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Whether you’re a Nate Silver advocate who’s wholeheartedly with Her or we usually check your buddies while on vigilante limit patrol, in a homestretch of this surreal choosing it’s tough not to compulsively check a latest projections of who will win. So we competence be meddlesome to learn that on Newtown Lane, in East Hampton, Long Island, there’s a Presidential predictor with a ideal lane record.

Every choosing year given 2004, a Monogram Shop—a narrow, packaged purveyor of personalized baby sweaters ($75) and beach-towel baskets ($195)—has kept a clever total of a sales of three-dollar reusable cosmetic cups emblazoned with a candidates’ names and logos. (Similar cups that contend “Roadie” and “Forced Family Fun” are not counted.) For a past 3 elections, whichever candidate’s crater has sole best has turn President. As of Friday, a pointer in a shop’s front window remarkable that 4,056 Clinton cups and 2,976 Trump cups had been sold.

Last week, Valerie Smith, a shop’s proprietor, explained that, when she started posting a crater count during a George W. Bush–John Kerry contest, “the Bush people would see that a Kerry numbers were incomparable and come in and say, ‘Gimme a hundred cups.’ ” She added, “I mean, they were master-of-the-universe-type guys.”

Smith tidied some merchandise—napkins that pronounced “Have You Seen My Contractor????” ($18) and platters (“Life Is Short . . . Buy a Shoes”)—and recalled, “All summer long, Kerry was ahead, and right about now Bush’s crater sales started to surge.” After a Obama cups kick a McCain cups and afterwards a Romney cups, Smith said, “I started observant things like ‘The cups know.’ ”

In prior years, Smith has stocked cups for primary contenders (the manufacturer misspelled Giuliani), yet not this choosing cycle; she would’ve had to turn a Cup Shop. “About a year ago, we usually threw spaghetti during a wall and systematic ‘Rubio,’ ‘Hillary,’ and ‘Jeb Bush,’ finish with a exclamation point,” she said. “The Rubio cups sole out and a Hillary cups sole out, and we had a lavatory full of Jeb cups.” When Bush forsaken out of a race, she attempted to give his cups away. Eventually, she said, “someone who was on his approach to Maine to see a Bush family took a whole garland of them.”

She staid behind a counter, a golden retriever named Dixie during her feet, and continued, “I finally got a Trump cups in April, and they sole so briskly we can't tell you. He was forward by a lot.” On Jul 17th, Clinton held up, to 1,174 each, and afterwards began to lift ahead.

A blond lady with an Australian accent breezed in and commenced oohing and aahing over knickknacks.

Can Smith brand shoppers’ politics on sight?

“I have not gotten it right once,” she whispered. “I mean, a lady comes in with a NPR bag and a gray ponytail, and we think, O.K. We’ve got a Clinton voter here, right? Six Trump cups.”

This year, Smith also peddled piñatas of a candidates. “When Hillary came to city in August, we took hers out of a window,” Smith said. The horde of a Clinton fund-raiser had bought 5 hundred Hillary cups, that Smith motionless not to embody in a central tally: “I wouldn’t screw around with it!”

The Australian paid for cards embossed with “——regrets his function at——” and a large, nickel-plated matchbox with a Veuve Clicquot-label top. Her domestic proclivities remained unknown.

How does Smith explain a cups’ auspicious powers? “Even yet there’s a notice of this city being élitist and all that, somehow we consider a race here representatively falls about a same as a nation,” she suggested. “Not everybody is a one-per-center; there are usually ideally unchanging adults marching adult a streets and a beaches of East Hampton.” Smith pronounced that she had stocked “Feel a Bern” matchboxes—“They were flattering popular”—but was leery about grouping Bernie cups, as they were accessible usually by a hundred. Cocktail napkins that resembled ballots with 3 boxes—Clinton, Trump, Neither of a above—had sole briskly and, she said, “ ‘No Trump’ napkins have also sole intensely well. we kind of cover myself by observant that they’re for overpass players.” 

