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With a rested operation of a MacBook Air announced, those who imagination an ultra-portable Apple powerhouse should be furiously scribbling it down on their Christmas list right now.

But this year things are a small some-more complicated, with Apple carrying also announced a new iPad Pro  with laptop-rivalling specs alongside a new MacBook Air.

A few years behind it would have been near-insane to advise a inscription could perform a pursuit of a laptop, nonetheless here we are. Whether Apple’s iPad Pro boasts are as authentic as they explain stays to be seen, nonetheless a spec piece positively seems convincing.

Of course, a dual machines prove opposite needs. The iPad has a touchscreen that once interconnected with an Apple Pencil is a large bonus for doodling artists. The MacBook Air, meanwhile, boasts a moth backlit keyboard and is so a ideal messenger for bashing out essays in Starbucks.

That said, if we simply wish a super-portable Apple appurtenance that lets we crop a web, finish elementary media tasks and binge Netflix in bed, afterwards it’s not such an easy charge separating a dual devices. Fortunately, we’re here to do a correct comparison so we can make a right call.

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iPad Pro vs MacBook Air – Display

One of a many intriguing face-offs between a dual Apple portables is that has a higher display. The MacBook Air has a 13-inch screen, and while a new iPad Pro does have an 11-inch option, we’ve usually focusing on a 12.9-inch indication here in sequence to have a satisfactory fight.


The iPad Pro (2018) has an superb glass retina display

Apple done a large understanding of a MacBook Air finally removing a Retina display, that should significantly boost a on-screen visuals. That’s no advantage over a iPad Pro though, that has a severely considerable Liquid Retina display.

In fact, judging from a spec sheet, a iPad Pro clearly has a higher arrangement with 2732 x 2048 fortitude and 264 pixels per inch, compared to a MacBook Air’s 2560 x 1600 local fortitude during 227ppi.

The iPad Pro’s arrangement also advantages from a slew of tech and features, including True Tone, ProMotion, an anti-reflective-coating and 600 nits brightness. If we need a super-accurate arrangement for print editing, or we simply wish a best shade for Netflix sessions, afterwards a iPad Pro wins this round.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Air – Design and ports

In terms of design, there’s not a whole lot separating a MacBook Air and iPad Pro. In fact, slice a MacBook Air’s shade off a keyboard hinge and a dual inclination will demeanour like matching twins. Both have a super-skinny bezel, gripping them adult to date with a 2018 trend.

Of course, that keyboard creates a large disproportion though. The backlit moth keyboard will no doubt feel significantly improved than prodding a touchscreen when typing.

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The MacBook Pro’s small charity of ports still pips a iPad Pro

That said, we could buy Apple’s central Smart Keyboard for a a 12.9-inch iPad Pro for £199. That sounds steep, sure, nonetheless a sum cost of a inscription and appendage will still usually about undercut a cost of MacBook Air with a Retina display. Whether you’ll be happy substituting a correct moth keyboard for a clip-on appendage is another matter, nonetheless we do during slightest get some-more flexibility with iPad as compensation.

One emanate that’s not so simply resolved for a iPad Pro, though, is that we skip out on ports. You usually get one USB-C pier here, and if we insert a keyboard that’s all your ports gone. There’s not even a headphone jack. The MacBook Air, on a other hand, might not be sanctified with ports, nonetheless there’s still room for dual Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB-C) as good as a headphone jack.

The MacBook Air even pips a inscription when it comes to colour choices. Both inclination are accessible in Silver and Space Grey, nonetheless usually a MacBook Air gets a choice of Gold. It might be a slight victory, nonetheless a MacBook Air has a violence of a iPad Pro here.

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iPad Pro vs MacBook Air – Processor, OS and features

In terms of a internals, it’s harder to review a dual devices. The MacBook Air packs an Intel Core i5 regulating during 1.6GHz, that can be increased adult to 3.6GHz. The iPad Pro facilities an A12X Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture.

