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Google has announced it is shuttering a unsuccessful Google+ amicable network as a outcome of remoteness concerns, while giving users most some-more control over how third-parties entrance users comment data.

Earlier on Monday, a Wall Street Journal news unprotected a association for unwell to divulge a critical information crack in Mar 2018, that unprotected a personal information of hundreds of thousands of users. The ‘sweeping changes’ cited in a WSJ news embody a permanent shutdown of G+ for consumers.

Internal papers seen by a Journal contend a confidence vulnerability, that was speckled and immediately fixed, gave third-party developers entrance to a information posted between 2015 and 2018.

According to a report, Google opted opposite a open avowal of a emanate due to fear of recriminations from regulators, though a association is now admitting half a million users were left unprotected by a bug.

The association wasn’t transparent either any injustice of a information took place, though a bug positively unprotected names, email addresses, dates of birth, places lived, gender, function and attribute standing of those users.

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In a blog post on Monday a association writes: “We done Google+ with remoteness in mind and therefore keep this API’s record information for usually dual weeks. That means we can't endorse that users were impacted by this bug. However, we ran a minute research over a dual weeks before to patching a bug, and from that analysis, a Profiles of adult to 500,000 Google+ accounts were potentially affected. Our research showed that adult to 438 applications might have used this API.”


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

So what’s function elsewhere? Well, a association is giving users some-more granular controls over a information they share with particular apps. Moving forward, requested permissions will be displayed away within their possess dialog box. This means users will be means to some-more simply control either they share information with a developer for one Google app and not a other.

Google is also tying a ‘types of use cases’ that are available within a consumer Gmail API.

In a blog post, Google writes: “Only apps directly enhancing email functionality—such as email clients, email backup services and capability services (e.g., CRM and mail combine services)—will be certified to entrance this data. Moreover, these apps will need to determine to new manners on doing Gmail information and will be theme to confidence assessments.”

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During Intel’s Oct 8 keynote display where we finally saw a exhibit of Intel’s 9th Gen processors, we were also treated to a initial demeanour during a arriving Intel X-Series range.

Aimed during veteran creatives rather than mainstream consumers, i7, i9 and i9 Extreme models of a X-Series will all be accessible to squeeze as shortly as Nov 2018. We’ll keep we updated once we find out a accurate recover date.

Prices start during $598, with a top-end chronicle costing a strong $1979. Intel’s nonetheless to recover any information on UK prices.

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The X-Series offers several options for numbers of cores, trimming from 8 to a whopping 18. Clock speeds can be maxed out an considerable 4.5Mhz, charity super speeds for video rendering. This is interjection to Intel’s Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, that optimises opening by identifying and utilising your processor’s fastest dual cores. The full relapse of options is shown below:

Overclocking is also possible, with Solder Thermal Interface Material boosting performances in this regard.


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

With 4-channel DDR4 memory support, you’ll be means to safeguard this ultra-fast speeds parasite along accordingly. Intel Optane SSD is also upheld here.

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Intel demonstrated on theatre how a softened opening of a new X-Series operation helped video diversion developers describe scenes during a dramatically improved speeds.

Not one to brag, Intel also showed off statistics illustrating how a Intel Core i9-9980XE compared to a rival, a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX. Intel claimed a arriving CPU offers a 108% alleviation for video modifying in Adobe’s Premiere Pro compared to a AMD rival, and 13% faster diversion build times with Unreal Engine.

The Intel X-Series CPUs were denounced during Intel’s New York showcase. The 9th Gen Intel CPUs and a ultra-powerful Intel Xeon processor were also revealed.

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Apple and BT are in talks to offer a customised chronicle of a Apple TV set-top box to EE broadband customers, according to reports on Monday.

The Daily Telegraph says a span are in ‘early discussions’ over distributing versions of a intelligent TV hardware to those rocking EE broadband – pre-loaded with apps like BT Sport.

The reported devise could have advantages for Apple over enabling it to sell some-more Apple TV boxes. The association has reportedly long-desired a cord-cutting compensate TV service, though has struggled to spike down deals with calm providers.

Should Apple eventually solve this quandary, a some-more Apple TV boxes already in homes, a easier it will be for consumers to fast adopt an Apple service.

