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After weeks of pointed teasing and intensity reveals, Epic Games has finally carried a lid on Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2, showcasing all that’s entrance with a vast new update. 

Taking impulse from a likes of James Bond and Mission Impossible, Season 2 will underline a accumulation of tip agents, spies and other elements of espionage that overtly feels like a exhale of uninformed atmosphere in a universe of Fortnite. 

“The Island has been taken over by growth operatives – members of Ghost and Shadow. Will we join a fight?” reads an central outline from Epic Games, showcasing that a account of sorts has also been tied into this update, nonetheless we suppose usually a many hardcore of players will take it seriously.

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As you’d expect, this season’s conflict pass reflects a thesis of spies rather well, with recognizable characters such as Peely returning, though this time a fruit is donned in a hastily tuxedo. There’s also a integrate of newcomers in a form of Maya – a impression who can change her coming during will into millions of opposite variants. 

Our personal favourite is Agent Meowscles, a man/cat hybrid of sorts who has been teased by Epic Games given Season 7, and now it’s finally time for him to occupy a spotlight. He’s impossibly desirable and cute, and should do a good pursuit assisting we mount out on a battlefield. 

New equipment will also be introduced with Season 2 in a form of deployable mines and card boxes we can censor underneath to get a dump on enemies, holding transparent impulse from Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise. You can expected design a smattering of limited-time modes as well.

In terms of map changes, an Oil Rig has seemed circuitously Slurpy Swamp, while a large, expected spy-related bottom has seemed in a centre of a island. Here’s anticipating it continues to develop as this deteriorate progresses with some astonishing surprises.

Downtime for Fortnite has ended, so we can now dive into Chapter 2: Season 2 opposite all platforms. We’ve got high hopes for you, agent.

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Google looks certain to launch a new mid-range smartphone in May, that is rumoured to be called a Pixel 4a. We’ve seen countless leaks and rumours over new months, and freshly-published renders formed on these reports have now given us a decent thought of what a phone could demeanour like.

Before proceeding, we should highlight that a images embedded in this essay aren’t “leaked” product shots. Rather, they’re rumours in picture form.

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pixel 4a render

They were combined by a digital artist famous as Concept Creator for Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital, and are formed on an array of unconfirmed reports, leaks and good out-of-date speculation.

One of these reports has claimed that a Pixel 4a will not adopt a integrate of a Google Pixel 4’s title features: Face Unlock and Project Soli.

Instead, it appears that a 4a will competition a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a punch-hole cutout in one of a tip corners of a screen, that will residence a selfie camera.

The renders also uncover off a handset’s rumoured singular back camera, and Concept Creator believes this will be housed within a block camera module, identical to a one that facilities on a Pixel 4.

He’s also shown off what a 4a could demeanour like in a far-reaching operation of colour schemes, including black, white, orange, purple and blue. Black, white and orange colour options sound sincerely likely, though we consider purple and blue could be some-more of a box of sad thinking.

We’re awaiting Google to unleash a Pixel 4a in May. That’s since many smartphone makers work to a 12-month modernise cycle, and a Pixel 3a and 3a XL came out in, we guessed it, May 2019.

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What’s more, Google has now reliable that a 2020 book of a annual discussion for developers kicks off on May 12. Mark it in your calendars, folks.

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iPhone 9: Price, recover date, and a biggest leaks so far

The iPhone 11 operation launched successfully behind in Sep 2019, and customarily we wouldn’t pattern another iPhone to seem until a following September. However, there have been increasingly heated rumours that we’ll see a new indication launch in early 2020, possibly named a iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. Billed as a some-more affordable entrance in Apple’s range, here’s all we know about it so far.

iPhone 9 recover date

The latest rumours have a iPhone 9 launch date pegged as March 31, with a handset afterwards apropos accessible to buy from Apr 3.

According to 9to5Mac, it could be expelled alongside a new iPad Pro, and a iOS 13.4 program refurbish competence be announced during a really same event, introducing iCloud Drive folder pity and new Memoji stickers among a horde of other features.

However, a coronavirus conflict has threatened supply lines and so maybe there could be a delay to this schedule.