As we haven’t been means to exam possibly inclination yet, we can’t yield any benchmark results, nonetheless a MacBook Air will roughly unequivocally offer a higher performance. That’s no slight during a iPad Pro’s responsibility though. Being a inscription that’s means of regulating full-fat Photoshop, it looks to be a severely considerable machine.

The MacBook Air boasts an 8th-Gen i5 processorThe handling complement is a bigger cause differentiating a two. With a MacBook Air regulating macOS, it’s not limited to apps like a iPad Pro. Again, that doesn’t unequivocally give possibly appurtenance an advantage or disadvantage. Instead, it comes down to personal preference.

Both inclination offer copiousness storage. The iPad Pro has a 1TB option, while a MacBook Air goes all a approach adult to 1.5TB. That’s expected plenty, even for creatives and professionals.

There’s a fibre of facilities that could make a disproportion though. For example, with a iPad Pro we get a 12MP camera, 4K video recording during 60fps, FaceID and a choice of a mobile indication for on-the-go network connectivity. What does a MacBook Air offer? A moth keyboard, force hold trackpad, TouchID and a FaceTime 720p HD camera.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Air – Battery life

To stress, we haven’t been means to exam a battery life for possibly device for ourselves, so take Apple’s commentary with a splash of salt.

If you’re happy adequate to trust Apple though, a MacBook Air can apparently final adult to 12 hours while browsing by a web, while a iPad Pro will tarry 10 hours doing identical tasks.

There’s not most disproportion here then, with a iPad Pro’s higher arrangement expected a reason for somewhat shorter stamina. It will be a warn if a two-hour battery life disproportion is adequate to be a dealbreaker in this face-off though.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Air – Prices and verdict

As we can see so far, this is surprisingly a parsimonious contest. As prolonged as a iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic chip is as absolute as Apple claims, afterwards there unequivocally isn’t most between a dual devices. And given a 12.9-inch iPad Pro can be bought for as inexpensive as £969, it becomes an even some-more tantalizing tender when compared to a £1199 Retina arrangement MacBook Air.

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The iPad Pro is some-more affordable than a MacBook Air

And even if we unequivocally imagination shopping Apple’s clip-on Smart Keyboard or would like to ascent to a indication with 256GB storage, you’ll still be undercutting a MacBook Air by a few quid.

Of course, given one device is a inscription and a other a laptop, there are adequate pivotal differences here to forestall this face-off being a candid affair. The touchscreen and Apple Pencil harmony of a iPad Pro could be deal-breaker for creatives, while a a moth keyboard could make a MacBook Air a no-brainer squeeze for workaholics.

Otherwise, it unequivocally usually comes down to preference. Whichever Apple device we settle on, you’ll expected be removing a peculiarity product. If you’re happy to wait a few additional weeks before investing, we’ll have reviews adult for both products before a 7 Nov recover to safeguard we make a right decision.

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2018 iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6: This year’s biggest inscription battle?

Apple’s Oct 30th Special Event has usually wrapped, giving us a resources of nonetheless some-more tasty hardware from a association in 2018, including dual new iPad Pros.

With a new lapse of Microsoft’s Surface line, we wanted to see how a uninformed Microsoft Surface Pro 6 stood adult opposite Apple’s newest tablets.

2018 iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6 – Which pattern creates some-more sense?

Microsoft done a matter when it entered a Surface line into a hardware space and this latest era is some-more of a same. The milled magnesium build means a Surface Pro 6 is lightweight though durable, a integrated kickstand is good for vouchsafing we column a appurtenance adult during any angle, definition it’s befitting for typing, hold and stylus work, and this era comes in a new matt black finish.

As with any prior generation, a Surface Pen and Type Cover keyboard that a Surface Pro 6 is roughly always graphic with within central imagery are indeed sole as apart extras, that’ll cost we an additional £100 and £125, respectively.

iPad Pro (2018)

Strangely, Microsoft still seems demure to adopt USB-C, definition a Pro 6’s categorical connectors include of a mini DisplayPort and a singular USB-A port. The strangest aspect of all? For once Apple has shown some-more eagerness to adopt a widely-used tie type.

