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    Google has expanded the reach of its experimental public transport app, which relies on crowdsourced data to alert users to delays to their train or bus.

    The Pigeon Transit app, which has been dubbed ‘Waze for public transport’ after the popular Google-owned driving app, is now available in five more U.S. cities following an initial test run in New York City.

    Commuters in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. can now download the Piegon app for iOS, while Google is also opening up a wait list for Android users. The idea is to give users in each city access to data that might not be accessible via their standard transit app.

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    So, while you might know of delays, Pigeon will supplement that information with reports on real-time crowds, unexpected incidents and more general context about why your mode of transport might be running behind schedule.

    In a blog post, Google says: “Pigeon sends alerts whenever there is important information that riders care about, like power outages and major service changes. Pigeon also sends customized notifications to commuters before they leave their home or office, so that they can plan around delays, reroutes and even the weather.”

    The updates from users appear on a map as they do in Waze, but tapping the individual posts can even show images that show the crowdedness of trains, escalator outages, weather conditions and much more.

    Google is probably quite a while away from launching the Pigeon app across the US and internationally, but those Waze-aided drivers, who’ve come to appreciate the updates about accidents, speed traps, gas prices and lurking police cops are sure to appreciate this launch too.

    “Pigeon also makes commuting more fun,” Google adds. “Our users commiserate over shared experiences like being packed in a crowded subway, finding surprising joy from dogs tucked in bags and celebrating local entertainers.”

    The sooner this arrives in London, the better.

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      It’s not prolonged given a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 arrived, though time stands compartment for nobody – so here’s what we wish to see delivered by a Note 11.

      The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was awarded 4 out of 5 stars in a review, and while that’s a good magnitude we can’t assistance though feel a tech titan will wish to urge on it for subsequent year’s Note. We reckon a Note 10 array could be softened in several pivotal areas if it’s to acquire an even larger score: here’s a full wishlist.

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      Samsung Galaxy Note 11 – Camera

      The Galaxy Note 10 camera was altered small from that of a S10, expelled around 6 months previously. While that still meant that we get a solid, versatile knowledge from a 3 cameras, a photography doesn’t utterly magnitude adult to a customary found on a Huawei P30 Pro, or a Google Pixel 4.

      To collect a specific example, we’d like to see critical tweaks done to a Live Focus bokeh mode for video, that we claimed did a “shoddy job” during slicing around a subject’s face to emphasize it.

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      Samsung Galaxy Note 11 – Battery Life

      Unfortunately, a battery life on a Galaxy Note 10 was sincerely underwhelming. Weighing in during 3500mAh, it usually wasn’t adequate to slake a powerhouse like a Note 10, and we infrequently found ourselves prosaic out of extract by a finish of a day. That’s quite unsatisfactory given a Note series’ repute for endurance.

      The Galaxy Note 10 Plus achieved improved interjection to a 4000mAh battery, that during slightest us by a day though we still weren’t dumbfounded by a longevity. We’d like to see this stepped adult for subsequent year.

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      Samsung Galaxy Note 11 – Screen

      A thesis of new new flagships has been a increased arrangement modernise rate, that creates a shade smoother. Both a OnePlus 7T Pro and a Google Pixel 4 have delivered modernise rates of 90Hz, that is a important alleviation on a industry-standard 60Hz. We wish (and expect) to see Samsung step adult to a image too with a Note 11, and broach a flagship well-spoken arrangement of 90Hz or even greater.

      Samsung Galaxy Note 11 – Features

      When it comes to hardware features, a Galaxy Note 10 arguably done a step retrograde compared to a Note 9. The 3.5mm headphone jack was blank from both variants, while a Micro SD was usually benefaction on a Plus, and this sadly deprived a typically feature-packed inclination of much-needed flexibility. Ideally we’d like to see these facilities make a lapse to a Note 11, though we can’t assistance feeling that a wish will be in vain.

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        Google is releasing a program repair for a Pixel 4 range, following complaints about a functionality of a ‘Smooth Display’, that offers a 90Hz modernise rate.

        Some users detected a underline is usually active when a arrangement liughtness is set above 75%. If users are seeking to strengthen battery life with a reduce liughtness level, a modernise rate drops behind next a max.

        Google pronounced this has been designed with a thought of progressing battery life and it seems a sound strategy, given a association usually versed a Pixel 4 with a 2,800mAh battery.

        Given that many users won’t need a tip environment all a time, unless enchanting in high-end mobile gaming experiences, Google says arrangement is set to 60Hz by default. So this emanate will usually impact those Pixel 4 owners who’ve manually altered a arrangement settings to 90Hz.

        The dump down to 60Hz can already be avoided by amending a Developer Options, yet Google is going to make that easier with a program refurbish rolling out in a entrance weeks.

