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Google is rolling out a real-time transcription feature for its much-loved Google Translate mobile app.

The feature, first previewed in January, arrives on Android today, and is capable of listening in on conversations and immediately turning the speech into text of another language.

The app is capable of transcribing speech from any combination of eight languages right now, with more to follow. Currently, it supports English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

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Using the feature is easy, Google says. It’s just a case of tapping on the “Transcribe” icon from the home screen and selecting the source and target languages from a drop-down menu.

In a post on Google’s The Keyword blog, the online giant says the feature will work best in situations where one person at a time is speaking.

In a somewhat heartwarming account, Sami Iqram, the product manager for Google Translate, wrote: “Recently, I was at my friend’s family gathering, where her grandmother told a story from her childhood. I could see that she was excited to share it with everyone but there was a problem—she told the story in Spanish, a language that I don’t understand.

“I pulled out Google Translate to transcribe the speech as it was happening. As she was telling the story, the English translation appeared on my phone so that I could follow along—it fostered a moment of understanding that would have otherwise been lost. And now anyone can do this—starting today, you can use the Google Translate Android app to transcribe foreign language speech as it’s happening.”

There’s currently no word on when the iOS version of the feature will roll out, but Android users can dive in from today. We’ve got to be honest, as reporters, we’d be fine with a free and reliable English-to-English transcription service for conducting interviews, let alone multiple languages.

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Need to fill a football-shaped hole in your life? Good news. Sports Interactive and SEGA have pleasantly done Football Manager 2020 giveaway for a subsequent week.

Unfortunately, when that week is adult you’ll have to cough adult if we wish to continue playing. But we reckon we can fist during slightest one deteriorate out of a week’s play, generally as a real-life compare cancellations should have liberated adult some − okay, loads − of your convenience time.

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For anyone who hasn’t sunk 400 hours into a diversion already, Football Manager is a diversion that flattering most does what it says on a tin.

It’s an in-depth, nitty-gritty diversion that lets we conduct one of over 200 clubs. You can select to navigate your approach by one of a leagues you’re informed with from your possess country, or go furious in a joining from somewhere else in a world.

The diversion gives we a good turn of control, permitting we to director players, sight them, sell them, rise tactics, give group talks and – apparently – play matches.

The 2020 diversion has combined some good small extras for seasoned managerial types. There’s a new ‘Club Vision’ goal, that puts vigour on we to accommodate house expectations. And a actor alleviation facilities have been finessed too, so we now have improved control over particular growth paths for all of your players.

It’s super easy to download this if we already have Steam. Just conduct to a Football Manager page and strike download. Unfortunately, it’s not being offering for giveaway on any consoles, so you’ll have to download a Steam apparatus on a Mac or laptop if we unequivocally wish a game.

Everything we need to know about the PS5

Football Manager 2020 is customarily labelled during £39.99, so if we were meditative about striking out on a pretension this is a ideal event to try before we buy.

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Already geared as an affordable handset, a Nokia 2.2 cost has strictly forsaken to £79.99.

At launch, stability Nokia’s line of great, some-more bill smartphones, a Nokia 2.2 would put we behind sub-£100 with an RRP of £99.99.

Now Nokia has slashed a prices, means to collect adult a Nokia 2.2 for £79.99 today, saving a 20% sum on this nifty small handset.

When we consider of affordable smartphones, it seems doubtful you’d pattern a Nokia 2.2. That’s because, for a bill accessible handset, it’s unequivocally utterly attractive, charity an roughly bezel-less knowledge with a dew-drop pattern to residence a 5MP front confronting camera and Biometric face clear technology. With a 5.7-inch HD+ arrangement to boot, a Nokia 2.2 lives to impress.

Around a same distance as a iPhone 11 Pro, a Nokia 2.2 unequivocally maximises on a space with this immersive screen, cased in polycarbonate with a high shimmer finish, means to take a severe with a decrease as it promises to be scratchproof.

On a behind you’ll find a 13MP singular sensor, yet for this cost you’d be stupid to design any more. Featuring AI technology, however, a Nokia 2.2 surprises as it excels in low lighting conditions when holding colourful snaps.

The Nokia 2.2 also comes with Google Assistant built in, saying that all your needs and queries are met, as good as Google Lens for anticipating accurately what you’re looking for.

Whilst a budget-friendly smartphone, a Nokia 2.2 still packs some good features. Better still, it’s usually recently been announced a Nokia 2.2 will accept a really latest program with an Android 10 rollout entrance soon, ensuring that phones aren’t ceaselessly shoved out into a consumer market, usually to turn out of date and but upgrade.