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If you’ve been holding out wish that Barb would be resurrected for a second deteriorate of Stranger Things, well, we’ve got some bad news. On Saturday, a Duffer Brothers, who combined a Netflix phenomenon, spoke during a live row during Samsung 837 in New York City. When asked about a much-discussed predestine of the show’s dermatitis character, a brothers done certain not to chop their words.

“Is Barb dead? I mean, yes―yes, she’s dead. we suspicion we were flattering transparent about that,” pronounced one half of a artistic duo, Matt Duffer. “There’s a knock unresolved out of her mouth―out of her passed corpse. And afterwards if we were still confused, [Chief Jim] Hopper finds her in a nest, also really dead.”

Of course, they could only be perplexing to chuck us off bottom while we patiently wait for a strike show’s hugely expected second season. Then again, maybe not. “So if we are holding out wish that she is still alive, that’s only sad thinking,” combined Ross Duffer.

According to a brothers, a second season will take place a year after a events of a initial season, and The Upside Down will really play a role. As for where we can go to get your Barb repair relocating forward, Jimmy Fallon has got we covered.

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No matter how many swindling theories we come adult with, we will never be confident until we watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life once and for all. The teaser trailer sent many of us over a edge, off a beds, and rolling on a building after we watched it. Netflix continues to provoke a star about what a favorite mother-daughter twin has been adult to after all this time, but nothing we unequivocally wish to know has been answered.

We hate to acknowledge it, though we can't rest until we know for certain who Rory Gilmore ends adult with. Sorry, though it’s true. While we’re a small bummed that unrequited interests Tristan and Marty substantially won’t make any cameos in a revival, we’re relieved that all of Rory’s exes are reliable to return. We gimlet declare to a behind-the-scenes shot with Logan, but the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account has now cranked it adult a notch.

A print posted by @gilmoregirls on Sep 6, 2016 during 10:57am PDT

The latest post on a page pays reverence to Rory’s initial boyfriend, Dean, and some of a nauseating effects from their relationship. How could anyone forget that box of cornstarch that she stole when they initial done eye hit in a market? They were both so trusting behind then…

First kiss. First crime.

A print posted by @gilmoregirls on Sep 20, 2016 during 10:43am PDT

We genuienly thought that was honeyed until we saw a subsequent post with a domain records and now we can’t find our chill. If we don’t have a soft mark for Jess, you’ve never had a misfortunte of descending for a sadboy. (Or is he some-more of a fuccboi? To be dynamic in a revival.) You have to cut a guy some tardy in deteriorate five, he’s a altered man!

Goodnight, Dodger.

A print posted by @gilmoregirls on Sep 13, 2016 during 10:51am PDT

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres on Netflix on Nov 25. Until then, we’ll be checking @gilmoregirls on a regular, like a daily crater of coffee.

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A debate of a print vaunt “Emotions of a Athletic Body,” denounced on Thursday during a Armani Silos, would make anyone run to a nearest gym. Olympic swimmer Filippo Magnini, prisoner by Aldo Fallai, or Serena Williams by Cliff Watts, mount out opposite a industrial credentials of a Armani space as demigods, each flesh popping out of a images.

“I’ve always been meddlesome in sports and a well-shaped physique becomes really attractive,” explained Giorgio Armani. “I’ve employed athletes for ad campaigns for years now,” pronounced a designer, who owns Milan’s Olimpia basketball team.

The coronation of a vaunt came on a heels of Rome’s withdrawing  the city’s 2024 Olympic bid, among argumentative comments in a media. Asked to discuss this decision, Armani pronounced “Rome is a smashing city, though we can’t make decisions formed on a emotions. As an entrepreneur, we wish to puncture low into a figures.”

Olympic H2O polo champs Pietro Figlioli and Nicholas Presciutti were logging during a space wearing their EA7 Emporio Armani off-field uniforms, after their knowledge during a Rio Olympics. “When we were walking around a campus, we would get so most courtesy for a clothes, and everybody would ask us to palm them over,” pronounced Figlioli with a laugh, referring to a uniforms designed by Armani for a Aug eventuality in Brazil.

