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What is a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera?

The Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera is an ultra-low bill lurch cam. Priced during usually marginally some-more than £50, a MiJia is about as inexpensive a lurch cam that we can buy – nonetheless you’ll have to squeeze it directly from GearBest in China to get it for this price. The doubt is whether, notwithstanding a unavoidable compromises of a rock-bottom pricing, a MiJia can do a pursuit intended.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

Despite a MiJia’s bill orientation, a inner selection isn’t too bad. The device is formed around a Sony IMX323 CMOS, that is a chip directed during video notice and security, braggadocio means opening in low light. It has a reasonable 1/2.9-inch distance and 2.19 megapixels, that is ideally adequate for a limit video fortitude of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This fortitude is accessible during 30 frames/sec, though it’s also probable to constraint 720p during 30 or 60 frames/sec. A microSD label is used for storage, with support for adult to 64GB capacity, nonetheless no procession is enclosed in a box. At a tip Full HD recording resolution, a reasonable information rate of 16Mbits/sec is used, so a 16GB microSD label will be sufficient for about 130 mins of footage before recording starts to loop.

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Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

The MiJia’s ascent options are minimal. There’s a really elementary windscreen connection included, that has a round corner built in so a angle of a camera can be adjusted. The mountain attaches to a shade around an glue patch rather than suction, with an additional patch enclosed in a box should we use adult a strange one.

Although lurch cams are meant to be left in a automobile – distinct satnavs – it’s still a bit of a obstacle that your usually choice with a MiJia is permanent attachment. You have usually dual chances to switch a mountain to another vehicle, nonetheless we can of march slip a camera itself off a mount, that isn’t too difficult, even if there isn’t any kind of discerning recover included.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Menu and Manual Settings

Using a MiJia is done formidable by a fact that, as a internal Chinese product alien into a UK, no try has been done to internationalise a menu or manual. Unless we can review Chinese characters and have a clever grasp of Mandarin, a initial menus that cocktail adult when we initial spin on a section won’t accurately be enlightening. The usually partial of a setup procession that’s lucid is environment a date and time, that will be accessible for rightly date-stamping a accessible video files.

However, there is allegedly another track to configuring a MiJia. Despite a price, this lurch cam has built-in Wi-Fi. If we slick by a unintelligible Chinese-only manual, you’ll learn a QR formula that will lead to installing a MiHome smartphone app around your device’s app store. You can afterwards name a one transparent English word on a menu, ‘WIFI’, to perspective a wireless network SSID and cue for signing in on your smartphone.

Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

Once your smartphone is on a MiJia Wi-Fi network, we can bucket MiHome. This takes we by a decidedly irritating and concerned signup procession that requires activation around an email residence or write number. Then, finally, we can pointer in… usually to find that a MiJia dashcam isn’t now one of a inclination upheld by this app – nor, in fact, is this a right app for this lurch cam.

Why Xiaomi put a QR formula in a primer to entrance an app that doesn’t now support a device in doubt usually it can answer. It’s probable that there will be support in a future, though until afterwards this nullifies any advantage from carrying Wi-Fi built into a MiJia, that was rather a startling inclusion during this cost to start with.

Unfortunately, a finish outcome of all this is that, unless we can review Chinese, we won’t simply be means to change a settings on a section from a bureau default. So nonetheless in speculation it annals 720p video, you’ll be stranded with 1080p. If we conduct to a Gearbest.com website, there is a beam to a what a menu means, and it’s also transparent that a MiHome app isn’t a right one, though it appears that a MiJia DVR app isn’t accessible in a UK iOS app store.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Optional Safety Features

It’s no warn to find that a MiJia isn’t packaged with additional reserve features, deliberation a price. Even if it was, a Chinese-only menu would make it unfit to configure these functions anyway. For starters, there’s no GPS built in, so your plcae isn’t accessible alongside a video.

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Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera

However, there is a G-sensor, so when a lurch cam detects pointy cornering, fast braking, or a collision, it will symbol a stream video record as an occurrence and safeguard it’s protected. Otherwise, a looped recording complement will recycle storage once a memory label has filled up, overwriting a oldest files with new ones.

Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera – Image Quality

Although a MiJIa uses a pretty high information rate for Full HD, this doesn’t interpret into a best lurch cam video I’ve seen during this resolution. Contrast is decent enough, though fact is lacking, nonetheless it is probable to review circuitously series plates. The lens is rated during f/1.8, and a MiJia performs sufficient in low light – although, here again, it isn’t a best I’ve come across. Overall, opening is only about excusable for a price.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR here.

Should we buy a Xiaomi mijia Car DVR Camera?

It’s tough to suggest a Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera to anyone who doesn’t review Chinese. Nevertheless, it’s means of endurable picture peculiarity and it’s intensely cheap. So if you’re not meddlesome in changing any settings and don’t wish to spend most on your lurch cam, this is a good value unit. But there are a lot of frustrations to contend with outward a Chinese-reading world.


The Xiaomi MiJia Car DVR Camera is impossibly cheap, and only about does a pursuit – nonetheless a Chinese-only menus, primer and self-existent app in a UK are a hindrance.

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What is a Garmin Dash Cam 55?

The Dash Cam 55 is a compress dashboard camera from Garmin. Since such inclination tend to be left in a automobile all a time, a smaller they are, a better. The Dash Cam 55 is some-more petite than a GoPro, nonetheless it shoots 1,440p and has Wi-Fi built in. Does this compress camera punch above a 59.5g weight?

