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Sony is releasing a new special book PS4 Pro console to commemorate a PlayStation code leading 500 million sales.

The new 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro arrives with a singular dim blue unclouded surrounding with copper accents, and a relating DualShock 4 controller. The bundled-in PlayStation Camera, straight mount and mono headset also stone a attractive design.

Each 2TB console also has a commemorative copper image on a front with a singular sequence number. Some of those will commemorate special events in PlayStation history. For example, 09995 represents a launch date of a strange PlayStation in a US.

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Sony says it is rising a singular run of 50,000 editions as a “thank you” to a fans who’ve snapped-up PlayStation consoles over a final entertain of a century. Asking people to compensate $499 (UK cost TBC) for something isn’t accurately a thought of a ‘thank you’, though it is a really attractive design.

In a blog post on Thursday, PlayStation Worldwide offered arch Eric Lempel said: “Today, I’m anxious to exhibit that Sony Interactive Entertainment has strictly sole some-more than 525.3 Million PlayStation systems worldwide!


“With 500 Million PlayStation systems sold, that means large adventures into a unknown, bold stands opposite evil, and life-long memories of personification with family and friends. Thank we to all a fans for your ardent support over a past 24 years, that done all of this possible.”

If we don’t wish a whole console, Sony is offered a 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 controller as a standalone object for $64.99 (UK pricing TBC). A singular book Gold Wireless Headset will also be available.

The console will be accessible on Aug 24 in a US and a UK, with pre-orders in a UK starting on Aug 14.

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If you’ve ever watched a film and wondered what’s only out of frame, you’re in luck. ScreenX has arrived in a UK, and it’s a multi-projector cinema knowledge that has we looking during 3 screens instead of one.

The initial one in a UK was only commissioned during a O2 in North Greenwich, London. we was invited to check it out forward of a open opening today. Here’s what we need to know.

How does three-screen observation work? The center one is like any cinema screen. It displays a same film and format as what you’ll eventually see on Netflix. ScreenX presentations lamp additional footage on a walls to a left and right. That’s a 270-degree margin of view, designed to fill adult your marginal prophesy – theoretically creation a design some-more immersive.

It’s a identical thought to a Ambilight complement on Philips TVs, that fill your marginal prophesy with light. Only this isn’t only light – it’s correct video footage, composed, filmed and edited during a same time as a customary melodramatic element and theme to a same CGI and colour grading efforts.

Movies arrive during a cinema in dual digital files (most cinemas no longer use reels of film): one for a customary film, a other for a sides or ‘wings’. They are stitched together regulating a crafty ScreenX software. The total design is afterwards dismissed out of 5 projectors. The categorical design uses one though a wings need four. Special fabric is lined on a walls to keep colours consistent, nonetheless that won’t censor a glow exit signs.


ScreenX was initial launched in 2015 and has featured such titles as King Arthur: Legend of a Sword and Black Panther. In a UK, it is rising with Ant-Man and a Wasp, The Meg, and The Nun. My proof used footage from The Meg, 20 mins of Jason Statham fighting a large shark.

There are unavoidable similarities with a super-sized IMAX format. With a design fluctuating past a sides, it is a honestly immersive experience. My margin of perspective was wholly filled with shots of a ocean, that naturally took me closer to feeling like we was partial of a film.

If a customary cinema shade isn’t adequate for we and we need something additional to ride we to that world, this does a pursuit really nicely. Considering a work involved, a cost is reasonable: ScreenX tickets cost £3 some-more than usual.

Unlike IMAX, however, ScreenX isn’t seamless. Scenes shot in IMAX format fill in a tip and bottom of a customary 2.4:1 format screen, so what we get is a single, large picture. For ScreenX, a stretched images aren’t on a same wall. It’s not accurately a breathtaking experience.

If we can get past this, there’s also a emanate of a stage not wholly being in extended format. For instance, a stage we saw of The Meg switched from Jason Statham fighting a shark to a ancillary expel elsewhere. The film frequently switched between ScreenX super-wide and customary formats as a film cut from one plcae to another – that can be distracting.

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Of course, these are still early days for a new technology, and filmmakers will no doubt find improved ways of regulating a new collection during their disposal. Having 3 screens provides intensity for new methods of storytelling.

