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What is a Yi 4K Action Camera?

When it comes to movement cameras, GoPro certainly leads a pack. The company’s cameras are so good famous that “GoPro” potentially risks apropos a general term. However, there are copiousness of alternatives out there that give GoPro’s Hero cameras a critical run for their money.

One such indication is a Yi 4K Action Camera. On paper it goes toe-to-toe with GoPro’s Hero4 Black, and in some area even manages to best it. Of course, a personification margin has now altered rather with a launch of a GoPro Hero5 Black.

Nevertheless, a Yi 4K Action Camera stays considerable on count of a offered price. This feature-packed camera can be picked adult for around £250, or even reduction if we demeanour during imports from a Far East. As low as £200. That severely undercuts GoPro.

While it doesn’t utterly conduct to hide adult and take GoPro’s crown, it’s still estimable of care if you’re looking for an movement camera that’s packaged with facilities for not so many money.

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Yi 4K Action Camera

Yi 4K Action Camera – Design and Accessories

The Yi 4K Action Camera has a identical rectilinear figure to GoPro’s Hero range, though is incompletely wider during 65 x 42 x 30mm. The fact that a depth, including a extending lens, is a same as that on a Hero4 Black is considerable deliberation a inclusion of a 2.19-inch touchscreen LCD stable by Gorilla Glass. A touchscreen arrangement is usually accessible as an discretionary additional for GoPro’s Hero4 Black and adds to a altogether size.

The arrangement has a 640 x 360 fortitude and is copiousness splendid and pointy adequate to harmonise shots, as good as change settings on a camera. At a limit liughtness it’s usually about ocular in intensely balmy conditions, though it can still be a bit of a onslaught to see.

Yi 4K Action Camera

The touchscreen is a prerequisite given there’s usually one symbol on a Yi 4K Action Camera. While GoPro’s designs underline 3 buttons to change settings and toggle between modes, you’ll rest usually on a touchscreen here to do anything over branch a camera on and off or capturing video and still images.

This becomes a problem if we opt to use a Yi 4K Action Camera inside a waterproof case. Not that a waterproof box is even enclosed as standard. It’s a initial of a few omissions that chip divided during a value-for-money tender of a camera. Still, a box is a comparatively inexpensive addition: there are a series of third-party options accessible or we can get one from Yi itself for about £20.

But returning to a waterproof box conundrum. With usually a unique symbol available, you’ll need to open adult a box to entrance a touchscreen to make any adjustments – which, for apparent reasons, isn’t always a good thought nor always possible.

There is an Underwater mode that lets we barter between still picture or video modes by holding down a button, an movement that routinely turns a camera off. But with this mode engaged, there’s now no approach to spin a camera off though opening a case.

Yi 4K Action Camera

Besides, you’ll still need to open a box to entrance a other modes, such as timelapse or timer modes. we took a Yi 4K Action Camera swimming and snorkelling while on holiday, and carrying to change settings valid vitriolic and resulted in some H2O finale adult inside a case; plus, there was copiousness of sophistry a camera outward of a water.

There are no mounts, either; we literally usually get a camera in a box. As a unclothed minimum, flattering many each movement camera I’ve ever tested also enclosed glue mounts; there’s zero here.

The Yi 4K Action Camera has a customary quarter-inch tripod thread on a underside, so we don’t have to use exclusive mounts if we don’t wish to. we finished adult picking adult a tripod-to-GoPro adapter for around £4, in sequence to be means to use my possess existent mounts and accessories.

Yi 4K Action Camera

The miss of enclosed accessories is a frustration, so cause this in if we confirm to collect adult one of these cameras immediately before a trip; otherwise, you’re going to be left hand-holding a camera during each turn.

A tiny orator on a tip of a camera allows we to set a device to beep during several volumes in sequence to prove that a camera is recording or capturing an image. Even during limit volume, however, it can be really formidable to hear if it’s inside a case. There’s a varicoloured LED on a front as good as integrated into a tip button, though these can be a small wily to mark in splendid light. As a result, there’s still occasional doubt as to either a camera is recording.

