hold in place by some-more than a dozen screws, and requires some elbow-grease to wrench a row from a categorical physique of a machine.

Once inside, though, things are some-more simple. The dual memory slots, M.2 SSD and tough hoop can all be unscrewed, and a battery is swappable too – nonetheless usually once a bottom row is removed. The cooling rigging and visual expostulate can also be unscrewed, that is accessible for swapping tools and cleaning.