Android 10 facilities embody Dark Theme, Live Transcribe and Focus Mode, that Nokia 2.2 owners will now be means to advantage from, as good as a illusory £20 cost dump on this SIM-free handset.

Nokia 2.2 Deal

Nokia 2.2 (Dual Sim) – Black

Including an AI imaging 13MP back camera, 5MP front camera and face unlock, a Nokia 2.2 also comes with a seamless 5.7-inch HD+ display.


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Now £79.99

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We’ve finally got some information on a PS5. It’s been a prolonged wait and Sony have been really tight-lipped, though currently gamers got to see some specs. The display was dry and really technical, though one criticism held a interest. 

Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect on a PS5, took approach aim during opposition console, a Xbox Series X.

“It’s dangerous to rest on Teraflops as an comprehensive magnitude of performance” pronounced Cerny. Following Microsoft’s new proclamation that a company’s next-gen console would container 12 teraflops of computing power.

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Comparably, a PS5 will have 10 teraflops, that doesn’t utterly compare a Xbox Series X on paper.

However, Cerny was penetrating to disagree that counting teraflops is an over-simplification of a computing energy these machines will make accessible to gamers. Cerny claims that GPU energy should not be judged in terms of teraflops, though we’ll have to wait until we indeed see these consoles operative to know that runs smoother.

Here’s a full comparison list of PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs:

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We’d tend to determine with Cerny that we can’t rest only on such a spec to decider altogether gaming performance, though a Xbox Series X does seem to have a corner during this early stage. We’ll have to wait until both consoles launch to get a improved thought of a opening these consoles are capable.

One thing a PS5 does demeanour to have a advantage in is SSD speeds,being able of 5.5GB/s against to a Xbox’s 4.8 GB/s. This should theoretically meant a PS5 will bucket games quicker, so we can burst into a movement that small bit faster.

But in a finish of a day, these are slim opening margins wherever we look. Both consoles demeanour really powerful, and should yield a estimable disproportion to gaming when they launch during a finish of a year.

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The PS5 is reliable to support a same M.2 SSDs that are used by gaming PCs for outmost storage, permitting for super-speedy information transfers. 

While a PS5 will come with a tradition 825GB SSD, a next-gen console will also underline a NVMe container for expandable storage if we ever feel a need for a incomparable storage ability to fit your diversion library. 

This means you’ll be means to buy an M.2 SSD from a open market, rather than being limited to strictly branded PlayStation storage options. This differs severely to a Xbox Series X approach, that uses exclusive SSDs liscensed by Microsoft. 

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Mark Cerny did explain that not each M.2 SSD will be concordant with a PS5, as it depends mostly on a component’s size, as good as other factors. Sony did guarantee it would yield a list of concordant SSDs post-launch though, and so suggested impending PS5 owners to reason off from shopping outmost storage until then. 

Enabling PS5 users to collect and select their possess M.2 SSDs would concede for a some-more rival market, resisting a fears that Xbox’s exclusive outmost resolution could potentially be eye-wateringly expensive.

However, there are advantages with Xbox’s approach, namely creation it reduction treacherous to buy a scold member and ascent a console yourself. With console’s categorical strength over PC gaming being accessibility and simplicity, this advantage can’t be sniffed at. 

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However, if PlayStation delivers on a guarantee to emanate a list of concordant M.2 SSDs, afterwards that shouldn’t be too large of an issue. 

Interestingly, we can’t now buy an M.2 SSD with a examination speeds to compare a PS5’s 5.5GB/s performance, that is another reason we should reason off shopping outmost storage right now. This also emphasises how insanely rapid a PS5’s SSD is, that should cut down loading times dramatically. 

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Today competence be all about a Sony PS5, though Microsoft is also bringing blissful knowledge for stream and would-be subscribers of a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

The gaming hulk has suggested Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, that will clear comparison downloadable calm (DLC) and reward in-game content, giveaway as partial of a membership.

Microsoft says a serve to a package is down feedback from members who pronounced they enjoyed finding new titles, though wanted to excavate deeper.

To start with, Microsoft is charity reward calm for 4 games within a library – Phantasy Star Online 2, World of Tanks: Mercenaries, Sea of Thieves and Smite.

In a box of a latter, a multiplayer online conflict locus pretension (MOBA), Microsoft says a bullion “unlocks 5 Gods, special impression skins and voice packs so we can float into a conflict of a Gods in style.”

