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iOS users can now benefit from Google Maps’ ETA sharing feature, which enables friends and family to follow your journey on a map in real time.

The feature, which has been available to Android users since March 2017, makes it easy to inform the relevant parties how you’re progressing on your journey and when you’re scheduled to arrive.

So, if your significant other is wondering when to get dinner out of the oven and on the table, or you’re simply looking out for friends when everyone heads home for the night, this tool should come in handy.

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The new version of the iOS app is rolling out today with Google saying it’ll help users keep their eyes on the road while driving, rather than answering queries about when they’re arriving.

After starting out on a journey using Google Maps navigation users will be able to bring up the trip options by tapping on the ^ button. Within the menu there’s a “Share trip progress” option, which in turn brings up a list of contacts you could share with.


After sharing, recipients will be able to see users’ live location route and ETA. Once the journey ends, location sharing automatically ends.

As well as the launch of the feature for iOS, there’s a new feature coming to both platforms today. From now on, Android and iOS handset users will be able to share the trip progress with third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Line and WhatsApp.

These aren’t the only new features coming to Google Maps this week. The company has also added EV charging stations to the mix, which seems obvious but will be a welcome addition for those who’ve ditched the gas pump.

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UPDATE 04:48 BST: Team YouTube says services are now adult and using again, nonetheless mixed users are still stating outages on a web and mobile apps. The YouTube TV use is still down during a time of writing.

Google is nonetheless to offer a reason for outage, that lasted during slightest dual hours late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

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YouTube is pang a major, widespread outage. The renouned video site went down late Tuesday night, with viewers incompetent to bucket videos and subscribers to a YouTube TV height incompetent to entrance live television.

The YouTube Music use is also out of elect during a time of writing, with Google observant it is operative on solution a issue. At 03:35am BST a association was still tweeting users thanking them for their calm while engineers actively sought to repair a problem.


Those attempting to crop to videos within a YouTube web browser and mobile app are receiving blunder messages, while a YouTube TV app is also unwell to bucket live programming.

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Outages of any kind are intensely singular for a Google service, generally ones durability for good over an hour. Google is nonetheless to criticism on what a means for a emanate competence be, though we’ll refurbish this news when Google pipes up.

The association is advising YouTube TV subscribers to record into a particular network apps with their comment certification in sequence to balance into Live TV. The list of links to channels can be found here.

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Microsoft is adding voice dictation support for users of a Office apps on a web, in sequence to support those with training disorders such as dyslexia.

The feature, that has been accessible within a desktop apps for a final few months, is on a approach to Word and OneNote within a web browser in a subsequent few weeks. Dictation will also be accessible within Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel in 2019 a association says.

This will make it easier for dyslexic students to demonstrate themselves some-more effectively within Word by regulating a oral language, during times when typing accurately might be some-more challenging. The change will also support those with mobility problems who find it tough to hold type.

In a blog post on Monday, Microsoft says it is partnering with a advocacy organisation Made by Dyslexia in sequence to give a estimated 700 million people around a universe pang from a commotion entrance to record that can commission them.

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  • Paul Allen (left) graphic with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

  • Credit: Microsoft

The association is it is “honored to be a initial association to pointer a Made by Dyslexia pledge: to give a 700 million people with dyslexia around a universe entrance to record that empowers them to surpass in their educational journey, and in life.

“The oath calls on partners to build a improved destiny for those with dyslexia and, together with Made by Dyslexia, we aim to democratise dyslexia support, so that each dyslexic child is accepted and given a right support to realize their shining potential.”

Microsoft has an 8 indicate devise as partial of a pledge, that also involves building materials and training for educators, charity an Immersive Reader to assistance with math problems and real-time interpretation tools.

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who started a program hulk with Bill Gates in a 1970s, has died, his family has reliable in a statement. 

The record entrepreneur, who played a outrageous purpose in a emergence of a home computing era, had been pang from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He died in Seattle, WA, a family pronounced in a statement.

Allen’s sister Judy wrote: “While many knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much-loved hermit and uncle, and an well-developed friend. Paul’s family and friends were sanctified to knowledge his wit, warmth, his munificence and low concern,”

“For all a final on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends. At this time of detriment and grief for us – and so many others – we are profoundly beholden for a caring and regard he demonstrated each day.”

Allen, who is also a owners of a NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, went open with his diagnosis progressing this month, a reoccurrence of a illness he initial battled in 2009. His initial conflict with cancer caused him to leave a association he founded behind in 1983.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was among a initial to compensate reverence to Allen’s impact. In a matter posted on Microsoft’s central Twitter account, Nadella heralded a “indispensable” contributions to a industry.


  • Paul Allen (left) graphic with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

  • Credit: Microsoft

Google and Apple CEOs Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook were also among a tech luminaries profitable respects to Allen shortly after news of his flitting broke.

Pichai called Allen “a good record pioneer,” while Cook lamented a detriment of a “force for good in a world.” Both paid tributes to Allen’s munificent work.

Allen’s Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is nonetheless to publicly residence Allen’s flitting with a statement, though progressing in this week corroborated his former partner to win his latest conflict with illness.

On Oct 1, after publicly announcing his illness, Allen wrote: “I’ve begun diagnosis my doctors are confident that we will see a good result. Appreciate a support I’ve perceived count on it as we quarrel this challenge.”