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

The Dash Cam 55 measures usually W56.2 x D35.3 x H40.5mm, nonetheless a lens sticks out utterly a lot from a physique of a unit, roughly doubling a depth. Inside is a CMOS of vague measure that boasts 3.7 megapixels. The tip fortitude goes good over Full HD to 1440p, charity 2560 x 1440 pixels during 30 frames per second, that is also famous as 2.5K. This takes a full element of CMOS pixels.

It’s also probable to record Full HD (1920 x 1080) during 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second with or though HDR. There’s 720p during 30 frames per second as well, if we wish to preserve storage space. Video is accessible to microSD, with an 8GB procedure pre-installed. At a tip 1440p resolution, a information rate is 19Mbits/sec, so a 8GB label will be adequate for 56 mins of footage before looping begins.

Garmin has erred on a side of choice with a ascent system. The windscreen mountain is even smaller – relations to other lurch cam mounts – than a camera itself. It’s too little for a suction crater to be effective, so an glue pad is used instead. There’s a second pad enclosed in a box in box we get a positioning wrong, or need to pierce a camera.

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Garmin Dash Cam 55

At first, this seems like a interruption given there’s no apparent quick-release on a lurch cam itself. However, a glue pad is magnetically trustworthy to a mount, so a territory can simply be private with a mountain if we don’t wish to leave it in a automobile when a device isn’t in use. This is a really neat and accessible system.

The common intensely prolonged wire is granted for attaching to energy in your car, nonetheless a adapter during a finish is bound so you’ll need to find an choice process if we wish to energy a satnav or phone during a same time. A second USB wire is granted in a box for hooking adult to a computer, after that we can use a Garmin Express program to implement updates.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Menu and Manual Settings

When we initial spin on a camera, there are a few some-more stages to set adult than common with lurch cams. You’re asked possibly a camera is placed left, right or mainly on a screen, and we can also select possibly we are regulating a camera in a regular-sized automobile or a taller automobile such as a outpost or lorry. You’re not asked to set a date and time, however, given this will be achieved from a GPS signal.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Once you’re by setup, a menu is tranquil around 4 buttons on a side of a device, with indications of what they do on a rear, nonetheless many of a back of a device is taken adult by a 2-inch LCD screen. The menu is elementary to operate, with icons for a categorical functions, and afterwards text-based options once we cavalcade into a sections.

The device can also be tranquil around voice. You can simply contend “Okay Garmin” and afterwards possibly save a video to a non-looped folder, take a picture, record audio, or spin on Travelapse – of that some-more later. As with other voice-controlled Garmin devices, a Dash Cam 55’s complement works really well, so prolonged as a credentials isn’t too noisy.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

The Dash Cam 55 also underline built-in Wi-Fi, that works in tandem with a VIRB mobile app that’s also used with Garmin’s movement cameras such as a VIRB Ultra 30. Working out how to do this requires a flick-through of a manual, however, given branch on Wi-Fi is achieved around a Share territory in a Gallery menu, rather than carrying a possess apart entry.

As this somewhat involved process implies, a VIRB app is usually used to crop recordings and images on a Dash Cam 55, and to send these to your phone. Unlike many smartphone apps for lurch cams, there’s no control accessible over settings and no streaming preview of a video with ability to toggle recording, that is a bit of an repudiation in an differently feature-rich device. But during slightest a device’s possess menu us easy to use.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Extra Safety Features

The Dash Cam 55 includes utterly a horde of additional reserve features. There’s a GPS receiver built in, so it can constraint plcae along with video. A G-sensor detects incidents, that will save video to a opposite plcae so that it isn’t overwritten as a video recordings loop once a storage is full.

There’s a Forward Collision Warning System, that detects if you’re entrance adult too tighten to a automobile in front. This has 3 attraction settings. The Lane Departure Warning System lets we know if you’re deviate out of your line on a motorway. When you’re stationary, Go Alert will forewarn we when a automobile in front has started moving, in box you’ve turn wearied and stopped concentrating.

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Garmin Dash Cam 55

The Dash Cam 55 can also yield warnings of coming red lights and speed cameras, though there’s usually a sampler enclosed in a box. You’ll need to buy a Cyclops subscription online and afterwards use a Garmin Express program to send this to a lurch cam. The UK and Ireland database subscription costs £16.99, as do many singular countries, while a singular year of full European updates is £24.99.

A novel underline that we haven’t seen on other lurch cams is Travelapse. This works in together with a unchanging reserve features, grabbing still images during a bound interlude as we transport and stitching these into a film that will play like a fast-forward of your journey. This isn’t accurately a reserve feature, though it’s a fun choice to have. For example, we could put this alongside required camcorder footage from a pushing holiday to supplement another dimension to a video of your trip.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Image Quality

Garmin’s movement cameras have tender us utterly a lot over a years, though a company’s lurch cams such as a Dash Cam 35 have been merely good. The Dash Cam 55, however, produces glorious footage, with copiousness of detail. During my testing, it was really sunny, that caused some issues with windscreen glare. But it was still easy to make out content during a reasonable stretch and when a automobile upheld by shadier areas a peculiarity was adult there with a best lurch cams I’ve tested.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Garmin Dash Cam 55 here.

You can perspective a representation of Travelapse footage from a Garmin Dash Cam 55 here.

Should we buy a Garmin Dash Cam 55?

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 is on a some-more costly finish of a scale for lurch cams, though it’s value a money. The 1,440p video footage is intensely sharp, and there are copiousness of additional reserve facilities to pacify a deal. The sharp captivating mountain and Travelapse choice serve assistance this product arise above a competition. The miss of finish control around Wi-Fi is a one poignant fissure in a armour, though differently this is a really able lurch cam.


The Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a small on a pricey side, though it’s a little and really able lurch cam.

