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RockStar Games has rolled out a new remodel for Grand Theft Auto V that improves a altogether restraint of Grand Theft Auto Online and Story Mode.

According to a Rockstar Support website, a remodel offer “fixes for GTA Online to titillate stability, and other teen fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode.” It is permitted now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Heists patch finally launched final week, adding 5 new four-player Heists to a game, as good as a society of new features, weapons, masks, outfits, and vehicles.

At a new PAX East panel director Naoki Yoshida suggested a executive redeem date of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s initial expansion, Heavensward.

The increase was coming by many members of a community, myself included, to be diminished in May, yet a executive redeem date has now been arguable for Jun 23, 2015. Yoshida also suggested that pre-orders will open on Mar 16. Players who pre-order a increase will be means to opening it a few days surpassing on Jun 19, 2015.

Three versions of Heavenward were arguable during a panel: The Collector’s Edition, a prevalent edition, and a All-In-One Edition. The Collector’s Edition includes a dragon towering statue as good as a array of digital bonuses, while a All-In-One Edition contains a transcribe of a bizarre bottom diversion and a expansion, for new players.

According to Yoshida, Heavensward will consolidate roughly as many ease as a 2.0 redeem contained. The increase introduces 3 new jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist), a new race, flapping mounts, new areas, new monster tribes and Primals, a Alexander raid, and more.

It was also suggested that a increase will be accompanied by a Mac account of Final Fantasy XIV, that is being grown by TransGaming.

You can check out a formula new trailer for Heavensward that offers a discuss of some of a expansion’s new areas above.

Battlefield Hardline‘s single-player discuss stays a many obscure thing about Visceral’s cops-and-robbers spinoff, nonetheless a new dev diary helps broadcast a bit some-more light on what we can pattern from a story perspective.

Of course, many of it is a same false clear points we’ve listened given a diversion was initial announced—that it’s channeling look-out TV shows, that any spin will feel like a self-contained partial while still contributing to a altogether arc. Joining that, though, are some new clips from a discuss and interviews with a game’s writer, Tom Bissell, and story consultant, Wendy Calhoun, a writer, producer, and story editor on a FX array Justified.

In particular, Bissell’s comments about wanting to make a diversion a bit some-more humorous and sense driven should come as a use to anyone who’s been a bit incited off by a vicious angle of Battlefield 3 and 4‘s campaigns. Hearing a male in allot of letter Hardline contend he misses Bad Company‘s easygoing shade and remarkable heroes is almost a best illusive thing. Hopefully that’s some-more than usually mouth service.

We’ll find out shortly enough, as Battlefield Hardline launches on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on Mar 17.


Sadly, another game’s online functions will shortly be sailing off into a sunset, as 2K has announced a date when NBA2K14 will particularly be going offline.

Coming howling (or no thanks) to 2K’s forums, NBA2K14’s online connectors will stop user as of Mar 31st, 2015. After that point, players will no longer be means to play ranked games online, or use a game’s other online functions.

This is, unfortunately, another pointer of a downside to a star of online-heaving gaming we now live in, generally for franchises where comparison games are frequently reversed with newer releases. Of course, this isn’t anything secretly conflicting 2K—many companies do this—but it’s still unfortunate to see. we possess excess of good comparison diversion that are now non-functional in their online content, and it unquestionably creates me unfortunate to know I’ll never be means to play those games or modes again.

I skip we so much, Resistance 3 online multiplayer!

Source: 2K Games executive forums

Harmonix’s new Amplitude will broach organisation play in a multiplayer, a developer suggested now alongside revival’s initial gameplay trailer.

According to art executive Ryan Lesser in a post on a Playstation Blog, Amplitude will concur players to organisation adult 2-on-2 or 3-on-1 in an bid to spin a enactment domain if one actor is quite schooled than a others. In serve to Team Play, Amplitude will also foe a exemplary demonstration multiplayer.

Harmonix took Amplitude to Kickstarter open of final year, blueprint in $844,127 in crowdfunding with an bizarre thought of $775,000. The rhythm-action racer is set to launch PS4 and PS3 “soon.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

A leaked video from IGN has approaching suggested a world-wide redeem date for Metal Gear Solid V: a Phantom Pain.

Yesterday, IGN announced that they had partnered with Konami to vaunt “big Phantom Pain news, as good as a special outline from series’ creator Hideo Kojima” tomorrow, Mar 4, during 6 a.m. PT. Based on a leaked video—which has, expectedly, given been pulled (but immortalized by NeoGAF in a form of a subsequent screengrab of a redeem date)—that news almost a cat that’s already out of a bag: Sep 1, 2015.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be permitted on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 when it launches.

Source: NeoGAF

Sega and The Creative Assembly have diminished Alien: Isolation‘s latest DLC pack, The Trigger.

The Trigger sees players relapse to a bizarre Survivor Mode with 3 new maps, and puts them in the shoes of Ricardo, Sevastopol Station’s Deputy Marshall, as he risks his possess life to save a station’s inhabitants. Players strait try and competition any spin in a quickest time illusive to place on a leaderboards.

“Set before Amanda’s arrival, ‘The Trigger’ finds Ricardo helping Marshal Waits’ in his digest to destroy a fatal savage unctuous in a shadows,” a developer explains.

“In a hapless try to locate a misplaced package of explosives from a vacant colleague, we will have to secure Prisoner Processing and evade what’s competition you. Only thereafter will we have that probability of expecting a explosives and gasping a organism into a low of space.”

The Trigger is permitted now on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as good as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in North America. PS3 and PS4 users in Europe will have to wait until tomorrow, Mar 4, to fist a DLC.

DICE has diminished Battlefield 4‘s winter patch, that adds a new diversion mode, improves a game’s netcode, and more.

First adult is a formula new diversion mode called  Squad Obliteration, that contains a high paced pattern shaped gameplay of bizarre Obliteration scaled down for a 5 vs 5 match. Squad Obliteration comforts no vehicles, no parachute spawns, and a introduction of nominee bottom respawns. The initial organisation to destroy twin out of a 3 bases wins a round.

As good as this, a winter patch significantly improves how soldiers cranky a sourroundings and creates improvements to a game’s netcode. The following improvements have been finished to a network:

  • Improved enlarged operation network updates by adding a cone to a High Frequency Update
  • Network prioritization and filtering has been improved, now prioritizes health/damage, adversary players and vehicles above all.
  • Vehicles now use a exquisite (front) hemi-sphere figure for collision improvements
  • Aiming down sights/zooming in sitting in a automobile or on feet utilizes an even longer operation cone for softened aim partnership during a distance

Finally, there are 3 new Premium playlists for players to detonate into: Large Scale Battles, The Battlefield, and Close Quarters.

You can check out a full patch annals here.