Ever given cinemas came along, we’ve seen several attempts to change it. The 3D proviso has come and left several times, though a super-sized IMAX format has stuck. Then there’s Dolby Cinema’s extended contrariety and pointing audio, and Samsung’s initial LED screens. Maybe one day we’ll all watch cinema with 3 screens instead of one.

To date, ScreenX has been commissioned in 151 auditoriums around a universe and Cineworld has been tasked with building another hundred. South Korea alone has 84, and China has 46. If you’re in a UK and we can’t make it to London, there’s also a one in Cineworld Speke, and Leeds White Rose will be removing a ascent in Sep 2018.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says algorithm-driven playlists are lacking humanity, in an apparent handbill during streaming opposition Spotify.

In comments released to Fast Company, Cook pronounced he prefers a human-curated calm common with Apple Music subscribers, rather than a ‘bits and bytes’ proceed adopted by rivals.

Cook didn’t discuss Spotify by name, though a talk was for an endless form of a Swedish company’s CEO Daniel Ek.

“Music inspires, it motivates. It’s also a thing during night that helps still me. we consider it’s improved than any medicine,” Cook said. “We worry about a amiability being emptied out of music, about it apropos a bits-and-bytes kind of universe instead of a art and craft.”

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The Apple trainer combined that his firm, that doesn’t offer any giveaway tiers on Apple Music, is “not in it for a money.”

On a contrary, Spotify’s whole business rests on a ability to attract paid Premium subscribers and ad-funded Free users. Apple is reduction endangered about either a streaming business creates money. The association done $14 billion in distinction during a final entertain alone, while Spotify is nonetheless to spin a profit. During a same duration it mislaid 394m Euros.


Cook’s comments are engaging deliberation identical accusations have been leveled during Apple in a past.

The launch of a iPod effectively killed off a earthy format for an whole era of song fans, with digital downloads also spelling doom for record stores around a world. That really didn’t repairs a amiability of song did it?

Meanwhile, a ability to select any low-quality lane from a library of thousands meant that a ‘art and craft’ of putting together an manuscript faded into insignificance.

Meanwhile, a iTunes Music store and a DRM manners that placed restrictions on where and how people could listen to a song that they’d paid for was overwhelming for a ‘humanity’ of song too, right?

Could all this it only be since Spotify’s algorithms make improved playlists than Apple’s humans, Tim? Or since Spotify still has some-more profitable subscribers than Apple Music, notwithstanding a latter being built into each iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS device that leaves Cupertino?

Do we consider this is green grapes from Tim Cook? Or do we cite playlists and recommendations from tellurian editors rather than ‘bits and bytes’? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Retro gaming has undergone a fantastic resurgence in a final few years. Low-cost computers like a Raspberry Pi and program like RetroPie have done it easy for anyone to build their possess dream console, congested with their childhood favourites, mostly for reduction than £50.

However, that low cost has been facilitated by a simply accessibility of ROM files (digital chronicle of games) from sites like EmuParadise. The site has offering entrance to a immeasurable library of titles opposite a far-reaching spectrum of systems – all giveaway of charge.

That combined a bewilderment for gamers, and a grey area from a authorised perspective. While there’s mostly no approach to obtain digital versions of these games legally; downloading ROM files is still piracy. Generally speaking, gamers have been means to palliate their consciences if they ever owned a strange earthy copy, though it’s transparent that hasn’t always been a case.

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Now, it seems, a chickens are finally entrance home to roost. The fast expansion of DIY systems means repositories like EmuParadise have faced flourishing authorised threats from rights holders. Today, a site announced it was stealing all ROM files from a site.

In a blog post, a site said, after 18 years, it was incompetent to offer entrance to games in a approach “that creates everybody happy and keeps us out of trouble.”

The site’s owners – who pronounced he started a site after flourishing adult in India, where he was incompetent to entrance a games initial time around – pronounced stability to offer ROM files wasn’t value a “potentially catastrophic consequences” for a team.


They wrote: “Through a years I’ve worked tirelessly with a rest of a EmuParadise organisation to safeguard that everybody could get their repair of retro gaming. We’ve perceived thousands of emails from people revelation us how happy they’ve been to rediscover and even share their childhood with a subsequent generations in their families.

