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I never wanted to join the family business. My parents warned me it was a hard way to make a living and I believed them. I wanted to be a writer so I studied English Literature instead. I took a summer job at Canada Goose after university just to make some money before I went travelling again. I never  thought I’d still be here 20 years later. 

Because I grew up with the products we made, the beauty of them never resonated with me. Working in the business changed that. I experienced almost every department; answering phones, taking out the garbage, calling the people who wear Canada Goose. I spoke to people who needed these jackets to survive and I realised they mean something.

When I first became CEO I felt like I didn’t produce anything any more. The landlord of our building, who was very successful in business, reminded me that my job is to give everyone else the tools they need to do theirs, not to worry about what I’m achieving. That advice stuck with me.

I used to be a brand sceptic; I thought they were all about marketing. Then, many years ago, my friend took me to this tiny dumpling restaurant under a bridge in Japan. It’s been there for hundreds of years and all they make is this one dumpling. To me, that’s a brand. It’s pure, it’s not commercial, it just does one thing really well. At Canada Goose we’re obviously not anti-capitalist, we want to grow our business, but we also want to stay pure.

Some Canadian brands would prefer to be thought of as American because they see that as an advantage, but I disagree. We used to have two names: Snow Goose and Canada Goose, and we chose the right one. We’ve become an ambassador for Canada, we export the Canadian brand globally, and I don’t think there’s another company that does that. You can’t make a Swiss watch in Japan, just as you can’t make a Canada Goose jacket in China.

The scale of manufacturing has been our biggest challenge. We decided early on that we wanted to keep making our products in Canada, but then we were making 15,000 jackets a year. Now we make almost a million. We’ve had to build a manufacturing infrastructure that previously didn’t exist in this country, but from a return-on-capital point of view, it was the right decision.

I often tell people that we are the Land Rover of clothing. Land Rover is a functional product, built to endure extreme conditions, and it has become a luxury brand, but it wasn’t built to be fashionable or a status symbol. We collaborate with fashion houses, but we’ve always been a function-first brand.

Companies today need to do good in the world, but it has to be authentic. It needs to be woven into the fabric of your identity. Polar bears are icons of the north; we’ve made jackets for the scientists and support staff who work with them, we raise money for Polar Bear International through sales. It’s core to who we are.

My responsibility goes beyond my family name. We have 1,300 employees now, so I don’t think I’ve ever felt more pressure or responsibility. It’s serious now, it’s big. 


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Unicorn eyeliner is here. And it will make all your fairytale dreams come true.

People all over social media are hopping aboard this new beauty trend. It involves a pointed eyeliner wing, followed by some pretty color contrast.

Some people wrap color around the wing (like a unicorn horn!) and others simply choose to decorate their eyes in colorful hues!

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Sometimes, despite your most valiant efforts, you just don’t have it in you to put together an A+ outfit. And though we always suggest picking out your ensembles the night before, we get that life sometimes gets in the way, and there isn’t always time. That’s where the subject of today’s post comes into play—the stylish zero-effort outfit.

Though the name does most of the explaining, a stylish zero-effort outfit is a formula that takes no time to assemble but still manages to make it look like you put in a ton of effort. This is usually accomplished pairing a hero piece (like a statement jacket) with polished separates that mix and match well.

If you find yourself in a sartorial pickle from time to time, scroll down to see and shop 10 of our favorite zero-effort outfits right now.

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This month’s installment of 5 Ways, 5 Days features Juliana Salazar — freelance writer, stylist, brand consultant and one half of Moonlight Mile — in one holiday dress.


Question: If I told you that you had to wear the same dress to five holidays parties this week, what dress would you pick? Something black? Simple? Forgettable? Juliana picked an ankle-length slip dress rendered in bright blue velvet because she laughs in the face of a challenge. (That’s an assumption.) (Blue velvet!)

Below, a lesson in how to wear something incredibly memorable five days in a row and make it look dramatically different every time. Let’s call this Layering 801 because this is some advanced shit.

Day 1:


Reformation navy velvet slip dress, Roxanne Assoulin chokers, A.L.C. striped top, Off-White x Levi’s jeans, Zara trench, Zara shoes, bag from Etsy

You know when you’re so cold you start to layer anything and everything you own? This outfit is that. Plus Roxanne Assoulin rainbow chokers and my embroidered floral bag to help me pretend it’s not winter.

Day 2:


Reformation navy velvet slip dress, Alix bodysuit, Acne sweater, Loewe bag, Valentino shoes, Garrett Leight sunglasses

I love how comfortable this outfit is regardless of the fact that I’m wearing a lace bodysuit. It’s especially perfect to wear to work if you have something going on after with no time to change in between. Drinks, a date, a party – you name it, (take off the sweater) you can wear it.

Day 3:


Reformation navy velvet slip dress, T by Alexander Wang hoodie, vintage denim jacket from @shopmoonlightmile — another here, Topshop crystal drop earrings, Céline sunglasses, Vans shoes

This is my morning-after-one-too-many-drinks outfit, also ideal for weekend brunching. This hoodie is the coziest thing in my closet right now and this denim jacket is my best vintage find yet. I love the cropped boxy cut AND it has a zipper down the back so you can wear it off the shoulder! Crystal drop earrings give this rather casual look a little something something (they sound so wrong but look so right).