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What is a ProofCam RAC 205?

The 205 is another RAC-branded dashboard camera from ProofCam. It’s on a bill finish of a scale – nonetheless it isn’t accurately inexpensive – and so doesn’t offer reward facilities such as video resolutions over Full HD. However, we do get a flame in a gold to assistance in puncture situations.

ProofCam RAC 205 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

ProofCam doesn’t hold a sensor size, nonetheless a fortitude is 2 megapixels, that is adequate for Full HD. Aside from this fortitude during 30 frames per second, we can also fire 720p during 30 and 60 frames per second. There are Fine and Super Fine peculiarity options available. Still images can be prisoner during adult to 14 megapixels, that is clearly going to engage copiousness of interpolation.

In Full HD resolution, during Super Fine quality, video is prisoner during around 16Mbits/sec, so a 16GB memory label will be adequate for 133 mins of footage before looping takes place. ProofCam has bundled a microSD label of this distance in a box, that adds a bit of value. There’s an adapter included, too, so we can block this into a full-sized SD label slot.

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ProofCam RAC 205

The RAC 205 comes with a comparatively customary suction mount. This attaches a section to a windscreen securely; a really prolonged energy wire is enclosed too. The automobile cigarette lighter adapter on a finish of this wire is henceforth attached, however, so we won’t be means to block a satnav in during a same time. ProofCam doesn’t supply anything to repair a wire to a edges of your windscreen, possibly – nonetheless this is loyal of many lurch cams.

The bundled flame is designed to yield copiousness of light in an puncture situation, rather than a tight, focused beam. It takes 3 AA batteries, that come preinstalled, and it’s RAC-branded, like a lurch cam itself. There’s a foldable offshoot during a tip and a magnet on a back, so we can hitch it to a row in your automobile – presumption your automobile doesn’t have an aluminium or carbon-fibre body.

ProofCam RAC 205

The lamp doesn’t come out of a finish of a flame though during a side. So if we need to work on your engine in a dark, we can insert a flame to a underside of a carp and get a good view. The enlightenment is really bright. There’s a bundled lift box enclosed for a pack as well.

ProofCam RAC 205 – Menu and Manual Settings

The RAC 205 is operated around 4 buttons that lay underneath a 2.3-inch display. Aside from changing a fortitude and quality, we can switch loop recording off, or set it during record lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. When this is enabled, a RAC 205 will overwrite a oldest files with new ones, so we never run out of storage space.

You can also name how prolonged clips are accessible for when a suit eventuality is detected, from 5 seconds to 1 minute. When you’re stationary, a camera will constraint a shave if it notices activity in front – handy, if someone backs into we when parked.

ProofCam RAC 205

There are also a few primer controls available. You can set a bearing between -2 and +2EV in 13 steps. Strangely, deliberation this is substantially a video benefit control, there’s also an ISO environment available, with options of 100, 200 and 400. There are white change controls, too, with presets for illumination and pale outside conditions as good as fluorescent or illuminated indoor lighting.

Switch to still picture mode, and a RAC 205 offers a few some-more controls still. You can adjust colour between Natural, Vivid and Pale – clearly a superfluity control. You can also supplement effects to a images, including sepia, black and white, emboss, negative, sketch, oil and crayon. Quite because you’d wish such options on a lurch cam I’m not sure, though a facilities are there nonetheless.

The menu is flattering easy to use. The options are clearly shown as 3 button-like choices per page, nonetheless this isn’t a touchscreen. The buttons along a bottom of a section are used to cycle by and name a choice we want.

ProofCam RAC 205 – Optional Safety Features

Although a RAC 205 does have a G-sensor, safeguarding recordings when it detects pointy violation or an impact, that’s about it for additional reserve features. I’ve already mentioned a suit detection, that allows this lurch cam to be used for parking surveillance. However, battery life is usually 15-20 mins of recording, so this underline will be useful usually on a discerning selling trip, not when your automobile is parked overnight.

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ProofCam RAC 205

The RAC 205 doesn’t have built-in GPS, and there doesn’t seem to be a choice to supplement an outmost one, distinct a VicoVation Vico-MF1. So there won’t be any trickery to constraint your plcae alongside a video, or associated reward facilities such as reserve camera locations. There’s no lane-departure warning, no showing of being too tighten to a automobile in front, or any other extras that can be found in a reward models.

ProofCam RAC 205 – Image Quality

The RAC 205 doesn’t have a fortitude of a tip lurch cams, though a information rate is comparatively high so fact isn’t injured too severely by application artefacts. You can see facilities sufficient for marker purposes. There is some softening in areas of colour, and greens seem to be a small overly saturated. But altogether a picture peculiarity is towards a tip finish of Full HD lurch cams.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a ProofCam RAC 205 here.

Should we buy a ProofCam RAC 205?

The ProofCam RAC 205 is decent adequate for a bill lurch cam. Image peculiarity is decent for a resolution, and it’s accessible to have a pretty sized memory label enclosed in a bundle, and a combined reward of a flame for puncture use.

The £100 cost isn’t a cheapest I’ve seen for Full HD lurch cam, however, creation this a product that’s expected to sell fine due to a brand, though one that’s merely reasonable value.


The ProofCam RAC 205 is a decent bill lurch cam with singular modernized features, though other models offer improved value.

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What is a VicoVation Vico-MF1?

The Vico-MF1 is a entry-level denote in VicoVation’s lurch cam range, slotting in underneath a Vico-MF3 and a Opia 2. Whereas a latter dual products offer 1,440p recording, a Vico-MF1 sports a some-more medium Full HD resolution. But it still houses a well-respected Ambarella A12 chipset inside, that should meant peculiarity is still adult to blemish – once a reduce fortitude is taken into account.