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iPhone 9 price

The iPhone 11 was a lowest labelled indication of a new range, entrance in during £729 ($699), and we pattern a iPhone 9 to land as a significantly cheaper option.

In Oct 2019, a news from TF Securities claimed that a cost would be $399 (~£320). We wish that this does infer to be correct, though for now we’ll say a healthy questioning about such a low cost for a mint Apple product, generally deliberation that even currently a new iPhone 8 still retails for $449 (£479).

iPhone 9 pattern and display

According to Nikkei, a iPhone 9 competence demeanour strikingly familiar. That’s given it will reportedly underline a same surrounding as a iPhone 8, though with updated specifications fit for a new phone in 2020.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

The particular pattern facilities thick bezels during a tip and bottom of a phone, along with a home symbol with integrated Touch ID.

The shade measures only 4.7-inches, though in a universe dominated by large-screen phones this competence come as a service to a people who cite a some-more docile distance of handset.

iPhone 9 colours

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that a iPhone 9 is set to be accessible in only 3 opposite shades: red, china and space grey.

Compared to 6 shades offering by a iPhone 11, we can’t assistance though feel a small underwhelmed should this be true.

iPhone 9 camera

A supposed pattern of a device has emerged on SlashLeaks, claiming to exhibit a phone’s glossy back row full with a new camera.

Image Credit: SlashLeaks

There’s not most to go on here, though a becloud picture advise that a camera sensor competence be incomparable than a one on a strange iPhone 8, so it’s approaching to exaggerate a larger resolution.

Although Android phones during a identical cost indicate mostly exaggerate some-more than one camera, it can’t be too most of a warn that a iPhone 9 is set to only have one, generally when we cruise that as recently as final year Apple expelled a iPhone XR with only one sensor.

iPhone 9 specs and features

Although a pattern itself is not approaching to be all-new, a iPhone 9’s internals are approaching to brought crash adult to date with a other phones in a series.

For starters, it’s approaching to residence a A13 Bionic chip that is benefaction in all a new iPhones adult to a iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s one of a best pieces of silicon on a market, so we positively won’t be wanting for power.

On tip of that we’d pattern an softened camera too, as good as a catch-up with a incremental specs improvements given a iPhone 8 came out in 2017.

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The Lenovo IdeaPad S145 15-inch laptop has been reduced to £489.99.

Ideal for a normal Joe, a Lenovo IdeaPad S145 15-inch laptop has had a poignant bonus that should pierce it good into your cost range.

Once on a time this laptop retailed during £679.99. Now with £190 lobbed off a RRP, we can collect it adult for usually £489.99. You’ll also accept a giveaway T210 laptop bag to trip your silken new mechanism into by quoting BAGDEAL during a checkout.

A compress laptop that boasts both portability and a estimate energy to see we by bland tasks, Lenovo claims a IdeaPad S145 is built to last. It positively seems to have a specs to backup a arguable opening and, during a mid-range price, we would wish that it does.

Packing a eighth era Intel Core i7, a IdeaPad S145 promises a swish, well-spoken opening with 8GB of RAM and a hench 512GB SSD to boot. This stellar multiple will safeguard that tasks are run efficiently, programmes are booted adult but check and make certain that usually about any movement we ask of your Lenovo laptop is finished with flare.

Speaking of flare, a Lenovo IdeaPad S145 15-inch laptop positively flexes a certain character with a minimal pattern and silken finish. Not to discuss a 15-inch arrangement that functions in both HD and FHD. With skinny bezels to unequivocally concede a shade to shine, suffer an immersive visible knowledge with anti-glare qualities that creates operative in usually about any condition easy on a eye.

The sound is considerable too, ideal for binging TV on a move. With Dolby Audio record packaged into a twin orator system, a sound is pointy and clear, means to build on atmosphere either we are examination a film or carrying a dance mangle during your investigate session.

This is a illusory choice for anyone looking for a good bland laptop that can take on customary tasks including surfing a web and word processing.

With a £190 cube slashed off a cost tag, collect adult a Lenovo IdeaPad S145 15-inch laptop for usually £489.99 and make certain we use a document code BAGDEAL to explain your giveaway laptop bag with your order.