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Yi 4K Action Camera – Connectivity and Software

There’s usually a micro-USB pier tucked divided behind a strap on a side used to assign a battery. There’s no approach to outlay to a display, nor to bond an outmost microphone – both functions accessible on a Hero4 Black. The latter is an critical repudiation for anyone wanting better-sounding audio from their recordings. A microSD container is used for storage.

The camera also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for an discretionary remote control. The Wi-Fi pairing with a Yi Action app was indeed a many arguable I’ve gifted with any movement camera I’ve tested to date. The camera and app interconnected exquisitely and quickly each time, and we didn’t confront any problems transferring images and videos to a smartphone.

Yi 4K Action Camera

There is some simple video and photo-editing capabilities, though annoyingly, this adds watermarks to a finish result. There’s also a amicable media side to a app that apes Instagram, though it wasn’t something we felt a need to use, instead selecting to trade to tangible Instagram.

The app can also be used as a live view, and there’s minimal check between what we see on-screen and what’s being prisoner by a sensor. You can also use a app to change settings remotely.

Some early reviews mentioned sights of some rare English or leftover Chinese in a app, though a chronicle of a app we tested seemed to have corrected such issues. The app is totally frustration-free and incited out to be one of a Yi 4K Action Cam’s strongest features.

Hands-on with Nikon’s latest movement cam

Nikon appears to be removing flattering critical about a action-camera market, and now has 3 models in a lineup. The KeyMission 170 facilities a 170-degree wide-angle lens, an 8.3-megapixel sensor, and it can record in 4K video (as good as holding stills). It has a shade on a back and is waterproof adult to 10m.

This camera sits in a mid-range of a KeyMission offerings, though there’s copiousness on a specifications list that’s maybe expected to interest to those that competence usually squeeze a GoPro as their action-camera of choice. What’s more, maybe if you’re already a photographer, you’re some-more expected to trust a Nikon branding.

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Nikon KeyMission 170


The KeyMission 170 is compress though sports a some-more informed camera figure – it’s rectangular, with a shade on a back and a lens indicating forwards.

It fits in a palm of your hand, and it feels stout and reliable. To that end, it’s “shockproof” from adult to 2m – so basically, it should simply withstand a few bumps and knocks though apropos damaged. As already mentioned, a KeyMission 170 is waterproof down to 10m, that should be excellent for H2O sports such as surfing and so on. The squeeze of an additional box extends this to 40m – scuba divers might be utterly drawn by this capability.

On a front of a camera, a lens is utterly bulbous and protrudes from a front. As a result, we might onslaught to fit it into a really parsimonious pocket; though that’s a cost we compensate for that ultra wide-angle view.

Nikon KeyMission 170

The shade on a back of a camera provides a decent perspective of a stage in front of you, though distinct a shade on a KeyMission 80, it isn’t touch-sensitive. Instead, we have a array of buttons that can be used to make several changes to settings.

Two buttons lay on a tip of a camera, one to switch on a camera in video mode and a other in print mode. It’s flattering apparent that is that – a video symbol facilities a vast red dot; though for those who struggle, there arrows to indicate it out.

You’ll find serve buttons on a back of a camera: dual directional keys and an OK button. The directional keys double adult as arrangement buttons and playback buttons, though if you’re in a menu, or need to change a setting, we can use them to pierce between options.

Nikon KeyMission 170

It’s a flattering elementary menu, designed to make it as fuss-free as probable to change settings. You won’t find hundreds of opposite options to select between, though we can change equipment such as fortitude and support rate, bearing remuneration and more.

Primarily, a KeyMission 170 is designed for recording video, and as such, there are some cold options included. You can record time-lapse videos, as good as super-slow motion. The camera comes with a mountain too, that means we can insert it to a accumulation of places to safeguard we constraint all of your opposite forms of action.

The KeyMission 170 is concordant with Nikon’s SnapBridge app, that means you’ll be means to say a consistent tie with your smartphone around Bluetooth to automatically send stills and videos, permitting we to share them straightaway to amicable media sites and so on. The app is giveaway to download for Android and iOS and is candid to use.

Nikon KeyMission 170

Although we can’t use voice control to authority a KeyMission 170 like we can a new GoPro Hero5, it does come with a remote control in a box – that should be useful for triggering a camera when you’re not tighten to it.

