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You might not trust it if we stepped outward yesterday, though it was indeed a initial day of Spring. And to compare a change of season, Apple has denounced a new set of pale hues for both iPhone and Apple Watch.

This comes in a form of cases and straps, for people who feel a need to freshen their demeanour with a season, though will usually accept central Apple apparel.

Yes, it’s not utterly as thespian as Apple divulgence new iPads, new iMacs and new AirPods over a final few days, though it does only about keep a company’s new product strain going for another day.

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That means we can now buy £45 silicone cases for iPhone XS/XS Max in Spearmint, Papaya or Delft Blue, while £55 leather cases arrive in a same shades. For those with deeper pockets, there’s also leather folio cases for XS (£99) or XS Max (£129). If battery life is a categorical concern, afterwards a little battery box is now accessible in Pink Sand for £129.

There’s also a Papaya or Pink Sand shade for both a new iPad mini (£45) and iPad Air (£55). You can squeeze a Pink Sand box for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro for £99, too.

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If we wish your Apple Watch to compare your i-device, afterwards you’ll be gratified to see that a association has also done a garland of straps in a same hues. Various competition loops and bands are available in Papaya, Spearmint and Lilac for £49, and if we unequivocally wish to pull a vessel out we can spend £149 on leather straps in Cornflower, Sunset or Lilac.

Do we like a demeanour of a new Apple accessories, or are we happy with your stream style? Let us know what we consider on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.

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Clementine’s story comes to an finish subsequent week, as a final part of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will arrive on Mar 26, it’s been revealed.

It feels a small bizarre job it by a full title, given Telltale Games had to unexpected close. Instead, a work is being finished by Skybound Games – a studio belonging to The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman.

But, given a series’ execution comes with assistance from “many of a talented, ardent organisation members” who were operative during Telltale, you’d suppose any differences between a strange prophesy and a final plan will be comparatively minor.

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In any case, a story will collect adult where episode three left off, with Clementine stability to lead her organisation of mislaid children to some kind of safety. You can watch a brief trailer below.

Even before Telltale’s financial problems were revealed, we knew this was going to be a finish of Clementine’s story, that started 7 years ago: a fact that this set of episodes was labelled “The Final Season” was a flattering large idea as distant as omens go.

Of course, that does meant that with no lax ends to collect adult in a destiny season, no impression is safe, so we can substantially design something of an romantic rollercoaster.

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Once The Walking Dead is out, that will be it for Telltale’s output. The studio finished Minecraft Story Mode for Netflix, and all other projects – including Stranger Things, a second deteriorate of Game of Thrones and a lapse to The Wolf Among Us – will never see a light of day. But during slightest people there for a start of Clementine’s journey behind in 2012 will get some kind of closure.

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We’ve now reviewed all 3 of Samsung’s 2019 flagship phones and we have to contend that we’ve been entirely tender with them all.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10e have all picked adult a Trusted Reviews Recommended award, signalling we feel they are 3 of a best phones we can buy right now.

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  • Read a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review

What creates any phone so special though? Well, in a examination of a Galaxy S10e we praised a charming build, good positioned fingerprint sensor and severely considerable price.

When it came to a incomparable S10 – that we reviewed regulating a new format – we had copiousness of regard for a beautiful display, glorious triple camera array and neat design. The S10 Plus builds on a S10, with a incomparable shade and dual cameras on a front.

Our Samsung Galaxy S10 examination outcome said, “There isn’t a some-more finish flagship Android phone we can buy right now than a Samsung Galaxy S10 – and a dual biggest aspirant are, during this moment, a smaller S10e and a pricier S10 Plus.

So is there a reason to buy a S10 over those dual other choices? The S10e is cheaper and ditches a winding screen, while a S10 Plus has a bigger shade and battery. Being a center child, it does feel like a unchanging competence get left out. But I’d contend a S10 is a easiest choice. It’s a ideal reduction of distance and feature-set, with a cost tab that’s £200 reduction than a iPhone XS.”

If you’ve used a Samsung Galaxy S10, a S10e and S10 Plus we’d adore to hear your thoughts on Samsung’s new phones. Are they Samsung’s best yet? Or are things still to be improved? Send us thoughts on Twitter to @trustedreviews.


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It only can’t stop leaking. We’re reduction than a week divided from Huawei’s central P30 and P30 Pro launch in Paris, though now selling materials performed by MySmartPrice uncover a phone in all a charming glory.