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Shortly after J.R. Smith faced fines for his Supreme tattoo, a NBA recently forced Lonzo Ball to cover adult Big Baller Brand tattoo.

Most recently a Los Angeles Lakers player was seen sporting a conspicuous fasten cover over a tattoo in doubt during a pre-season diversion opposite a Golden State Warriors. Reports are observant that Lonzo’s tattoo violates a NBA’s process opposite “displaying any blurb logos or corporate escutcheon on their physique or in their hair.” It is insincere that Lonzo lonesome adult to equivocate confronting a large excellent that has not been disclosed.

Stay tuned for some-more sum as a story develops.

In box we missed it, a NBA is set to mislay all shoes tone restrictions subsequent season.

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Update: Following blogosphere rumors from progressing in a week, DC took to its DC Daily webseries on YouTube to confirm James Gunn’s impasse with a forthcoming Suicide Squad sequel. “It’s central that we have got a new member of a DC family: acclaimed writer/director James Gunn has been trustworthy to write Suicide Squad 2,” said horde Tiffany Smith. “Gunn is staid to pierce a totally uninformed take to a authorization after a initial film was created and destined by David Ayer.” There’s no word however on either James will proceed a supplement or if DC skeleton to recast those who seemed in Ayer’s 2016 version. Check out a video and proclamation below.

October 9, 2018: Warner Bros. has settled that James Gunn is being deliberate to write and presumably proceed DC‘s arriving Suicide Squad follow-up. Gunn was dismissed from Marvel Studios only as Guardians of a Galaxy 3 was about to start prolongation due to a recently-resurfaced fibre of aged tweets that Disney deemed offensive.

The pierce seems like a distributed response to a recoil opposite Disney following a preference to mislay Gunn, as good as another proceed to directly plea DC’s categorical competitor. It’s also value observant that a studio might wish Gunn to pierce his particular directorial voice to a critically maligned Suicide Squad, that still brought in over $746 million USD on a bill of $175 million USD. The subsequent film in a Suicide Squad authorization is reportedly not a sequel, instead holding an wholly new proceed to a skill — that might give Gunn a leisure to revamp a authorization as he sees fit.

Would we like to see a James Gunn-directed DC film? Let us know, and stay tuned for serve developments.

In other news, Venom‘s entrance weekend set a worldwide box bureau record.

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Simone Biles usually did something no other lady has finished before. On Thursday, Deadspin reported, a Olympic gymnast competed during a preference stay for a arriving universe championships, that will take place in Doha, Qatar. When it was her turn, Biles achieved a safe that a site described as a Cheng safe (a “roundoff onto a house and half spin onto a table…with only one and a half twists off”) with an extra half twist. According to Deadspin, this movement on a Cheng safe has usually ever been successfully achieved in foe by masculine gymnasts, that means Biles usually pennyless an implausible record.

Previously, Deadspin reported that a extended safe will be dubbed a “Biles” if she ends adult behaving it during a universe championships. And it looks like she’ll be behaving a pierce again after this month, since on Friday ESPN reported that a four-time bullion medalist was announced to be headlining a team, that will be competing on interest of Team USA in Doha.

According to ESPN, Biles’ teammates will embody Morgan Hurd, Ragan Smith, Riley McCusker, Grace McCallum, and Kara Eaker. Hurd is a 2017 universe all-around champion; Smith is a 2017 U.S. champion.

This is distant from a initial time Biles has finished history. In August 2016, she became a first-ever womanlike gymnast to lead Team USA in an Olympic shutting ceremony, and usually a second gymnast to ever have a respect (with a final carrying finished so in 1936). Then, this past August she became a second lady ever to win 5 U.S. all-around titles, as good as a initial one in 24 years to win bullion in all 4 apparatus titles.

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Monaco tient son nouveau coach. Le bar de la Principauté a annoncé around une announcement sur les réseaux sociaux ce samedi 13 octobre que Thierry Henry s’installerait bientôt sur le banc de touche du stade Louis II. L’AS Monaco a partagé une ancienne print du meilleur buteur de l’histoire de l’équipe de France accompagnée des hashtags #HesComingHome #ForeverMonaco.

Le bar dirigé standard Vadim Vasilyev a également publié un communiqué officiel qui précise que Thierry Henry s’est engagé avec l’AS Monaco flow une durée de trois saisons, soit jusqu’en 2021. “Sa connaissance du football, sa passion du jeu, son exigence du and haut niveau et son attachement à nos couleurs rise de sa assignment une évidence”, explique le vice-président russe de Monaco.

“En premier lieu je remercie l’AS Monaco de me donner l’opportunité d’entraîner l’équipe de ce bar si particulier flow moi, déclare de son côté Thierry Henry. Je suis à la fois très heureux de revenir à l’AS Monaco et extrêmement déterminé à relever les défis qui nous attendent. J’ai désormais hâte de rencontrer les joueurs flow commencer à travailler tous ensemble.”

Désormais ancien coach-adjoint de la sélection belge, Thierry Henry fera ses débuts en tant qu’entraîneur de l’AS Monaco le samedi 20 octobre à l’occasion de la 10e journée de Ligue 1. Ses joueurs se déplaceront à Strasbourg.