VicoVation Vico-MF1 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

The Vico-MF1 sports an matching framework to a Vico-MF3. The usually conspicuous disproportion is a colouring, with a Vico-MF1 sporting yellow highlighting where a Vico-MF3 opts for red. The categorical underline disproportion is a fortitude of a CMOS sensor inside, with a Vico-MF1 carrying a 2-megapixel section instead of a Vico-MF3’s 4-megapixel one. There’s no denote of a size, however.

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VicoVation Vico-MF1

This will be sufficient for a Full HD fortitude that a Vico-MF1 offers, during 30 frames/sec. It can also record 720p during both 30 and 60 frames/sec. As settled earlier, a chipset behind a CMOS is still an Ambarella A12, as it is in a Vico-MF3, that is a top-end processor privately directed during lurch cams. It has finished a good pursuit in other VicoVation lurch cams I’ve reviewed, so bodes good for a Vico-MF1.

Video is accessible to microSD memory, nonetheless no media is enclosed in a box. At a tip Full HD resolution, a information rate is around 20Mbits/sec, so a 16GB memory label will be adequate for 105 mins of footage before looping starts – of that some-more later. This is a decent information rate for H.264 application – not a highest, though not too assertive either.

VicoVation Vico-MF1

The Vico-MF1 uses a same ascent complement as a higher-end sibling. There are dual options enclosed in a box. The common shade suction mountain provides a pretty secure attachment, though for a some-more permanent solution, there’s an choice mount. This uses a prosaic aspect and 3M glue patch. There’s one already on a mount, and a second enclosed in a box for good measure.

The bundled energy wire has a prisoner automobile adapter during a end, though it includes a USB pier as well. we found this would energy a TomTom satnav and assign an iPhone usually fine, nonetheless you’re out of fitness if your satnav also has a prisoner automobile adapter.

VicoVation Vico-MF1 – Menu and Manual Settings

The Vico-MF1 is operated regulating 5 buttons on a back and a 3-inch LCD screen. The top-left symbol outlines a stream video record as an eventuality and protects it from being erased during looped recording. Below that sits a symbol that calls adult a menu. On a own, a symbol on a top-right toggles recording, that starts automatically when a device powers up. The symbol underneath that toggles a microphone; a one next that controls power.

VicoVation Vico-MF1

Once a menu has been enabled, a buttons on a right switch functions to control it. Alongside abilities to change video fortitude and switch to playback mode, we can capacitate Smart Warning System facilities (see below).

You can also select either loop recording clips are one, 3 or 5 mins in length (the default is mins minutes). VicoVation has even enclosed an bearing control that varies between +4 and -4 EV in singular increments – so there are 9 stairs overall. This will be accessible if you’re pushing in impassioned lighting conditions, such as in a dim or really balmy weather.

VicoVation Vico-MF1 – Extra Safety Features

Neither a Opia 2 nor a Vico-MF3 enclosed built-in GPS, so it would be a advise if a Vico-MF1 had this on house – and it doesn’t. You can supplement this capability around an outmost “GPS Mouse”, that costs £35 and plugs in around a mini-USB port. You can afterwards constraint plcae information alongside a video, nonetheless we wasn’t granted with this Mouse so am incompetent to criticism on how good it works.

The Smart Warning System found in a menu includes Speed Camera Detection, Overspeed Alert and Driver Fatigue Alert. Without a GPS, a Speed Camera Detection doesn’t seem to do anything. The Overspeed Alert lets we select speeds of 80, 90, 100, 110, 130 and 140 km/h for warnings – although, here again, you’ll need a GPS for a Vico-MF1 to know how quick you’re travelling.

The Driver Fatigue Alert will work though a GPS, nonetheless there’s no control over a intervals between that it will advise we to take a rest. There’s a Parking Surveillance system, that detects suit and triggers a recording. The G-sensor has 3 attraction levels, and this can be incited on to detect collisions or pointy breaking, so that a stream shave will afterwards be noted as an event.

VicoVation Vico-MF1

According to a VicoVation website, once a GPS Mouse is installed, alongside position tracking and speed readouts, serve facilities will be enabled. These embody a Lane Departure Warning System, where you’ll be told if we deposit out of line on a motorway, and a Forward Collision Warning System, that will let we know if you’re too tighten to a automobile in front. These would move a Vico-MF1 mostly in line with a capabilities of other lurch cams.

VicoVation Vico-MF1 – Image Quality

Without a GPS Mouse, a Vico-MF1 might not be a leader on features, though one area where VicoVation has always tender in a past is picture quality. The Vico-MF1 mostly keeps adult a good work. My categorical contrariety was in splendid sunlight, and a lurch cam coped pretty good with a high contrast.

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VicoVation Vico-MF1

Colours were a small saturated, though still comparatively faithful. There’s a conspicuous miss of fact compared to a Vico-MF3, due to a reduce resolution, though we can still review flitting series plates – they usually need to be a small closer than with a higher-end models.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Vico-MF1 here.

Should we buy a VicoVation Vico-MF1?

The VicoVation Vico-MF1 lacks some of a facilities of tip lurch cam models, though as Full HD lurch cams go, a video peculiarity is among a best.

At a time of writing, a Vico-MF1 wasn’t accessible with UK pricing, though should cost around £120. This creates it utterly costly when bill models such as a Aukey DR-01 can be had for £70. Unless it’s utterly a bit reduction than £120 when listed in a UK, you’d be improved off profitable a £20 additional for a Vico-MF3 instead.