With Sea of Thieves, Perks will get we “a giveaway Ori-inspired Ancestral Sails, Figurehead, Hull, and Flag to accoutre your ship.”

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We can’t suppose that Game Pass Ultimate will start dishing out reward DLC from some of a higher-profile titles among a 100+ library, though Perks appears as it it’ll be a good value-added reward for subscribers.

New Perks will be announced alongside additions to a library, while it appears some of a Perks will be singular to specific locations. The Phantasy Star Online 2 calm (which includes singular emotes, in-game cosmetics including an Xbox jacket, a bullion sheet Mission Pass and in-game banking with a Meseta Crystal), will usually be accessible to members in a US and Canada, rather than those serve afield.

Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft’s best online bundle. It includes an Xbox Live Gold membership and entrance to a Game Pass library. It’s accessible for console and Widows 10 PC around a Xbox app.

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We’ve finally seen a spec piece for a PS5, and it’s looking like a really absolute console. One thing a new display didn’t cover however, was sum per Sony’s PSVR strategy. 

With practical existence saying churned success given a inception, it was no pledge that PlayStation would continue to support a PSVR. However, with a unchanging upsurge of titles, Sony’s height looks to be in good shape, that might good continue into a subsequent era of consoles.

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Does a PS5 have VR?

The PS5 is reliable to support a existent PSVR headset, yet there’s no acknowledgment either a PSVR 2 will be released.

Mark Cerny, PS4’s lead complement architect, reliable a PS5 will support a strange PSVR headset during an talk with Wired.

This doesn’t come as a warn though, as a PS5 is also reliable to be retrograde compatible, definition PS4 games and accessories should all work on a next-generation console.

What about a PSVR 2?

Yes, we’re blissful that a PS5 will support VR. But, many gamers were anticipating for construction of a intensity PSVR 2; a ascent rumoured to boost users’ margin of prophesy and deliver a horde of new visible and gameplay options.

Sony’s conduct of investigate and growth formerly teased a attainment of PSVR 2 behind in 2019, yet during no indicate have we been offering a organisation date, or most some-more info.

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How does that examination to a Xbox  Series X?

The Xbox Series X won’t container VR capabilities during launch. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, stormy some-more than a few feathers when he pronounced “nobody”s seeking for VR”.

He’s right that it’s not a mainstream regard during present. However, a attainment of titles like Half Life: Alyx is expected to boost seductiveness in – and direct for – VR gaming capabilities.

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Sony’s PS5 live tide supposing an contentment of information about a next-gen system, including a potentially vast ascent to a audio experience.

PlayStation trainer Mark Cerney announced a ‘Tempest 3D Audio Tech’, that will yield PS5 gamers with a many some-more immersive experience, same to Dolby Atmos, though built into a PS5 itself.

The underline is still underneath growth during Sony, though a aim is to yield practical approximate sound, regardless of a audio hardware set adult within a console owner’s home.

Cerney told a vast assembly branch in to a tide that a tech has a intensity to make gamers tell as if they’re “actually there”. He used a instance of rain, with 3D audio creation it seem as if a drops were descending all around a gamer.

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Conceptually, Tempest relies on a head-related send duty (HRTF), that would be away practical to all gamers, going as distant as to magnitude a gamer’s ears, and distance and figure of their head. Cerney indeed did contend a tech night need gamers to send Sony a design of their ears. That way, it’ll be mapped to how any PS5 gamer privately perceives audio.

Unlike tech like Dolby Atmos, that requires a complicated investment in audio tech, Tempest will work with all stereo headphones and eventually with sound bars and TV speakers.

Cerney said: “The initial idea was to emanate audio for everyone, not only VR users or sound bar owners or headphone users. That meant audio had to be partial of a console, it couldn’t be a peripheral.

“The second idea was to support hundreds of sound sources. We didn’t wish developers to have to collect and select that sounds would get 3D effects and that wouldn’t. We wanted each sound in a diversion to have dimensionality.”

The ramifications could be mega, and would offer a VR-like spatial audio knowledge to gamers, as Cerney went on to explain. He added: “Back in a day if we played a diversion regulating a TV speakers, we could tell that there was one final rivalry growling and sport we down, though it was formidable to tell utterly where that rivalry was.” That’s all about to change.

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Unlike other sites, we entirely examination all we recommend, regulating attention customary tests to weigh products. We’ll always tell we what we find. We might get a elect if we buy around a cost links.
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