Lenovo IdeaPad S415 Laptop Deal

IdeaPad S145 – 15″ Model

Get this overwhelming 15-inch laptop with silken finish, ideal for each day use. Packing a 8th gen Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, a FHD arrangement comes with anti-glare qualities, as good as 2 x1.5 Dolby Audio speakers.


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Now £489.99

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HTC has announced that it will be introducing 3 new Vive Cosmos practical existence headsets in a entrance months, all of that lay during a accumulation of opposite cost points. 

The Vive Cosmos Series wants to interest to a accumulation of opposite consumer types, trimming from a fledgling VR fan to hardcore artistic forms who are looking to cave some-more than usually gaming from a flourishing medium. 

“Our business wish an implausible VR knowledge and we are unapproachable to announce a new family of products tailor-made for VR use-cases of all types,” pronounced Yves Maître, CEO, HTC. 

“Vive Cosmos is truly a many versatile headset yet. From consumers usually finding VR for a initial time to a perfectionist business user, Vive Cosmos offers stellar quality, comfort, and a ability to develop VR and XR journeys over time – from changing faceplates to adding options like wireless.”  

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Vive Cosmos Elite

First adult is a Vive Cosmos Elite which will be expelled in Q1 2020 for £899/$899. It’s dictated as a high-end headset for vital enthusiasts, able of inside-out tracking interjection to a pre-installed outmost tracking faceplate, that can be used with bottom stations for larger room-scale accuracy. 

It will work with new and existent Vive controllers, and a faceplate can also be isolated and used with a stream Vive Cosmos, or even bought alone for £199. HTC seems penetrating to highlight a modular inlet of a new headsets, charity consumers a vast grade of choice. The whole Cosmos operation facilities components than be substituted or altered during your leisure, if you’ve got a gangling income to collect that many. 

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Vive Cosmos XR

Next adult is a Vive Cosmos XR, which will initial entrance as a developer kit. It is a standalone headset and faceplate for a modular Vive Cosmos, bringing high-quality XR passthrough cameras to a Cosmos, that usually launched a few months ago. Further information will be denounced during GDC after this month. 

This arrange of passthrough means that practical objects could, in theory, be implemented into a real-world environment interjection to a twin of high peculiarity cameras on a faceplate itself. HTC hopes this leads to some engaging applications both during home and in a workplace. Imagine assembly with your colleagues in practical existence instead of a bleak bureau space. 

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Cosmos Play

Finally, we have to Vive Cosmos Play, premiering as a cheapest choice of a three, it’s a headset directed during VR newcomers. Out of a box it sports 4 cameras that are able of inside-out tracking. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, The Curious Tale of a Stolen Pets and A Fisherman’s Tale are some of a practice we can design on a platform. 

Every Vive Cosmos opposite this line will underline a same considerable 2880×1700 resolution, that is a towering 88% alleviation over a strange Vive – so you’re removing a comparatively good crash for sire regardless of that headset we select. However, unwell to deliver a totally wireless headset in a identical capillary to Oculus Quest does feel like a large missed opportunity.

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Following hugely certain accepting from gamers, THQ Nordic skeleton to open a Barcelona-based studio to furnish a reconstitute of cult classical RPG, Gothic.

Gameplay footage and stills are already all over a web, following a playable teaser territory being done accessible by THQ Nordic. Now, a devs contend a overwhelmingly certain response to a teaser means a diversion will go into full production.

The consult suggested that many gamers who had attempted a playable teaser were PC gamers and already fans of a Gothic series. 84% of them pronounced they finished a whole playable teaser and 94.8% pronounced they wanted to see THQ Nordic rise a full follow-up game.

Almost all a other metrics THQ Nordic questioned gamers on returned certain formula too. However, a one early fissure in a armour seems to be combat. With around 6000 gamers observant it was “not good”. That was still a minority though, take a demeanour during a graph below.

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However, altogether it seems satisfactory to contend that gamers’ responses were consistently positive. The many common rating for a whole knowledge was 80%, as we can see below, and usually a tiny suit of players rated a diversion badly.

Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director during THQ Nordic, said: “We are adult for a plea to rise a full Gothic Remake that will stay as steadily as probable to a strange knowledge and ride a windy universe of Gothic into a high peculiarity demeanour and delicately modernising certain gameplay mechanics.”