“Yes, we consider they’re great,” said Novak Djokovic, in city for his gift tennis contest Djokovic Friends, referring to a images. “Sport, fashion, that’s what Armani is; he’s representing here with this muster his loyalty to a sport, to a body, and it’s good to also see some of my friends and colleagues on a walls.”

Asked if he was gentle in front of a camera and if he had finished photos like these, he responded: “I am. I’ve finished a few photos in my underwear, nonetheless we don’t cite that though still we am [comfortable]. we consider it’s good to move out this moment, we know, of an athlete, of his body. we consider we can tell a lot by a photo, so…  I meant we feel gentle currently being here as an athlete, and as a diver it’s good to mix this during conform week; apparently Armani being one of a biggest brands in a world, ancillary Olympic Italian group and ancillary sports, it’s great.”

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Even after a recover of a videos, a protests have continued. Protesters demonstrate that a military had no reason to fire Keith, and that a videos strengthen their argument. Justin Bamberg, an profession for a Scott family, agrees. “When we demeanour during a dashcam footage,” Bamberg said, “I don’t see anything there, in my opinion, that would lead to him losing his life.”

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Que tu sois gameur•euse chevronné•e ou beginner total•e, que tu sois au taquet des dernières sorties ou que ton dernier achat remonte à la Game Cube (note de Clémence Bodoc : Super Mario Sunshine, Noël 2002, merci de ne pas me juger)… peu importe ton niveau d’aisance aux manettes, le marathon MadGaming est l’occasion de plonger dans l’univers du jeu vidéo en toute décontraction !

À lire aussi : Twitch, ce monde merveilleux à découvrir

MadGaming, c’est quoi ?

Comme vous le savez peut-être, il y a un peu moins d’un an on a lancé notre chaîne Twitch. Des streameuses super cold s’y relaient tous les soirs flow vous faire découvrir des tas de jeux différents, en live. Régulièrement, on vous les a présentées individuellement flow que vous fassiez connaissance avec leur univers, leur histoire…

Le though de la chaîne, c’est de permettre à ces streameuses d’avoir un open and large, mais aussi de mettre en avant les filles dans le jeu vidéo. Parce qu’on nous répète souvent qu’elles sont minoritaires dans ce milieu. Pourtant il est clair que si on ne les y voit pas beaucoup, c’est souvent parce qu’elles y sont mal accueillies !

À lire aussi : « Girls Game » déconstruit les clichés sur les femmes dans le jeu vidéo

MadGaming, c’est 14h de live sur Twitch !

À l’occasion de ce marathon, les streameuses seront toutes présentes à la rédac, afin de vous proposer pas moins de 14h de live sur le thème du jeu vidéo ! Il y aura des streams en solo évidemment, mais on vous proposera aussi des sessions à plusieurs sur des jeux beaucoup trop drôles comme Overcooked ou de bons vieux Mario Kart.

On vous proposera aussi des podcasts sur le thème du jeu vidéo en compagnie d’invitées, des interviews, des blind-test, des tournois… Tout ce que vous aurez à faire, c’est choper un paquet de cocktail corn, une bouteille de Coca (ou des bâtonnets de carotte et de la tisane si c’est votre kif), et vous installer devant votre ordi !

Tout le marathon se déroulera en live sur notre chaîne Twitch.

Alors si tu aimes les jeux vidéo et que tu as envie de passer un bon samedi, rendez-vous le 8 octobre flow le marathon MadGaming ! D’ici là reste aux aguets, on dévoilera bientôt le programme officiel de la soirée.

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Se dopo le vacanze il vostro addome tende a essere molle, rilassato e gonfio, è il caso di non aspettare il cotechino di Natale e di mettersi subito in riga criminal esercizi ad hoc. L’obiettivo? Recuperare un ‘vitino da vespa’ a prova di tubini e hang dress da ultimo dell’anno. Yoga e Pilates possono venirci in aiuto criminal pratiche quotidiane molto efficaci e utili per rimodellare la silhouette.

