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Bads news for anyone due an iPhone ascent or who wants a latest iPad Pro – Apple competence not indeed be reopening a doors to a open anytime soon.

Apple execs have reportedly told US sell staff that Apple Stores will stay sealed and work from home arrangements will sojourn in place until early May, as a series of reliable Covid-19 cases in a States continues to escalate.

The news comes from a memo sent out to Apple employees and seen by Bloomberg.

In a memo, Apple Senior VP of Retail and People Deirdre O’Brien explained that “flexible work arrangements will sojourn in place for all offices, and all sell stores will sojourn closed, until early May”.

According to O’Brien, Apple is “continuing to guard internal conditions for any Apple trickery on a daily basis” and a association will confirm when to free any store “on a basement of thorough, courteous reviews and a latest superintendence from internal governments and open health experts”.

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While this memo usually appears to have left out to US-based Apple workers, it wouldn’t be too fantastic to consider that a association would also keep a UK stores sealed as Europe continues to quarrel a widespread of a disease.

Just final week, Apple sent out another memo in that a association likely that some stores outward of China could be prepared to re-open in a initial half of Apr “depending on a conditions in their community”.

While there are still only underneath dual weeks to go until we strech that mid-April deadline, it stays doubtful that Apple will free a doors while a UK is underneath lockdown.

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The sell stores were creatively scheduled to go behind into businesses final Friday though remained sealed in light of final week’s memo. Apple has also put Genius Bar appointments on reason and extended a 14-day earnings process in light of store closures.

With a new iPhone 9/ iPhone SE rumoured to dump today, those due for an ascent competence have to hang to online selling to get their hands on 2020’s compress iPhone.

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Intel has prolonged championed a arriving graphics pattern – Intel Xe – that looks set to plea a likes of AMD and Nvidia. However, initial leaks advise Intel is distant off a gait in terms of dedicated graphics cards. 

Intel Xe will underline a insubordinate scalable design, reportedly permitting it to work opposite desktop PC, laptops and even supercomputers. This would mislay a need to emanate wholly apart graphics pattern for consumer and prosumer markets, that a likes of Nvidia now do.

The initial Intel Xe GPU to be shown off was a desktop graphics label called a DG1-SDV, that reportedly use a 10nm process, nonetheless not a lot of information has been reliable over that.

However, a new benchmark outcome (as reported by Notebookcheck and Twitter user @TUM_APISAK) has been accessible on Geekbench’s database by a device entitled “Intel(R) Gen12 Mobile Graphice Controller”. This is speculated to be Intel’s DG1-SDV nonetheless that can’t be confirmed. Unfortunately, a benchmark is really underwhelming and trails behind six-year aged GeForce GTX 880M graphics card.

If this news is accurate, a rumours that Intel is partnering adult with TSMC to emanate GPUs with a smaller 6nm routine in a bid to urge opening would seem even some-more likely. But such a pierce would also meant we approaching won’t see these graphics label until 2021 or 2022 during a earliest.

Read next for all a rumours we’ve seen per Intel’s Xe graphics.

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Intel Xe GPU recover date – When will Intel’s graphics label launch?

Intel is nonetheless to announce a decisive recover date for a Xe-based GPUs. The initial iteration of Intel Xe is doubtful to be a dedicated graphics label though, with it apropos increasingly some-more approaching we’ll initial see it take a form of integrated graphics in Intel’s arriving Tiger Lake mobile processors.

Tiger Lake chips are approaching to start rolling out with several laptops after this year. It was approaching we would hear some-more during Computex 2020 in June, nonetheless that has been behind to Sep due to a Covid-19 pandemic.

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Intel Xe GPU cost – How most will Intel’s initial dedicated GPU cost?

Intel’s Xe GPU cost is wholly adult in a air, generally deliberation a lineup will approaching extend over only a recently suggested DG1 dedicated graphics card.

Reports advise Intel’s Xe GPU will scale from integrated graphics in a laptop adult to graphics cards categorically built for supercomputers. In terms of a cruise desktop graphics cards, it’s unfit to envision what cost indicate Intel will aim for, nonetheless pattern a cost to be rival with AMD and Nvidia. 

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Intel Tiger Lake

Intel’s next-generation laptop processors could potentially underline Intel Xe graphics

Intel Xe GPU specs

We don’t nonetheless know specific specs for Intel’s arriving Xe GPUs. We do during slightest know that a lineup is divided into 3 apart microarchitectures – Xe-LP, Xe-HP and Xe-HPC.