As we can see from a pictures, a two-tone colour gradients of a P20 array make a acquire return, and a series of cameras is increased to four. All a leaks indicate to a 10x hybrid wizz periscope camera for a P30 Pro and a 5x hybrid wizz on a unchanging P30.

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On tip of that we can design a same lightning quick 7nm Kirin 980 processor we initial saw in a Mate 20 Pro, as good as an in-screen fingerprint reader. The front-facing camera is housed in a tiny, round notchlette.

As if one trickle weren’t bad enough, eminent leaker Evan Blass has got his hands on some-more cinema that advise some kind of pre-order reward that Huawei might have in mind.

A Sonos orator would be flattering useful inducement to get people grouping a P30, not a million miles divided from a giveaway earphones Samsung offering with pre-orders of a Galaxy S10. And if we consider that a Sonos orator sounds too inexhaustible to be true, don’t forget that pre-orders of Huawei’s P20 Pro final year would get we a giveaway span of Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones, value £325.

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In any case, we should know shortly enough. We’re not awaiting a good understanding of warn when a P30 launches in Paris on Tuesday Mar 26, though be certain to check behind in with TrustedReviews on a night only in case.

Are we vehement for a launch of a Huawei P30? Let us know on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.

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Around a year and a half ago, Apple showed off AirPower, a wireless charging pad means of powering adult AirPods, iPhones and Apple Watches all during a same time, in clearly any orientation. That was approach behind in late 2017 − during a launch of a iPhone X. It was ostensible to come out in 2018 though didn’t, and we’ve listened zero about the wireless charging pad from a association since.

Over new months, we’ve seen rumours claiming that AirPower is finally on a verge of release, though with Apple’s ongoing overpower noisy and all references to AirPower declining from a company’s website, it’s tough to shake a feeling that a device has been cancelled altogether.

So what’s going on? Read on for all we know (and don’t know) about AirPower.

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AirPower − The latest news

Apple is holding an eventuality on Mar 25, where it’s approaching to concentration on its heavily-rumoured TV platform. We had been awaiting a garland of inclination to launch alongside it, though Apple has taken us by warn by sensitively announcing a iPad Mini 5, iPad Air (2019), iMac 2019 and AirPods 2 this week.

There’s been no discuss of AirPower so far, and we haven’t given adult wish of saying an proclamation between now and subsequent Monday. However, a fact it wasn’t mentioned during all as partial of a AirPods 2 proclamation doesn’t accurately fill us with confidence − generally when that proclamation lonesome a new wireless charging case.

The product page for a new wireless charging box pointedly creates no anxiety to AirPower. Instead, it reads: “Case can be charged possibly wirelessly regulating a Qi-compatible charging pad or with a Lightning connector”.

In Sep 2018, immediately after a launch of a iPhone XS, roughly all references to AirPower were private from Apple’s website. At a time, a usually remaining anxiety to a device was a design (above) on a page dedicated to a strange AirPods.

Now that a AirPods 2 have been announced, that page has been refreshed. And that design is gone. Which means AirPower has now been totally wiped from a Apple website.

In short, it doesn’t demeanour promising. And nonetheless there’s still a small splinter of hope. Okay, tiny.

In January, ChargerLab claimed it had listened from a “credible source” that manufacturer Luxshare Precision has “started producing [the] Apple AirPower wireless charging pad” (via MacRumors). Luxshare Precision also manufactures a Apple AirPods.

And in February, MySmartPrice reported that Apple had conduct to solve a technical hurdles (more on this in a following section) that were apparently holding AirPower back.

The news claimed that Apple was in a routine of Apple filming TV ads for AirPower, and that a charging pad would exaggerate a somewhat thicker build than formerly expected, due to an 8-7-7 curl configuration. It combined that Apple was operative on “exclusive features”, that would come into play when iOS 13 is expelled after this year.

AirPower cost and recover date

Considering Apple initial showed a AirPower pad good over a year ago, many have been left wondering (us included) because it’s taken a association so prolonged to get it onto store shelves.

Reports advise that a technical hurdles compared with creation a multi-device wireless charging pad that can assign in any position aren’t trivial. Overheating has been a critical emanate during AirPower’s growth and it’s apparently a reason a antecedent chronicle now presumably possesses 22 charging coils that can be tranquil to broach energy independently. What’s more, Apple’s left so distant as to confederate a possess tradition chip regulating a mutated chronicle of iOS, with a concentration on some modernized form of energy management.

