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Google is rolling out a real-time transcription feature for its much-loved Google Translate mobile app.

The feature, first previewed in January, arrives on Android today, and is capable of listening in on conversations and immediately turning the speech into text of another language.

The app is capable of transcribing speech from any combination of eight languages right now, with more to follow. Currently, it supports English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

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Using the feature is easy, Google says. It’s just a case of tapping on the “Transcribe” icon from the home screen and selecting the source and target languages from a drop-down menu.

In a post on Google’s The Keyword blog, the online giant says the feature will work best in situations where one person at a time is speaking.

In a somewhat heartwarming account, Sami Iqram, the product manager for Google Translate, wrote: “Recently, I was at my friend’s family gathering, where her grandmother told a story from her childhood. I could see that she was excited to share it with everyone but there was a problem—she told the story in Spanish, a language that I don’t understand.

“I pulled out Google Translate to transcribe the speech as it was happening. As she was telling the story, the English translation appeared on my phone so that I could follow along—it fostered a moment of understanding that would have otherwise been lost. And now anyone can do this—starting today, you can use the Google Translate Android app to transcribe foreign language speech as it’s happening.”

There’s currently no word on when the iOS version of the feature will roll out, but Android users can dive in from today. We’ve got to be honest, as reporters, we’d be fine with a free and reliable English-to-English transcription service for conducting interviews, let alone multiple languages.

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The Focals by North intelligent eyeglasses were a noted and acquire depart from unsuccessful AR specs like Google Glass, partially due to a deficiency of a front confronting camera.

Realising that Google’s before-its-time bid had freaked copiousness of people out interjection to a eye-level lens, North went for a easier proceed for a possess intelligent specs, focused around displaying smartphone notifications.

However, North now appears to be relocating divided from a back-to-basics heads-up arrangement with a Focals 2.0 glasses, that will clearly have a video camera of their own. The apparent acknowledgment came from a company’s CEO Steven Lake, who posted a amicable media video (via SlashGear), that looks as if it was shot regulating a second-gen intelligent glasses.

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What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing services are an useful apparatus for businesses that concede staff to work from home and for companies to control business meetings overseas. They’re also a good approach to plead with your friends on a weekend when we onslaught to get your schedules to line adult adequate to ever accommodate for a coffee.

The common organisation messaging app underline lets users horde discussions, reason meetings and plead critical work matters face-to-face even on days when not everybody can make it to a office.

Trusted Reviews has gathered a list of all a best apps to video plead on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Free video conferencing apps

Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a giveaway video conferencing use that lets we plead with adult to 10 people during a time. All we need is a Google comment to start a video call on Android, iOS or right in your browser.


If you’re essentially looking to theatre one-to-one meetings around video chat, Slack is a good option.

The giveaway chronicle of a workplace messaging app offers organisation messaging with entrance to 10,000 of your team’s many new messages, integrations with collection like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 and one-to-one voice and video calls between teammates.

The association does offer paid skeleton with adult to fifteen participants though you’ll need to dash out during slightest £5.25 a month for a luxury.

Skype 8


When many people consider of video calls, they consider of Skype. Skype is a giveaway video conferencing app that allows calls of adult to 50 people during no cost, with shade pity to benefaction display slides and papers with your group while we talk.

You can also send files directly by a app and even use a use to phone landlines by adding credit to your account.

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Zoom offers calls with adult to 100 people for giveaway users and adult to 500 on a other finish of a scale with a Enterprise plan.

While 100 is copiousness for many on a hunt for a good video conferencing app and a total one-to-one meetings, HD video and shade share facilities are all interesting perks permitted during no cost, a 40-minute time extent can be, well, tying for some workplaces.

Luckily, Zoom has reportedly carried time boundary on video calls on a giveaway program opposite China and for schools in Japan, Italy and a US for a brief time. We’re anticipating this underline will come to a UK but, in a meantime, a giveaway chronicle seems some-more than inexhaustible adequate for a normal user.


WhatsApp is a good choice if we find yourself mostly operative on a go.

The app sets a extent during 4 participants per call though all we need to set adult a giveaway comment is your phone number. Many people also already have a app on their phones, creation this choice simply permitted for any final notation video calls and conferences.

Discounted video conferencing apps

Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft has offering a giveaway chronicle of Teams for a while now, a series of users authorised to extract in any call has been limited. The association announced final week that it would be creation a full chronicle giveaway to all for 6 months to support those operative remotely during a new Coronavirus outbreak.

The giveaway chronicle already allows for video meetings and calls though for 6 months trial users can demeanour brazen to scheduled meetings, assembly recordings, and significantly incomparable video conferences all giveaway of charge.

Image: Google

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Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is Google’s some-more modernized (paid) video conferencing use and a step adult from unchanging aged Hangouts. Last week, Google began rolling out giveaway entrance to all G Suite and G Suite for Education users opposite a world, finale Jul 1.