The recently announced Intel DG1 label will underline a Xe-LP architecture. Xe-LP is a entry-level “Integrated” array that will be focused on 5W to 20W energy consumption, while Xe-HP is approaching to be a mid-ranger to go toe-to-toe with a likes of Nvidia and AMD. Lastly, there’s a Xe-HPC microarchitecture that’ll be non-consumer and directed during server work. 

A trickle from Digital Trends suggests one of a Intel Xe graphics cards will underline thermal pattern energy of 500 watts, that is aloft than any other graphics label now available. This will roughly really be referring to a graphics label dictated for information servers or workstations rather than consumer gaming desktops.

The trickle also suggests Intel’s Xe GPUs will use ‘tile’ modules, incompatible to how AMD and Nvidia pattern their possess graphics cards. This would concede a Xe GPU pattern to be scalable to duty for several markets and opening requirements.

Digital Trends also suggests Intel Xe will use high bandwidth memory (HBM) instead of GDDR6 and will offer PCI-e 4 compatibility.

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Intel Xe GPU performance

With so small information on a new 7nm range, it’s tough to announce what to pattern from performance.

A new Geekbench 5 benchmark result, speculated to be generated by Intel’s DG1-SDV, showed a really underwhelming performance. The Geekbench OpenCL measure of 12,427 is even reduce than what Nvidia’s three-year aged GeForce GTX 880M graphics label is capable, that is distant off a gait of a stream era of dissimilar GPUs, even in a Full HD bracket.

But due to a ostensible scalability of Intel Xe GPU, opening will operation severely from powering laptops to supercomputers. Intel Xe might good uncover some-more intensity in other formats, quite as integrated graphics in a arriving Tiger Lake laptop processors.

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Unveiled yesterday, Mortal Shell is a brooding Dark Souls-esque action-RPG that’s approaching to launch after this year. The proclamation trailer is a initial glance during this intriguing penetrate and condense title. 

Sinister voice over? Check. Big swords? Check. Blood and guts? Check. Mortal Shell is splendidly dim and very, unequivocally suggestive of Dark Souls, despite with some of a possess flourishes. Take a demeanour during a trailer below.

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Mortal Shell is being grown by indie diversion studio, Cold Symmetry, that was founded in 2017. Cold Symmetry is a little-known studio anticipating to make their symbol with a attainment of their entrance plan – Mortal Shell.

“For a tiny group like ours, building this pretension in many ways felt like channel an sea on a paddleboard,” Cold Symmetry’s 3 co-founders – Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, and Vitaly Bulgarov – pronounced in a corner statement. “To finally announce Mortal Shell is one of a many sparkling and terrifying practice we’ve had in a lifetimes. The final dual years have been a time of uninterrupted growth, full of intolerable revelations of perfect complexity that goes into formulating a video diversion that you, yourself, would unequivocally suffer playing.”

A summary of a start indicate offers a small some-more information, clearly suggesting that a noted voice-over we hear in a game’s trailer is a voice of a game’s sinister management figure, a ‘Dark Father’.

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It reads: “Awakening as an dull vessel, we will enter into a cracked and disfigured universe where a stays of amiability swab and rot. Implored to do a behest of a puzzling ‘Dark Father’, we contingency span this scruffy landscape and lane down dark sanctums of righteous followers. There, in Mortal Shell’s many dedicated grounds, we contingency overcome challenging foes and collect a dedicated glands. You won’t be truly alone when a passed spawn your path: Scattered opposite this land are a vestige anima of mislaid warriors who can be inhabited to benefit their singular abilities and believe of weapons. The Dark Father is unfortunate for we to finish your charge – though to what end?”

The diversion promises a non-linear campaign, “deep ascent paths” and a ability to occupy a bodies of opposite “shells”, any of that offers a opposite play-style.

If we like what you’ve seen so far, conduct over to a Mortal Shell website, where we can pointer adult for a newsletter or try to bag a place personification a Beta. It will be expelled on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q3 of 2020.

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Make certain to check behind any Friday lunchtime for a letters to a editor – and get concerned by promulgation your emails to [email protected]

We’ll underline a best on this really page during a finish of any week, with Nick’s and a team’s replies.

Bonaverde Coffee machines

I was one of a strange funders approach behind and eventually when a association went broke they sent me a appurtenance from their supply in a US. The problem is a appurtenance won’t work unless we have tender coffee beans with a bar code. we was wondering if we have listened either there is a approach to get a appurtenance to work though shopping a coffee from Bonaverde that no longer exists. Basically we have a complicated good looking coffee appurtenance that we could substantially use as an anchor. Help.

— Dale

If a appurtenance was this one, it uses an RFID tab to module a appurtenance to fry a beans appropriately. Unfortunately, any RFID tab can usually be used once, even if we had any. Unfortunately for you, this appurtenance is now junk and is a good instance of what happens when manufacturers fake to offer a advantage that is indeed a restriction. As we ready your new anchor for use, maybe take some compensation in a fact you aren’t alone.

Brilliant advice

Thank we for suggesting cleaning your phone daily and how to do it. So useful – positively elementary and not involving chuck divided wipes. we theory we wasn’t certain if that would be adequate though I’m on to it now! Thanks.

— Sara

No problem, we’re blissful we found it useful.

Acer Chromebook 514

I have been looking during this Chromebook for dual days now reading a pros and cons and wondering as it will be my initial time with a Chromebook. There are no HDMI slots that we am accustomed to, as we infrequently like putting it on my 50 in. TV. What can we do?

— Michelle Ellis

If we still cruise this is a Chromebook for you, a easiest approach to repair a tie problem is to buy Google Chromecast. This plugs into your TV’s HDMI pier and will ‘cast’ whatever is on your Chromebook’s shade onto a TV around wifi, for about £25-30. You can read some-more about it here. Alternatively, this Chromebook indication has dual USB-C ports. If your TV also has a USB C port, we can bond a Chromebook directly to a TV regulating a USB-C cable. If not, there are USB-C to HDMI cables that will do a pursuit for you, for about £20.

Question about phones

In a stream lock-down it is tough to know who we can trust to give we transparent and honest recommendation before we cruise shopping a new intelligent phone. we can’t even get into a internal emporium to ask. And there is a lot to demeanour during out there that takes time and a bit some-more believe about intelligent phones that we don’t have.

I now have on a sim agreement a Samsung Galaxy J3 (6) – 2016.

At initial it was excellent though afterwards we started to have unchanging problems with a miss of memory space. we consider it is since there are too many apps on a phone though if we try to undo some of them to emanate some-more space we am told that if we do so it might means problems with other apps? 

It is generally a problem with regulating WhatsApp. This is a problem as in my intentional purpose Whatsapp is one of a best ways to work with, hit and support a mostly exposed people we need to contact.  

Where can we get recommendation or superintendence we can trust before shopping a best phone for my needs? Whilst income is not a large problem we apparently don’t wish to spend some-more than we indeed need. 

— Alan Marriott

Well, we’d like to cruise we fit all your criteria for devoted advice! Yes, it’s time for a new phone, and we’ve tested a garland in your cost operation here. We’ve listed 5 there that accommodate your criteria for cost and opening as good as what brands are good and bad. We wish it helps.

That’s it for another week. Thanks again to all a people who emailed in, and keep emailing in to continue a conversation. Stay safe!

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Cartoon Network is doing a bit to keep kids entertained during coronavirus lockdown. Now, a channel is rising dual new gaming apps to keep small ones busy.

Today outlines a launch of Cartoon Network GameBox, a practical fondle box with loads of Cartoon Network favourites appearing in interactive games. The app is giveaway and accessible to download now from a App Store and Google Play.

Cartoon Network GameBox offers a likes of Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Apple and Onion and most more. There are loads of genres of fun on a app, a games on offer embody movement titles, adventure, puzzle, racing, football and loads more.

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Tappable on-screen ‘toys’ inspire kids to serve try a app and – Cartoon Network hopes – set a app detached from some of a competition. Expect some-more games to be combined after too, with some-more Cartoon Network favourites.

When we download Cartoon Network GameBox, we also benefit a ability to download games, so they’re playable but an internet connection. That could be a useful apparatus during a time when many homes are anticipating their broadband a small stretched.

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Next week a network is introducing another app for kids, entitled Cartoon Network’s Party Dash. It’s a fast-paced movement pretension that sees players take on a roles of Cartoon Network characters like Ben 10, before racing by obstacles, traps and enemies. The leader is a impression who survives their hazardous lurch a longest.

In a diversion we will be means to clear and customise 10 renouned Cartoon Network characters, including Four Arms, Heatblast, XLR8, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Penny, Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear. The app is also giveaway and launches Apr 9.

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The understanding that keeps on giving, this HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Inkjet printer comes with a ton of freebies alongside a £15 discount.

A understanding and a half, a HP Envy Photo Inkjet printer comes in during a cost of usually £74.99 with £15 knocked off a prior cost tab of £89.99, as good as charity a 7 month giveaway hearing of present ink – and that’s not all.

Did somebody say… no, we know what, we’re going to save we your reason by slicing true to a chase. This HP printer also comes with a £20 document for a food smoothness service, JustEat, permitting we to move your Takeaway Friday dreams to life.

Whether you’re looking to imitation papers or photos, a HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Inkjet printer can do it all with ease, quite in producing illusory print-outs of your favourite photos. Boasting a professional, peculiarity finish to your photos, a HP printer keeps colours abounding and photos filled with depth, gripping a firmness of your imitation intact.

Better still, with wireless connectivity, we can imitation a imitation simply by joining to your smartphone or other device, permitting we to constraint a impulse and immediately imitation it out.

You can also indicate and duplicate documents, accessible if you’re operative from home. Not to mention, with a giveaway 7 month hearing of Instant Ink, you’ll save 70% on your ink, with your printer means to automatically detect when it’s regulating low and sequence more.

Claiming to offer 13 prints per minute, this is a good set-up to have during home and giveaway your best photos from a realms of your smartphone.

Complete with a £15 saving, £20 JustEat document and a giveaway 7 month subscription to HP Instant Ink, this is a genuine take anyone looking to pack out them home with a plain printer that can get a pursuit done.

HP Inkjet Printer Deal

HP Envy Photo 6234 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer

A gold for a taking, imitation beautiful snaps with abounding colour outlay and advantage from 7 months of HP Instant Ink for giveaway and a JustEat £20 voucher.

Currys PC World

Free £20 JustEat Voucher

Now £74.99

View Deal

Now £74.99

Free £20 JustEat Voucher

Currys PC World

For some-more extraordinary offers, follow us @TrustedDealsUK

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Nvidia Ampere graphics cards are approaching to be strictly suggested in August, with a next-generation GPUs are touted to offer softened opening and ray-tracing efficiency. 

Rumours advise we’ll see several graphics cards launched this year regulating a Nvidia Ampere arhitecture, including a heavily speculated Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 Ti. 

A trickle from Twitter user KittyCorgi suggests a flagship Ampere graphics label will see a opening of a new Tensor Core doubled. If true, this would potentially meant we’d see significantly softened ray tracing visuals than what a RTX 2080 Ti is capable. 

Nvidia was reportedly formulation on strictly revealing  a initial Ampere GPU during a company’s GTC discussion in March, yet that was cancelled following a Covid-19 pandemic. Tweaktown is now suggesting Nvidia will instead betray a Ampere graphics cards in Aug 2020.

Read on next for all we know about Nvidia’s rumoured next-gen graphics cards.

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Nvidia Ampere recover date – When will Nvidia launch RTX 3080 and RTX 3070?

Nvidia Ampere graphics cards are now approaching to launch in Sep 2020.

Tweaktown reports that it expects a Nvidia Ampere graphics cards to be strictly suggested in Aug and afterwards launch in a following month. This would meant we’ll approaching see Nvidia Ampere have a vital participation in a behind Computex trade show.

Many had approaching Nvidia Ampere to be uncover off in Mar during a GTC conference. However, that was behind given of a Covid-19 pandemic.

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Nvidia Ampere cost – How many will RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 cost?

There’s small word on cost right now, that is no warn deliberation Nvidia traditionally like to set a cost final notation to undercut a competition. 

A Wccftech report claims that Nvidia is looking to make a RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 somewhat cheaper than their Turing counterparts, in a bid to make ray tracing accelerated cards some-more appealing to a mass market. 

With a RTX 2080 Ti graphics label now costing over £1000, that comes as no surprise.

Hands on: Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia SUPER

Nvidia Ampere specs

The Nvidia Ampere GPUs are widely approaching to underline a 7nm architecture, that is already an ascent on a 12nm pattern found with Turing. 