“We’ve had emails from soldiers during fight observant that a usually approach they got by their days was to be mislaid in a retrogames that they played from when they were children. We’ve got emails from brothers who have mislaid their siblings to cancer and were means to find condolence in personification a games they once did as children.”

It appears a fast blast of a retro gaming attention has ramped adult a vigour on sites like EmuParadise. While console emulators once catered for a comparatively niche organisation of a gaming community, some-more and some-more folks are jumping on house with a craze.

Given a likes Nintendo, Sega and Atari have responded by rising their possess strictly protected hardware with classical titles built in, it’s frequency startling that platforms like EmuParadise have come underneath some-more pressure

The owner pronounced a site will continue to offer a complement emulators database and yield a community, though no some-more games.

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Elon Musk has surprisingly suggested he is deliberation holding a electric automobile association private once again. In a tweet, a owner and CEO says he has cumulative a appropriation to buy out publicly-owned shares.

In a array of tweets on Aug 7, Musk pronounced existent Tesla shareholders could select to sell during $420 per share, or keep their holding and be partial of a private craving that’s no longer traded on a batch market.

All-in-all, Musk’s offer values a e-car colonize during around $72 billion. The offer is a poignant reward on a share cost that peaked on Tuesday. Following a radical proclamation by a amicable media platform, Tesla shares rose 7.4% to $367.25. Now trade has halted tentative serve news (via Reuters).

Musk, who now owns around 20% of Tesla,  followed adult a twitter by earnest to take caring of Tesla shareholders and “ensure their wealth in any scenario.” The owner has also sensitive Tesla employees of a growth in a association far-reaching email, also published online.

In a email, Musk pronounced while a final preference has not been made, he has dynamic this would be a best trail to take a association forward. However, he says a preference on either to go private will eventually be motionless by a shareholder vote.

Musk says he wants to get divided from a short-term pressures of quarterly financial returns, so shareholders can make decisions formed on a long-term health of a company. In this respect, he wants Tesla to work some-more like a privately-held SpaceX, though denies a dual pioneering companies are merging.


He writes: “As a open company, we are theme to furious swings in a batch cost that can be a vital daze for everybody operative during Tesla, all of whom are shareholders. Being open also subjects us to a quarterly gain cycle that puts huge vigour on Tesla to make decisions that might be right for a given quarter, though not indispensably right for a long-term. Finally, as a many shorted batch in a story of a batch market, being open means that there are vast numbers of people who have a inducement to conflict a company.

“If a routine ends a approach we design it will, a private Tesla would eventually be an huge event for all of us. Either way, a destiny is really splendid and we’ll keep fighting to grasp a mission.”

Such a pierce would soothe vigour on Elon Musk, who has come underneath glow from shareholders in new times over a company’s inability to strech profitability, as good as a deleterious Model 3 prolongation bottlenecks. As recently as this June, Musk saw off an try to reject him from a company’s house of directors, with several distinguished shareholders lifting a probability of tying his power, or even deposing him.

Bringing a organisation behind underneath private control could extent a intensity repairs of Wall Street short-termism, while defence Musk’s position during a tip of a company. In a email to employees Musk pronounced he isn’t seeking larger control than his existent 20% interest and wants all stream shareholders to remain.

Do we consider Musk would be correct to mislay his organisation from a glisten of Wall Street? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Apple Music is reportedly giving some users a weekly look during what their pals are listening to with a new Friends Mix playlist.

Reddit users who’ve speckled a underline contend a 25-song playlist updates each Monday and sits alongside other algorithmically-generated playlists like a Favourites Mix, New Music Mix and a Chill Mix.

The feature, that doesn’t seem to disdainful to a iOS 12 betas now in existence, hasn’t rolled out to all users nonetheless (via 9to5Mac). However, it looks like it’ll build on a amicable facilities combined to Apple Music with iOS 11. Last year a association combined a ability to follow friends. Listening histories are automatically shared, while there’s also a ‘friends are listening to’ territory within Apple Music.

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Adding a dedicated playlist for friends takes divided a bid for Apple Music subscribers, who can now usually wait until Monday for a sip of their friends’ tip jams. The Friends Mix is also integrated with Siri, so Apple Music users can serve it with a voice authority as they make their daily commute. Or, depending on their friends, omit a playlist completely.