In a long-rumoured though still startling move, both of a company’s new iPad Pros reinstate a possess Lightning connector with USB-C. This means larger versatility, with support for all sorts of third-party inclination and peripherals; permitting a proceed tie to all from digital cameras to (up to) 5K fortitude outmost displays.


While Apple competence have beaten Microsoft to a punch with USB-C here, that is a only pier on these tablets. There’s not even a headphone jack anymore – one repudiation a Surface Pro 6 doesn’t humour from. There’s also no proceed to physically enhance a storage space on Apple’s tablets either.

Like a Pro 6 and a Surface Pen, a 2018 iPad Pros support Apple’s newly revamped Apple Pencil 2, that implements daub gestures as good as all a functionality of a prototype (such as lean and vigour recognition). It also magnetically attaches to a side of these new iPad’s bodies – a trait that Surface tablets have been means to offer for years now.

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While we’ll get to how absolute these machines all are, one aspect that a Surface simply can't contest on is portability. Despite sitting possibly side of a Surface Pro 6’s 12.3-inch arrangement size, both new iPad Pros are smaller, thinner and lighter. You don’t advantage from a Surface Pro 6’s integrated kickstand though a skinny (recycled) aluminium unibody tablets should be easy adequate to swing though one.

2018 iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6 – Which is a some-more absolute slate?

Not usually are these iPads lighter and thinner than a Surface Pro 6 though formed on Apple’s claims they’re apparently some-more absolute too. The extended Apple A12X Bionic chip presumably offers adequate oomph to trump 92% of a laptops and similarly-classed machines out there right now, even those regulating 8th-generation Intel chips like a Surface Pro 6.

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Unlike Apple’s approach, where cost usually affects storage and connectivity, for Microsoft’s machine, colour, memory and processor can all be altered for a small some-more cash. The Pro 6 comes with possibly an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 proceed from Microsoft, with 8GB or 16GB of RAM allocated to each, respectively.

All a inclination in this roundup can offer adult to 1TB of inner peep storage, however, during a other finish of a scale Apple’s offerings start out with usually 64GB of space, while Microsoft’s Surface starts during 128GB.

Both company’s inclination stone LCD panels, nonetheless Apple has used a same tricks it pulled on a iPhone XR (pixel masking and anti-aliasing) to give a latest iPad’s displays dull corners, creation both slates demeanour decidedly some-more cutting-edge opposite a Surface. Apple’s several arrangement technologies, such as ProMotion (a 120Hz modernise rate for super-smooth visuals), TrueTone (Apple tech that adjusts shade colour heat formed on surrounding ambient light) HDR playback support all adult a visible fealty of these iPads distant over anything Microsoft’s appurtenance can muster.

The iPads offer aloft fortitude front and behind cameras and embankment a earthy home symbol of their predecessor, instead integrating Face ID as initial introduced on final year’s iPhone X. The modernized face clear record during play has been reworked to duty in any course and distinct a company’s phones, doesn’t lay within a nick this time around. Despite this, a iPads offer slimmer bezels than a Surface, whose Windows Hello-compatible face clear authentication is most easier and arguably reduction secure.

Software is where a Surface might good scratch behind credit in this face off. Apple’s new iPads, like any of a company’s mobile devices, run on iOS (version 12.1) and as such rest on a App Store for their applications. You get a some-more polished knowledge from Apple’s handling complement and a apps that run on it – all optimised for these tablet’s measure and specific hardware though compared to a flexibility of full Windows as a height found using on a Surface Pro 6, it’s tough to compete.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 still needs work when it comes to hold communication though a forever some-more open as a height and it some-more straightforwardly accommodates multitasking and other power-user functions.

2018 iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6 – Which offers a best value for money?

The WiFi-only 11-inch iPad Pro starts during $799/£769, while a bottom 12.9-inch indication starts during $999/£969. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 technically starts during $749, however, that cost relates to a indication that relies on a 7th-generation Intel Core m3 processor and that Microsoft doesn’t even publicize on a possess website (not to discuss it’ll expected feel underpowered, interconnected with usually 4GB of RAM). For a bottom Core i5 Surface Pro 6 that Microsoft sells directly, design to compensate $899/£879.

