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Apple is pronounced to be operative on a inheritor to a two-year-old bill iPhone SE. Here’s all we’ve listened about a supposed iPhone SE 2 to date, including its release date, specs, facilities and price.

The iPhone SE 2 has combined to Apple’s inner roadmap and will be made by Indian organisation Wistron, a production hulk behind a first-generation iPhone SE, according to Chinese opening Economic Daily News.

Little is famous about where a organisation will source a internals from, yet some rumour-spinners are observant a iPhone SE 2 will be formed on a iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 – so it could surveillance Apple’s state-of-the-art A11 Bionic CPU.

iPhone 8

The iPhone SE 2 is also sloping to be on a receiving finish of a strong camera upgrade, with some claiming that it will be treated to a same 12-megapixel sensor as a iPhone 8 (no, not a dual-camera found on a incomparable iPhone 8 Plus).

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In terms of design, we’d design few changes over a strange iPhone SE, that was desirous by a former flagship iPhone 5S. That means a sacred Home symbol will take honour of place – and there won’t be a Face ID sensor in sight.

Previous leaks suggested that Apple will take a wraps off a iPhone SE 2 someday in a initial 3 months of 2018, maybe relating a Mar 2016 launch for a iPhone SE. We’re now dual months in, so it’s starting to cut it fine.

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Our present beam to Bitcoin’s cost reveals all we need to know about a value of Bitcoin in Feb 2018. What’s a latest Bitcoin cost and is a value of a cryptocurrency rising or falling? Let’s take a demeanour during how Bitcoin’s cost looks today, and analyse a latest news and trends.

Bitcoin Price Today: Live Bitcoin cost updates for Sunday, Feb 11

The destiny of Bitcoin is looking glum. Trading non-stop during $8556 on Sunday, before dropping to $7848 during 8:05 am GMT. The cost was sitting during $7916 during 9:30 am GMT, heading some to trust that it could be valued during somewhere in a segment of $8000 to $8300 by midday.

Stay tuned for a latest.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Saturday, Feb 10

Bitcoin has during final privileged $9000. The practical banking non-stop at $8,608.62 on Saturday. It fast rose to a high of $9061 during 7:02 am GMT, yet it shortly dipped to $8859 during 8:25 am GMT – with experts assured that it will be resting in a midst 9000s before a day’s out. But that wasn’t a case, with Bitcoin shutting during $8556.


Bitcoin Price Latest: Friday, Feb 9

Bitcoin non-stop during $8179 on Friday, yet forsaken to $7866 during 1 am GMT. It had climbed adult to $8298 during 9:30 am GMT and was sitting during $8324 during 12 pm GMT – indicating that it could really good cranky $9000 by a finish of a day. But swell had stalled during 4:00 pm GMT, with a value attack $8370, before shutting during $8675.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Thursday, Feb 8

Bitcoin is really many in liberation mode after a shocking stretch.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency non-stop usually bashful of a $8000 symbol on Thursday – that it subsequently cleared. As of 10:30 am GMT, Bitcoin was sitting during around $8500, creation for a clever new spell given reaching a underside of underneath $6000 per silver on Tuesday. It sealed during $8243.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Wednesday, Feb 7

Bitcoin non-stop during $7700 on Monday, before rising to $7887 during 10 am GMT – a good pointer deliberation a cost was sitting during reduction than $6000, a lowest cost given Nov 2017, during a same time on Tuesday.

As you’ll see from a Thursday refurbish (above), this trend continued and Bitcoin is now really many on a adult again.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Tuesday, Feb 6

Bitcoin is display slight signs of liberation this morning, carrying dramatically crashed over a final 24 hours. As of 8 am GMT it had sunk to next $6000 – a lowest cost given Nov 2017 – yet subsequently fought behind and climbed over $7000 during 4.30 pm GMT.

In total, over $550 billion value of value has been wiped off a whole cryptocurrency marketplace in 2018 as fears grow over stricter regulations of trade in a series of countries including a US, UK, South Korea and India.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Monday, Feb 5

It’s not looking good for Bitcoin holders. Trading non-stop during $8202 on Monday, yet abruptly plummeted to $7632 during 11 am GMT when Lloyds Bank done a confidant preference to anathema business from purchasing Bitcoin controlling a credit cards.