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Early Verdict

As nonetheless we’ve been incompetent to use a full prolongation indication of a KeyMission 170, though we consider that it should be able of producing decent images. We saw some early footage during Photokina, and it looks like it could be a good further to a burgeoning action-camera market.

It’s engaging to see Nikon relocating into this area of a market. Although a association announced a KeyMission 360 progressing in a year, to see a some-more affordable, bland movement camera is good news for those brave shooters with a smaller budget.

It might seem that GoPro has this dilemma of a marketplace already in a bag, though with a large name camera code such as Nikon fasten a party, things could be about to change. Look out for a full examination shortly to see how good a camera gets on.

Hands-on: An opening demeanour during Canon’s latest mirrorless camera

Canon launched a EOS M5 usually a few days before Photokina kicked off, in a transparent pointer that a association is starting to take a mirrorless tender seriously.

Its new flagship indication facilities a same sensor as a EOS 80D, a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS number. Other engaging facilities embody Dual-Pixel CMOS autofocus, a Digic 7 processor, ISO capability adult to 25,600, an electronic viewfinder, 7fps sharpened and Full HD video recording.

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Canon EOS M5

Canon EOS M5 – Handling

EOS M cameras have always felt like also-rans, though a M5 feels like there’s been some suspicion put into how enthusiasts and fans of a code will wish to use it.

It has an appealing physique figure that’s unequivocally Canon. It doesn’t duplicate a retro designs of other mirrorless cameras on a market, and unequivocally most looks like a miniaturised chronicle of one of Canon’s DSLRs. The finish outcome is rather cute, really.

The M5 sits unequivocally easily in a hand, with a satisfyingly corpulent hold during a front that’s created to fit a figure of your fingers well. The shiver recover is positioned good for your forefinger to naturally rest on it.

Around a shiver recover is a rotating dial that controls opposite settings depending on a sharpened mode – for example, orifice for orifice priority. Just behind a shiver recover is a second dial that offers customisation: inside a dial is a symbol we press that allows we to select between a opposite options available.

Another dial is handily placed for control around your ride for altering bearing compensation. It has a good turn of rigidity, so we won’t incidentally hit it and emanate extravagantly over- or under-exposed images.

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Canon EOS M5

Flip to a back of a camera and you’ll find a infancy of buttons located on a right-hand side. This is good when we wish to use a camera one-handed, as we won’t have to melt your palm into a uncanny figure to press a buttons.

The shade is touch-sensitive, that means we can use it to set a autofocus point, or pierce around several menu and playback options. For this indication Canon has combined Touch and drag AF. This means we can use a viewfinder while regulating a shade to set a autofocus point.

This is a underline we initial saw in Panasonic cameras and has proven unequivocally handy. Canon has left one step further, however, to supplement a ability to use usually a specific area of a shade to do that. This is to forestall your nose from touching a shade and incidentally environment a AF indicate – in practice, that’s a good thought and creates it a most some-more serviceable solution.

Speaking of a viewfinder, this is a initial time that Canon has enclosed one on an EOS M model; fan users will substantially be thankful. It offers a splendid and transparent perspective of a stage in front of you, though it’s maybe a hold on a tiny side – about a same distance as a section on a Fujifilm X-T10, rather than a X-T2. Nevertheless, it stays serviceable and something that we won’t usually use when a shade isn’t practical.

Since there’s a viewfinder in a way, a shade now tilts to face a front during a bottom hinge, creation those all-important selfies still possible. The shade also tilts upwards so any low-angle shots are done easier, too.

Canon EOS M5Related: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 hands-on

Canon EOS M5 – Performance

I haven’t had too most time with a EOS M5 yet, though early impressions are promising. The camera seemed to close on to concentration flattering quickly; delayed autofocus has been something of a problem for progressing EOS M models. I’ll be super-keen to serve exam a capabilities in this courtesy to see if a Dual-Pixel AF complement offers a workable.

This is a initial time Canon has propitious a quick Digic 7 processor to an EOS camera, and this also appears to promote faster speeds – in terms of operation, during least. We weren’t means to exam a camera with a label inside, though hopefully aegis abyss and so on should be utterly good. It should also have a certain impact on sound opening in low-light conditions.

As for picture quality, hopes are flattering high given a 80D sensor has already proven itself to be an glorious performer. I’ll be penetrating to see how that gets on in a EOS M physique type.

