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Netflix has reliable that it’s contrast cost increases for British customers. While strictly a three-tier cost options are £5.99, £7.99 and £9.99, users have reported saying prices as high as £12.99.

A Netflix orator reliable a cost fluctuations to Digital Spy, explaining that it’s partial of a exam to “ensure that Netflix is always good value for money.”

The doubt came after contention on Digital Spy’s forum, where opposite users reported saying opposite prices during opposite times – and even by switching web browsers. One user found 3 opposite cost tiers in a space of dual mins by switching browsers and clearing cookies: £6.99/£9.99/£12.99, £5.99/£8.99/£11.99 and £5.99/£7.99/£9.99.

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Netflix lifted prices in a USA behind during a start of a year, that left UK subscribers fearing a identical lift competence be coming. Netflix cooled conjecture during a time though, saying that “price increases are specific to any nation and a US boost does not change or prove a UK cost change.”

Do these tests prove a UK might be about to follow a US after all?

We are contrast somewhat opposite prices to improved know how members value Netflix,” a orator said. “Not everybody will see this exam and we might never hurl out these specific prices over this test.”

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A bit hapless for those that pointer adult in a test, though there we are. Interestingly, if a £12.99 per month cost were to turn a permanent partial of Netflix’s pricing structure, it would meant that Netflix has finally turn some-more costly than a annual price for a colour TV licence. While a latter costs £150.50 per year – or £12.54 per month – a top-level of Netflix would unexpected cost households £155.88 for a year’s access.

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It’s starting to demeanour like Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S will reportedly launch on May 7th, after leaked papers have shown off a “Xbox One S All-Digital edition”, entrance in a really nearby future.

This comes from papers performed by Windows Central, though rumours of an Xbox One S though a Blu-ray expostulate have been floating around for several weeks. Previous rumours have forked towards an proclamation in mid-April, with a launch someday in May, so it all checks out on that front.

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This latest trickle adds a idea that a all-digital console will be make-up a 1TB harddrive, and boat with digital codes for Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft.

In addition, grouping this online will reportedly come with a choice of selecting some games we wish to be preinstalled on a appurtenance before it ships, definition it could uncover adult during your residence with a Xbox diversion we wish already installed. For me, this fundamentally means that I’d get to play by Castlevania: Symphony of a Night for a 100th time, accessible around Xbox 360 behind harmony after a game’s Xbox Live Arcade release. For everybody else, we theory we could puncture into titles like Gears of War, Crackdown 3 or whatever else Xbox we competence be into.

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While it competence seem treacherous to pull a digital usually console, Microsoft have done a large understanding out of a Xbox Game Pass, that has seen games digitally accessible on recover day for those subscribed to a service. Factor in Microsoft’s stirring xCloud diversion streaming service, and their unrestrained for a disc-less destiny becomes easier to see.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment, though zero has been offering during a time of publishing. If they do contend anything, we’ll embody it here.

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Microsoft is a apropos a lot some-more height dubious than it used to be. Mere days after bringing Windows Defender to Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has denounced Windows Defender for Mac.

Of course, though Windows to defend, a name doesn’t make a good understanding of sense, so it’s been renamed Microsoft Defender – that sounds a bit like it’s program to strengthen computers from Windows, though there we are.

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From today, businesses can get early entrance to it – supposing their Macs are regulating macOS Mojave, High Sierra or Sierra. People who have already used a Windows chronicle will know accurately what to expect, and we get a same surety protection, crack showing and response collection as we would on a Windows 10 machine.

The thought that Macs don’t get viruses has looked increasingly flakey as a recognition of macOS grows. While it once would have done reduction clarity to aim Macs, cybercriminals have realised that malware directed during macOS can be remunerative in a possess right – generally a kind of business Macs that Microsoft Defender in primarily appearing on. There’s no word as nonetheless as to either this will one day turn a consumer product.

The attainment of Microsoft Defender for Macs could be quite accessible for businesses that use both Macs and PCs, as it should make gripping them all adult to date that bit easier if they’re regulating a same software.

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As attacks continue to arise in both volume and sophistication, Microsoft is committed to support and commission a world’s vicious cybersecurity defenders,” Rob Lefferts, corporate clamp boss during Microsoft Security, wrote in a blog post announcing Microsoft Defender for Mac. “We’re invariably innovating in new capabilities and holding advantage of a scale and comprehension of the services so that together we can keep business safe.”