The VicoVation Vico-MF1 produces good picture peculiarity for Full HD, though aloft fortitude is accessible for usually £20 some-more from a same company.

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What is a Panasonic HC-X1E?

The HC-X1E is a professionally orientated 4K camcorder from Panasonic, with a cost tab to match. It goes head-to-head with Canon’s XC10, or some-more expected a new XC15 update. With a horde of primer controls including built-in Neutral Density filter and veteran audio connections, a HC-X1E is a tantalizing tender for critical amateurs, students, marriage videographers and eventuality coverage.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Main Specification

The HC-X1E is a substantial step brazen from a initial “prosumer” 4K camcorder, a HC-X1000E, even if they demeanour utterly identical physically. Whereas a latter sports a 1/2.3-inch CMOS, identical to Panasonic’s consumer-grade camcorders, a HC-X1E upgrades a selection with a “1-inch-type” CMOS, that will effectively have around 4 times a aspect area. Couple this with a reduce 9.46-megapixel resolution, so any pixel is a lot bigger, and we have a recipe for distant softened picture peculiarity and low-light performance.

The sharpened modes haven’t been improved, however. Frame rates max out during 50/60p, with no 100/120 frames per second high-speed choice or higher. As a result, well-spoken slow-motion sharpened isn’t an option, that is disappointing. However, both Digital Cinema (DCI) 4096 x 2160 and UHD 3840 x 2160 resolutions are available, as good as a horde of Full HD, 720p and even SD options.

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Panasonic HC-X1E

For Full HD and below, a AVCHD format can be used during information rates adult 25Mbits/sec. But MP4/MOV provides some severely high-quality possibilities, such as All-Intra Full HD during 200Mbits/sec. Unfortunately, 4K can’t be shot during this high a rate, with DCI offering during 100Mbits/sec and UHD during 150Mbits/sec, nonetheless they’re still pretty high.

From a unsentimental day-to-day indicate of view, a HC-X1E takes a opposite proceed to Canon. Whereas a XC10 and XC15 need a use of intensely costly CFast 2.0 cards when sharpened 4K, a HC-X1E relies on SDXC storage for HD or 4K, with dual slots available. Canon offers a pro-grade 305Mbits/sec in 4K, that is over what SDXC can broach reliably. So a HC-X1E can use most cheaper media, though during a responsibility of carrying some-more assertive application with potentially reduced picture quality.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Operation and Manual Controls

The positioning of a EVF and LCD shade provides dual handheld sharpened postures. You can possibly reason a camera with dual hands so a EVF is during eye level, or rest it on your shoulder and use a LCD row instead. The EVF is preferable for frail concentration pulls, given it sports 1,769,000 dots; a 3.5-inch LCD offers usually 1,152,000 dots.

The HC-X1E is therefore a versatile camera with that to shoot, and there’s a outrageous operation of primer control available, with lots of dissimilar buttons and dials for fast access. The built-in ND filter has ¼, 1/16 and 1/64 options. There are 3 lens rings, with a front one for focus, a center for zoom, and a one closest to a physique for iris, with a symbol circuitously to capacitate it. The wizz control is electronic, however, rather than determining a lens directly, so operates with a really brief delay.

Panasonic HC-X1E

If this isn’t adequate for you, there’s a tiny circle during a bottom of a physique that can be set to opposite functions around dissimilar buttons, including gain, white change and shutter. There are 3 user-assignable buttons as good as buttons for toggling a waveform monitor, zebra, visual picture stabilisation, and switching between a EVF and LCD. The latter can also be reassigned, permitting we to set adult discerning entrance to accurately what we need.

Overall, a HC-X1E is really good included for primer controls, and these are realistically as good as ergonomically organised on a camera body.

Panasonic HC-X1E – Audio and Connectivity

Although a HC-X1E has dual XLR audio inputs, they’re in dual opposite locations. At initial peek this is a bizarre choice, until we consider by how XLR connectors are generally used, with a mono shotgun mic on tip of a camera or a wireless lapel mic, or even both. It does make some clarity to have a inputs for these physically distant in this way.

The dual audio channels can be tranquil alone with small wheels underneath a pure cosmetic door, that allows these wheels to be practiced when it’s closed, though keeps a other audio controls out of reach. Handily, we can send possibly audio submit to possibly channel of a stereo pair, as good as selecting mic, line or +48V haunt energy levels.

Panasonic HC-X1E

There are countless other ports available. A USB 3.0 Host pier can be found on a top, so that outmost storage inclination from 32GB to 2TB can be attached. A USB 3.0 Micro-B connector is accessible for accessing a camera’s storage, as good as full-sized HDMI outlay and even combination analog video outputs with RCA audio. A mini-jack is accessible for headphone attachment, as good as a mini-jack for outmost concentration control and micro-jack for outmost zoom

Panasonic HC-X1E – Image Quality and Performance

Where a HC-X1000E was a bit of a concede in terms of picture peculiarity – with consumer-grade video capabilities inside a professional-grade physique – a HC-X1E is a most some-more critical contender. The 1-inch-type CMOS is still utterly a bit smaller than Micro Four Thirds or APS-C, though significantly incomparable than consumer-grade sensors, and a picture peculiarity is contemplative of this.

Taking a HC-X1E out on a day that isn’t utterly bright, it picks adult shining colour and copiousness of detail. The 150Mbits/sec information rate is also high adequate to equivocate any application issues. The incomparable sensor in sold comes into a possess in reduce light, with a HC-X1E significantly outperforming a HC-X1000E as a enlightenment drops. You can even get divided with adding video benefit in low light, though introducing poignant noise.