Canon EOS M5

Opening impressions

While a EOS M5 appears to be a glorious camera, there’s a slight feeling that Canon might have left it usually a small too late to start holding mirrorless seriously. It’s also a unequivocally pricey tender during some-more than £1,000 for a physique only.

For now, during least, a EOS M5 will boat with a giveaway lens converter for customary EF lenses, with a wish or goal that existent Canon users will use a EOS M5 as a backup or second camera when a bulk and weight of a incomparable physique isn’t practical. While this seems like a good thought in principle, either it’s one that translates will be engaging to see.

Given a recognition and range of mirrorless models now on a market, a Canon EOS M is adult opposite some unbending foe out there. However, if you’re already a Canon fan, afterwards it has copiousness going for it.

Look out for a full examination of a Canon EOS M in due course.

Hands-on: We take an opening demeanour during Panasonic’s 4K compress camera

The reward compress camera marketplace is booming, and there’s never been some-more choice permitted to a consumer. Fresh into this marketplace is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15. It follows on from a success of a LX200, though is a pared down offering, with a smaller one-inch sensor and new viewfinder.

It’s distant some-more pocket-friendly, however, and has a cheaper cost point. It also facilities a 3x visual wizz lens that has a limit orifice of f/1.8-f/2.8 and, this being Panasonic, also includes 4K video and print modes.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15 – Handling

Not usually does a LX15 lay simply in your hand, it will simply fit into a jeans slot too, creation it an appealing bland camera.

Design-wise, it’s all curves and neat lines, nonetheless there’s a weightiness to a tiny support that creates we feel like you’re holding a high-quality square of kit. On a tip of a camera sits a dial for switching between a several modes on offer, and it’s here that you’ll learn a full element of semi-automatic and primer modes.

On a tip of a camera you’ll also find a dial that can be used to name several functions, depending on a sharpened mode you’re in – it will control orifice in orifice priority, for example. This dial is handily placed to lay where your ride would naturally rest, and this total with a fact that all of a back buttons are placed on a right-hand side of a camera, make a LX15 ideal to use one-handed.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15

Around a shiver recover is a wizz rocker switch, that we can use to extend a lens – it’s usually a 3x visual zoom, though nevertheless, it extends in a well-spoken and liquid movement. Neatly tucked divided from any of a other buttons is a video record button, that should forestall any random film recordings.

Flip to a back of a camera and a infancy of a genuine estate here is taken adult by a sloping touchscreen. Those who are fans of a viewfinder will be unhappy to see that there’s no choice here to use one. Still, a shade is splendid and clear, and being means to lean it means we should be means to position it divided from vivid sunlight. Of course, a sloping shade is also useful for sharpened from ungainly angles too, including a entire selfie.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15

The touch-sensitive inlet of a shade means that we can use it to set autofocus point, crack by photos, change several menu settings, and so on. It’s manageable touchscreen, nonetheless it’s good to see that there’s a element of earthy buttons to a right of a shade with that we can change settings too.

The LX15 also facilities 3 customisable duty buttons, whose default settings are indeed utterly useful; they embody some of a 4K functionality charity by a camera. The Fn3 symbol accesses a discerning menu, that is a elementary approach to entrance several pivotal settings though carrying to excavate into a categorical menu; this is a good time-saver.

A good underline announced for new Lumix cameras during Photokina – also permitted for a GX80 around a firmware ascent – is concentration stacking. This provides a choice to emanate an picture that has an intensely high abyss of field, by merging together several images all with opposite concentration points – and all in-camera. The routine is simple, and is permitted by dire a Fn2 symbol to get to Post Focus mode. It’s useful for macro and close-up work, and while it might not be something we use all that mostly in a camera such as a LX15, it’s positively a good addition.

In my brief time with a camera it appears that a LX15 is able of focusing fast and accurately in many situations. We’ll be looking brazen to saying how a vast sensor copes in low light conditions.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15 – Image peculiarity

I’ve not nonetheless had a event to consider a LX15’s picture quality, though I’ve been tender with Lumix cameras of late. The TZ100, that also uses a one-inch sensor, performs really well, so we positively design identical things from a LX15.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15

Opening impressions

The far-reaching choice permitted to consumers in a reward compress marketplace is a good thing: with smartphone cameras apropos ever better, people need to have a reason to buy a dedicated camera, and high-quality inclination such as this yield an appealing proposition.