The Monday modernise suggests Apple is looking to move music-lovers a new playlist on each day of a week. The Favourites Mix drops on Tuesdays, New Music arrives with that week’s releases on Fridays, while a Chill Mix encourages users to do usually that on Sundays.

Spotify users have a Discover Weekly playlist on a Monday, while Release Radar drops on Fridays. In a meantime Premium subscribers get daily mixes formed on a series of opposite genres, though no algothrimically-generated playlists formed on friends’ listening habits.

Apple is nonetheless to criticism on when a underline will hurl out to all Apple Music subscribers, though it might strictly arrive when iOS 12 debuts subsequent month.

This usually leaves Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for Apple to fill with auto-generated playlists. Send your suggestions to @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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US chipmaker Qualcomm is holding an eventuality on Sep 10, with all signs indicating to a proclamation of an eagerly-anticipated new SoC designed for inclusion in smartwatches.

The association is seeking a media to “set your watches” for a eventuality subsequent month, with a pun-happy entice also revelation recipients that “It’s Time”. If that’s not adequate of a spirit for would be tech detectives, there’s also a design of a smartwatch… set to 9:10.

Beyond that, a association isn’t giving many away, though it appears rarely expected we’ll see a launch of a oft-tipped processor that observers are counting on to revitalise a fortunes of Google’s Wear OS platform. Previous rumours have suggested this new chip could even energy a rumoured Pixel watch, that might accompany a Pixel 3 launch this October.

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Given a Snapdragon 2100 processor, that powers many of a stream stand of Wear OS devices, is now a integrate of years old, this proclamation won’t be before time. Back in May this year, a chipmaker suggested it was operative on a inheritor to a 2100, that would offer a poignant battery life boost, built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPS/LTE and a reduced earthy footprint to capacitate some-more compress designs.


The company’s comparison executive of wearables Pankaj Kedia said: “When we go to era three, it’s designed from a belligerent adult for a no-compromises smartwatch knowledge with dedicated chips that make your watch demeanour flattering when you’re not looking during it, that brings a best aptness and watch experience, and extends battery life.”

He added: “You’ll see softened battery life when interacting with a watch, though also some-more importantly, when you’re not.”

It’s expected we’ll hear some-more about this proclamation in a entrance weeks, as Qualcomm gears adult for a event. However, a timing means it’s doubtful IFA 2018 (at a finish of August) will be graced with any new smartwatches carrying a chip.

What are your hopes for a subsequent era of WearOS watches? Can a new, super-powered Qualcomm SoC save a day? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Microsoft is clearly about to react Disney’s Movies Anywhere service, providing Xbox and Windows 10 users in a US easier entrance to flicks purchased from other online stores.

A now-deleted post on Microsoft’s website primarily suggested that a Movies TV app is about to confederate a Movies Anywhere cloud locker. That would meant films purchased from a likes of iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu and some-more could simply be played on a Xbox One or Windows 10 PC by a local app.

Likewise, cinema purchased from a Microsoft Movies TV app would be accessible on other inclination around a Movies Anywhere app. This would revive a functionality mislaid when a span split ways final year.

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Following a initial publication, a page confirming a tie-in was private by Microsoft. This suggests a association jumped a gun with a announcement, rather than a information being improper in any way.

The Verge speckled a page on Monday and also grabbed a video below. After a page was removed, a orator for Microsoft told Variety that it is in discussions with Movies Anywhere, though no settle has been struck yet.


  • Credit: Sports Interactive

  • Credit: Microsoft

“On Microsoft Movies TV, business can lease or buy any of a scarcely 200 thousand party options to tide on their Xbox or Windows-based devices. Microsoft is committed to delivering abounding party practice to a customers, and we’re in discussions with Movies Anywhere about bringing their use onboard.”

The thought behind a use is to capacitate users to entrance their digital film collection regardless of where those films were purchased. The US-only height is also corroborated by a vital film studios and offers entrance to digital copies of cinema bundled with Blu-ray Discs.

Movies are accessible to tide and download for offline use, ensuring you’re never but your collection, even if there’s no connectivity.

Are we a fan of a Movies Anywhere platform? Will accessibility on a Xbox One make it easier for we to entrance your collection? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter