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Elon Musk has copiousness on his plate. Whether it’s using Tesla, replacing a roof tiles with solar-powered shingle, or plotting tellurian colonies on Mars, you can’t credit a PayPal co-founder of resting on his laurels.

Another of his some-more desirous ideas, the Hyperloop open movement system, is clearly one step closer to fruition, with Musk confirming his firm, The Boring Company, has been given ‘verbal’ capitulation to build a multi-state subterraneous system.

Musk says a system, that would couple New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. would cut a tour from NY-DC to underneath half an hour.

In a serve twitter Musk pronounced there was “still a lot of work indispensable to accept grave approval, though am confident that will start rapidly.”

It is envisioned that the Hyperloop technology, that places passengers in carriages magnetically levitated in a vacuum, could strech nearby supersonic speeds of about 700 miles per hour.

Earlier this month, Hyperloop One finished a initial successful full margin test, despite during a partially walking 70 miles per hour.

Hyperloop One is now conducting feasibility tests via Europe, including a UK. Just final month it denounced skeleton for a London to Edinburgh track that would strech a end in only 50 minutes.

Josh Giegel, a co-founder of Hyperloop One, said: “We’re looking brazen to showcasing a record and trust that Europe is a ideal segment for one of a world’s initial Hyperloop systems.”

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Motorola is approaching to announce a raft of new phones during an eventuality subsequent week, though one of a title sequels could defect in one vital way.

Judging by a newly-leaked spec sheet, a Moto Z2 Force will abstain a predecessor’s impressive battery life in sequence to trim a millimeter off a earthy footprint.

In a post on Venture Beat, leaker Evan Blass reckons a Z2 Force will arrive with a 2,730mAh battery, compared with a 3,500mAh dungeon within a strange Z Force.

That would be a 22 per cent rebate in capacity.

It wouldn’t be a initial time this year Lenovo has taken this route; a Moto Z2 Play also saw a association scapegoat longevity for character by slimming down a device.

Elsewhere, according to a report, a device will have a 5.5-inch, 1440p arrangement that will house a same shatterproof Shattershield Super tech featured in a original.

The 21-megapixel rear-facing limp will be transposed by a span of 12-megapixel lenses, a news says.

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Another vital refurbish will come around a processor, with a Snapdragon 835 replacing final year’s Snapdragon 820 SoC. In some territories it’ll be accompanied by 6GB RAM, while a US-edition will be singular to 4GB RAM, Blass writes.

The phone will naturally underline a Moto Mods connector for modular accessories.

The handset is rarely expected to be suggested on Tuesday Jul 25 during an eventuality in New York City. We also design to see a array of mid-range handsets, including a Moto G5S (and Plus), along with some new Moto Mods during a address.

We’ll move we word on all of a releases as they happen. Stay tuned to a new and softened TrustedReviews.

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Iconic gaming organisation Atari recently returned to a limelight with news it’ll be building an NES Classic-inspired Ataribox featuring a raft of its most shining titles. 

Fast brazen a integrate of weeks and a association is seeking to captilalise on a reignited aptitude by announcing a Bluetooth orator built into a ball cap, simply dubbed a Speakerhat.

Yes, it is real.

The company’s initial wearable device facilities a span of speakers placed directly within a check and promises to giveaway a user from normal headphones by blustering song into their face.

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It also includes a microphone to capacitate voice commands/chat when connected to a mobile device and has a ‘multiplayer mode’ that’ll capacitate mixed Speakerhat owners to listen to a same tide simultaneously.

In terms of a audio tech within a cap, here’s a central line from a company:

“The Atari Speakerhat is designed to be ultra-thin and lightweight. The record inside consists of exclusive high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone, V 4.1 CSR/Qualcomm cVc audio technology, 5-band EQ, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP v1.4) and Headset Profile (HSP v1.2), rechargeable lithium Ion battery, concept control button, and LED indicator light.”

Atari says this will be a initial of many Speakerhat generations with a idea to invariably urge on a pattern until a tech becomes invisible.

There’s no word nonetheless on a cost or recover date for a Speakerhat, though a association is seeking beta testers.

It has also teamed adult with NECA for a Blade Runner 2049 book that’ll arrive alongside a film after this year.



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With a LG V30  just a few brief weeks away, a association is giving European users a preview of what they’ve been blank with a array so far.

That association has suggested a LG Q8, that is effectively a smaller, waterproof chronicle of a V20 now on sale in a United States and other territories.

It has a 5.2-inch QHD IPS arrangement (compared to a 5.7-inch V20), and will embody a accessible second shade during a tip of a phone.

The sub-flagship Q8 facilities a 2016’s Snapdragon 820 processor, a microSD slot, 4GB RAM, Android Nougat and a LG UX 5.0 user interface. Also on house is a excellent 32-bit quad DAC.

The IP67 waterproof rating does come during a cost of a removable battery, but for many users (including those disposed to accidents) that’ll be probably be preferable.

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In terms of cameras, LG is adhering with a same 13-megapixel/8-megapixel twin camera multiple that seemed in a LG V20. At a front finish there’s a medium 5-megapixel snapper.

There’s no news nonetheless on when it’ll be released, though a news comes from LG’s Italian site, suggesting a UK launch won’t be distant behind.

Its attainment comes as a array looks set to focus divided from what done a V10 and V20 unique.

Recent reports have suggested a V30 will be some-more like a supercharged LG G6, featuring a Snapdragon 835 processor and a identical FullVision edge-to-edge display, reduction a second screen.

LG is holding an eventuality on Aug 31 where we’re expected to see both a Q8 and a V30 adult tighten and personal.


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Samsung has finally reliable a dedicated press eventuality for what is roughly positively going to be a launch of a Galaxy Note 8.

In a long-awaited announcement, Samsung suggested that it would be hosting a Galaxy Unpacked press discussion on Aug 23 in the USA. The eventuality will take place during Park Avenue Armoury in New York City, with record kicking off during 11am EST (4pm BST). This means Samsung won’t be announcing a subsequent Galaxy Note phone during Berlin’s Sep IFA 2017 record tradeshow, as was formerly expected.

In an invitation sent to press, Samsung wrote: “On Aug 23, Samsung Electronics will exhibit a latest member of a Galaxy family with a ultimate multitasking device for those who wish to do bigger things with their phone.”

It continued: “This rarely expected further to a Galaxy register was privately designed for people who pierce by barriers to do some-more of what matters to them.”

Samsung doesn’t categorically state that this eventuality will showcase a Galaxy Note 8, though it seems really likely. For a start, Samsung’s late-summer Unpacked events always horde a Galaxy Note phone launch. Also, Samsung has described a new handset as “the ultimate multitasking device”, that is how we’d design to see a new Note phone described.

It’s also value observant that copiousness of rumours and leaks have incited adult online in new weeks, all suggesting that a Galaxy Note 8 would entrance in late Aug – with a ostensible sell recover entrance in September.

It’s believed that Samsung will be wise a new Note 8 phone with a twin camera module, and possibly the company’s possess Exynos 8895 chip or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. The handset is also substantially going to be marketed heavily from a reserve standpoint, given that a prototype – the Galaxy Note 7 – had to be removed and eventually killed off final year on comment of a critical battery smirch that caused some inclination to locate fire.

Unfortunately, we won’t know for certain what Samsung skeleton to announce in Aug until an central proclamation is made, so take all leaks and rumours with due counsel for now.

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What would we like to see from a Galaxy Note 8? Let us know in a comments.

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Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Which is a 4K King?

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X symbol a change in console gaming. Gone is a thought of generations in foster of an iterative hardware model. At least, that’s what it looks like.

Both machines will support all existing PS4 and Xbox One titles respectively while adding copiousness of new facilities and hardware improvements.

Let’s be really clear: these consoles are really opposite offerings that aren’t accurate corresponding rivals. While they both offer 4K gaming, they fill opposite tools of a marketplace due to their opposite pricing. Still, a corresponding demeanour during specs never did anybody any harm, did it?

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Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Price and release date

PS4 Pro launched in Nov 2016, retailing during £349.99. Sony’s upgraded console is flattering good value deliberation a specs.