That said, it’s a tough marketplace for Panasonic during a moment. Sony’s RX100 operation (the latest being a RX100 IV) performs well and manages to squeeze in a viewfinder for traditionalists. Meanwhile, a Canon G7X II is identical in form to a LX15 though has already proven itself on a market.

What creates Panasonic’s charity mount out is a further of 4K video and print modes – a association will expected be anticipating that this is adequate to remonstrate business to partial with their cash.

Look out for a full examination of a LX15 in due course.

Hands-on: An early demeanour during Fujifilm’s £10,000 camera

This Fujifilm GFX 50S drew tangible whoops and cheers during a press discussion during Photokina – a kind that are customarily indifferent for a likes of Apple.

The Fujifilm GFX 50S is a company’s initial incursion into medium-format cameras, and is designed to offer “overwhelming” picture peculiarity (their word, not mine). In fairness, it seems flattering expected that picture peculiarity will be incredible, though afterwards it should be deliberation it’s going to set we behind somewhere in a segment of £10,000.

It has a 51.4-megapixel sensor that’s 1.7x incomparable than a full-frame sensor. It’s also mirrorless, has a focal craft shiver and a operation of other specifications that drew pleasure from a throng in Cologne. we was means to spend a small time with it before it done a approach to a uncover building to be drooled over by a public.

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Fujifilm GFX 50S

Fujifilm GFX 50S – Handling

Considering this is a medium-format camera, it’s lighter than we competence design – and that appears to be a opening clarity of everybody who collect adult a camera for a initial time. Okay, we’re not articulate compress complement camera light, though for a indication that’s housing such a outrageous sensor inside, it isn’t too bad during all.

A vast hold creates a Fujifilm GFX 50S feel gentle in a hand, and of march gives it that atmosphere of quality. There’s no removing divided from a somewhat practical demeanour – it doesn’t have a pleasing curves and edges of Fujifilm’s X array – though some will no doubt find beauty in it anyway.

The indication we looked during had a viewfinder attached, though this can be private to make a camera smaller and lighter. With many veteran cameras, we substantially wouldn’t dream of holding off a viewfinder, though for a indication that might be used in a studio environment, mounted to a tripod, regulating usually a shade might make sense. Happily, a viewfinder will come in a box, so we won’t have to flare out even some-more income if we wish one.

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Fujifilm GFX 50S

However, if we do have some additional income blazing a hole in your slot afterwards we can dash a income on a second viewfinder. This one twists and tips to yield an easier perspective when sharpened angles – trust it or not, it was this that drew a many vehement gasps during a press conference.

The shade on a back of a camera also tilts, that again will assistance with sharpened angles, and it’s touch-sensitive too. Take note, Sony.

Sitting atop a camera you’ll find a shiver speed dial and an ISO dial. To change aperture, you’ll use rings on a lenses themselves – 3 will be accessible from launch, with a serve 3 entrance before a finish of 2017. This being a totally new system, it compulsory a garland of totally new lenses as well.

There’s also a event to buy a battery hold to extend a camera’s sharpened life, a by-product of that is that it gives a camera that block figure that many pros tend to favour.

Fujifilm GFX 50S – Performance

Although we usually had a brief possibility to use a Fujifilm GFX 50S – with a models we saw usually operative prototypes – we was flattering tender by a speed of autofocus. Medium-format cameras aren’t generally famous for their rapid focusing abilities, though a GFX 50S seemed to perform rather good in a bizarre light of a assembly room.

There have been no opportunities to fire with a entirely operative representation yet, so we can’t plead picture peculiarity in any good detail. However, hopes are high. Fujifilm’s representation images were rarely impressive. we know that a association has glorious detailed nous from a glorious X series, so can usually suppose what a GFX 50S will be able of.

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Fujifilm GFX 50S

Opening impressions

In many ways, a Fujifilm proclamation was a many sparkling of a whole show. It got people articulate – and acclamation to a association for entering new domain and rising new systems. Image peculiarity should be glorious – though no doubt you’ll be profitable by a nose for it.