        The association isn’t giving users grant blanche when it comes to a tip modernise rate though. The association simply pronounced it will capacitate 90Hz in “more liughtness conditions.” (via The Verge)

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        Those opting to have a 90Hz environment enabled some-more mostly should substantially keep themselves tighten to a energy outlet, given a review. In flitting settlement on a device, a possess Alastair Stevenson pronounced battery life was “way shorter than many competing handsets.”

        He wrote: “The Pixel 4’s 2800mAh battery isn’t as large as I’d like, even deliberation a phone’s form factor. This is generally loyal given a phone screen’s high 90Hz max modernise rate, with unchanging use we found it offering around a day’s use off a singular charge.

        “Gaming opening put a outrageous empty on a Pixel 4’s battery, with a Smooth environment on and liughtness sealed to 150 nits a Pixel 4 mislaid an normal of 25-30% of a assign per hour when regulating perfectionist games like PUBG and Asphalt 9.”

        This isn’t a usually refurbish Pixel owners can design in a nearby future. Google is also earnest to refurbish a Face Unlock underline to forestall a a phone being unbarred when a owner’s eyes are closed.

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          Sony is scheming to unleash a immeasurable fast of tip low-pitched acts on first-party games for a PlayStation 5 console, according to Rolling Stone report.

          Sony is scheming for “increased artistic partnership between PlayStation and Sony Music Group,” as it builds to a recover of a PS5 in 2020, according to association insiders.

          The news cites a soundtrack for Death Stranding that launches on PS4 subsequent month. Sony has enlisted sealed artists like Khalid, CHVRCHES, Alan Walker and Bring Me The Horizon for a game’s score, that will be expelled as a standalone album.

          According to a Sony Music Group CEO Chairman, Rob Stringer, a launch of a Death Stranding: Timefall manuscript on Nov 7 will “innovate for a initial time on how song is embedded in a game,” a news says.

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          Considering a strenuous array of tip low-pitched talent Sony has sealed to a Sony Music label, a possibilities of this artistic partnership are most endless, and something Microsoft would onslaught to match.

          We’ll have a full examination of a open-world movement diversion Death Stranding, from Hideo Kojima a iconic creator of Metal Gear Solid on Nov 1. Here’s what a developer says it’s all about:

          “Death Stranding is a totally new form of movement game, where a idea of a actor is to reconnect removed cities and a fragmented society. It is combined so that all elements, including a story and gameplay, are firm together by a thesis of a ‘Strand’ or connection.

          “As Sam Porter Bridges, we will try to overpass a divides in society, and in doing emanate new holds or ‘Strands’ with other players around a globe. Through your knowledge personification a game, we wish you’ll come to know a loyal significance of forging connectors with others.”

          Which of your favourite Sony Music artists would we like to see soundtrack a PS5 game? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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            The Ford Mustang is an American automotive idol and one of a strange flesh cars dear by petrol heads worldwide, to this day. However, a times (and a cars) they are a-changin’

            The pushing establishment dating behind to 1964 is about to barter a gas siphon for a wall socket, with Ford confirming a all-electric Mustang-inspired crossover SUV will be denounced subsequent month.

            The association has expelled another teaser for a vehicle, confirming a tellurian launch eventuality for a initial mass marketplace EV on Nov 17. The new video shows an outline for a vehicle, that is certain to be a landmark eventuality in a brief story of electric cars.

            We don’t know too most about a automobile yet, though reports have suggested it’ll barter a Mustang’s notoriously low gas mileage for a 370-mile operation from a singular charge. Ford is already articulate adult a ability to fast-charge a automobile on a “largest” open network of charges on a North American continent.

            According to new speculation, Ford skeleton to assign around $50,000 for a as-yet-unnamed crossover SUV, that will be accessible in rear- or all-wheel expostulate configurations, with incompatible operation options.

            It’s not transparent either this automobile will use Volkswagen’s modular EV platform, following an settle between a dual companies to share EV and self-driving technologies. This summer, Ford pronounced it would build “at slightest one high-volume entirely electric vehicle” regulating a VW MEB framework. The organisation has also teased an all-electric chronicle of a F-150 truck.

            Here’s what a association pronounced about a automobile progressing this month: “Ford will be releasing it’s all-new, Mustang-inspired electric SUV, that has a targeted EPA-estimated operation of 300 miles with an extended battery and real-wheel-drive, in late 2020. The vehicle’s 150kW charging ability will concede really discerning charging speeds on Electrify America’s 150 to 350 kW network.

            “Ford estimates that it’s all-new, all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV will be means to assign adult to 47 miles in 10 mins regulating Electrify America’s DC quick chargers, providing assent of mind for business to be means to assign in minutes, not hours.”

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              Apple’s some-more affordable iPhone 11 smartphone is winning a iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to an researcher in a Far East who says prolongation schedules are being altered as a result.

              Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities says Apple has already sole some-more than 12 million of a many modestly-priced iPhone 11, given it went on sale a month ago. That represents a 15% alleviation on final year’s iPhone XR. As a result, he says, Apple is altering a prolongation news to fast whistle adult another 1.6m units (via Apple Insider).

              On a contrary, a iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max aren’t as popular, with Apple now formulation to shake out reduction of them in a entrance months. As a outcome of an estimated shortfall of 15% compared to a iPhone XS and XS Max, Zhang says Apple will make 2 million fewer Pro models relocating forward.

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              Apple hasn’t expelled sales total for a 2019 models yet, and will not until a finish of a stream financial quarter. Even then, Apple will not go into fact on sales total for particular models.

              However, a news from Zhang represents a ubiquitous trend in a lower-end models being a mainstream choice, with a prohibitively costly iPhones settling into a ‘Pro’ and fan realm.

              This might pivotal into because Apple is reportedly bringing behind a iPhone SE, with a supplement pronounced to be nearing early subsequent year. According to speculation, a pattern will be same to a 4.70-inch iPhone 8, though be powered by Apple’s never A13 Bionic processor.

              That’s doubtful to greatfully those anticipating a 4-inch arrangement will make a comeback, though a rumoured sub-$400 cost tab is expected to equivalent some of those complaints. It’s expected to offer an LCD display, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor (rather than Face ID) and a new receiver design, according to new speculation. It’s not transparent either it will offer wireless charging or a twin camera array.

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                Disney has released a construction following a disagreement over a offline accessibility of shows and cinema that leave a Disney Plus library.

                Earlier this week, Disney CEO Bob Iger seemed to advise subscribers would keep entrance to downloaded titles, even if they were no longer accessible to tide online.

                He had pronounced (via The Verge): “If you’re a subscriber, we can download it and put it on a device, and it will stay on a device as prolonged as we continue to subscribe.

                “If we wanted to download 10 classical Disney films that competence not have all been accessible during once before, we can do that, fundamentally fill all of your tough expostulate on one of your devices, and we or your child can watch wherever they are.”

                However, Disney has changed to transparent adult Iger’s comments from a Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, claiming a quotes were misconstrued and that Iger was indeed referring to titles from a Disney library that hadn’t formerly been available.

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                Not usually would that have trumped Netflix’s process and given Disney another plume in a cap, it would have valid a clever inducement for users to keep their subscriptions. It would have been same to a approach Microsoft and Sony keep gamers bending on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live in sequence to say entrance to a giveaway games they’ve downloaded in a past.

                Unfortunately, that’s not going to be a case, though it competence not be a large understanding anyway. Given Disney owns a calm going on Disney Plus, it’s doubtful most of it will ever be private from a service.

                There is a bizarre gift that could see some of a Disney calm finish adult behind on Netflix in 2026, according to a news by Bloomberg, though that’s not something that should immediately regard those backing adult to burst in on Disney Plus when it goes live on Nov 12.

                It’ll cost $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year, though we still don’t know when UK users will be means to burst in on all that Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney goodness.

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                  If presence fear is your genre, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s now a good understanding on Resident Evil 2 during Asda. For only £16 we can get your hands on a illusory reconstitute of this 90s Capcom classic.

                  Available during this illusory cost for both PS4 and Xbox One owners, there’s never been a improved time to dive behind into Raccoon City. Incidentally, a stream cost reduction than half a cost it than a game’s initial £39.99 RRP on release.

                  Resident Evil 2 Price Drop

                  Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

                  Save £23.99


                  Now £16

                  Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One)

                  Save £23.99


                  Now £16

                  When a strange Resident Evil 2 came out in 1998, it was one of a many terrifying fear games ever made, though today a pixelated graphics and primitive bound camera angles leave it looking flattering dated. The 2019 reconstitute brings a acquire hold of modernity to a game, definition it once some-more has a possibility to shock players senseless.

                  Happily, a reconstitute is distant some-more than only a graphical update. Along with distinguished visuals, it also includes an stretched narrative, updated gunplay and reimagined locations, ensuring a knowledge feels fresh, even for doctrinaire RE fans.

                  You don’t need nostalgia goggles to suffer a game, however. Newcomers to a array will expected be only as gay as those returning. Some things, like gunning down zombies, or journey from a unstoppable Mr X (a knave who will certainly go down in a annals as one of a scariest video diversion characters of all time) only have concept appeal.

                  Resident Evil 2 Price Drop

                  Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

                  Save £23.99


                  Now £16

                  Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One)

                  Save £23.99


                  Now £16

                  We gave a diversion a 9/10 rating, praising in sold a moving atmosphere and gut-wrenching gore. It’s also designed to be rarely replayable, with a whole horde of collectibles and unlockable modes that are ideal for speedrunners and completionists alike.

                  The Resident Evil 2 reconstitute is a ideal suggestion ‘em adult to put we in a Halloween suggestion and during such a discount price, fear fans would be ridiculous not to give it a try.

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