If your wallet is ripping during a seams, a top-spec 1TB 12.9-inch 2018 iPad Pro with mobile will set we behind a large $1899/£1869, while a Core i7 Surface Pro 6 with 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM will cost we a whopping $2299/£2149.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 arrived in mid-October 2018, while a new 11 and 12.9-inch 2018 iPad Pros are accessible to pre-order from currently and strike stores in markets including a US and UK from Nov 7.

Apple’s new iPad Pro sports a unconditionally opposite concentration to a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, so does that make it better? Let us know by streamer to a Trusted Reviews Facebook page strech out to us @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Apple rolled out watchOS 5.1 following a Oct 30 event, introducing a few new facilities for Apple Watch. The program refurbish arrived alongside iOS 12.1 for mobile inclination and includes support for a 70 new emoji also enclosed for concordant iPhone and iPad devices.

It also delivers a new Group FaceTime feature, that enables users to join organisation audio calls. Naturally, there’s no camera integrated within a Apple Watch so no video movement here. Users will be means to answer audio calls on their watch and afterwards switch to video on a messenger iPhone, that is a accessible refuge feature.

Elsewhere, Apple is also introducing some new full-screen colour watch-faces, that are accessible in a series of shades.

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watchOS 5.1 also introduces a series of bug fixes and improvements, that Apple describes as follows:

– Apple Watch Series 4 automatically contacts puncture services if we are stationary for about a notation after detecting a tough fall. The watch will also now play a summary that informs a responder that a Apple Watch has rescued a tumble and shares your plcae coordinates when possible.
– Fixes an emanate that could means an deficient designation of a Walkie-Talkie app for some users.
– Resolves an emanate that prevented some users from being means to send or accept invitations on Walkie-Talkie
– Addresses an emanate where some formerly warned Activity awards were not display in a Awards add-on of a Activity app for some users.


One thing that isn’t entrance in watchOS 5.1 is a potentially life-saving EKG feature, announced behind in Sep alongside a Apple Watch 4.

It uses a new Digital Crown pattern to new to take an electrocardiogram, that could collect adult life-threatening strange heart rhythms. Apple has betrothed a underline will arrive on Series 4 models before a finish of a year, though it isn’t here in watchOS 5.1.

To implement watchOS 5.1, concordant Apple Watch owners need to be connected to a charger, within operation of a messenger iPhone and have during slightest 50% battery left. From there, a refurbish should seem between a messenger Watch app.

Have we bought a Apple Watch Series 4? Share your initial impressions with us @TrustedReviews on Twitter. 

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While a Unicode Consortium is constantly adding new emoji, that are fast adopted by a vital providers, it’s controversial either we’ll ever get to a indicate where any hair style, physique form or skin tinge will be entirely represented.

However, Google has a elementary solution. Its Emoji Minis will customise a existent emoji characters in your library to make them demeanour some-more like you.

In a blog post Google explains a underline uses a selfie to learn your earthy traits, even down to hats, glasses, freckles and piercings. From there you’ll see options to name your personalised Mini when selecting from a existent library of emojis.

Beyond broadening a farrago options, a thought is to supplement a some-more personal hold to a cuddle we might be promulgation to a crony feeling down in a dumps, for example.

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That means a shouting out shrill emoji, a wizard, or a shrugging emjoi will be featured within a Minis menu. Furthermore, users will have a ability to customise a Minis, giving themselves opposite colour hair and accessories on opposite days.


In a blog post a association explains: “After we take a selfie, emoji Minis use Google’s appurtenance training algorithms, famous as neural networks, to advise a skin tone, hair character and accessories that we can excellent tune.

“Then, we select a colour for your hair, facial hair or opposite forms of conduct coverings and eyewear. Add freckles or wrinkles—a small or a lot—if you’d like. Design your Minis so they resemble what we demeanour like in your eyes—or in your mind.”

The underline expands on a ‘Bold’ and ‘Sweet’ Minis Stickers, that formerly enabled users to send customised stickers to any other around Gboard. The underline is now rolling out to a renouned keyboard on iOS and Android from today.