Although a indeed cost of a camera has nonetheless to be confirmed, we were told that it should be “under” $10,000 for a physique and lens. That might meant it costs $9,999. Of one thing we can be certain, however: it isn’t going to be an incentive purchase.

If you’re a super-rich hobbyist, or a operative professional, afterwards a Fujifilm GFX 50S could be a subsequent camera for we – and for a rest of us, it’s something to dream about for when we win a lottery.

Hands-on: First impressions of a GoPro Hero5

GoPro’s recently announced Hero5 camera outlines utterly a poignant ascent over a prior flagship model. we managed to conflict past a crowds collected around a GoPro mount during Photokina to take a closer demeanour during a new movement camera.

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GoPro Hero5 – Handling

The Hero5 has undergone a small bit of a makeover when it comes to styling and looks over a predecessor. It now has a rubberised design, that gives it a classier, some-more costly demeanour – something you’ll substantially be beholden for deliberation you’ll be handing over a best partial of £350 for it.

As is fitting for movement cameras, a dinky distance of a Hero5 ensures it fits in a palm of your hand, and it appears that a association has attempted to make it as easy as probable to use a camera in a accumulation of situations and conditions.

One of a large new facilities is that a Hero5 is now waterproof, reduction a case, down to 10 metres, definition snorkelers and surfers will be covered. The camera is reduction cumbersome, and we have a advantage of clearer sound, given there’s no cosmetic surrounding to impede a microphones.

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The simplified controls now incorporate a 2-inch touchscreen display, that we can use to make changes to a settings, with a one-button control pattern complementing it. For example, regulating a touchscreen we can press fortitude and pierce between a several fortitude options and support rates; 4K tops out during 30fps. Gone are a days of carrying to press a multiple of opposite buttons to get a Hero to act how we wish it to – a blessing when speed is of a essence.

In serve to a touchscreen there are dual earthy buttons on a Hero5. The initial is a one-button control, that sits during a tip of a device, to start and stop video recording. A second symbol on a side of a camera switches a device on and off, and can also be used to toggle by opposite constraint options (such as stills or video).

One of a new facilities you’ll find if we pierce by a several menu options is a ability to spin on tender format recording. Although this is a underline that is welcomed by many photographers, it will take adult a lot of memory label space.

Voice control also debuts on a Hero5, and nonetheless we wasn’t means to exam a underline in a sourroundings of a uncover – it should be a honestly useful selection for those times when touching a camera itself is a small awkward. Hopefully, there will be some acknowledgment that a print or video has started to record, calming we that a GoPro has purebred your command.

GoPro Hero5

The Hero5 does offer some range for determining certain aspects of sharpened parameters – such as white change and Auto ISO controls – though there isn’t so most to swamp we down and get in a approach of vouchsafing a camera only constraint what you’re doing.

The new Hero5 is concordant with existent GoPro mounts and, excitingly, with a new Karma drone. Attach one of these to a worker and you’ll be means to constraint some flattering decent aerial footage during a rather reasonable cost indicate – ready for your Facebook feed to be dirty even some-more than it is.

When a camera is on charge, we can set it to automatically upload any images or video that we have taken to a cloud. In addition, there’s an discretionary smartphone fob to take clips true opposite for uploading to amicable networks. Again, this isn’t something I’ve been means to put by a paces only yet, though it will be good to see it works in practice.

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GoPro Hero5 – Performance

GoPro is observant that this movement cam is a best it’s ever produced, and there’s a garland of new nifty facilities that should be appealing to those looking for high picture peculiarity from an movement camera. we can’t wait to see how a Wide Dynamic Range mode works out, for instance, and how most we can pull those tender files.

Opening impressions

GoPro is flattering most a go-to name for movement cams during a moment, and a Hero5 has combined a good understanding of buzz.

The latest chronicle of a camera is easier to use than ever before, something we can see even before I’ve gotten my hands on a full prolongation sample. The touchscreen creates navigating by several options so discerning and elementary that it’s tough to suppose you’ll ever turn utterly so undone with a Hero5.

The fact that it’s waterproof adds serve to a attraction, and specs such as involuntary uploading to a cloud and a new, some-more reward pattern advise that this camera will be tip of a Christmas list for many this year.

Keep an eye out for a full examination in due course.