The Xbox One X, duration will launch on 7 Nov for £449/$499. That’s not a large burst adult from a PS4 Pro, though it is still a burst that some people competence not be peaceful to make.


Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Processor

Xbox One X: 8-core, 2.3GHz processor

PS4 Pro: 8-core, 2.13GHz processor

PS4 Pro is regulating an softened chronicle of a strange model’s chip with a somewhat increased time speed. The Pro now runs during an considerable 2.13GHz, while a vanilla console lags behind during 1.6.

The One X meanwhile, has stolen a bit of a impetus on a Pro and has a somewhat faster processor, though a genuine beef comparison lies in a graphics comparison.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Graphics

Xbox Scorpio: 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/s, 12GB GDDR5

PS4 Pro: 4.12 TFLOPS, 218 GB/s, 8GB GDDR5

First, some jargon-busting: TFLOPs stands for trillion floating indicate operations per second, a simplest approach of measuring graphical horsepower. GB/s is a bandwidth of that memory, that tells we how fast a GPU can pierce frames by a memory and out to your display. The some-more memory, a some-more high-resolution textures a GPU can fast entrance during any one time, augmenting performance.

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The PS4 Pro possesses 8GB of GDDR5 with an additional 1GB of RAM set aside for doing credentials processes. The Xbox One X nets a full 12GB of GDDR5. Both consoles will share their memory between a GPU and CPU, nonetheless how most any gets is unknown.

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How will this impact gaming?

Technical lingo aside, this disproportion in graphics energy will make a disproportion when it comes to both consoles’ 4K chops. Microsoft is aiming for full, local 4K during 60fps, while not all PS4 Pro games accommodate that specification. Some games run during 30fps in 4K, while others conduct full 60fps opening during full, local 4K. The rest are a multiple of games that usually run during 30fps/4K, or describe during sub-4K and use crafty upscaling techniques to appear 4K.

All Xbox One games will run softened on One X, either or not they’ve been privately updated to do so. You’ll be means to play One X games during Full HD, too, with the choice as to either we wish to downscale from Ultra HD fortitude for ultra-sharp graphics, or run games during 1080p for softened performance.

This is particularly opposite to a PS4 Pro, that has a robe of stealing these settings from we unless you’ve privately opted to run their console during Full HD only.

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Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Games and content

Microsoft has also confirmed Xbox One retrograde harmony will hurl over to a One X. The use now has some-more than 300 titles, that is zero to spot at.

There will be no One X-exclusive titles with a difference of practice that support certain practical existence peripherals – support for that still stays unconfirmed.

Like UHD Blu-rays? Xbox One X will support ’em, along with Dolby Atmos. PS4 Pro usually supports HD Blu-rays and there’s no Dolby Atmos support. But both consoles will support a HDR 10 customary on both.

Best PS4 Games | Best Xbox One Games

The Xbox One S was Microsoft’s baby step towards upgrading a stream hardware

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Conclusion

Since launch, a PS4 Pro has come into a possess with an collection of softened specs and a newly implemented Boost Mode. Introduced in PS4 refurbish 4.50, this new underline amps adult a opening of all PS4 games to varying degrees, enhancing some titles by roughly 40%. It’s a best PS4 iteration on a marketplace today, nonetheless it’s not wholly value it for those though a 4K display.

View now: PS4 Pro during Amazon

Xbox One X is still several months away, though Microsoft clearly has some desirous skeleton in a tube with new features, and IP nonetheless to be announced for a console.

However, a kicker is only apropos obvious. The Xbox One X will launch for £450/$499. This puts it some approach above a PS4 Pro, though not by a enormous margin. If we were already saving for a 4K games console, this could change your plans. Especially if a 4K Blu-ray actor is something we were mulling over.

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What is a AOC PDS241?

The PSD241 is AOC’s try to rouse a common bureau guard to something some-more stylish. It takes a form of a sincerely customary 24-inch IPS row and a rather reduction customary support and mount design. However, it does rather feel like it won’t be right for everybody.