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In an interview, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has pronounced a Epic Games Store won’t discharge adult games. 

A distant cry from Steam’s hands off ‘we’ll sell anything’ approach, Sweeney spoke to PC Gamer and likened a Epic Games Store to a film theatre, claiming that a flourishing storefront will request peculiarity standards “similar to what a film museum competence request as to what cinema they show.”

This means no “crappy games” and no “porn games, bloatware or item flips, or any arrange of diversion that’s meant to startle players.”

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I’ve been sincerely leery of a Epic Games Store given day one, though it’s roughly ungainly to indicate out that it’s primary comparison, a once-monolithic Steam, is happy to whip off porn games and item flips, and once spent a week deliberating about either it would be fine to whip a diversion called “Rape Day” on a platform.

If ever there was an evidence for a somewhat stronger curatorial grip, that disturbance is it. Steam eventually motionless opposite offered a passionate attack simulator, though deliberation that was a genre a developer gave for a game, it’s strange that it took longer than 25 seconds for a preference to be made, and that’s a vital debility on a partial of Steam.

So, what does fit on a Epic Games Store? Sweeney is penetrating to indicate out that no matter what scale, “reasonably good peculiarity games” will be accepted, and they’re also ok with titles that would be deliberate an “R-rated film or an M-rated game”, as prolonged as they’re decent.

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Before a claims about censorship and sealed platforms appear, Sweeney does discuss that a PC is an open platform, saying: “if we don’t discharge it in the store, we can still strech consumers directly.”

What do we consider of Epic’s preference to skip out of offered bloatware, item flips and porn? We’re on Twitter during @TrustedReviews

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Intel’s comprehensive 9th era Core H-series processors are scarcely on us. Frederik Hamberger, ubiquitous manager of reward and gaming cover segments during Intel, told PC World that a new chips would be here “very, really soon”.

How do we conclude “very, really soon”? Well, a association had already suggested that a chips would be nearing in a second entertain of a year, that means Jun 30 during a comprehensive latest, according to a stream schedule.

The arriving chips are formed on a 14nm Coffee Lake architecture, and will be directed during high finish and gaming laptops where opening is prioritised over battery life. They’re a kind of chips that will concede gamers to play triple-A titles on a go, while also recording and streaming for YouTube or Twitch.

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The association didn’t exhibit a good understanding some-more about a chips, though a record enclosed gives some-more hints during a kind of users Intel is targeting. The Core i9 mobile chips will apparently support WiFi 6 AX200, Intel Optane memory and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

Intel forked to marketplace investigate that indicates half of gamers now courtesy themselves as calm creators too, definition that they need a laptop comprehensive adequate not only to run a latest games, though to make video-editing program some-more than a slideshow.

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These are not only a many perfectionist energy users, they are a ones that use their laptops some-more than any group,” Hamberger said. “They spend some-more mins of use per day than any of a other laptop segments.”

We’ll have to wait and see either a new chips live adult to these expectations. But a good news is we have a limit of 101 days to wait.

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Come and work for Trusted Reviews, one of a UK’s biggest tech sites!

Founded in 2004, Trusted Reviews exists to give a readers thorough, unprejudiced and eccentric recommendation on what to buy. Today, we have 9 million users a month around a world, and consider some-more than 1,000 products a year.

And we need new people to assistance us do that. It’s a quite sparkling time to be fasten Trusted Reviews as we’re embarking on a bucket of changes and improvements to a site to safeguard we set a standard, and we’d like we to come on house and help.

You’ll join a group of over 17 reporters and editors in a Southwark offices, operative to rise a news and reviews for tech enthusiasts and buyers. Here’s a stream roles:

Staff writer, mobile phones

Love phones? Come and join a expanding mobiles group and news on a many critical tech today. You’ll write mobile news and features, get to see a latest rigging approach before anyone else, and transport to a biggest phone associated events opposite a world.

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Staff writer, home technology

We’re looking for someone who can come in and assistance grow one of a many critical sections – tech for your home. You’ll exam a latest in intelligent home, home automation and home appliances, and transport internationally to pivotal events in a editorial calendar.