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“Across Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA, we do not accept credit label exchange involving a squeeze of cryptocurrencies,” pronounced a mouthpiece for a Lloyds Banking Group in a matter released to The Guardian.

Bitcoin showed no pointer of improving as we entered a afternoon, with a cost sitting during $7384 during 2:50 pm GMT – down roughly $1000 given trade opened. Some experts warned during a time that it could dump next $7000 by a finish of a day.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Sunday, Feb 4

Bitcoin non-stop during $9224 on Sunday, yet has given suffered a hilly start to a day – diving to $9071 during 8:50 am. But that decrease was a dump in a H2O compared to a nosedive to $8268 when it emerged that Lloyds Bank could anathema business from purchasing Bitcoin controlling a credit cards.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Saturday, Feb 3

Bitcoin could be display a initial signs of improving from this week’s substantial dump in value.

The practical currency, that is a largest of a kind by marketplace share, non-stop during $8827 on Saturday. It fast climbed to $8897 during 9 am GMT, usually to even out during $8844 during 10 am GMT – with some experts presaging that it will cranky a $9000 symbol by a finish of a day.

And that was a case. At 1 pm GMT, Bitcoin strike $9010. It after rose to $9435, before dropping to $9053 during tighten of play.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Friday, Feb 2

It appears that gibberish surrounding India clamping down on practical currencies took some-more of a fee on Bitcoin’s value than expected, opening during $8186 on Friday, before climbing to $8360 during 12 pm GMT. It sealed during a earnest $8826.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Thursday, Feb 1

Bitcoin was suspicion to have strike a new low on Thursday, with a cost sitting during good underneath $10,000 during start of play – during 10am GMT, it was hardly over a $9565 mark, and by lunch, it had plummeted to underneath $9200.

That’s notwithstanding new promises from South Korean financial regulators that an undisguised cryptocurrency anathema is out of a question, and they’re simply seeking to determine customer and seller identities in a bid to frustrate criminals.

However, India and a UK have both voiced a enterprise to examine ways of improved controlling a cryptocurrency, casting a cloud over a digital coin’s future. In all, Bitcoin is suspicion to have mislaid over $130bn value of value in a month of January.

In fact, India could go serve than many other nations, with a financial apportion strongly suggesting an undisguised anathema during a bill speech.

Bitcoin Price Latest: Updates from Wednesday, Jan 31

News surrounding US regulators subpoenaing one of a world’s largest practical banking exchanges as questions mountain over a flawlessness of Tether resulted in Bitcoin opening during $10,035 on Wednesday, before fast dropping to $9627.

It’s given showed some signs of recuperating, reaching $10,158 during 10:30 am GMT, yet it still has a prolonged approach to go before it’s anywhere nearby a $13,500 it was sitting during on Jan 25 – and some experts aren’t assured it’ll get there.

The cost of Bitcoin has given continued to rise. It strike $10,294 during 13:00 pm GMT and is on lane to cranky a $10,300 symbol by 13:30 pm GMT. We will, of course, let we as shortly as that happens – so be certain to check back.

Bitcoin Price: Tuesday, Jan 30

Bitcoin suffered a joyless start to a day, opening during $10,195. It’s suspicion that a drop was a outcome of rumours claiming that cryptocurrency Tether – owned by trade exchange Bitfinex – was plucked from skinny atmosphere to boost a value of Bitcoin.

If that turns out to be true, a value of Bitcoin could plunge by as many as 80 percent, experts have warned. But minimal gibberish surrounding a claim via a day resulted in a cost creeping adult to $10,278 during 3:45 pm GMT.

Could we be witnessing a ease before a storm? Only time will tell.

Bitcoin Price: Monday, Jan 29

Bitcoin non-stop during $11,226 on Monday – down roughly $500 from a prior day – as news emerged that 4 armed robbers broke into a home of a City of London financial arch on Jan 23, forcing him to send an different apportion of Bitcoin.

The value of Bitcoin forsaken to $11,068 during 12:30 pm GMT, usually to after arise to $11,234 during 5:50 pm GMT.

Bitcoin Price: Friday, Jan 26

Theresa May’s explanation that a UK supervision was deliberation introducing new legislation to umpire a trade of cryptocurrencies resulted in a value of Bitcoin plummeting overnight.

The practical currency, that is a largest of a kind by marketplace cap, non-stop during a measly $10,587 on Friday – with some experts presaging that it will continue a downward turn as a day goes on.

And it would seem a experts were wrong. The cost of Bitcoin had risen to $10,864 as of 3:00 pm GMT.

Bitcoin Price: Thursday, Jan 25

Thursday was an engaging day for Bitcoin.

UK Prime Minister Theresa ‘Fields of Wheat’ May done a confidant stipulation in Davos, divulgence that Britain would be looking “very seriously” during following in South Korea’s footsteps by enormous down on cryptocurrency trading.

Having enjoyed a high of scarcely $14,000 to start a day, Bitcoin’s value plunged to usually $11,040.70 as news of a explanation – that Trusted Reviews was one of a initial to news – broke.

Things started to urge in a afternoon, however, with Bitcoin sitting during ~$11,231 as of 2:30 pm GMT.

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Bitcoin Price: Wednesday, Jan 24

After a unsure start to a week, Bitcoin’s cost seemed to be steadying again on Wednesday, with a world’s many renouned cryptocurrency clearing a $11,000 mark, carrying dived closer to $10,000 on Tuesday.

Somewhat predictably, other vital digital currencies were also on a up, with Ethereum (ETC) sitting during $1019.97 after slipping to around $920, and Ripple (XRP) recovered to $1.38 carrying slumped to $1.21 in a same timeframe.

As of 12:30 pm (GMT), a value of Bitcoin had forsaken to $11,208 – yet it’s probable it could redeem a $65 it’s mislaid given trade non-stop on Wednesday morning – or a cost could continue to fall.

Bitcoin Price: Tuesday, Jan 23

After opening during $11,840 on Monday – adult $2439 from final Thursday’s $9501 – Bitcoin’s value took a dive, attack $10,325 when trade non-stop on Tuesday – reduction than 6 hours after it emerged that South Korea is formulation to deliver legislation that will make unknown cryptocurrency exchange traceable.

Previous rumours had suggested a nation could be scheming to anathema cryptocurrency trade outright, yet many experts discharged such speculation. To put it into some-more relatable (*cough*Brexit*cough*) terms, cruise this a ‘soft’ cryptocurrency ban.

Bitcoin isn’t a usually practical banking in uneasy waters, however. Ethereum (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) all gifted a poignant drop in value during a same timeframe, according to information performed by CoinMarketCap. Overall, a cryptocurrency universe has suffered a U-turn given a apparent scurry towards liberation final week and on Monday.

Prior to this news, South Korea was pronounced to be mulling over a anathema of a exchanges used to trade practical currencies in a region. It would appear, however, that Ran Neuner, horde of CNBC‘s Cryptotrader show, was right in statute out a sweeping ban, when he took to Twitter on Jan 11 to yield his overview of a afterwards rising situation.

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Some would see this as a ideal event to deposit in cryptocurrencies, yet don’t get held adult in a hullabaloo. They’re rarely flighty and – as with any investment – we should be wakeful of a risk involved.

Bitcoin Price: Monday, Jan 22

It looked like Bitcoin owners could have a good week forward of them not so prolonged ago.

Trading non-stop during $11,840 on Monday, Jan 22 – up $2439 from final Thursday’s $9501, that was a lowest figure available so distant this year – following US bank Morgan Stanley’s explanation on Friday Jan 19 that it had started clearing Bitcoin futures.

Ethereum (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) were also stability to scratch behind value on Monday, carrying started to redeem from a new downturn late final week.



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WhatsApp is scheming to open a remuneration height to a open in India, following a brief sealed cupboard contrast period, it has been revealed.

The underline allows users to send income to family and friends regulating zero though their mobile series – supposing they have WhatsApp Payments configured on their handset – according to a source informed with a Facebook-owned firm’s plans.

Image: WABetaInfo

Screenshots performed by WABetaInfo exhibit that WhatsApp Payments utilises a real-time remuneration complement called Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to routine exchange in India, where it’s upheld by a slew of a region’s heading banks.

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There’s no word on either Facebook is formulation to launch WhatsApp Payments in a United Kingdom after it debuts in India, though saying as Messenger facilities a possess remuneration height in a realm, it’s protected to contend an enlargement is on a cards.