You can watch some representation footage shot during a tip 4K peculiarity environment here.

Should we buy a Panasonic HC-X1E?

The Panasonic HC-X1E is a most some-more critical tender than a HC-X1000E. It competence miss high-speed sharpened modes, and tie we to a bound lens, though a latter competence even be profitable in certain resources – electronic news gathering, for example. It’s also able of an estimation of a “DSLR look” that’s so sought after these days.

This is really most a “prosumer” model, and labelled accordingly. But if you’re looking for a reliable, feature-rich, high-quality 4K camcorder for corporate and tyro videography, a Panasonic HC-X1E has copiousness going for it. In that context, a cost is indeed utterly reasonable, too.


The Panasonic HC-X1E delivers good 4K picture peculiarity and a resources of facilities for semi-professional videographers.

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What is a Aukey DR-01?

The DR-01 is a lurch cam from Aukey, a association that might be some-more informed to we for a USB hubs and audio gear. The lurch cam marketplace is apropos increasingly crowded, so Aukey’s DR-01 enters with a really penetrating price, anticipating to attract buyers during a bill finish of a marketplace rather than gadget-hungry early adopters.

Aukey DR-01 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

Available for reduction than £70, a DR-01 offers usually Full HD video, where some-more costly alternatives are now branch to aloft resolutions. But this will be sufficient for simple use, and Aukey also includes a Sony Exmor IMX323 CMOS sensor. This is a 2.19-megapixel chip, with a sizeable 1/2.9-inch diagonal, and so should offer decent opening in low light, as good as during a day.

Aside from Full HD (1920 x 1080) fortitude video during 30 frames per second, there’s 720p during 60 and 30 frames per second, WVGA (848 x 480) and VGA (640 x 480).

As is a box with flattering most all lurch cams, microSD is used for storage. Note that there’s no media enclosed in a box, so you’ll need to supply your own, nonetheless this is magnitude costly these days. An 8GB label will be adequate for about 80 mins of footage during a Full HD resolution’s approximately 13Mbps information rate. Once a media is full, recording will loop and a oldest files will be overwritten by new ones.

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Aukey DR-01

Despite a bill pricing, a DR-01 comes with a surprisingly inexhaustible gold of ascent accessories. There’s a suction mount, and an glue mountain if we wish your designation to be permanent.

The common extensive USB energy wire is supplied, and a automobile energy adapter isn’t captured, though separate. It also offers dual USB ports, so we can assign your phone or insert a satnav during a same time, presumption a latter doesn’t have a prisoner energy wire either. we found this worked only excellent with a TomTom satnav.

Aukey has enclosed a integrate of additional 3M glue rags in a box, and distinct probably each other lurch cam competitor, 3 glue wire clips are enclosed as well. This will make routing a USB energy wire spin a windscreen neat and tidy, and we shouldn’t need to squeeze anything else for this purpose.

Aukey DR-01 – Menu, Manual Settings and Optional Safety Features

Navigating a menu utilises a 2-inch LCD shade and 4 buttons underneath it. It isn’t a difficult process, given there aren’t that many settings we can alter. There’s control over a recording resolution, and a ability to name a shave length when loop recording, between 3, 5 and 10 minutes. But we can’t spin this underline off.

You can also name possibly a date and time are hammered onto a video support during recording. You do get a ability to configure bearing between +1 and -1 EV in 7 increments, a underline that isn’t always accessible with lurch cams. It’s also probable to name possibly a 50Hz or 60Hz bottom magnitude is used, so a flutter of synthetic lights doesn’t means strobing.

Aukey DR-01

Otherwise, a DR-01 offers a unclothed smallest of additional reserve features. Apart from a G-sensor mentioned above, that’s it. This has 3 attraction levels configurable around a menu. There’s no GPS built in to line your position alongside a video, and no Wi-Fi and smartphone app multiple to yield easier entrance to settings and remote control.

You can use a DR-01 as a parking protector, with a suit showing mode also available. There’s a time-lapse recording function, too, for an choice process of gripping an eye on things when a automobile is parked. But in a deficiency of a GPS, there’s no choice of reserve camera plcae warnings.

Aukey DR-01

Although line depart and vicinity intuiting don’t indispensably need a GPS, these aren’t enclosed either. The DR-01 is particularly a dashboard camera and really small else. But it would have been a warn if there was most some-more than this deliberation a price.

There are a integrate of mini-jacks on a tip of a DR-01. One is for analog AV output, nonetheless no wire is granted to capacitate this. The other is for attaching an outmost GPS receiver, that is mentioned in some of a descriptions in online shops. However, there’s no spirit of where to obtain this on Aukey’s possess website, or anywhere else. So it doesn’t seem to be a genuine choice during a moment.

Aukey DR-01 – Image Quality

With only Full HD on offer, a DR-01 can’t offer a fact of a best stream lurch cams. Footage also has a conspicuous grain, even in reasonable illumination. But a Sony CMOS provides pretty true colour. The fact is adequate for a categorical duty of a lurch cam. You can review series plates, though not as clearly as higher-resolution lurch cams such as VicoVation’s Vico-MF3.

You can perspective a night representation of footage from a Aukey DR-01 here.

You can perspective a day representation of footage from a Aukey DR-01 here.

Should we buy a Aukey DR-01?

As settled in a intro, a Aukey DR-01 isn’t going to have early adopters rushing to buy. This is really most a no-frills lurch cam that does a essentials of capturing your tour on video in box an occurrence occurs. This pursuit is finished with reasonable aplomb, deliberation a price, and a ascent gold is extensive too.