As for pricing, formed on all we’ve talked about, it’s expected to be expensive. With that tradition curl architecture, tradition chipset, tweaked chronicle of iOS, tradition energy government and a elementary fact that it’s a first-party Apple accessory, it’s doubtful to lay underneath a £100/$100 mark.

Apple now offers a likes of Belkin’s Boost Up wireless charging pad for around £60/$60, though that’s a customary 7.5W single-pad charger. According to a aforementioned MySmartPrice report, AirPower will expected sell for around $150.

How does AirPower work?

AirPower is radically a imagination wireless charging pad. There are already hundreds of examples of wireless charging pads already out there from a horde of manufacturers including Samsung and Belkin.

Depending on a upheld device you’re perplexing to assign wirelessly, it’ll expected belong to one of dual of a many common wireless charging standards out there, PMA or Qi. In a box of a iPhone (from a iPhone 8 onwards), it’s Qi.

Apple’s AirPower pad is a small bit opposite to a customary wireless charger, that can typically usually accommodate a singular device during a time. Apple’s resolution aims to broach on a pledge of being means to chuck your device anywhere on a pad and pledge that it’ll start charging wirelessly.

What’s more, as seen in a initial product images for a AirPower pad final year, you’ll be means to assign mixed inclination concurrently in clearly any orientation − interjection to a fact that it presumably contains 22 particular charging coils.

Power is eliminated from a charging pad to a battery in a device we wish to assign by approach of swapping electromagnetic induction, regulating coils that are designed to evacuate and accept electromagnetic waves in both a horse and a handset respectively.

There’s each possibility that if it is a Qi-based charger, any other device that supports a standard, like a Samsung Galaxy S9, will also be means to assign on Apple’s charger.

Do we consider AirPower is passed or alive? Let us know on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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For copyright holders, we’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with a good: visits to bandit sites in a UK forsaken to 5.75 billion in 2018. That might sound like flattering singular good news, given it’s still a outrageous number, though if we consider that’s not great, afterwards here’s a bad news: robbery worldwide strike 190 billion visits over a year.  

The information comes from robbery tracker MUSO, that suggested that a UK is ninth overall. Unsurprisingly, robbery levels relate flattering closely by how populous a nation, that a United States (17.4bn), a Russian Federation (14.5bn), Brazil (10.3bn) and India (9.6bn) commanding a league.

But while grown markets saw some decrease on 2017 levels, a shocking area for rights holders is a expansion in bandit expenditure in building markets. Brazil saw an boost of 12.5% while Indonesia (eighth on a list with 6 billion visits) grew 9% year on year.

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Digital robbery is still prevalent globally,” pronounced Andy Chatterley, CEO and co-founder of MUSO. “Television is a many renouned calm for robbery and given a fragmentation of calm opposite mixed streaming services maybe this isn’t surprising.”

“Almost 60% of all robbery visits are to unlawful web streaming sites, mirroring trends in authorised consumption, that is relocating divided from tenure to on-demand,” he added. “Public swell networks, once a categorical process of robbery delivery, now usually equates to 13% of robbery revisit activity.”

MUSO’s UK-specific information shows a decline, even in a streaming robbery sector. While there were 4.5 billion visits available in 2017, this fell to 3.9 billion in 2018. The biggest dump was for music, that fell from 248 million to 133 million, year-on-year, while TV streaming remained comparatively stable, dropping only over 200 million to 3.2 billion visits.

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Whether this dump is down to authorised streaming services creation things easier to consume, or interjection to copyright holders’ efforts to retard calm is reduction clear. But it seems that a proceed of removing hunt engines to take down links is, during best, a double-edged sword. “Interestingly, in 2018 we have seen a 10 percent boost in people bypassing hunt engines and going directly to a robbery end of their choice,” Chatterley explains. “Simply focussing on takedowns is clearly a whack-a-mole proceed and, while an essential partial of any calm insurance strategy, it needs to be interconnected with some-more on-going thinking.

“With a right mindsight, robbery audiences can offer outrageous value to rights holders.”

Have authorised streaming services reduced piracy? Let us know what we consider on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.

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For a singular time, we can get a giveaway Fire TV Stick when we buy a new 3rd era Echo Dot – saving we £39.99.

