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As a fashion person (hey there), you’re probably well-versed in many of the top new fall trends. Furthermore, you’ve probably tested out a few of the key looks. That said, there also may be a handful on your must-try list that you haven’t quite hit the gas on yet. Sure, this may be because of the lack of time (autumn really has just begun), but it also could be due to the intimidating nature of said trends.

Don’t worry—we get it. In fact, we wanted to take a deeper look into this by digging into the pros and cons of the top trends in some of the most popular fashion categories. And we tapped the experts—namely, Melissa Moylan, Hallie Spradlin, and Patricia Maeda—behind trend-forecasting mecca Fashion Snoops for guidance on why these key fall moments in jewelry, denim, and shoes are worthy of our attention.

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the pros and cons of fall’s biggest trends, according to the insiders at Fashion Snoops. And when you’re ready to give the trends the green light (trust, you’ll eventually move on from the con aspects), we shopped each out as well.

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Bella Hadid is a top model and trendsetter—but did you know she’s an expert equestrian, too? She and sister Gigi Hadid grew up horse riding and often return to the saddle in-between fashion weeks and cover shoots.

In 2016, Bella almost made it to the equestrian competition at the Olympics, but she was forced to pull out due to her battle with Lyme disease. Recently, she’s posted several photos with her beloved horse, Blue, who resides at her mother Yolanda Hadid’s farm in Pennsylvania. And while her equestrian look was mostly traditional, it still contained an unexpected fashion twist.

Now, Bella has made the case for high-fashion riding gear. She showed off Blue’s custom saddle by Chrome Hearts, a brand she has collaborated with before. Blue’s saddle featured quilted black and white leather with a star design on the side. Around Blue’s legs, four leg wraps also had subtle stars on them. Leave it to the model to make sure her horse has a look — and a chic one at that. Giddy up!

This article first appeared at Vogue.com.

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UPDATE (October 17, 2019): According to Deadline, which first reported Jonah Hill‘s potential involvement with Matt Reeves‘ The Batman, the two-time Oscar nominee has now dropped out from negotiations. Hill was originally said to be in talks to play either the Riddler or Penguin in the upcoming reboot — starring Robert Pattinson —  but reports now suggest that the role may go to comedic actor Seth Rogen instead. However, offers or talks have yet to commence, so fans should definitely stay tuned for further developments.

ORIGINAL STORY (September 23, 2019): According to reports, Jonah Hill is currently in talks to play the villain in Matt Reeves‘ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

Although there has been no official word, rumors are noting that the producers of the film have had their eyes set on Hill for a while but decided to handle the casting of the lead role first. Both sides are invested in negotiations to reach a deal. In other The Batman casting news, Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright has been in talks to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming film.

Stay tuned for details and look for The Batman to hit theatres June 25, 2021.

For more entertainment news, Netflix reveals the premiere date for Big Mouth Season 3 with a new trailer.

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Looking for an alcohol gift set this Christmas? We’ve got you set with the most luxurious you can buy.

From beautiful casks of whiskey and hampers of premium gin to cases of fine wine and handmade glassware, a luxury alcohol gift set is a timeless festive treat. And, with all the accompanying frivolities, such as stirrers, tissue paper and heaps of straw, these offer more than just booze – nicely doubling up as a makeshift sock drawer or cheese storage – while the fanfare of unwrapping everything makes it feel like a proper occasion. Specifically: Christmas.

Even if your special someone doesn’t drink, you’re contributing generously to their regift cupboard and that, for anyone and everyone, is one of life’s greatest underrated pleasures. Or you could just pick them something from our expertly compiled gifts for men or gifts for her

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Every year I’m surprised by how much food I can eat at 4am, but the crispy parathas, along with the tangy pickles and pomegranates, are all too hard to resist. But more important than the food, is the magical time I get to spend with my mum and aunt. Fast Love, as we call the day, is not just about celebrating marriage, but also the bond with your family.

Once we’ve finished eating, I make sure to get my two liters of water in, and then I’m fueled up for a day of fast fun.

Last year, I was given the job of making the ceremonial doll, which is an idol who represents the Goddess Parvati. We pray and worship Parvati as her marriage to Lord Shiva was #couplegoals. Like Parvati, we want our idol to be strong and beautiful. I made her look beautiful using my favourite beauty brands; she wore YSL eyeliner and a smudge of Nars lip pencil, with a spritz of Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir.

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How do you decide what to buy? (Besides reading Who What Wear, of course.) Perhaps you purchase something out of necessity, maybe it’s celebrity-inspired, or it might be because of sheer FOMO. But have you ever tried shopping based on your zodiac sign? After reaching out to a slew of fashion girls and getting their smart, stylish, and well-articulated zodiac-based fall picks from Zara, I’m fully convinced that it’s a worthwhile pursuit. (In case you’re curious, you’re reading words written by a Libra—moi—who already got her fall wardrobe sorted by an astrologer.)

I got brilliant answers from a Taurus based in Copenhagen, a Scorpio in New York City, a Sagittarius in Madrid, a Cancer in Miami, and a Gemini in Los Angeles—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These stylish ladies might not share the same sign, but they share a knack for being well-dressed and having good eyes for style. Scroll down to see what 12 women of each sign would buy from reader-favorite Zara right now. 

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The beauty of Richmond, Virginia–based Need Supply Co. is that it’s one of those one-stop-shops where you can buy a sweater, a bath mat, and a lipstick all in one shopping trip. Its e-commerce site features an epic assortment of brands, both indie and major designer as well as affordable and high-end. And as luck would have it, its Friends  Family Sale (which is a rare occurrence, I might add) is on, and everything (save for a few excluded brands) is a whopping 30% off. I know; my jaw dropped when I heard too.

The sale is happening through Monday, October 21, and you don’t even need a code—the sale price is displayed right on each item’s page. I love a sale, so I took it upon myself to shop out the very best buys to be had, which I admittedly thoroughly enjoyed. Scroll to shop the fashion items I’d buy immediately. 

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We know we’re not alone when we say that we could easily spend a large chunk of our salaries on skincare. Between the constant new launches and those OG holy grails, there are just too many opportunities to shop. As beauty editors, we’re lucky enough to have access to the most luxurious products on the market, but we’re well aware that it’s not always feasible to shell out so much money on lotions and potions—especially on a polarizing product like eye cream.

Some folks swear by the stuff for refining fine lines and keeping puffiness at bay, while others just don’t see the point. We happen to identify with the former and as such are quite looped into the formulas that perform best. On the other hand, we’re committed to bringing you the affordable options that still get the job done. Luckily, there are plenty of lower-cost products that can help mitigate the effects that aging has on the delicate orbital skin.

Here, find nine iconic eye creams beauty insiders swear by and the similar, more affordable dupes that will help you leave tired eyes in 2019. Just because there are bags under your eyes doesn’t mean you have to pay designer prices to get rid of them. (Unless you want to, in which case, you also have our blessing.)