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CNN's Jim Acosta harassed on air while reporting from CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta tormented on atmosphere while stating from CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta was surrounded and harassed by the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. The crowd chanted “CNN sucks”...
Level Up: Anthem's demise paints a bleak future for live service games

Level Up: Anthem’s passing paints a dour destiny for live use games

Electronic Arts officially closed the book on Anthem this week, ceasing development of the troubled Bioware project only two years after its original...
Brexit: DUP orders halt to construction of permanent import inspection posts in Northern Ireland

Brexit: DUP orders hindrance to construction of permanent import investigation posts in Northern Ireland

The DUP has ordered officials to halt construction of permanent facilities for post-Brexit checks on agri-food products arriving from Great Britain.Northern Ireland agriculture...