While Pollice says a studio will stay loyal to a strange release, a matter on a THQ Nordic site says it will be “re-imagining a whole thing” so design some changes.

Publishing a consult formula following a demo recover like this is an surprising pierce from THQ Nordic. However, we can now clearly see that there is seductiveness in a game’s release.

One doubt that stays impending – with 85% of consult respondents observant they were “die tough Gothic fans” – is either a diversion will attract new users from outward a existent fanbase. It might need to do so, in sequence to be a genuine success, and it seems a contrition THQ Nordic didn’t expel a net a small wider in mouth-watering people to a play test.





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Bose’s latest firmware refurbish brings AirPlay 2 functionality to a handful of SoundTouch and Lifestyle speakers and sound systems. Nine speakers, soundbars and home party systems are in line for a boost.

AirPlay 2 will move multi-room audio to any concordant device, definition we could potentially span a Bose soundbar in your vital room with a Sonos in your kitchen and a Bowers Wilkins in your bedroom.

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Apple announced a latest wireless streaming custom behind during WWDC 2017, mouth-watering users to span Apple HomePods in stereo and to organisation speakers together and afterwards control them away in a control centre.

AirPlay 2-compatible inclination can be tranquil on a iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch and practiced with voice commands around Siri.

Bose began hurl out of firmware refurbish 24.0.7 on Tuesday, with AirPlay 2 approaching to strech all of a next inclination by Feb 25:

  • SoundTouch 10
  • SoundTouch 20 Series III
  • SoundTouch 30 Series III
  • Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier
  • Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV
  • SoundTouch 300 soundbar
  • Lifestyle 550 home party system
  • Lifestyle 600 home party system
  • Lifestyle 650 home party system

Once you’ve commissioned a update, you’ll be means to find some orator settings in a iOS control centre – reason and reason a audio label in a top-right dilemma of a shade and daub a AirPlay 2 idol to open them. 

You’ll also be means to control your orator directly by a series of renouned streaming services.

One of these services is SiriusXM. Bose suggested updates to SXM only dual weeks ago, including improved fortitude and entrance to additional SiriusXM content.

To get a improvements, SXM users will need to safeguard they have a new Bose firmware and a latest chronicle of a SoundTouch app installed.

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Once updated, a summary will seem seeking SXM users to supplement their comment again. You’ll need to re-enter your SXM record in sum to continue regulating SXM with a latest features.

If we have any SXM presents, we might be compulsory to supplement them again once a refurbish has been installed.

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Launching in spring, a new phone will container 3 back sensors and come with a 21:9 display. Unfortunately, a new handset will also have a large aged waterdrop nick around a front-facing snapper.

Sony is tooting a horn about a shade on this new phone, though a specs on a new handset are not separate to those of a predecessor. While a L3 sported a 5.7-inch 1440 x 720 pixel LCD screen, a L4 will have a 6.2-inch 1680 x 720 pixel screen.

This means that it’s a splash bigger and has a somewhat improved fortitude as a result, though it’s not a hulk jump forward.

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What is opposite here is a aspect ratio, that has switched from 18:9 on a L3 to 21:9 on a L4. As such, branch a phone plane will give we plenty of space to play with – we can run dual apps corresponding in this mode or constraint video in that 21:9 ratio.

Given that a association is so unapproachable of a screen, it’s kind of peculiar that it motionless to go forward and plonk a large aged nick on a phone to residence a 8MP front-facing camera. This disrupts a shade a bit by nudging over a tip edge.

One of a biggest changes on a new indication is a back camera set-up. The L4 comes with a 12MP categorical camera, 5MP ultra-wide lens and 2MP abyss camera. Whacking in an additional lens here competence urge a design quality, nonetheless it’s formidable to tell until we get a hands on one of a new phones.

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Like a predecessor, it comes with 3GB RAM and there’s 64GB of storage on a phone, though we can supplement to this interjection to a microSD memory label slot. Also – importantly for song nerds – it comes with a headphone jack, that is a monument in new phone releases.

It’s not a ugliest of phones, though it’s positively no genuine beauty. The best thing about a new L4 will substantially be a price, that we’d theory would be £200 or under.

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