Hands-on – Our opening impressions of a Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

The OM-D EM-1 Mark II is being touted as a camera to “change a game”, charity high-speed sharpened for sports, wildlife and action, though while progressing a tiny physique size.

The camera facilities a 20 million pixel sensor, whose new pattern allows for reduce energy consumption. That’s assimilated by a TruePic VIII processor, that facilities a double quad-core picture processor.

Remarkably, a camera can fire during 18fps while progressing continual autofocus, and a illusory 60fps if you’re happy to set a concentration for a initial frame. Another sparkling new underline is 5-axis picture stabilisation, that brings with it an considerable 6.5EV stops of compensation. Olympus claims that this means we can fire with a wide-angle lens, handheld, for twin seconds, and still get a pointy shot.

Other engaging facilities embody 4K video recording, a 50-megapixel High Res Shot mode, softened grip, twin SD label slots, softened battery life and a high-resolution electronic viewfinder.

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II – Handling

Outwardly, really small has altered from a prior model, a E-M1. Inside, however, a camera has seen a finish redesign to move softened performance.

The OM-D E-M1 II is a good distance and shape, and will be a camera that you’ll be happy to lift around with we all day. Yet it still has a decent volume of weight and bulk to it to make it feel like a critical camera. In addition, a hold has been contoured good to fit a figure of your hand.

On a tip of a camera you’ll find some useful dials and buttons to assistance we change settings on a fly. There’s a mode dial, though also twin dials to a front and behind of a camera for changing orifice and/or shiver speed settings (depending on a sharpened mode you’re in). Alternatively, by fast flipping a switch during a behind of a camera, we can change these dials to control ISO and white balance, creation for a really discerning and accessible approach of working.

The LCD shade is touch-sensitive. You can use it to change a AF point, trigger off a release, and navigate by a discerning menu (accessed by dire a executive OK button). Sadly, we can’t navigate by a categorical menu regulating touch.

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

A new viewfinder offers an intensely splendid and transparent perspective of a stage in front of you. It’s been redesigned to keep adult with a high-speed sharpened – we can now say live perspective even when sharpened during 18fps, something that’s flattering implausible for an electronic viewfinder. An eye sensor automatically switches on a viewfinder when we move a camera to your eye, and you’ll see a really minute and vast perspective of your subject.

Battery life is also significantly improved. This is facilitated by a inclusion of a many incomparable battery over a prior model; you’ll find it housed underneath a camera. However, also useful is a ability to keep an eye on battery life around a display, something that was bizarrely blank from prior generations of Olympus compress complement cameras.

Although I’ve had usually a brief play with a pre-production E-M1 II, it appears to be an intensely absolute and discerning camera to use. It was means to close onto a aim during speed, even in rather reduce light conditions. We’ll be looking brazen to contrast a low-light capabilities in due course.

Focus tracking also appears to work, and, saying as this camera is designed to interest to wildlife and sports shooters, it will be engaging to see if it’s adult to scratch. Olympus wants to take on a competence of Nikon and Canon with this indication – so hopes are really high indeed.

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II – Image Quality

A new underline that’s expected to interest not usually to veteran sports/wildlife shooters, though also anybody who’s looking to constraint a decisive moment, is a Pro Capture mode. In essence, this captures adult to 14 frames before we press a shiver recover (so prolonged as a shiver is half-pressed) – so even if we skip a impulse by a fraction, we should have a behind adult ready. This seems to be rather in response to Panasonic’s glorious 4K Photo modes, that concede we to remove stills from 4K footage.

However, a advantage with a Olympus’ chronicle is that we can be sharpened in RAW and have full-resolution JPEG images available; with 4K descent you’re singular to 8-megapixel JPEGs. It’s something that will be good to exam in reality, though again early indications are earnest – and if successful, this is a kind of record that’s expected to drip down into some-more affordable models.

The specs on paper continue to impress, with a new visual picture stabilisation complement that gives we 6.5 stops of compensation. This should have a certain outcome on picture quality.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

Early Verdict

The OM-D E-M1 II has been one of a many sparkling new announcements during Photokina. Early indications are that it could be a loyal aspirant to DSLR cameras when it comes to sports, movement and wildlife shooting, including a horde of insubordinate and evolutionary facilities to behind adult a claims.

