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    Google is adding a trio of helpful travel-planning features to help users find restaurants and events, plan hotel locations and discover when flight prices are likely to be at their cheapest rate.

    For example, if you’ve booked a trip to Austin and your flight and hotel booking information is gleaned from Gmail, you’ll see a number of new tabs with information tailored to your travel dates. Those will include eateries and bars, events, weather forecasts and other ‘things to do.’

    The tabs will appear under a new ‘continue planning your trip’ header, below details of your flight/hotel booking. Beyond that, Google is expanding the Your Trips feature, with information on flight price you may be tracking or other searches you may have saved along the way.

    In a blog post, Google explains: “If you’ve recently started looking at traveling to Milan, we’ll show you potential trip information in Your Trips like flight prices you’re tracking (if you have any), destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and places you’ve saved. That way, you can easily pick up your travel research when you come back to Google.”


    • Credit: Samsung

    Google Flights is also expanding a feature which informs users when a flight price is higher or lower than usual. The tip already existed for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and will now include Christmas and New Year. The company is also telling users whether the price of flights are likely to go up in the next five days.

    Finally, Google is trying to make it easier for travellers to find a place to stay in the cities they’ve visiting, based upon their interests. Hotels will now have a location score, which “which summarises the hotel’s neighborhood based on information from Google Maps”

    The company adds: “For example, you’ll see if a specific hotel is near boutique shops to fill your fashion fix or within walking distance from the Milan Duomo. You’ll also get information on getting to and from airports.”

    Which of the above tools do you think will be the most useful? Share your thoughts with us @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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      Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones have been leaked roughly in their entirety in a final few weeks, though currently we’re training a new pretence a homegrown smartphones will be able of.

      The Pixel XL 3 has seemed within a new ‘Pixel Tips’ video, that showcases pivotal gestures and facilities regulating a inclination using Android 9 Pie. The video also serve confirms a participation of a intelligent Google Lens apparatus within a local camera app. It shows a camera automatically scanning a sum of a business label though wanting to take a photo.

      When presenting a business label to a lens, a app picks adult a email residence and presents a discerning couple on screen. Tapping this will automatically launch an email harmonise shade with a residence generated into a ‘To’ field. You can see it in a video (via MySmartPrice) subsequent during about 50 seconds in.

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      Elsewhere a video runs by a simple smartphone functionality, including how to take screenshots, revise them, make video calls, toggle settings, fist to entrance a Google Assistant and more.

      It also shows a underline that enables a user to serve a presentation centre by scrolling down on a fingerprint sensor. In another clip, a user is shown flipping between a front and rear-facing camera by rambling a device behind and forth.


      • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

      The Pixel 3 phones will be entirely suggested on Oct 9, though during this point, it’s not transparent what’s left for Google to reveal. We’re also awaiting to see a charging mount for a dual Android 9 Pie devices, as good as a intelligent arrangement famous as a Google Home Hub.

      Will we be shopping possibly of a Pixel 3 phones subsequent month? Judging by what we know, do a phones seem opposite adequate to their predecessors? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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        The title underline on a Apple Watch Series 4, from a technological and medical standpoint, is a participation of a electrocardiogram (ECG), that is a potentially lifesaving apparatus that can collect adult signs of heart disease.

        It’s a initial over-the-counter device ever to underline a modernized technology, that measures a electrical activity of a heart regulating electrodes placed over a skin. In a box of a Apple Watch Series 4 it involves fixation a finger on a Digital Crown for a few seconds to serve a reading.

        In a United States this underline is authorized by a Food and Drug Administration (FDA), definition it’s a protected medical-grade device. However, in a UK, a device does not have a claim capitulation from a Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be entrance any time soon.

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        The MHRA pronounced a routine for commendatory an ECG includes a consent assessment, that will prove an review of a full peculiarity declaration system. However, that won’t take too long.

        What could means a poignant holdup is if Apple could be asked to lift out a clinical investigation, that would be designed to exam a efficacy of a device.

        Unfortunately, a studies Apple has already carried out in a United States, would be doubtful to prove a MHRA.


        • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

        “The final cause could be a many time immoderate and could potentially supplement years onto a CE imprinting process,” a MHRA told 9to5Mac.

        The saving beauty for Brits anticipating to make use of a feature, is a intensity for a discerning acknowledgment in Germany. Because a UK stays in a European Union right now, a investigate could be eliminated to British authorities. In fact an additional source in Germany told 9to5Mac this might in fact be a case.

        The Apple Watch Series 4 also includes facilities that surprise wearers if their heart rate is quite low, or irregular. These do not need medical capitulation and can be used simply to warning consumers to a trend.