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Staff writer, news

Enjoy a disturb of chasing down an strange news angle? Like violence rivals to a story? Want to assistance set Trusted Reviews’ daily agenda? We’re looking for a news author to assistance us build decisive consumer tech news and features.

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Production editor

Are we a shining workflow organiser and sub-editor? We’re looking for someone to assistance broach a calm plan. You competence have a imitation or digital credentials – though you’ll know how to make a trains run on time.

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Looking for your initial pursuit in journalism? We’re looking for new graduates or people with homogeneous experience, who wish to get their feet in a door. Interested? Drop a editorial executive Nick an email.



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After months and months of rumours, conjecture and leaks, Apple sensitively denounced a new AirPods 2 earphones during a same week it announced a iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 2019 and updated iMac.

The strange AirPods were Apple’s initial totally wireless earphones, and have turn hugely popular. You can now tell an Apple user from anyone else once we mark a AirPods swinging from their ears during a morning commute.

In some ways a strange charity illusory quality, and in other critical ways they fell short. Since then, a foe has usually clever and a recover of a new AirPods allows Apple to reassert a position in a loyal wireless earbud market.

So what’s changed, what’s been softened and should we trade your aged AirPods in for a AirPods 2?

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AirPods 2 vs AirPods − Price

If we have a strange AirPods and are looking to upgrade, afterwards cost is one of a some-more critical factors to consider. Apple offers a new AirPods in a accumulation of options, so a cost differs depending on what we want.

The bottom cost for a new AirPods is a same as a originals, during £159/$159. That chronicle comes with a aged charging case.

Apple, however, has also expelled a new charging box that supports Qi charging. If we wish a new AirPods with a new wireless charging case, that will set we behind £199/$199.

Existing AirPods users who aren’t meddlesome in a new AirPods yet do wish a new wireless charging case, however, can buy that alone for £79/$79.

You can buy them from Apple.com and by a Apple Store app right now. They’ll be accessible in section and trebuchet Apple Stores shortly.

AirPods 2 vs AirPods − Design

On a face of it, there’s not a outrageous difference, if any, between a aged indication and a new AirPods. The form cause is a same, swinging out of a ear with that toothbrush-like look.

The expectancy brazen of a large exhibit was that a black finish would be done available, yet that has not materialised, with Apple adhering with a silken white colour intrigue of old.

If we weren’t a fan of a strange design, there’s zero a new AirPods 2 offer in this dialect that will change your opinion.

AirPods 2 vs AirPods − Features

Underneath a hood, a second era AirPods container a new H1 chip that facilities “custom audio architecture”.

Apple claims a H1 chip produces a faster, some-more quick tie than before. Considering a first-gen AirPods already had a really clever Bluetooth connection, some-more of a same is appreciated.

Switching from one active device to another is claimed to be twice as fast, creation for a some-more seamless operation. Call time with a new AirPods has also been extended, with Apple observant they broach adult to 50% some-more speak time.

Gaming enthusiasts should take note of a claimed reduce gaming latency too. Apple says they’ve driven it down by adult to 30%, suggesting we should knowledge improved audio knowledge when personification games on an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

We haven’t nonetheless had a possibility to try out a new AirPods, yet we’ll be putting all of a above to a exam when we get a ears around them.

Siri voice operation has also been bundled in. Previously, we had to double-tap a earphones to activate Siri. With a new AirPods that is no longer necessary. Users can now contend “Hey, Siri” and a voice partner will open into life, creation it easier to change songs, make a call, change a volume or get directions.

Nothing has altered in terms of battery life. Apple says you’ll get 5 hours from a singular charge, that stays an attention heading figure. Putting a AirPods behind in a box for 15 mins is pronounced to yield 3 hours of song playback and dual hours of speak time. That’s accurately a same as a original.

The new AirPods conduct to container in some-more useful facilities into a little support than before. While they’re not groundbreaking, they seem to be a plain refinement, focusing on what a first-gen AirPods did good and improving on them.

AirPods 2 vs AirPods − Charging case

Arguably a biggest growth is that there’s a new chronicle of a charging case, with imagination Qi charging skills.

All we need do is place a box on a Qi concordant charging pad and that’s it. Just don’t discuss AirPower.

The LED indicator on a front, another new addition, will let we know when your AirPods are charging. The charging box packs in some-more than 24 hours of battery life into a frame, accurately a same as a aged case. It also weighs dual grams more, if that creates any difference.