This includes incomparable meetings of adult to 250 participants, live streaming for adult to 100,000 viewers and a ability to record and save meetings in a Google Drive.

Which video conferencing collection work on mobile?

All of a video conferencing collection listed above will work on mobile.

While some services such as WhatsApp are essentially designed to be used on a go, desktop options such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype and Zoom all have mobiles apps that make video conferencing probable wherever we are.

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The iPhone 12’s new CPU will be only as absolute as a one seen in Apple’s top-spec iPad, that would be good news for gamers, according to a uninformed report.

Geekbench scores have been unclosed (by Apple Insider) that presumably record a opening of Apple’s latest mobile chip, a A14. This is a one that a iPhone 12 is approaching to run on, and a early signs are really enlivening – see a subsequent scores that examination a purported new Apple chipset subsequent to a A12X, that facilities on a latest iPad Pro.

Geebench Scores: A12x (left) vs “A14” (right)

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We were really tender with a opening delivered by a iPad Pro, describing it as “the many absolute inscription we’ve ever reviewed… absolutely beat[ing] a best smartphones out there for performance.”

It can hoop really complete tasks such as print modifying and 4K video modifying but any critical loiter or slowdown, so we’d demeanour brazen to saying a likewise considerable opening entrance from Apple’s subsequent smartphone, as that would be good news for perfectionist users such as mobile gamers.

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This is distant from a initial concrete gossip we’ve come opposite per a iPhone 12. Slated to be expelled in Sep 2020 (providing that a coronavirus conflict does not means poignant delays to production), a device is approaching to be a initial in a array to exaggerate 5G connectivity, that will let it offer radically faster mobile information speeds.

Beyond that, there are rumours that this subsequent entrance in a array will have a significantly smaller nick in a screen, that could magnitude as vast as 6.7-inches. But if we can’t wait for a iPhone 12 afterwards there’s potentially some good news for we as a iPhone 9 could be expelled progressing in a year as a cheaper alternative, yet it’s expected to run on a A13 chip found on a iPhone 11 Pro rather than a new A14 chip.

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Have we ever used Live View in Google Maps? It’s a unequivocally accessible underline that taps into your camera and gives we AR directions, yet it appears that not a lot of people know about it. Google is now on a goal to change that.

Live View launched final year, and it has a intensity to dramatically change how we use Google Maps. Unfortunately though, Google hasn’t finished a best pursuit of pulling it to users.

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According to 9to5Google, a association is now looking during ways to make Live View most some-more prominent.

For some users, a new Live View floating movement button, noted by a pin, has started appearing on-screen after they’ve searched for or comparison a destination.

Hitting a pin launches a Live View feature, that relies on your camera and, therefore, requires we to reason your phone adult vertically, so that Maps can analyse and (hopefully recognise) your evident surroundings, and uncover we accurately where we should walk.

Image Credit: 9to5Google

Furthermore, in a exam a tiny round map that customarily appears during a bottom of a shade in Live View mode is being transposed with a most easier card.

If you’ve never attempted Live View before, we couldn’t suggest it enough. With a underline on, there’s no possibility of walking down an unknown travel in a wrong instruction for 5 minutes, since Google Maps’ blue dot was momentarily indicating a wrong way. The AR directions will simply lead a way.

As Aparna Chennapragada, a VP for Google Lens and AR, pronounced during a strange unveiling: “Let me paint a informed picture. You exit a subway, you’re already regulating late for an appointment − or a tech association conference. That happens. And afterwards your phone says ‘Head south on Market Street’.

“So what do we do? One problem − we have no thought that approach is south. So we demeanour down during a phone, you’re looking during that blue dot on a map, and we start to travel to see if it’s relocating in a same direction. If it’s not, you’re branch around. We’ve all been there.”

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However, Live View is singular to Android inclination that support ARCore and iPhones that support ARKit. You can perspective a (not utterly adult to date) list of concordant inclination here.

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If we wish to get your fill of all things Star Wars and Marvel related, we can bag half a year of a use for giveaway when we pointer adult to a new O2 package.

Everyone loves a freebie, generally when that freebie allows we to tide Moana and Avengers cinema back-to-back. So O2 is being understandably self-satisfied about a disdainful UK understanding with Disney Plus.

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At present, it’s a usually mobile distributor that’s charity a understanding with a company, permitting we to tide Disney Plus on your phone, laptop and TV. You can tide opposite 4 screens concurrently and emanate 7 opposite profiles to lane your observation habits, so we can stop your kids messing adult your finely-tuned algorithm.

Streaming will guzzle adult a information enclosed in your new devise when you’re not on WiFi, though we can get total downloads on adult to 10 inclination – so as prolonged we download something before we travel, we should never be though a plain batch of Disney.

