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Google’s next major Android update will be a little easier on the eyes, according to a product manager at the company.

Commenting on a post in the Chromium bug tracker, Lukasz Zbylut seemingly confirmed Android Q will have a system-wide dark mode.

Android Police reports he wrote: “Dark mode is an approved Q feature. The Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.”

That will be accessible under a Settings Display Dark Mode in Android Q, which we expect will be announced at Google I/O this spring.

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We can’t verify the comments because Google has changed the permissions for the thread in question, but Android Police has a flawless track record in these circumstances and has posted a screen grab of the exchange.

The comments offer the clearest indication yet that the dark mode many had hoped will arrive with 2018’s Android Pie will finally launch with Android Q this spring.


  • Credit: Google

  • Credit: Ring

Google has already given a number of its own apps – like YouTube, Maps, Google News, Phone, Contacts and Messages – a full-on dark mode, or darker elements over the last year. However, a system-wide dark mode would ease users’ retinas, while also assisting with Google’s efforts in preserving battery life.

As Zbylut points out, a dark mode in the Chrome browser would app would require the co-operation of individual websites in order to ensure they’re adhering to a dark mode, beyond the menus and tab bars.

We don’t know a lot about Android Q yet, but it is thought Google will showcase support for foldable smartphones with Android apps offering screen continuity.

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Ford has announced that all of a new cars from 2022 will be means to speak and listen to any other and equipment in a surrounding world.

The automobile hulk is entirely adopting a C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) communications technology, that will energy next-generation unconstrained and semi-autonomous cars.

The tech, that is underpinned by Qualcomm’s 9150 chipset, is also being demonstrated by Ducati and Audi during a CES 2019 tech uncover now ongoing in Las Vegas.

While a tech will be bolstered by a rising 5G network, a new C-V2X offers peer-to-peer communications with cars, definition a information won’t need to transport around a mobile building initially.

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In a blog post on Monday, Ford pronounced a tech will make navigating 4 approach stops easier, with vehicles communicating to any other that has a right of way.


  • Credit: Ford

  • Credit: Google

Meanwhile, a automobile concerned in an collision can advise those coming of intensity danger. Pedestrians with mobile phones could also send a vigilance to cars, ensuring their participation is famous even when they’re outward of normal line of sight. Ford also says a tech will concede vehicles to promulgate with stop lights and highway signs.

The post reads: “With C-V2X, a trade light can send signals alerting drivers about when it will spin immature or red, or either a motorist is during risk of using a red light.

“Road signs could yield allege warning of new accidents or yield some-more context per highway construction, giving drivers a event to reroute or some-more safely pierce by work zones. Further out, cities could even use this record to capacitate intelligent vehicles to “talk” to intelligent trade government systems to emanate improved issuing travel systems.”

Ford says all of a self-driving vehicles will be means to work but C-V2X, a tech will enrich camera, LiDAR and radar sensors on house a cars.

“Imagine a chairman unexpected stairs into a travel from out of perspective and your car stops since it was alerted by that person’s smartphone. This is only one instance of how C-V2X can bond intelligent vehicles to a intelligent world,” pronounced Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product. “We entice other automakers, governments and tech companies to join a poignant movement building for a C-V2X ecosystem.”

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Panasonic’s Blu-ray actor line-up for 2019 includes a UB450 and UB150 series, that underline support for energetic HDR metadata

Manufacturers are holding their turns to announce new products during CES 2019 and Panasonic announced twin new 4K Blu-ray players in a UB150 and UB450. Both players lift support for HDR10+.

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What does HDR do? It increases a energetic operation of an picture and that means improved contrast, larger liughtness and a wider operation of colours, creation for a some-more picturesque and healthy looking image. There are opposite versions of HDR, with immobile and energetic variants. Both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR support energetic metadata and that allows for the brightness of an picture to be altered frame-by-frame, rather than remaining a same via a film or programme. That should make for a some-more clear and constrained looking image.

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Both a UB150 and UB450 underline support for HDR10+, with a some-more costly UB450 including support for Dolby Vision HDR. That’s not all they can do though, with a UB150 and UB450 means to passthrough Dolby Atmos, an immersive 3D approximate complement that can place sounds above and around we as we have a compulsory kit. The players are also concordant with DTS:X approximate systems.


  • Credit: Ford

There’s support for 4K camcorder videos (MP4 format) and JPEGs can be outputted in 4K. High fortitude audio is also supported, with DSD (11.2MHz/5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz) ALAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF playback accessible along with standard MP3, AAC and WMA formats.

Both players underline twin HDMI outputs, one for video and one for audio. This is finished to conceal neglected sound for a best audio reproduction.

Coming prohibited on a heels of a glorious DP-UB9000 4K player, we have wish these twin players can make a sizeable dash in a 4K Blu-ray market.

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Samsung’s press discussion is always one of a biggest draws of CES, with a South Korean hulk creation a array of announcements travelling several opposite product categories during this year’s show.

The biggest of a lot is Samsung’s new 98-inch − 98-inch! − chronicle of the Samsung QE85Q900R 8K TV it launched during IFA a few months ago. It’s a biggest of a lot, with a others measuring 65-inches, 75-inches and 82-inches.

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It’s HDMI 2.1 ready, and is going to be an extemely costly beast, many approaching costing some-more than £15,000. And seriously, how many people have a vital room that can fit a 98-inch TV? Preorders of “select models” open in a US today.

Samsung’s 2019 TVs will also support Apple AirPlay 2, Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant, and will offer iTunes cinema and TV shows − a initial time that iTunes will be accessible outward of Apple hardware.

HS Kim, a boss and CEO of Samsung’s consumer division, also suggested that a 5G smartphone will be entrance in a initial half of 2019. We don’t know if that will be a launch or a full-blown release, though it appears to be thinly-veiled curtsy to a Samsung Galaxy S10, that is approaching to come in both 4G and 5G flavours.


  • Credit: Ford

Family Hub has been treated to makeover too, with a rested UI, a Family Board shade that’s radically a digital circular board, and a ability to… serve an Uber from fridge by Bixby. Samsung says Family Hub 2019 will come to “most” progressing Family Hub models around an involuntary update.

Elsewhere during CES 2019, Samsung revealed a 219-inch inheritor to The Wall, a 75-inch 4K Micro LED TV, and shown how MicroLED modules can be used to build displays that can fit any environment.

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MicroLED TV tech promises to mix a a high-contrast advantages of self-emissive screens with a liughtness and colour operation of LED technology, and Samsung’s modular demonstrations uncover that TVs of a destiny have a intensity to do something different, permitting we to enhance a distance of your shade or examination with opposite aspect ratios.

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When a Apple Watch Series 4 arrived in Sep 2018, a torpedo underline was (potentially) saving your life – though shortly you’ll be means to get an electrocardiogram reading from a wearable that costs reduction than half a price. 

Like a Apple Watch, a Withings Move ECG lets we take an ECG (which can assistance mark critical heart conditions) by fixation your fingers on a bezel for 20 seconds.

Except Withing’s health tracker will cost $130 (£102) when it goes on sale in a second half of 2019, compared to £399 for a Apple Watch. And that creates it something of a watershed wearable.

There are a integrate of hurdles for a Move ECG to overcome before it goes on sale – namely, a FDA and CE, that respectively need to approve a underline for sale in a USA and Europe.

Withings told me that it expects this stamp of capitulation to arrive by around Apr 2019, though there is always a probability of delays. The Apple Watch’s ECG feature, for example, still isn’t accessible in a UK, with some reports claiming it could even take ‘years’ to be approved.

Smartwatch-based ECG readings aren’t though their critics either. Some medical professionals uttered concerns after a Apple Watch 4 launch that a partially elementary readings (a normal ECG takes readings from 10 opposite electrodes all over a body, rather than only from one one limb) are too elementary to detect conditions like an imminent heart conflict and competence unnecessarily send hordes of a ‘worried well’ to their doctors.


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But like Apple’s smartwatch, a Withings Move ECG is focused some-more on detecting atrial fibrillation (or AFib), that is pronounced to impact adult to a million people in a UK and is obliged for around a third of strokes. Having that underline accessible on a $130 wearable is flattering incredible, not to discuss potentially insubordinate when we cruise probability of aggregating user data.

When we take a reading on a Move ECG it’ll warning we if it thinks we need to deliberate a specialist. It also gives we a choice of promulgation a PDF of a news to your alloy around email, content summary or, if you’re on quite spontaneous terms with your quack, WhatsApp.

State of a heart

I consider this all creates a Move ECG poignant for a integrate of reasons. Firstly, it shows that critical health tech facilities aren’t only indifferent for well-heeled tech fans who can means reward wearables like a Apple Watch. Not everybody wants their watch to lane their ticker’s health, though if we do, there’ll shortly be a really affordable one that doesn’t speak exclusively to pricey iPhones.

And secondly, it proves this kind of modernized health-tracking needn’t come during a responsibility of battery life. The Move ECG’s silver dungeon battery can keep going for 12 months though wanting a recharge, even if we take a integrate of ECG readings a day. We’re now during a indicate where smartwatches can demeanour and act like their analogue forebears, while personally doing some flattering implausible health-tracking on a side.

Of course, a Withings Move ECG isn’t though a limitations. For a start, it doesn’t offer visual heart-rate tracking for runners or those who like to use heart-rate training zones. You also apparently don’t get a Apple Watch’s resources of third-party apps or notifications.

But it is a kind of next-gen aptness tracker, with these heart monitoring facilities entrance alongside nap tracking, practice logging (with involuntary capitulation of walking, using and swimming) and 50-metre waterproofing. After saying a Move ECG in a strength during CES 2019, we was tender with a pattern (there are dual colour options, black and blue-and-white) and how skinny it is too.

Let’s only wish that CE capitulation clearway comes as fast as Withings seems to consider it will, differently it competence again only be US-based hearts that get a latest health-tracking features.

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The Technics SL-1200 was a buttress of a DJ scene, with a turntable rated for a performance, peculiarity and reliability. Today, there’s a code new indication on a block, a Technics SL-1200MK7 (SL-1210MK7 in Europe).

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There’s no mistaking a normal Technics demeanour in a product, though underneath there’s some intelligent new technology. First, there’s a new coreless approach expostulate motor.

Previous approach expostulate models would infrequently deliver a revolution anomaly famous as cogging. Removing a iron core from a stator separated a base means of cogging, that should see a SL-1200MK7 be even some-more arguable than a predecessors.

Both a starting torque and stop speed can be practiced on this new model, vouchsafing a DJ balance a turntable to a song they’re playing.

The engine now supports a retreat play function, activated by dire a speed selector symbol and a Start/Stop symbol during a same time. Again, this new underline is designed to give DJs some-more control and options over a song they play.


There’s a stylus illuminator powered by a long-life LED, designed to make a stylus tip easier to see even in dim environments.

There are a customary 33/45/78rpm speed selectors with a representation control that allows for +/- 8/16% control. The normal S-shaped tinge arm is back, fashioned from high-rigidity aluminium.

The SL-1200 was launched behind in 1972 and sole over 3,500,000 units for a series, that was dropped in 2010 with a MK6. When Technics was resurrected in 2016, a association brought out a SL-1200G followed in 2017 by a cheaper SL-1200GR and SL-1210GR.

We don’t have pricing for a new indication or a reliable recover date.

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At CES 2019, Vive denounced a new headset, a Vice Pro Eye, that implements live eye tracking, and teased another, a Vive Cosmos, that appears to run off of your phone instead of a high-end gaming PC.

The Vive Pro Eye will go on sale during some prove in Q2 this year, and as a name suggests, will concede for larger soak and accessibility, interjection to a eye tracking underline vouchsafing we navigate by menus and practice simply by relocating your eyeballs.

Daniel O’Brien, ubiquitous manager for HTC Vive in a Americas pronounced that a Vive Pro Eye would do divided with a need for peripherals, so this could cut down on a cost and space mandate indispensable to dive into Vive, too.

As good as this, a new device supports foveated rendering, that promises to preserve GPU energy by heightening sum on a portions of a shade where your eyes occur to be looking.

Despite a intensity for fun and games – Vive ran demos of ball sim Home Run Derby VR, the menus of that are a small tough to navigate while you’re holding a bat – Vive Pro Eye is targeted during a craving marketplace initial and foremost. While pricing sum weren’t available, we can design this thing to be costly – a Vive Pro costs £799, so design this to be above that.

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Vive’s ubiquitous manager for a Americas Daniel O’Brien holding adult an early Vive Cosmos headset.


While there was no information about pricing (or many else) for a Vive Cosmos stirring from Vice, all signs prove that if we wish a cheaper entrance into Vive VR, this competence be it.

“We found that over 85% of VR intenders trust that palliate of use and set adult is a many critical cause to cruise while purchasing a headset,” pronounced O’Brien. “We trust Cosmos will make VR some-more simply permitted to those who might not have invested in VR before and also be a higher knowledge for VR enthusiasts.”  

Vive’s press recover says that a Cosmos has ‘the capability to be powered by some-more than a normal gaming PC,’ suggesting, as did a attendant promo video, that your phone could be used to run a show, Samsung Gear VR-style. It could simply meant that a smallest PC mandate are simply lower, too, that would reduce a altogether separator to entry.

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Apologies for a photobomb, though Vive usually ran this teaser once. What looked like a Huawei P10 Pro is forsaken into a Cosmos in this video, suggesting that you’ll be means to energy one with a phone.

Whatever’s powering it, a Vive Cosmos will also be a initial Vive VR device to underline Vive Reality System, a new interface dictated to reinstate standard menus with a some-more immersive VR world. Vive is also announced Firefox Reality, a corner try with a Mozilla Foundation, that aims to rise a local VR browsing experience.

O’Brien kept schtum about cost and accessibility sum for a Vive Cosmos, observant that those will be suggested in a entrance months. Development kits for a Cosmos should be permitted in ‘early 2019,’ so don’t design to see this on shelves until many after in a year.

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Technics SL-1500C turntable is a approach expostulate bid and comes versed with a built in phono amp

With a SL-1500C Technics has designs on reproducing a peculiarity of a high-end turntables for a wider audience.

The SL-1500C comes with a elementary no frills pattern that embraces a Technics’ ‘look’. It facilities a singular rotor, coreless approach expostulate engine that a code claims eliminates a revolution anomaly called ‘cogging’. It’s one of a series of adjustments done by Technics to broach a best peculiarity sound.

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The turntable facilities a built-in phono equalisation amp that supports MM cartridges. The phono amp has a dedicated energy supply, that is removed from a motor’s supply with a goal of shortening vigilance noise. Technics has employed a latest record in engine control to safeguard fast revolution speed, a pretence it has incorporated from Panasonic’s Blu-ray players.

The S-shaped tonearm is done out of lightweight, high-rigidity aluminium and is rarely supportive so it can accurately a review a signals in a record groove. The platter is done out of dual layers, with callous rubber on a behind aspect that gets absolved of any “unwanted inflection in a aluminum die-cast platter”. Technics also claims that a platter offers “outstanding vibration-damping characteristics” to forestall a quivering of annals for a smoother performance.


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An Ortofon 2M Red is included, and a tonearm can be practiced by 6mm to concede for other cartridges. The tonearm also has an auto-lift underline so when it reaches a finish of a record it will, we guessed it, automatically lift it up.

It’s not a usually turntable Technics announced, with a new SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive denounced too. Following on from a renouned SL-1200 that was initial launched in 1972, it’s another coreless approach expostulate engine turntable. The SL-1200MK7 includes a new retreat playback underline and softened tracking opening and accuracy. It supports speeds of 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or 78. You can review some-more on a SL-1200MK7 over yonder.

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