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AOC PDS241 – Design and Features

Turn on a guard and you’ll be greeted by a trademark of a pattern studio obliged for a PDS241: FA Porsche. There’s copiousness to like here, with a skinny cosmetic bezel, lead china support and skinny top, right and bottom bezel. It’s also magnificently slim nearby a tip when noticed from a side, yet it becomes thicker towards a bottom.


The mount is where FA Porsche has warranted a salary, with a square of made steel behaving as a bottom for a PDS241; it’s presumably desirous by guard cabling. It looks flattering good, yet with only a single, comparatively skinny square of steel balancing a screen, it can be a bit rootless if a table it’s station on bears a brunt of knees knocking opposite it.

There are no ergonomic adjustments aside from brazen and retrograde tilt, that boundary a in-office practicality.

This dumb mount pattern also formula in compromises as distant as inputs go. It connects to a dermatitis box around a mini HDMI wire that carries both energy and video, while on a dermatitis box finish there’s a energy connector and full-size HDMI port. And that’s it.

Not everybody will need a guard with mixed inputs, and given how common HDMI is these days, it isn’t a disaster by any means. But a miss of DisplayPort, DVI or VGA does feel a small mean. There is during slightest a 3.5mm headphone jack underneath a bottom bezel, that is a accessible addition.

The advantage of a dermatitis box is that it can be dim from perspective completely, with only a singular wire trailing from it to a guard stand. But was this ever unequivocally a problem? Most monitors come with some form of wire government to track a several wires into a singular clump, all yet expelling any sense of untidiness.

AOC PDS241 2

The on-screen arrangement is tranquil around a singular symbol – again, to lift by a elementary design. Using a singular symbol for navigating menus is tedious, yet there aren’t many options to change (brightness, contrast, volume, overdrive, blue light filter and language) so you’ll substantially spend small to no time in these menus anyway.

AOC PDS241 – Image Quality

The PDS241 uses a Full HD IPS panel. IPS screens tend to offer both improved colour correctness and observation angles than conventional, cheaper TN screens. On a reward product, it would have been good to have a higher-resolution 1440p choice – yet as it stands, Full HD is all you’ll find on both a 24- and 27-inch models.

It’s a good panel, though, means to arrangement a full sRGB colour progression and an considerable 81% of a Adobe RGB space as well. That’s good both for bureau users and photographers, who will have a improved operation of colours to play with and a some-more accurate perspective of what photos are ostensible to demeanour like.

Delta E, that tells we how accurately any colour is displayed – and where a reduce measure is improved – was totalled during 1.53. This is decent, nonetheless not during a turn of pro-photography monitors. Still, for a income it’s flattering good. The same goes for observation angles, that are far-reaching in both a plane and straight planes, definition a miss of adjustability is reduction of an emanate than with cheaper panels.

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At limit brightness, this shade can arrangement adult to 280cd/m2, that is glorious for an bureau guard and about as splendid as you’ll wish a indication to be anyway. Black levels, where a reduce a figure a deeper a blacks, was totalled during 0.23cd/m2, that is good yet not outstanding.

Brightness unity is excellent. There were no conspicuous dim or light rags on a screen, that hints during a peculiarity row and good build quality.

Motion fuzz was during a smallest when scrolling by pages of text, yet there’s adequate benefaction to suggest that twitchy gamers equivocate this screen. You’ll wish something distant faster, such as a gaming guard with during during slightest a 120Hz modernise rate.

Should we buy a AOC PDS241?

The AOS PDS241 has copiousness going for it, nonetheless it’s rather hobbled by a admittedly appealing yet somewhat unreal stand. For £200, a high colour coverage is a clear perk, yet if we don’t need top-notch colours, a 23-inch LG 23MP68VQ will do a pursuit for £50 less.


A classy-looking guard charity decent picture quality, yet it isn’t quite practical.

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What is a Philips BDM4037UW?

The Philips BDM4037UW is a vast 40-inch guard with a whopping 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution. Its LCD row is also winding and mounted on a slim steel base, while a considerable 4000:1 contrariety ratio should make it illusory for examination video.