So if you’re after an intensely budget-conscious lurch cam, a Aukey DR-01 is value deliberation – even if it won’t do all your lurch cam dreams.


A low cost for really few lurch cam facilities – though during slightest a Full HD video peculiarity is reasonable, creation a Aukey DR-01 good value.

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What is a Cobra CDR 900 E?

The CDR 900 E is Cobra’s new tip of a operation lurch cam and is a pattern depart compared to a prior models, such as a CDR 875 G. The latter was a solid, constant device, yet a CDR 900 E takes a selection closer to a stream apex of lurch cam technology, with a sleeker demeanour to match. In particular, this indication now shoots Super HD rather than usually HD. It can also double as an movement camera. However, over-reliance on a interconnected smartphone and some common picture peculiarity creates a HD CDR 900 E a middle-of-the-road lurch cam.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Windscreen ascent and movement camera functionality

The CDR 900 E might demeanour a bit opposite to prior models, yet a ascent complement is sincerely similar. There’s a flattering sized suction shade attachment, that a device slots onto, and this creates a sincerely secure installation. The prolonged energy wire culminates in a customary USB plug, that afterwards connects to a apart automobile energy adapter.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

There’s usually one USB tie on this adapter, not dual like a Z-Edge Z2 Plus, so we can’t energy your sat nav from a same adaptor. But this still means we could use an existent USB tie in your automobile for power, or supply your possess dual-output automobile adapter, if we need to energy mixed devices.

Despite a aim of doubling as an movement camera, there aren’t any specific mounts enclosed in a box for this purpose. But there is an choice slide-in tie onto that we can bond a bundled lanyard. The slide-in apportionment of a shade mountain also screws to a section around a customary tripod fitting, so we could simply bond a CDR 900 E to a horde of third-party mounts, tripods and monopods. However, this is on a tip of a device rather than a bottom, so footage will be upside down.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Recording Formats, Menu, Manual Settings and WiFi

There’s a 3-megapixel sensor inside a CDR 900 E, nonetheless Cobra doesn’t hold how large it is. This will be usually about adequate for a title Super HD recording format, that equates to 2,304 x 1,296 resolution, and is prisoner during 30 frames per second. There is also Full HD available, again during 30 frames per second, yet no high-speed mode or 720p option.

I have criticised Cobra lurch cams for being a bit behind a times for resolution, so during slightest a CDR 900 E catches adult with a mainstream, nonetheless some are now going over Super HD, such as a Vicovation Opia 2, that goes all a approach to 1,440p. At Super HD, footage is accessible during 6.7 Mbits/sec. This is unequivocally low, yet a 8GB Micro SD label enclosed in box will be adequate for around 160 mins of footage.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

Although there is a menu accessible on a device itself, this is flattering singular in scope. You can’t even change a recording resolution. This is where a built-in Wi-Fi and Drive HD app (for iOS and Android) come in. The CDR 900 E can act as a internal entrance point, or we can bond it to an existent wireless LAN. You afterwards bond your smartphone to this entrance indicate and glow adult a Drive HD app.

Apart from previewing what a lurch cam can see, and toggling record, a app allows we to set a date and time from a smartphone – that differently we can’t do. You can name Full HD or Super HD resolution, and configure a tiny operation of additional reserve facilities accessible on a CDR 900 E. There aren’t any serve settings in movement camera modes, however.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Safety features

Unfortunately, same to a Cobra CDR 855 BT, one reserve underline a CDR 900 E doesn’t have is an integrated GPS, something that was accessible on a CDR 875 G.

There is instead a same micro-jack built in so that a outmost GPS section that is enclosed with a CDR 875 G can be used, yet there is now no chronicle of a CDR 900 E that includes this as standard. Instead, it’s an discretionary additional costing £29.99.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

The usually additional facilities are an Impact Sensor with high or low options, again configurable exclusively by a smartphone app, and a Motion Detector. The latter allows a CDR 900 E to act as a parking notice device, grabbing some footage if anyone tampers with your vehicle. But that’s it for extras – no line departure, collision warning, or various choice facilities are included. And with no GPS, reserve camera locations are totally out of a question, too.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Image quality

The prior Cobra models I’ve looked during have exhibited decent if not positively top-notch picture quality. The CDR 900 E, notwithstanding a aloft resolution, produces footage that looks rather soft. This is roughly positively since a 6.7 Mbits/sec information rate relies on assertive compression, that smooths out a lot of a detail.

It’s still probable to review those all-important series plates, yet usually when they’re relations tighten and sufficient lit. The CDR 900 E doesn’t understanding quite good with high contrasts in lighting, either. A far-reaching energetic operation choice would unequivocally have helped here, since dim areas unequivocally remove fact when there is clever backlighting, for instance when pushing towards a sun, that is conspicuous in a exam video below.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a CDR 900 E here.

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Cobra Drive HD 900 E

Should we buy a Cobra CDR 900 E?

The Cobra CDR 900 E is not a quite ground-breaking entrance into a lurch cam market. It’s good to see Cobra gripping adult with a fortitude arms race, yet this indication is unequivocally let down by a low bitrate, that adversely affects a picture quality. At a £179.99 RRP a CDR 900 E is also a small pricey, yet during a time of essay it was accessible for reduction than £135 on Amazon, that is most some-more competitive.

Adrian Flux is also charity a Dash Cam Insurance Discount of adult to 15 per cent that could make this product even some-more appealing from a value indicate of view. But in itself this is a unequivocally normal lurch cam, and even yet a movement cam capabilities are a acquire bonus, a common picture peculiarity and miss of controls put a tool in a works for this scenario, creation a Cobra CDR 900 E a bit of an also-ran.


The Cobra CDR 900 E promises Super HD fortitude and movement cam functionality, yet is let down by soothing picture quality.

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What is a VicoVation Vico-MF3?

The Vico-MF3 is a latest lurch cam from VicoVation. The company’s Opia 2 was a initial lurch cam with a 1440p fortitude video to be reviewed by TrustedReviews.

The Vico-MF3 continues this tradition, rather than improving on it, nonetheless a earthy pattern is extremely different. The cost is also extremely reduction than a Opia 2, that creates it a good choice for any customer looking for a lurch cam with glorious video quality.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

The Vico-MF3 uses a same Ambarella A12 chipset as a Opia 2, so there’s a 4-megapixel CMOS of vague stretch and matching recording format options.

VicoVation calls a Vico-MF3’s tip recording format “2K Ultra HD”, though it would some-more accurately be called 2.5K. The tip fortitude is 2,560 x 1,440 during 30 frames per second, with a healthy 19Mbits/sec information rate. The Vico-MF3 even supports HDR during this resolution.

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VicoVation Vico-MF3

It’s also probable to record 1,296p – that VicoVation calls Extreme HD, though many other manufacturers tag Super HD – during 30 frames per second. If we dump down to Full HD, 60 frames per second is possible, as good as 45 frames per second and 30 frames per second with HDR. There’s 720p during 30 and 60 frames per second, too.

I’m not certain how useful it is to have so many format options in a lurch cam. You tend to setup such inclination and afterwards usually leave them regulating until there’s an occurrence and we need a footage. But there are copiousness of options accessible if we do need them, quite a high-speed ones. At a tip resolution, a 8GB label will adequate for usually underneath an hour of footage before looping kicks in.

The mountain is a customary suction cup, though there’s also an glue choice in a box, that uses a claim 3D gummy stuff. The common extensive energy wire is included, in this box finale in a prisoner automobile cigarette lighter adapter. You won’t be means to offshoot adult a satnav during a same time though an adapter.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Menu and Manual Settings

The Vico-MF3 sports a vast 3-inch display, with 5 buttons on a edges of a bezel: dual on a left, 3 on a right. The red symbol on a tip left is for imprinting events, that sets a stream video record as not to be overwritten. This places that record in a apart Events folder on a microSD memory label used for storage.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

The menu symbol can be found underneath this. Here we can set a video resolution, play behind your video recordings, configure a Smart Warning System (of that some-more below), and spin on parking surveillance.

There’s control over a attraction of a G-Sensor, that detects an impact occurrence and outlines a stream footage as an eventuality automatically. You can change a loop recording length between one, 3 and 5 minutes, with 3 being a default. You can spin a microphone off and on, and there’s even an bearing value control, with 9 stairs between -4 and +4 EV.

VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Optional Safety Features

The Opia 2 was let down by a miss of built-in GPS, and a Vico-MF3 likewise doesn’t embody this facility. Instead, an outmost GPS device is required, costing £35. Aside from tracking your plcae and storing it alongside a video, a GPS appendage also adds line depart and forward-collision warnings, bringing a facilities of a Vico-MF3 broadly in line with a many means lurch cams.

As mentioned above, there stays a Smart Warning System territory in a menu, even though a GPS add-on. This includes Speed Camera Detection, nonetheless this didn’t seem to do anything, given it probablyrequires a GPS and a camera plcae database. In addition, a VicoVation website implies this is usually for Taiwan. You can set an warning for when you’re over a speed extent – although, again, though a GPS this won’t work.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

However, there are some facilities that will work though a GPS. The Lead Car Departure Alert detects when a automobile in front moves in still trade and lets we know, in box you’ve stopped profitable attention.

The Headlights-on Reminder will also duty though a GPS, as will a motorist tired alert. It’s usually a contrition a GPS isn’t built in, given if it was a Vico-MF3 would exaggerate a comparatively extensive set of facilities compared to a competition.

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VicoVation Vico-MF3 – Image Quality

The Opia 2 is means of some of a best lurch cam video peculiarity I’ve seen, so we had high hopes for a Vico-MF3, given it evidently uses a same CMOS and estimate chipset.

During one exam on a rather gloomy, stormy day, a Vico-MF3 still managed to provoke out copiousness of detail, interjection to a 1,440p fortitude – that is impressive.

Colour fealty isn’t superb, though we won’t generally be regulating a lurch cam for sharpened your subsequent indie cinema entrance to a Cannes Film Festival.

The many critical cause of being means to collect out features, quite series plates, is really many in evidence. You don’t need to be directly behind a automobile to see a registration. The numbers and letters will be manifest during a reasonable stretch and from an angle, too, that is good if we need to brand a law-breaker in an incident.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a Vico-MF3 here.

VicoVation Vico-MF3

Should we buy a VicoVation Vico-MF3?

The VicoVation Vico-MF3 is a lurch cam means of decidedly considerable picture quality, as lurch cams go. It’s a contrition that GPS is an discretionary extra, given installing this alone merely adds to your windscreen confusion as good as a sum price. However, during £139 a Vico-MF3 isn’t hideously expensive, even if it isn’t a discount either.

It would be good to see a chronicle of a Vico-MF3 with a GPS built in, and maybe Wi-Fi as well. But if these facilities aren’t critical to you, during slightest a many critical cause – video opening – is adult there with a best.

For a core duty of identifying a vehicles (and people) around we in an incident, a VicoVation Vico-MF3 positively delivers.


The VicoVation Vico-MF3 might miss a built-in GPS, though video fact is excellent, creation it good for a core video-recording duty of a lurch cam.