        Has a Apple Watch Series 4 done a approach onto your wrist yet? Share your early impressions with us @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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          Sky has suggested a 4K UltraHD calm entrance to Sky Q subscribers in October. The list facilities a horde of UHD film premieres, along with classical Marvel and DC superhero flicks, high-end TV array and sports.

          Those with a claim subscriptions will see a calm hurl out by a month of Oct on Sky Cinema, Sky Store and Sky Entertainment, as good as Sky Sports calm like a ongoing Premier League and F1 4K broadcasts.

          In terms of 4K film premieres, here’s what Sky Cinema will offer:

          • Downsizing – 5th October
          • Roman J. Israel, Esq – 18th October
          • 15:17 To Paris – 19th October
          • Fifty Shades Freed – 26th October
          • Phantom Thread – 28th October

          The altogether film library will be increased by a Christopher Nolan collection un 4K, including all 3 instalments of a The Dark Knight saga, along with The Prestige and Dunkirk.

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          For Marvel fans holding a small downtime from personification a Spider-Man diversion on PS4, there’s a possibility to locate adult with Amazing Spider-Man 1 2, Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3, and Spider-Man Homecoming movies.


          • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

          Patient Zero is entrance to a Sky Store on Oct 22, while a Sky Entertainment choice will be increased by a following 4K releases:

          • Jamestown S1S2 boxset
          • Ray Donovan S6
          • Good Doctor S2
          • Reluctant Landlord
          • Landscape Artist of a Year
          • Sally4ever
          • Space’s Deepest Secrets [Discovery]
          • NASA’s Greatest Missions [Discovery]
          • Above Beyond: Nasa’s Journey to Tomorrow [Discovery]

          All of this is combined to a existent calm sitting in Sky’s 4K line-up, that will sojourn accessible during a month of October.

          Sky Cinema

          • Final Score (UHD Premiere)
          • The Disaster Artist (UHD Premiere)
          • Murder On The Orient Express (UHD Premiere)
          • Daddy’s Home 2 (UHD Premiere)
          • All The Money In The World (UHD Premiere)
          • Battle of a Sexes (UHD Premiere)
          • 2001: Space Odyssey

          Sky Store
          Deadpool 2 (UHD Premiere)

          Sky Entertainment

          • Discovery of Witches
          • Karl Pilkington – Sick Of It
          • SWAT

          Will any of this inspire we to ascent to Sky Q’s Ultra HD offerings? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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            The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 looks nailed on for a Oct 2 hardware eventuality and will go by that name, according to a leaked unboxing video.

            Judging by a shave posted by a Vietnamese website, a Surface Pro 6 pattern will be identical to a Surface Pro 2017, though with somewhat winding corners. The slight pattern change doesn’t go utterly to a lengths of a Surface Go in this respect, though it is a step towards a smoother looking Surface Pro.

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            However, rumours of a USB-C pier seem to be ungrounded with a unboxing video arrangement USB-A ports. Those seeking to use their USB-C inclination will need to go down a dongle track again on a Surface Pro 6, it seems.

            The spec piece presented (via Digital Trends) shows an 8th-generation Intel Core processors, along with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage.

            The name Surface Pro 6 would see a lapse to a fixing gathering Microsoft deserted when it launched final year’s model. That Windows 10 laptop/tablet hybrid arrived as a Surface Pro 2017, rather than a Surface Pro 5.


            • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

            Microsoft’s eventuality subsequent week is also expected to see a launch of a Surface Laptop 2, that is set to arrive in a some-more normal black colour.

            Judging by a images recently leaked, it doesn’t seem as if Microsoft is changing adult a pattern for a super-slim Windows 10 S formed laptop. The strange Surface Laptop offering a 13.5-inch arrangement with adult to 16GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

            It’s also probable a new Surface Studio all-in-one device during Microsoft’s eventuality in New York City on Oct 2. Leaked benchmarks for that device uncover it might be much, most faster than a predecessor.

            We’ll have full coverage of a Microsoft eventuality on Oct 2, hang with us for news of a announcements. Drop us a line @TrustedReviews with your hopes for a event.

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              If we consider your group has scored a thespian final notation leader in Football Manager 2019, we competence wish to wait a few seconds before lifting your shirt over your conduct and using around a vital room.

              Yes, FM2019 will also deliberate a Video Assistant Referee – a dreaded VAR – to arbitrate on pivotal decisions like either a actor was offside, or either a tainted was committed.

              VAR is among 5 new facilities combined today, that also embody goal-line technology, a revamped training module, strategy options and a new managerial initiation educational feature.

              In a post on a Sports Interactive village forum a association pronounced a VAR underline will usually be deployed in competitions that use it in genuine life, and in a same approach as it is used in those competitions.