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There’s a tiny locate in that not all O2 deals offer this Disney freebie. You can usually get a offer on certain O2 compensate monthly deals and during benefaction O2 isn’t inventory these on a website (details of all a deals will be suggested on 24 March, when Disney Plus launches.)

And there’s another locate for existent customers. You can seize a Disney Plus freebie though usually if we ascent to a higher-cost plan. If we don’t imagination upgrading, we can still pointer adult for Disney Plus, that costs £5.99 per month, and O2 will give we a £2 remission on this. So you’re effectively usually profitable £3.99 for a service, that is indeed a sincerely low cost to compensate for entrance to 600 episodes of The Simpsons.

If you’re extraordinary – and in a marketplace for a new mobile phone understanding – check behind on a O2 website on Mar 24.

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You can buy a 128GB 2019 iPad for only £399 and suffer John Lewis’ extended dual year guarantee.

Don’t be fooled, this understanding from John Lewis is even improved than they’re creation it out to be, saving a grand sum of £50 on a RRP.

Pick adult a 10.20-inch 2019 iPad from Apple, now down to only £399 from a RRP of £449 for a 128GB Wi-Fi model. Better still, on tip of your £50 discount, by purchasing by John Lewis and Partners, you’ll also advantage from their extended guaranty of dual years.

Putting multi-tasking during a forefront, even as a mid-range inscription from Apple, a 2019 iPad is an excellent, versatile and absolute bit of tech that allows we to go distant over a parameters we competence have expected.

Starting with a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display, a iPad boasts a overwhelming board from that to build your ideas and creations upon. Better still, it offers a functionality of a computer, now concordant with a full-size Smart Keyboard, as good as a Apple Pencil for drumming and doodling away.

Add to that iPadOS entrance ready-loaded and uninformed in a box, a iPad offers an even some-more seamless operative knowledge with a ability to multi-task, tacking opposite apps to a shade during one time for easy hopping between. There are also copiousness of new apps that will raise your iPadOS experience, assisting to we to learn and get creative.

With a A10 Fusion chip powering this illusory tablet, we can pattern prompt rising speeds for apps, as good as a ability to cope with complicated avocation pattern tasks. The A10 Fusion chip is also illusory in terms of gaming, ensuring a liquid knowledge with no latency issues.

Offering a shining screen, a iPad also has an well-developed stereo complement for bingeing on a pierce – and don’t forget all newly purchased Apple products come with a giveaway one year subscription for Apple TV Plus.

Down by £50, a 10.2-inch 2019 iPad is a illusory investment for those who wish something versatile and portable. Whether for business or pleasure, this is a good product, now down to £399 with dual years guarantee.

2019 iPad Deal

2019 Apple iPad 10.2″, A10, iPadOS, Wi-Fi, 128GB, Space Grey

Offering multi-tasking sky with a code new iPadOS software, a 2019 iPad also offers Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil compatibility.

John Lewis

Save £50

Now £399

View Deal

Now £399

Save £50

John Lewis

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The Pixel 5 will underline a mid-tier Snapdragon 765 CPU and most revoke starting cost than final year’s Google phone, according to a uninformed report.

Newoin reported spotting justification a new phone will use a revoke finish 765, not top-dog 865 chip while examining a leaked Google Camera APK from a Pixel 4a over a weekend.

The trickle showed dual new Pixel inclination codenamed ‘bramble’ and ‘redfin’. The usually other fact in a news is that a dual inclination will underline telephoto lenses, like a ones seen in Google’s existent Pixel 4 line.

The use of a Snapdragon 765 CPU would be a change in instruction for Google’s Pixel flagship. Traditionally a phones have had tip of a line specs opposite a board. Prior to a new rumour, attention rumblings pegged a Pixel 5 line as regulating a some-more absolute Snapdragon 865 chip seen in competing 2020 flagship, like a US chronicle of a Galaxy S20.

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If accurate, this would approaching be an try by Google to revoke a adult front cost of a Pixel 5 and undercut pivotal rivals. Apple’s iPhone 12 is approaching to be really expensive, with attention experts revelation Trusted they don’t design Apple to offer business any poignant discounts, progressing this year. The iPhone 12 is foresee to seem in Sep and lift a post-£1000 cost tab as a result.

The pierce would upset Google’s portfolio though. Google launched a new a-series Pixel line final year that is bespoke designed to aim a £300-£500 market. The Pixel 4a is approaching to launch really soon, and is foresee to run regulating a Snapdragon 730 chip. This would offer sincerely identical opening to a 765. The usually large disproportion between a dual chipsets is a 730’s miss of 5G connectivity.

So unless Google creates some-more poignant changes to a Pixel 5’s camera and other hardware, 2020’s Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 lines might finish adult targeting a same mid-tier market, that would be an peculiar pierce for a hunt giant.

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