Further specs sum are distant some-more capricious though. Wccftech suggests a Ampere GPUs will see some-more vRAM, aloft time speeds and softened energy efficiency. 

Other sources, including MyDrivers and Twitter comment KittyCorgi, have been distant some-more specific with a specs, yet aren’t as convincing a source. If they are to be believed though, a Nvidia Ampere specs could be as follows (with comparisons):



KittyCorgi went into even serve fact per a intensity specs by inventory some pivotal features, that can be seen below:If these specs are accurate, afterwards a Ampere-based graphics cards could offer a large opening boost compared to a Turing counterparts. 

  • INT32 Unit stays unchanged
  • Double a FP32 Unit for shader proportion
  • The opening of a new Tensor Core is doubled
  • Enhanced L1 Data Cache for some-more extensive functions
  • True pattern for RTX GAMING with all-new pattern RT CORE ADVANCED

Again, there’s no pledge any of this is true, yet a concentration on doubling a Tensor Core count is upheld by prior rumours. It would be no warn if Nvidia were to double down on ray tracing performance, as it’s now a vital offered indicate over AMD’s stream Radeon range.

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Nvidia Ampere performance

Reports from The Next Platform advise a arriving Nvidia Ampere GPUs will be 70-75% faster than a stream generation. This news reportedly comes from Indiana University’s clamp boss for information record and arch information officer, Brad Wheeler, who suggested a Big Red 200 supercomputer will underline Nvidia’s next-gen GPU.

It’s not wholly transparent what that 75% opening boost entails, as it could be referring to tender opening or privately in regards to low learning. It would be impossibly considerable if it’s a former that’s accurate, given Nvidia’s Turing graphics cards are now a many absolute accessible to consumers.

Nvidia is also rumoured to be heightening a efforts on ray tracing, that creates a lot of clarity given both a PS5 and Xbox Series X will support a record and approaching boost a recognition and direct for a picturesque light-rendering feature. 

Wccftech reports that, “Ampere’s ray tracing cores will be faster, some-more energy fit and Ampere GPUs will have some-more of them as compared to Turing.” 

It stays to be seen either Ampere will indeed urge a ray tracing visuals, or simply raise a support rate opening when a record is activated. But with an augmenting series of arriving games confirming support for ray tracing, Nvidia already has a larger height for success than it did with a Turing GPUs. 

Nvidia will approaching plead some-more visual-boosting facilities done probable around a Ampere architecture, including softened rasterization, yet we’ll have to wait until Aug for central details. 

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The Swedish audio code enjoyed a fender 2019, that saw a 70% boost in revenues opposite a product portfolio

Urbanista has reported record revenues for a year 2019, with clever sales of a loyal wireless headphones boosting results.

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A comparatively immature code carrying started in 2010, revenues grew 70% over 2018 sum with some-more than 500,000 loyal wireless headphones sole and online sales flourishing in additional of 1000% over a march of a final 5 years.

Revenues were reported during 241 million SEK (that’s Swedish Krona), compared to 145 million SEK in 2018. If a maths and banking acclimatisation rates are correct, that’s around £19 million in 2019.

That sounds to us like a excellent sum for small-ish code that aims to move good peculiarity audio products to a marketplace for an affordable price. Strong performers embody a Stockholm, Paris and Athens wireless earbuds, that bodes good for a arriving months as a loyal wireless marketplace is forecasted to take off. Since a Stockholm’s recover in May 2019, Urbanista has sole 2,000 units per day, with a Paris and Athens models also display outrageous interest.

Buy now: Urbanista Paris Wireless Earphones (with 30% off) during Amazon

2019 also saw Urbanista enhance a operations in Germany, a UK and a US by e-commerce channels and a operation of Urbanista’s possess online store. Headcount during a Stockholm domicile has also been increased in sequence to serve assistance rise some-more growth.

Anders Andréen, CEO of Urbanista, commented: “We are unapproachable to be means to say good organic expansion year after year. We will continue to rise in all we do and are vehement for a years to come.”

Judging from a possess reviews, Urbanista hasn’t always knocked out of a park with regards to audio quality, though they do strike a unchanging symbol in terms of affordability. We’ll be anticipating it can broach good sound and decent prices when their subsequent products finish adult in a exam rooms.

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