              You can see how a new training procedure and VAR will demeanour in a videos posted to Twitter below:

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                Zeiss competence be improved famous for a high peculiarity lenses it’s been crafting for good over a century, though that doesn’t meant it can’t come true out of leftfield with a new full-frame compress camera called a Zeiss ZX1.

                The ZX1 isn’t usually any aged full-frame compress possibly – it comes packaged with innovative features, including a outrageous 4.3in touchscreen and built-in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.

                That’s right, rather than faffing around with promulgation files to your smartphone or inscription for editing, we can do all of your modifying on a Zeiss ZX1 before uploading images directly to amicable media around Wi-Fi.

                Another engaging aspect of a ZX1 is that it has 512GB of inner memory, rather than a memory label slot. According to Zeiss, that’s adequate room for 6,800 RAW files or over 50,000 JPEGs, and interjection to a ZX1’s USB-C tie you’ll be means to bond outmost inclination like unstable hard-drives to offload snaps.

                Naturally, there are some flattering clever optics feeding this promisingly streamlined sharpened experience. The ZX1 is fronted by a Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/2 lens – identical to a one of Sony’s RX1 – with autofocus that has apparently been “perfectly matched” to a 37.4-megapixel Zeiss-made sensor.


                • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

                Above a 1280×720 pixel arrangement we also get an 0.7-inch OLED viewfinder with a decent 0.74x magnification. The ZX1 isn’t usually a still photography conventionalist possibly – it can also record 4K video during 30fps (or Full HD during 60fps). And that strange, winding shade apparently helps to apart live perspective from a hold controls.

                The usually slight downsides seem to be a miss of in-body picture stabilisation and, like many full-frame cameras, a comparatively medium detonate mode of 3fps.

                Zeiss ZX1 – who is it for?

                Aside from a apparent answer of ‘anyone propitious adequate to be means to spend several thousand pounds on a compress camera’, a ZX1 is unequivocally directed during anyone looking for a simple, reward travel photography tool.

                The 35mm focal length is ideal for travel snapping, being far-reaching adequate for many scenes while removing we closer to a movement than your smartphone camera. And while a bound lens competence primarily sound limiting, it encourages a oft-mentioned travel photography use of ‘zooming with your feet’.

                The apparent opposition for a Zeiss ZX1 is Sony’s RX1, nonetheless a nude down ethos maybe creates it feel some-more like a Leica Q or TL2. While a latter has a smaller APS-C sensor rather than being full-frame, it too took a ‘smartphone meets compress camera’ thought to new levels, despite for what will expected be a likewise sky high cost tag.

                Zeiss hasn’t expelled pricing info for a ZX1 yet, though says it’ll be accessible “from early 2019”. We’ll move we a initial impressions as shortly as we get a hands on one.

                What do we think, do we like a sound of a camera with builtin Adobe Lightroom? Let us know on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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                  Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been sued for rascal by a US government’s financial watchdog over tweets regarding to his rapidly-abandoned skeleton to take a electric automobile association private.

                  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fit claims Musk’s tweets, where he told supporters he had cumulative appropriation during an agreed-upon value to move a pioneering organisation underneath private ownership, were fake and had caused ‘significant difficulty and disruption’ in a market.

                  The filing seeks to anathema Elon Musk from being means to reason an officer or executive position during any publicly-traded companies. Musk might also be theme to profitable financial damages, should a justice order opposite a Tesla CEO (via Bloomberg).

                  In an strange tweet, Musk pronounced a private appropriation had been valued during $420 per share, that caused Tesla shares to burst 11%. However, a SEC filing claims that matter of gratefulness did not have ‘adequate basement in fact.’

                  “In law and in fact, Musk had not even discussed, most reduction confirmed, pivotal understanding terms, including price, with any intensity appropriation source,” prosecutors write in a complaint. They Musk’s “funding secured” twitter was “false and misleading.”

                  The filing added: “Musk knew that he had never discussed a going-private transaction during $420 per share with any intensity appropriation source, had finished zero to examine either it would be probable for all stream investors to sojourn with Tesla as a private association around a “special purpose fund,” and had not reliable support of Tesla’s investors for a intensity going- private transaction.”

                  Tesla shares fell 4% on news of a SECs filing, that could have widespread ramifications for a destiny of both Musk and Tesla, both of whom are nonetheless to criticism on a lawsuit.


                  • Credit: Twitter/@RedBullRacing

                  Within a content of a lawsuit, a SEC says: “Musk’s fake and dubious open statements and omissions caused poignant difficulty and intrusion in a marketplace for Tesla’s batch and ensuing mistreat to investors. By enchanting in a control purported in this complaint, Musk violated, and unless calm and enjoined will violate again, Section 10(b) of a Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (‘Exchange Act’)… and Rule 10b-5 [17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5] thereunder.”

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