We’ve reached out to WhatsApp to see if it can gleam a light on how accurately WhatsApp Payments works and if it’s deliberation bringing it to other countries following a imminent launch in India, and will refurbish this square if we hear back.

Do we consider WhatsApp will launch Payments outward of India? Be certain to let us know over on Facebook or Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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Google’s Android Oreo finally began rolling out this week for owners of 2017’s top-rated smartphones; a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And about time too! 

Considering that’s 6 months after Google expelled v8.0, those with comparison Samsung flagships are substantially bereft of wish their handsets would ever see a new lick of paint.

However, in a pierce that’s taken us a small by surprise, Samsung appears to be prepping Oreo for 2015’s Galaxy S6 and Note 5 ranges.

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No it isn’t Apr 1 and, notwithstanding a enticement sometimes, we haven’t morphed into tech’s chronicle of The Onion. This is indeed happening.

The startling news comes around T-Mobile in a United States. The network’s support pages for S6, S6 Edge and Note 5 growth say: “Phase: Complete: Version 8.0 Oreo.”

This means, in a network’s words: “T-Mobile and a device manufacturer have concluded to support a new program update.” (via Neowin). There’s no news nonetheless on when it competence indeed hurl out, mind.

Will anyone else get it?

Whether other networks in a US and other territories will follow fit stays to be seen, though T-Mobile is carrying a dwindle here for bequest device owners.

We’d suggest, during a really least, those in possession of unbarred S6 and Note 5 inclination will get a update. Whether a networks can be worried to put a work into updating a bequest inclination is a settlement for another time.

At slightest we know for certain Samsung itself is committed to freshening adult these soon-to-be 3 year aged handsets, that is a acquire change of gait for a organisation that isn’t accurately eminent for the industry in these matters.

Would Android 8.0 inspire we to reason on to your aged Samsung phone for a small bit longer? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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Unless Apple CEO Tim Cook is throwing us a Keyser Söze-style curveball, Apple’s subsequent vital dash will be in protracted reality.

Earlier this month tech’s many absolute male pronounced AR has a intensity to be “profound,” while reiterating that Apple is relocating really fast towards a goals in a sector.

Fast brazen a week, and we’ve got ourselves another denote of accurately how Apple skeleton to enlarge a realities.

A new obvious filing sum a new span of intelligent eyeglasses that offer a lighter, some-more gentle head-mounted arrangement than options now on a market. The filing patrician “Optical System for Head-mounted Display“, was published during a USPTO on Friday.

It starts by sourroundings out a thought that “if caring is not taken, a head-mounted arrangement might be unwieldy and overpowering to wear.”

Apple says stream era inclination like a Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are “bulky and heavy” and that “extended use of a head-mounted arrangement with this form of visual complement might be uncomfortable.

“It would there for be fascinating to yield softened head-mounted [displays],” a organisation asserts.

Is this a solution?

Word. We can all get on house with that. So what is Apple formulation to do to promote this some-more gentle experience?

It starts with what’s famous as a “catadioptric visual system”, that is a tech we see in some telescopes and telephoto lenses.

Effectively, as SlashGear points out in a report, it uses stacks of winding mirrors and lenses in convex and concave shapes. Like a one we see below.

This would capacitate lenses to be shorter and some-more compact, that could assistance revoke a footprint on your forehead.

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The obvious says Apple is operative on an even smaller resolution than used in stream products, total with inner and outmost cameras that could consider a genuine universe sourroundings around a user, while also tracking eye movement.

Given Apple has regularly bemoaned a unreadiness of stream record to meets a ambitions in a space, this obvious could reason a pivotal to clearing a roadblock.

However, as always with a primogenitor application, we counsel this might never come to fruition. It’s expected one of many ideas now being toyed with during Infinite Loop.

Is AR, rather than VR, a destiny of reality? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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This weekend, Currys is charity a singular cost cut on dual of Apple’s tip product lines, with assets accessible on each iPad and Apple Watch stocked by a UK retailer. Here’s all a best deals from Currys’ Apple peep sale.

For a singular time, we can get save £10 on any Apple Watch sole by Currys – and an even heftier £15 on all iPad and iPad mini tablets stocked by a online retailer.

These embody a series of Trusted Reviews ‘Recommend’ products, like a glorious 10.5-inch iPad Pro, that warranted a scarcely ideal 9/10 measure in a review. We desired it extraordinary arrangement and unusually absolute performance, while a further of a Apple Pencil stylus to Apple’s arsenal creates it a ideal apparatus for creatives.