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For BT, it provides another entrance to surveillance BT Sport subscriptions that give viewers entrance to live Premier League and Champions League football. Also, with a ability to offer users an determined device like Apple TV to their customers, BT won’t have to spend as most time building a possess set-top box hardware.

According to a report, a BT auxiliary EE was selected over business of a primogenitor association since of a some-more childish demographic it attracts. The Telegraph news points out:


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

EE has a long-standing attribute with Apple in propinquity to a iPhone and is used by BT as a proof belligerent for new initiatives. Its business are typically younger and some-more technologically savvy than those of a BT brand.

It isn’t transparent either EE broadband business would accept a giveaway Apple TV device when they pointer adult to a contract, or either Apple/BT will simply be discounting it for those customers.

This wouldn’t be a initial such settle Apple has done with broadband and mobile companies. The organisation has identical arrangements with a likes of Verizon and ATT in a United States, while business of a Swiss telecoms organisation Salt can also squeeze themselves an Apple TV.

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The Intel Xeon W-3175x CPU was launched during Intel’s Oct 8 keynote display in New York, along with a 9th Gen Intel CPUs and a Intel X-Series.

The Intel Xeon, though, was arguably a many headline-grabbing processor of a bunch, with Intel divulgence that it boasts an startling 28 cores and 56 threads, that equates to a whole lot of power. Base speeds come in during 3.1GHz

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This processor is, unsurprisingly, not directed during gamers or a mainstream audience. It’s directed privately during media professionals who need a huge volume of estimate power. This could embody animators or video diversion developers. 

This beast of a CPU also comes unlocked, so users who wish even some-more opening energy are giveaway to overclock as they wish with speeds reaching a heights of 4.3GHz interjection to Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

The TDP is unsurprisingly high too during 255W, while a Intel Smart Cache offers 38.5MB.


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

The Intel Xeon W-3175x CPU also supports 6-channel DDR4 memory, with adult to 512GB during 2666MHz. 

This super-powered CPU will be expelled in Dec 2018. There’s no word on cost yet, yet we can gamble your dollar it’s going to be justifiably eye-wateringly expensive.

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In all honesty, though, all this energy is substantially distant too most for you. If you’re looking for illusory speeds that won’t leave we bankrupt, check out a Intel 9th Gen CPUs as good a soon-to-be-released Intel X-Series.

The former is directed during a mass market, with Intel job a i9 Intel Core a “world’s fastest gaming desktop CPU”. The X-Series, meanwhile, is directed during artistic professionals yet during a significantly some-more receptive cost point.

The 9th Gen Intel Cores will be accessible to buy on Oct 19, and a X-Series can be found on shelves someday in Nov 2018.

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Over a weekend, Microsoft was forced to temporarily hindrance a Oct 2018 Windows 10 update, following reports users were blank files following installation.

So it’s rather unfortunate, in light of what’s being reported as a ‘mass record deletion’, that Microsoft’s preference sensitively start charging some-more for Windows 10 Home would come to light.

The digital download cost during Microsoft.com in a US has risen by $19 – from $119.99 to $139 – as spied by MSPowerUser. It’s not accurately transparent when Microsoft altered a price, though it is also reflected during third-party retailers like Amazon.

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So what accurately happened with chronicle 1809? Many users took to Twitter to protest that song and record downloads had disappeared, while others complained of depraved tough drives following a update. This left them incompetent to hurl behind to a prior version.

One user, Robert Ziko, says a refurbish cost him 23-years and 220GB value of files. He wrote on a Microsoft Answers forum (via Forbes): “I have only updated my Windows regulating a Oct refurbish (10, chronicle 1809) it deleted all my files of 23 years in volume of 220GB. This is unbelievable, we have been regulating Microsoft products given 1995 and zero like that ever happened to me.”

While a emanate appears to be utterly isolated, it would have expected turn some-more widespread had Microsoft not dangling a refurbish over a weekend.


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

On a support site Microsoft writes: “We have paused a rollout of a Windows 10 Oct 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users as we examine removed reports of users blank some files after updating.”

In a post, Microsoft advises influenced users to call their patron support hotlines, while revelation those who’ve downloaded a refurbish designation media not to implement it until a new recover is available.

It’s not nonetheless transparent when a update, that primarily forsaken after a Surface eventuality final week, will start rolling out to users once again. We’ll keep we posted.