If we missed a Fire TV Stick understanding that was using progressing this week afterwards you’re in luck, Currys PC World has thrown a illusory gold a approach that offers good value for money.

Limited Time Echo Dot and Fire Stick Bundle

Echo Dot – Heather Grey (with giveaway Fire TV Stick)

Currys PC World is now throwing in a giveaway Fire TV Stick when we buy a latest Echo Dot intelligent orator – saving we £39.99 and smartening adult your home for an affordable price.

Currys PC World

Save £39.99

Now £49.99

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Now £49.99

Save £39.99

Currys PC World

Echo Dot – Sandstone (with giveaway Fire TV Stick)

The same good understanding as above though this time for a Sandstone various of a 3rd era Echo Dot.

Currys PC World

Save £39.99

Now £49.99

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Now £49.99

Save £39.99

Currys PC World

When we buy a latest Amazon Echo Dot – that packs a louder orator and some-more stylish pattern than a prototype – you’ll also get a code new Fire TV Stick during no additional cost.

Both products come with a brilliantly elementary Alexa AI, that can be used to do all from dimming a lights to personification your favourite album.

In a box of a Fire TV Stick, Alexa can be used to fast corkscrew by a immeasurable catalog of TV shows and cinema on Prime Video – Amazon’s possess video streaming service, with disdainful shows such as Mr Robot, The Man in a High Castle and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel.

To get a Fire TV Stick adult and running, all we have to do is block it into a HMDI pier on a TV or monitor, follow by with a onscreen instructions and voila – you’ll be binge examination in no time.

Limited Time Echo Dot and Fire Stick Bundle

Echo Dot – Heather Grey (with giveaway Fire TV Stick)

Currys PC World is now throwing in a giveaway Fire TV Stick when we buy a latest Echo Dot intelligent orator – saving we £39.99 and smartening adult your home for an affordable price.

Currys PC World

Save £39.99

Now £49.99

View Deal

Now £49.99

Save £39.99

Currys PC World

Echo Dot – Sandstone (with giveaway Fire TV Stick)

The same good understanding as above though this time for a Sandstone various of a 3rd era Echo Dot.

Currys PC World

Save £39.99

Now £49.99

View Deal

Now £49.99

Save £39.99

Currys PC World

If we don’t have a subscription to Prime Video afterwards fear not, a Fire TV Stick also allows we tide calm from Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more. There even an choice to tide songs from Spotify and Amazon Music, that is shining if we have a high-end soundbar connected to your TV.

Given how fast Fire TV Stick offers tend to fly off a shelf, there’s no revelation how prolonged this one will be accessible for. If you’ve been looking to smarten adult your home during an affordable price, this is a ideal time to do it.

For some-more extraordinary offers, follow us @TrustedDealsUK

We might acquire a elect if we click a understanding and buy an item. That’s because we wish to make certain you’re well-informed and happy with your purchase, so that you’ll continue to rest on us for your shopping recommendation needs.

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In a hands-on examination of a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, we reported what we were told during a time: that it would expected be here in “early summer.” But a new news suggests that a recover date competence be only around a dilemma after all.

Sammobile reports that Samsung is formulation on rising a 5G-enabled device in a a home nation of South Korea on Apr 5. A US recover is also settled to be entrance in a same month as an disdainful to Verizon, that will be rising a 5G network on Apr 11.

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That means that anyone shopping a Galaxy S10 5G during launch would during slightest have a 5G network to play with, that is kind of critical if you’ve only forsaken a outrageous volume of income to be an early adopter. We don’t know accurately how many income that’s going to be yet, though it’ll be a priciest chronicle of a S10, and that already reaches £899 for a Plus model.

Fortunately, we don’t only get occasional 5G coverage to make a cost of entrance value considering. The S10 5G comes with a incomparable 6.7-inch screen, a large 4500mAh battery and an additional hQVGA 3D depth-sensing camera on a behind for protracted reality.

“In many ways this is a ultimate chronicle of Samsung’s 2019 flagship device,” Max wrote in a hands-on review. “It’s got a largest screen, many cameras and biggest battery.”

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“If you’re formulation on entirely embracing 5G this year, a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will expected be one of a best picks.” It turns out we competence be means to get your hands on one a small progressing than we thought.

Will we be pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, or are we watchful for improved coverage? Let us know on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.