All told, it should be ideal for those seeking a stylish looking guard that can yield a vast desktop workspace yet carrying to review to mixed screens, and also performs double avocation as a important TV as well.

Philips BDM4037UW – Design and Features

Philips has some story when it comes to good looking monitors we was also tender by a BDM3490UC. The BDM4037UW continues this tradition: this huge 40-inch row is surprisingly slim and sits on an astonishingly slim steel stand.

The aluminium finish of a mount is continued turn a impressively slim and low-profile bezel of a screen, while a behind has a simply resisting silken white finish. Add in a peaceful bend of a arrangement and, altogether, it puts this arrangement on an equal change with many engineer TVs, and distant surpasses a infancy of some-more paltry looking monitors.

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Philips BDM4037UW

The downside is we do skip out on some of a some-more unsentimental extras that some monitors provide. In particular, we can’t adjust a position of a arrangement in any approach other than a bit of back-and-forth tilt.

Normally this is a pivotal care as carrying tallness composition is of sold significance for minimising neck aria – we should lift a tip of your guard so that it’s turn with your eyes. However, this arrangement is so vast already that a tip corner will expected lay aloft than many people’s eyes as it is.

Nonetheless, a miss of revolution and focus in a arrangement creates it a tiny reduction available to pierce around and block cables in.

Otherwise this arrangement wants for little. It boasts dual DisplayPorts, an HDMI 1.4 and an HDMI 2.0, and there’s a four-port USB 3.0 hub. All a connectors are turn a behind and hang true out. This means wire tidying is a trickier, yet does make a sockets easier to see.

Philips BDM4037UW

When it comes to a row on this display, it offers an engaging preference of features. The VA LCD record it uses is essential in permitting it to offer a contrariety ratio of 4000:1 – that’s 4 times what a standard IPS or TN row offers. This creates a arrangement potentially ideal for examination video, as carrying deep-looking blacks and other dim colours is ideal for a capricious lighting used in many films.

On a flipside, we usually get a limit liughtness of 300nits, that creates this arrangement reduction matched to use in splendid environments. Plus, even yet Philips claims a sincerely poignant 4ms response time, VA panels tend to be a slowest of all LCD row forms so twitchy PC gaming won’t be this display’s clever suit. Especially as a arrangement lacks Freesync for silky well-spoken gameplay.

As befits a near-TV status, we do get built-in speakers on this monitor, yet they’re rubbish. Tinny and with a low limit volume, they competence be improved than those on a unequivocally cheapest TVs yet you’ll wish outmost speakers for gratifying sound.

Philips BDM4037UW – OSD and Setup

The BDM4037UW arrives in dual pieces, with a bottom isolated from a monitor. It affixes around a singular shaft that, rather concerningly, isn’t tethered so it could get mislaid utterly easily. Otherwise, earthy setup is a breeze. Just be clever we don’t let a bottom get nearby a corner of your desk; a slim form means it will over change even if usually a tiny apportionment of a mount isn’t sat resolutely on a desk.

As for environment adult a screen’s picture, things weren’t helped by a tiny joystick on a behind of a arrangement that’s used to control a onscreen arrangement (OSD) being damaged. This done navigating a menus some-more unwieldy than it should’ve been, yet carrying gifted other joystick-controlled guard OSDs, I’m certain underneath normal resources it does a excellent job.

Otherwise, a complement works good enough. The menus are pretty good laid out and offer copiousness of picture adjustments. Particularly useful are a abundant colour heat options that fast concede we to tweak a altogether tinge of a display.

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Philips BDM4037UW

There’s tiny in a approach of additional facilities solely for picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes. Normally these are niche extras, yet on a arrangement this distance they’re of some-more use than usual. The former can work with dual inputs while a latter can uncover dual or 4 sources during once.

As for environment adult Windows to work with such a vast shade and resolution, good this is where a BDM4037UW unequivocally comes into a own. So many 4K screens, or vast monitors, possibly outcome in pixels that are too large and blocky-looking or too tiny that we need to use Windows scaling settings to make things readable.

Here, though, a change is only right. You can use this arrangement during a local fortitude and suffer each pixel in all a glory, yet carrying to squint.