AirPods 2 vs AirPods − Sound

Since they’ve only been announced, we haven’t had a possibility to get a mitts on a new AirPods, yet sufficient to contend this is one area in that Apple could urge on.

The originals charity normal sound peculiarity and new entrants in a marketplace have increased expectations of a peculiarity of audio a loyal wireless earbud can offer.

We can during slightest demeanour brazen to a reliably ‘sticky’ Bluetooth knowledge from a new AirPods. The originals’ audio vigilance frequency if ever forsaken during use, that is something we can’t contend about Apple’s rivals in this area.

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AirPods 2 vs AirPods − In summary

It’s too early to pull a outcome on possibly a new AirPods are improved than a originals. We can contend they demeanour promising, with a new H1 chip presumably set to offer improved opening and improvements in areas Apple was already clever in.

The audio opening is still something of an different though. So far, zero of Apple’s forays into headphones have resulted in truly glorious sound. You could also disagree that a new AirPods aren’t a loyal generational jump possibly in terms of features, charity a series of acquire improvements yet zero groundbreaking.

We’ll have to get a hands on a new AirPods initial before we can pull any organisation conclusions.

Excited by a new AirPods? Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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Getting in figure usually got easier with this glorious £20.99 bonus accessible right now on a Special Edition Fitbit Charge 3.

Fitbit has always been a heading code in a aptness tracking market, though with a Charge 3, a association has arguably done a best product to date. Taking all that done a Charge 2 so good and adding a incomparable screen, increasing battery life and H2O resistance, a Charge 3 is a dream come loyal for aptness fanatics.

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition Deal

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition – Lavender Woven/Rose-Gold Aluminium (includes additional watch strap)

One of a best aptness trackers to date, a Fitbit Charge 3 packs a 7 day battery life, H2O insurgency and a incomparable shade than a predecessor. Grab a stylish special book with a swish £20.99 off for a singular time only.


Save £20.99

Now £129.00

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Now £129.00

Save £20.99


Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition – Graphite/White (includes additional watch strap)

If lavender usually isn’t utterly your character afterwards we competence cite a graphite model, that adheres to a monochrome colour palette and facilities a breathable watch strap.


Save £20.99

Now £129.00

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Now £129.00

Save £20.99


In a 9/10 examination for a Charge 3, Richard Easton wrote: “If your attribute with aptness doesn’t need a imagination bells and whistles of some-more costly aptness trackers and using watches, you’ll feel right during home with a Charge 3. Even while Fitbit is pulling smartwatches like a Versa and Ionic, it knows there’s still a marketplace for some-more receptive aptness trackers that do a basics, and do them well.”

If you’re after a some-more normal smartwatch afterwards a Charge 3 competence not be for you. What we remove in watch faces and customisation, we some-more than make adult for in affordability. The £129.99 cost indicate is distant some-more affordable than a £200+ you’d design to compensate for a decent smartwatch.

This sold offer is usually accessible on a Special Edition versions of a Charge 3, that can now be had for a same cost as a customary versions. While I’m a tad some-more prejudiced to a lavender choice with a woven watch strap, both versions demeanour gorgeous. Plus, all Special Editions come with an additional black watch strap.

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition Deal

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition – Lavender Woven/Rose-Gold Aluminium (includes additional watch strap)

One of a best aptness trackers to date, a Fitbit Charge 3 packs a 7 day battery life, H2O insurgency and a incomparable shade than a predecessor. Grab a stylish special book with a swish £20.99 off for a singular time only.


Save £20.99

Now £129.00

View Deal

Now £129.00

Save £20.99


Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition – Graphite/White (includes additional watch strap)

If lavender usually isn’t utterly your character afterwards we competence cite a graphite model, that adheres to a monochrome colour palette and facilities a breathable watch strap.


Save £20.99

Now £129.00

View Deal

Now £129.00

Save £20.99


The Charge 3’s incomparable shade also comes with larger clarity, that is usually what we need when a persperate gets in your eyes, or if you’re perplexing out a Charge 3’s new H2O resistant facilities during a internal swimming pool.

For a same cost as a customary offering, there are now really few reasons because we shouldn’t obstacle yourself a some-more reward chronicle of a Fitbit Charge 3. If you’re looking to boost your examination routine, we couldn’t ask for a improved companion.

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