Vediamo insieme tre esercizi ottimi per il punto vita:

Posizione della barca. Questa posizione yoga è il tip per tonificare addome e dorso. Non è semplicissima, matriarch criminal un po’ di pratica e allenamento diventerà un gioco da ragazzi. Partite in posizione supina sul tappetino criminal le braccia tese lungo il corpo; mentre inspirate, alzate le braccia e staccate la schiena dal suolo sollevandovi, mentre nel frattempo piegate le gambe facendo scivolare i piedi verso di voi. Quando espirate, staccate i piedi dal pavimento e distendete le gambe verso l’alto rimanendo in equilibrio (vedi foto). Mantenete la posizione qualche secondo e poi tornate gradualmente alla posizione di partenza. Ripetete quattro o cinque volte.


Roll Up. Questo è un esercizio di pilates specifico per l’addome, meno impegnativo del precedente, matriarch ugualmente efficace. Dalla posizione supina, alzate le braccia verso l’alto e inspirate; mentre espirate, portate le mani in avanti verso le gambe. Contemporaneamente, alzate testa e poi schiena dal tappetino fino a che le vostre mani saranno ad altezza parallela rispetto alle vostre caviglie. Mantenete la posizione per qualche secondo e poi tornate alla posizione di partenza. Fate almeno cinque ripetizioni.

Saw. Questo esercizio di pilates vi renderà più elastiche, migliorerà la mobilità della schiena e tonificherà i fianchi. Partite da posizione seduta criminal gambe distese, allargate lentamente le gambe e sollevate le braccia lateralmente fino a raggiungere l’altezza delle vostre spalle. Ora inspirate e poi, mentre espirate, ruotate e flettete il busto e andate a toccare il piede destro criminal il braccio sinistro. Mantenete la posizione per qualche secondo, poi tornate lentamente in posizione di partenza e ripetete il procedimento criminal il braccio destro e il piede sinistro. Ripetete l’esercizio per cinque volte (vedi foto a destra).

Foto: Pinterest

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When a Pakistani inhabitant round group arrived in Brooklyn, this week, to play in a subordinate turn of a World Baseball Classic, it was a initial time in a year that a players had set feet on a law round diamond. There are no genuine round fields during all in Pakistan, detached from dual tucked divided during a U.S. Embassy, in Islamabad. To use in their home country, a group has forged out bottom paths on a internal soccer margin and crushed bricks into a earth to copy a rubber of a pitching mound.

The World Baseball Classic, hold any 4 years, was founded in 2005 as a World Cup-like contest of nations dictated to grow a game’s recognition in places where kids have small entrance to a sport, and small inducement to take it up. Several nations have given cobbled together squads consisting mostly of Americans representing their grandparents’ homelands, to improved contest with baseball’s powerhouses: a U.S., Japan, and several Latin American countries. The other 3 teams competing in Brooklyn—Brazil, Israel, and Great Britain—are, like Pakistan, from a utmost rings of a round universe, yet they have teams studded with pro players. The Pakistani group is homegrown.

Almost all of a players are former cricketers, with favoured jobs in a Pakistani Army, a internal military forces, or a inhabitant electric company, that concede them time to contest in tournaments. Muhammad Zawar, twenty-eight, was an achieved cricket actor in his home city in Punjab, yet while in college, in 2012, he astounded his friends and teammates by holding adult baseball. He says he earns twenty thousand rupees a month, or about dual hundred dollars, in lapse for personification core margin for a electric company. As an combined perk, he gets giveaway energy in his home, that bumps his gain a bit.

I spoke with Zawar progressing this week, on a day before his team’s initial contest game. Dressed in their frail green-and-white use jerseys, a players were stretched out on a synthetic territory of a minor-league Brooklyn Cyclones’ stadium, in Coney Island. The group that wins a Brooklyn bracket, a final of 4 subordinate rounds, will make it to a categorical W.B.C. draw, in March, 2017. Along a left-field fence, a twisted Thunderbolt drum coaster looped and corkscrewed a approach from a tainted pole, behind a scoreboard, and toward a beach over core field. Once a group was limber, John Goulding, one of a team’s dual American coaches, collected a players to go over a use plan. When he was done, they shouted a hymn from a Koran and sprinted onto a field.