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Kotaku has reported that mixed developers are scheming for a doing of PSN name changes opposite PlayStation platforms. 

The underline has turn a visit ask from fans over a years, with many unfortunate to change a potentially annoying online personas they’ve had given 2007 or so.

Sony has pronounced in a past that such a thing was not probable due to a PlayStation Network’s online infrastructure, though that competence be changing for a better.

Citing mixed sources from several studios that have remained anonymous, they told Kotaku that in new months they’ve been regulating bugs and changing settings to work alongside a rumoured feature.

A fourth source common a print of a request featuring an “edit username” option, that sounds like a flattering self-explanatory giveaway, if true.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live height has supposing players with a choice to change their online ID for years now, with a initial instance being accessible for free.

We’d adore to see this underline implemented opposite a PlayStation ecosystem, and not only since we’re broke of a usernames. Okay, maybe only a bit.


  • A judgment describe of a Microsoft tri-screened device.
    Credit: WinFuture.de

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PlayStation Experience won’t be holding place this year, that is where we would’ve approaching such a thing to be unveiled, if it is being worked on. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Sony PlayStation conduct Shawn Layden told Kinda Funny‘s Greg Miller that “you won’t have to ask me that doubt subsequent PSX,” per PSN ID changes, so maybe we’ll see it implemented in Dec 2018?

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Microsoft is believed to be operative on a foldable Surface inscription though it unsuccessful to make an entrance during this week’s Microsoft Surface Pro 6 launch, heading some to trust that a device had been ditched altogether.

However, it appears that a project − famous internally as Andromeda − is still really most alive.

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“It’s positively my baby,” Microsoft’s arch product officer, Panos Panay, has told The Verge. “We will invent and we will emanate when products are right. We can’t move new categories into a universe and not be a place where business need it.”

He added: “I consider there’s a lot of new form factors that are entrance in a future.”

It was widely reported this summer that a heavily rumoured device wouldn’t see a light of day before a finish of 2018, though there were also claims that a plan had been killed off. Those were far-reaching of a mark, it appears.

Panay didn’t let most some-more slip, though he did spirit that it could still be a prolonged while before such a device creates it to market. “I consider any other form cause we haven’t seen nonetheless we’ve gotta get right, we’ve got to make certain we keep inventing to make it perfect,” he said.


  • A judgment describe of a Microsoft tri-screened device.
    Credit: WinFuture.de

According to an inner note detected final year, a “new and disruptive” device is designed to fuzz a lines between a PC and a mobile device.

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“It’s a new pocketable Surface device form cause that brings together innovative new hardware and program practice to emanate a truly personal and versatile computing experience,” Microsoft reportedly wrote in a document.

The device has also been rumoured to come with twin screens, and a ability to make voice calls.

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The Google Assistant is getting a significant makeover on smartphones, with a new design offering bolder visuals, new controls and tools to assist with voice messaging.

The new version of the Google Assistant takes inspiration from its appearance on Smart Displays, with Google conscious users will be controlling the assistant via voice and touch. As such, users will be able to easily interject into messages dictated to the Assistant, in order to add punctuation or make quick edits.

Likewise there are new controls and sliders that make it easier to manage smart home devices. Some of these changes, which include the ability to control the brightness of smart lights or the volume of the smart speakers, have already rolled out to the Assistant.

Google says Android users will now receive an overview of the day by opening up the Assistant and swiping up on the screen. As usual, this will be curated information based on the time of day and recent interactions.

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Finally, the company is giving developers and brands the power to take full advantage of the phone screen. When ordering within the Assistant, Starbucks will now show image thumbnails of recommended workouts. The Food Network now shows larger images from recipes, while FitStar offers a preview of the chosen work out in GIF form.


  • Credit: Owen Williams (@ow on Twitter)

In a blog post Google adds: “If you’ve been using your Google Home but haven’t tried out the Google Assistant on phones, now’s a great time to pull out the device in your pocket and find out how voice and touch work together to make life a little easier. You can download the Google Assistant app on iOS, or open the Assistant on your Android phone with a long press of the home button or by adding the Assistant app to your homescreen.”

The changes come less than a week before Google reveals its latest smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL at the Made By Google event on October 9.

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