Day 4:


Reformation navy velvet slip dress, Zara ruffled button-down, Saint Laurent sneakers, Cold Frame earrings 

Button-downs are the cornerstone of my wardrobe, if that’s even a thing. They’re so versatile. I tied this one right below my boobs to switch up the feel of the dress, but it also looks just as cool layered underneath. I debated wearing a small heel but knew I had a lot of running around to do on this day so sneakers ended up winning.

Day 5:


Reformation navy velvet slip dress, HM sequin turtleneck, Alexander Wang shoes

I was once at a party where a boy came up to talk to me and a few exchanges later he asked if I worked in fashion. I was all like, “How did you know???” He said my outfit. It wasn’t this one, but it looked a lot like it. Anyway, this sequin turtleneck is arguably the best thing HM has ever produced.

Follow Juliana Salazar on Instagram @julianasalazar. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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While being comfortable in one’s own skin (and wardrobe) is numero uno, it’s safe to say that one thing that no one wants to wear is something that ages them. A youthful appearance is something we all strive for, whether subconsciously or not. One of the most effective ways to achieve that youthful glow is via the colours we chose to wear. Given that there are thousands of Pantone colours at any given time, we turned to an expert in the field to guide us towards the exact colours to wear if you want to look younger. Kate Smith is the president and chief colour maven of Sensational Colour, which is a resource for information on colour trends, meaning, theories, and dos and don’ts. 

Smith told us, “With each year, hair and skin tone changes subtly, and at some point those same colours are no longer as flattering as they once were.” She added, “To keep your older and wiser self glowing, your colours need to complement how you look right now.” She recommended four specific colours that will give your look a lift. Keep scrolling to find out what they are.

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If we had to name the most unexpected outerwear trend of the season, it would be the swift return of the jacket style we wore in middle school. We’re talking about the puffer jacket. Everyone from Gigi Hadid to Rihanna has been spotted in one (the latter celeb quite a few times), and we’re really starting to see the appeal. It’s an eye-catching look, for sure, especially if you opt for a bold color or an oversize silhouette. Plus, it will actually protect you from the elements.

The latest celeb to warm up to the idea is none other than Rita Ora. The singer stepped out to brave the chilly New York streets in Acne Studios’ Baltimore padded down coat in a bright orange hue, and we definitely did a double take. Not only did she nail the trend in the color and fit department, but this particular one takes it to the next level with exaggerated armholes and built in off-the-shoulder styling. Talk about a statement piece. To balance out the bold coat, she opted for a sleek black turtleneck dress and flattering lace-up heels. Are you coveting this style as much as we are yet?

Scroll on to shop the look.

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La marque de bijoux fondée en 2010, avec l’intention de proposer une joaillerie durable, s’offre un magasin éphémère au sein de la Galerie 121, située au 121 rue Vieille-du-Temple, dans le IIIème arrondissement à Paris. JEM, qui signifie Jewellery Ethically Minded, y déploie ses collections au design épuré jusqu’au 31 décembre. 

JEM travaille un or certifié par le label Fairmind

Reprise en 2015 par Dorothée Contour-Morel, la maison française, qui table sur l’ouverture d’une première boutique à Paris en 2017, a recours au label Fairmind pour son sourcing, qui lui garantit la provenance d’un « or éthique ».

A l’occasion de ce pop-up store, la marque se propose de reprendre les bijoux anciens en or des clients pour tout achat d’un bijou JEM, au prix de 50 euros le gramme. « La filière de l’or recyclé favorise l’économie des ressources naturelles et permet d’éviter l’extraction minière traditionnelle et les enjeux qu’elle soulève », précise la griffe.

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This story originally appeared at RollingStone.com.

As you probably know, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recently admitted to smoking marijuana 18 months ago when he was recovering from chronic back pain. While Kerr said it didn’t sit well with him at the time, he explained how he hopes professional sports leagues will eventually allow players to use marijuana as a form of pain relief.

“It makes a lot of sense,” said one Golden State Warrior.

Since then, many individuals from the NBA have weighed in on Kerr’s comments. One head coach said the rhetoric around the use of marijuana has to be very careful, while some of Kerr’s current players supported his vision as long as it’s being used for the right reasons. Then there’s New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, who admitted on Tuesday to using marijuana in the past to help him recover from back surgery.

“I don’t know about its medicinal ability. I had back surgery, and the year I was off, I was smoking marijuana during that period of time,” Jackson said on CBS Sports Network’s We Need to Talk. “I think it was a distraction for me as much as a pain reliever. But I never thought of it as ultimately a pain medication for that type of situation.”

Jackson also went on to say marijuana is still very much a part of the culture in the NBA and a decision has to be made on how the league can deal with it.

“We have tried to stop [marijuana use] in the NBA,” Jackson continued. “I don’t think we have been able to stop it in the NBA. I think it still goes on and is still a part of the culture in the NBA. It is something that we either have to accommodate, or we have to figure out another way to deal with it.”

It’s worth noting that Jackson has talked about his use of marijuana and LSD in the past, although he wasn’t too happy with how people eventually used the information to portray him. Even so, based on how relevant the topic is right now, having one of the most well-known coaches in NBA history talk about it should only drive the conversation further.