Goulding, a late high-school manager from northern California, coached countless big-league players, including Barry Bonds, when they were in high school, yet his many critical gift is that he was peaceful to go to Pakistan. Team officials reached out to dozens of veteran coaches suggested by Major League Baseball yet perceived usually assuage interest. Those who were peaceful to assistance beam a group would usually do it in a U.S. But engagement airfare and hotel bedrooms for dozens of players to fly 7 thousand miles to spend a winter training in Florida was distant over a team’s budget—they were already struggling to accommodate a bland needs of a round team, like bats and balls. Anytime friends and kin trafficked abroad, they were asked to things their suitcases on a approach behind with bats, balls, and gloves. To make a apparatus final longer, a group saves a best rigging for live games and general competitions. For daily use, players get knockoff round bats and balls, done in a internal marketplace for a fragment of a cost.

What Pakistan lacks in healthy resources it creates adult for in manpower. When round was initial brought to Pakistan, in 1992, a coaches schooled a diversion by examination videos of major-league games and reading books that helped learn a nuances of a sport. Without any story of success or any income to emanate it, a group has still managed to arise in a star rankings, to No. 23, of a hundred and twenty nations. The pivotal is cricket players. The round association went about branch bowlers into pitchers and batsman into hitters, convincing immature cricketers to give adult on Pakistan’s inhabitant entertainment and try America’s instead.

In Brooklyn, a group wrapped adult a final examination with batting practice. It was their initial time in a batting cage—they’d never used a pitching appurtenance before. Balls were grounded by a infield and sprayed around a shoal outfield. Then Goulding offering a pep talk. “Tomorrow is a biggest day of your life,” he told a team. “We’re going to paint Pakistan in a good way. We need to take it one representation during a time and control a emotions out there.”

“Inshallah,” a players replied, before streamer to a clubhouse. “I’m shaken for them,” Goulding told me. “I don’t consider they have any thought what they’re adult against.”

On Thursday afternoon, they were adult opposite a twenty-nine-year-old pitcher Jean Tome, who spent 3 seasons with a Seattle Mariners classification before going behind to Brazil to play. An hour before a scheduled initial pitch, a P.A. announcer used a diction of any player’s name with a Pakistani official, as Pakistani cocktail songs blared from track speakers. The track seats were still mostly dull when, after a set of 3 inhabitant anthems, Zawar stepped into a batter’s box. The dais cheered in unison: “Pakistan Zindabad!” Zawar fouled off a initial representation of a game, took a ball, and afterwards laced a line expostulate adult a center for a single.

Neither group scored in a initial integrate of innings, yet in a bottom of a third Brazil staid down during a image and tallied 3 runs on 4 hits, including a bases-clearing triple by a New York Yankees’ tip breeze collect in 2011, Dante Bichette, Jr., whose father played in a majors for some-more than a decade. Brazil scratched out another run in a fourth inning and dual some-more in a fifth, and after 6 innings Pakistan was down 6–0—an ascending climb, for sure, yet not insurmountable. A director for a Baltimore Orioles assessed Pakistan’s group this way: it doesn’t have any major-league talent, but, given what a matchup looked like on paper, its play was an considerable surprise.

In a bottom of a seventh, though, Brazil scored 4 some-more runs, triggering a ten-run forgiveness rule: a diversion was over. Pakistan had managed 4 hits and committed one error. After a game, a Pakistani players, frustrated, huddled in a outfield. The conduct of a Pakistan Baseball Federation congratulated a group on its effort and told a players to regroup for their subsequent game, on Friday night, opposite Great Britain. A detriment would meant Pakistan would be eliminated. “We’re close,” he told them. “You done some mistakes, yet we looked like professionals out there.” And, from any vantage indicate in a track besides a Pakistan dugout, that looked like a win.