There’s a full operation of colours on offer, including Space Grey, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, while storage options run adult to a large 256GB. You can even get one versed with mobile connectivity for undeviating use on-the-go.

Just use a code IPAD15 during checkout to save, though act quick – in a experience, reserve are customarily singular for these kinds of deals –  once it’s gone, it’s gone!

  • Get Deal: Save £15 on any iPad or iPad mini regulating formula IPAD15

Of a Apple Watch deals, we’d suggest going for a Apple Watch Series 3, that is a Cupertino-based firm’s latest and biggest smartwatch. We gave it an considerable 8/10 measure in a Apple Watch Series 3 review, praising a practice tracking features, poetic display, softened battery life, and altogether performance.

There’s a operation of opposite styles and sizes now on deal, only use a code APPLEWATCH10 during checkout to get £10 off a one that takes your fancy.

  • Get Deal: Save £10 on any Apple Watch with formula APPLEWATCH10

It’s a monument to see income knocked off an Apple product, so take advantage of them while we can – these unequivocally are some of a best Apple deals you’ll see all year.

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The Essential Phone (PH-1) has picked adult support for Auto-HDR, as partial of a new refurbish for a Essential Camera focus on a Play Store.

Android co-creator Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup Essential has expelled a much-requested refurbish for a Essential Camera focus – a default sharpened customer on a Essential Phone – bundling a new Auto-HDR algorithm for softened opening and scene-by-scene rendering, as good as support for Dynamic HDR.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a near-standard underline that alters a approach a camera processes images. The border of a alteration varies depending on a device, though we can customarily design HDR to constraint larger fact in splendid and dim areas. Be warned, though: An HDR picture weighs  a lot some-more than a standard JPG.

It’s tough to see a further of a integrate of camera tweaks expostulate additional sales – and with disappointing financial results final entertain and high-ranking staff walking out left, right and centre, that’s what Essential would have hoped. But gripping a handset updated can usually have a certain impact on the brand…in a prolonged run.

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What Essential is in apocalyptic need of is a articulate point. At this stage, a usually approach it can grasp that is with new hardware. Recent reports have suggested that a organisation is operative on a inheritor to a first-generation Essential Phone, designed to urge on all of a unit’s shortcomings in sequence to interest to a mass market.

Calling all Essential Phone owners! Let us know what we consider of a Auto-HDR underline over on Facebook or Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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Mobile World Congress is quick coming and LG has already told smartphone fans to forget about saying a LG G7 flagship in Barcelona.

However, while a association is going behind to a sketch house with a G Series, it could be full steam forward with a V-Series.

As such, we’re expected to see a new chronicle of a LG V30 during MWC in a integrate of weeks.

New reports contend a extended handset will be called a V30s and underline a code new AI-powered camera identical to a Google Lens tech on a Pixel 2.

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A news from ETNews (via The Verge) in LG’s Korean homeland says users will be means to use a camera lens to code genuine universe products, while also scanning barcodes and QR codes.

The tech would also offer links that authorised business to squeeze spied products online. A content interpretation underline will also be included, a news says.

LG’s complement could also be identical to Samsung’s Bixby Vision capabilities, that were flattering most a usually thing that worked when Samsung rolled out a maligned AI partner with a S8 final year.

So what else is new?

Aside from a softened camera smarts, a V30s is pronounced to say a same pattern as a predecessor, while onboard storage could be doubled to 256GB.

It’s not nonetheless transparent either LG will chuck in a code new Snapdragon 845 processor, though given it was late to a Snapdragon 835 celebration with final year’s G6, this substantially isn’t a bad bet.

The recover of a new V30 various fits in with LG’s vouch to hang with tried-and-tested hardware for longer. The organisation has also vowed to embankment annual flagship releases.

However, given Huawei, HTC, Samsung and OnePlus all have new flagships on a horizon, LG is risking branch off consumers with low-profile devices.

MWC starts on Sunday 25 Feb with a Galaxy S9 Unpacked event. We’ll be there to move we a news, hands-on previews and research as it happens.

Is LG correct to pursue some-more incremental updates, rather than penetrate income in to a growth of a code new flagship each year? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.