We aren’t saying a new Gboard underline yet, so be certain to dump us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter when it turns adult on your end.

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When Google announced a Home Hub intelligent arrangement during a Made by Google eventuality progressing this month, one vital app was celebrated by a absence.

The video streaming use Netflix isn’t accessible for a Home Hub, nor any of a third-party intelligent displays outed by a likes of Lenovo so far. That’s notwithstanding a full chronicle of Google’s possess YouTube app creation a participation felt, with 6 months of price entrance to YouTube Premium and entrance to YouTube TV.

So, was this a counsel preference on Google’s part? Or was Netflix holding behind on releasing a chronicle of a app for a new display-enabled intelligent home devices? Turns out a a latter.

Google stays in talks with Netflix over bringing a chronicle of a app – presumably with Google Assistant voice controls – to a Home Hub and other speakers in a range.

In an talk with The Verge podcast (via 9to5Google), Google’s Head of Home and Nest Rishi Chandra pronounced Netflix is adopting a wait-and-see proceed before committing to a new platform.

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He said: “Netflix is holding a reasonable proceed in this sense. They wish to know how these inclination are going to be used, where they’re going to be used before they’re going to dedicate themselves to a new form of device type. They are being regressive on this.”


So, while it competence be a while before Netflix arrives on Google intelligent displays we should see it eventually.

The Home Hub is a usually first-party Google intelligent arrangement accessible so distant and competes directly with a Amazon Echo Show.

In his review, a possess David Ludlow gave a device an considerable 9/10 score, praising a ability to easily converse with Assistant, a additional information displayed by a touchscreen, a dedicated intelligent home controls and integrated YouTube. He pronounced a miss of Netflix was a strike opposite a device, though it now appears this might be resolved in a prolonged run.

In a meantime, we certain we have other displays with Netflix, right? Why not check out a beam to a best fear films on Netflix for Halloween?

Have we grabbed a Google Home Hub yet? Share your impressions with us @TrustedReviews on Twitter. 

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Google is holding a normal Halloween Google Doodle to new levels this year with a new multiplayer diversion we can play directly in a web browser.

The Great Ghoul Duel is a initial multiplayer, interactive Google Doodle ever and involves dual teams of 4 ghouls to severe any other to collect a many blue suggestion flames, regulating a arrow keys or trackpad to navigate.

The thought is to lapse a collected suggestion abandon behind to bottom before a time expires or a other group (it’s immature vs purple) steals them from you. The improved we do, a some-more powers we can gain, such as magnetism, speed boosts and night prophesy to assistance we expose some-more spirits.

The group with a top measure during a finish of a diversion wins. Teams are randomised, though it is probable to emanate a integrate to plea your friends. Players will also be means to share their achievements online afterwards.

The Great Ghoul Duel is a surprisingly fun approach to kill a integrate of minutes. In fact, that’s precisely because you’re not reading this story about 10 mins earlier. If we wish to call goodbye to half an hour, we can play for yourself here.

Google’s Halloween beam also includes some pumpkin figure ideas around Google Images and some frightful Google Assistant suggestions. Google Home owners will be means to ask for directions to their nearest pumpkin patch, for dress ideas, or for contribution about monsters. Users will be also be means to ask “OK, Google…What does a werewolf sound like?”

In a blog post, Google is enlivening folks to revisit some scary Street View imagery in several US cities.


Have we taken a Halloween Doodle for a spin yet? Share your thoughts @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Technology companies will have to compensate a 2% digital services tax, from Apr 2020, a Chancellor of a Exchequer announced in a bill on Monday. 

The likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple will compensate a new levy on income from promotion sales and streaming services, rather than online sales of goods. The chancellor says a taxation is approaching to supplement an additional £400m a year to a UK’s taxation coffers.

During his bill debate to Parliament, Chancellor Philip Hammond pronounced taxation manners have not kept gait with a digital economy, though a new digital sales taxation will assistance to calibrate a balance.

He said: “The manners of a diversion contingency develop now if they are to keep adult with a digital economy.

“Digital platforms delivering hunt engines, amicable media and online marketplaces have altered a lives, a multitude and a economy, mostly for a better. They also poise a genuine plea for a sustainability and integrity for a taxation system… a manners have not kept pace.”

While those campaigning for tech giants to compensate their satisfactory share of tax, they’re doubtful to be gratified that a likes of Amazon will not be compulsory to compensate some-more on online sales. In August, it was suggested Amazon paid only £4.6 million in house taxes for a 2017 earnings. That was a thespian tumble from a prior year’s contributions of £7.4m.

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That’s notwithstanding a company’s UK increase roughly trebling to £72.4m, from £24.3. Amazon has pronounced it pays all of a taxation owned in a UK. Following a announcement of a figures, Hammond hinted an ‘Amazon tax’ competence be stirring to turn a personification margin for a high street, though that hasn’t been forthcoming.

He said: “We wish to safeguard that a high travel stays resilient, and we also make certain that taxation is satisfactory between business doing business a normal way, and those doing business online. We might have to demeanour during proxy taxation measures to rebalance a personification margin until we can get general agreements sorted out.”

Do we consider a measures announced currently are fair? Or should tech giants, whose increase are mostly announced abroad, be hold to comment for online sales too? Let us [email protected] on Twitter.

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OnePlus has a story of disrupting a mobile market, though has it unequivocally jarred things adult in 2018 with a launch of a OnePlus 6T? News and Features Editor James Laird gives his take on what a OnePlus 6T launch means for a heroic Chinese association – and a mobile marketplace in general.

Not many companies can truly wear a ‘disruptive’ sticker. At least, not though being laughed out of a room by a cloyed tech publisher like myself.

In new years, usually a handful of companies have honestly altered a approach many people go about their day-to-day lives – Uber, Airbnb, and Tinder being a triumvirate that immediately open to mind.

Chinese hardware manufacturer OnePlus should also count itself on that shortlist.

When it debuted a OnePlus One behind in 2014, it combined ‘flagship killer’ to a geek dictionary and altered a smartphone marketplace for a better. For usually £229, we could buy a phone that offering a reward handset knowledge during a fragment of a cost of inclination from some-more determined lines: a Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) being though dual examples.

All of a sudden, your mobile needs couldn’t usually be rubbed adequately, they could be rubbed with coolness – and we didn’t have to siren down when your flagship-toting friends started articulate about their spec sheets, either.

It was, in short, a game-changer.


A game-changer that cost reduction than a soppy fart in an Apple Store – in 2014, this sold unpleasantry was famous as a iPhone 5C.

Which is since I’m disturbed that this year’s OnePlus 6T launch heralds a finish of an epoch for a company.

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This unreserved fear isn’t secure in a handset itself – as our OnePlus 6T review reveals, it’s rarely considerable in a categorical – though rather from a falling feeling that OnePlus is losing a ‘Never Settle’ ethos that done it so appealing in a initial place.

I’m not articulate about a avalanche of leaks that preceded a 6T’s launch. Or a (somehow) still argumentative abandonment of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

As a publisher who has championed startups via their career, I’m perturbed that OnePlus opted to pierce a latest launch eventuality a day brazen on comment of Apple’s Oct event.

In doing so, OnePlus founders Carl Pei and Pete Lau have effectively certified that the new iPad Pro is a bigger understanding than their latest flagship. Does an incremental inscription ascent unequivocally trump a new handset from a industry’s reigning cult hero?

I would disagree not.

And we would also disagree that in creation this benefaction – a feat for a iOS standing quo over a Android pretender – OnePlus risks a once noisy ‘Never Settle’ conflict cry being diluted to usually another incomprehensible mobile selling whimper.

OnePlus used to wish to make an iPhone killer, and we believed it could. Now, it’s clearly calm throwing a tan from a abandon of a dragon it once pronounced it would slay.

Quite simply, we merit improved from OnePlus – if usually since OnePlus implored us to direct some-more in a initial place.

Do we determine with James? Has OnePlus let us all down? Tweet your thoughts to us @TrustedReviews.