Image peculiarity is betrothed to be a best Olympus has ever produced. We’re vehement to see if OM-D E-M1 can live adult to those claims – and, perhaps, even some-more vehement to see how technologies from this camera impact other models, both inside and outward of Olympus’ range.

Hands-on with Panasonic’s new top-end overpass camera

Panasonic’s new reward overpass camera is designed to interest to photographers and videographers alike.

The FZ2000 selection list includes a 20x visual wizz lens charity f/2.8-f/4.5, 4K video and photo, a one-inch 20-megapixel sensor, a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and a entirely articulating LCD screen.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 4

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 – Handling

The FZ2000 is by no means a tiny camera. At initial peek we could simply be forgiven for meditative it’s a DSLR, interjection to a corpulent hold and a altogether shape.

However, to get a homogeneous focal length for a DSLR you’d need something distant bigger, that would really import we down on your travels.

As such, a FZ2000 is designed for people who wish a some-more docile distance of camera, though carrying to concede on picture quality. It feels good built and stout in a hand, with a textured cloaking on a hold adding to that feel of high quality.

The viewfinder, that is radically a same finder in a newly announced G80 compress complement camera, is splendid and clear, and offers a good perspective of a scene. There seemed to be no conspicuous loiter in a pre-production indication we were looking at, and a eye-sensor that turns it on (and a shade off) offers a familiar, DSLR-like feel to regulating this camera.

Around a camera you’ll find an array of customisable buttons that concede we to setup a camera to accurately how we wish it. There are 3 duty buttons on a lens tub alone, with some-more dotted around a physique of a camera. On a side of a lens you’ll also find a non-static ND filter switch, that offers discerning composition during a hold of a button.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 7

On a tip of a camera is a scrolling dial, with another positioned handily for your thumb. These dials capacitate we to change certain settings, depending on a sharpened mode in that you’re working.

As is common for Lumix cameras, a vast dial on a tip of a camera allows we to switch between a several sharpened modes on offer, and there’s also a second dial for changing a expostulate mode. Handily, on this dial you’ll find a 4K option. By regulating a 4K print mode, we can simply remove stills from 4K video footage and outlay them as 8 million pixel JPEG files – ideal for capturing sports and other action.

The lens offers 20x visual wizz – that’s 24-480mm in 35mm terms. Switch a camera on and a lens will extend to a sharpened position – and there it will stay. The zooming resource is internal, that means that even if we pierce it to a full 20x telephoto length, a lens will never grow in size. This is utterly useful for videographers.

Around a lens tub itself are dual rings. One is for adjusting a concentration when sharpened in primer mode, and a other can be used to extend a zoom. Both feel really liquid and easy to move, and a fact that they’re wordless in operation, will again interest to videographers. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 2

At a behind of a camera you’ll learn a entirely articulating, touch-sensitive LCD screen; it includes a ability to totally overlay behind on itself when not in use. You can use a touchscreen to set autofocus point, glow off a shutter, and navigate by several menus and so on.

The discerning menu is accessed by default by dire a Fn5 button. Here you’ll find a collection of useful settings that can be altered simply by navigating by by touch, or by regulating a maritime earthy keys. This saves we delving low into a categorical menu, charity a genuine time-saver.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 – Image peculiarity

I’ve not been means to exam a full prolongation representation of a FZ2000, though we have high hopes that a subsequent era of a camera will build on a original’s success.

I’ll also be penetrating to exam a new Focus Stacking mode, that takes advantage of a Post Focus mode to emanate an picture that has a really high abyss of margin via a frame.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 1

Early impressions

Bridge cameras have always felt a small unintelligent – that is, until reward overpass models started to seem and finished me re-evaluate a proposition. Panasonic, and further Sony, has finished copiousness of work to remonstrate me that a singular camera with a bound lens can do a work of an interchangeable-lens camera and a bag full of optics.

When it hits a shelves during a finish of a year, a FZ2000 won’t be inexpensive – creation it utterly a investment. But for a income you’ll be removing a camera that would cost many times some-more if we wanted a homogeneous focal length and flexibility.

With a concentration on glorious picture quality, a FZ1000 is expected to be during a tip of a list of any photographer who wants a camera that can do a bit of everything.