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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of their partnership, adidas Skateboarding teamed up with Thrasher magazine to release the first-ever documentary on skateboard legend Dennis Busenitz titled Up to Speed.

The film gives us a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of Busenitz. Born in Munich, Germany, Busenitz lived his formative years in Newton, Kansas and later made his way to San Francisco, California where he became a skateboarding icon.

Up to Speed features friends, fellow pro skateboarders, and others from the industry including Jake Phelps (Editor-in-Chief of Thrasher magazine), Keith Hufnagel (Founder of HUF), Atiba Jefferson (legendary skate photographer), Jim Thiebaud (Founder of Real Skateboards and Deluxe Distribution), Skin Phillips (iconic skate photographer and adidas Skateboarding Team Manager), and many more.

For more epic Busenitz footage, be sure to check out his new “Live Wire” part below.

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It seems that whenever my friends and I talk about podcasts, all I want to talk about is “Serial.” Yeah, it’s amazing, and Sarah Koenig is awesome and all that, and despite listening to the available episodes on repeat, I still can’t figure out Bowe Bergdahl’s motives. As much as I love the podcast, sometimes I just need someone else’s voice in my ear.

And since love seems to be in the air ahead of Valentine’s Day, I gave myself a mission—to hunt down the best love and sex podcasts that highlight all of the messy, wonderful things about being human and sexuality.  Below, eight podcasts that are not to be missed. So go on, crank up the volume and turn down the lights.

the heart podcast best love sex podcasts

“The Heart”

The critically acclaimed show that was once “Audio Smut” is now “The Heart,” a whip-smart show that prides itself in “explicit and experimental sonic storytelling.” What that means is listening to this podcast is sort of like being punched in the face by every emotion you’ve ever felt, as it tends to dig up long-buried feelings about the very nature of intimacy. While you’re hearing stories about real sexual encounters that leave you feeling vulnerable and enlightened all at once (such as “That Time God Punished You for Having a Threesome with My Sister”) No easy feat—so be warned, you’re about to enter into a love affair with this show.
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“Sex with Emily”

Listening to this podcast, hosted by resident sexpert and TV personality Dr. Emily Morse, is kind of like getting brunch with your BFFs and rehashing last night’s conquests, but with someone who also happens to have extensive medical advice, insights, and expert opinion on topics you care about, from the psychology behind casual sex to dating faux pas and how to jump-start your libido.
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modern love podcast new york times The 8 Best Sex and Love Podcasts You Need to Be Listening to Now

“Modern Love”

For those who can’t wait for the weekly New York Times musings on everything from the politics and pitfalls of texting to deciphering how astrology tinkers with your love life, there’s now even more “Modern Love.” The Times just introduced a podcast to go with the prose, narrated by notable names like musician Lauren Molina and “Seinfeld” alum Jason Alexander. New podcasts are available every Thursday on iTunes and WBUR.org.
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“The Savage Lovecast”

Dan Savage is to relationships as Anna Wintour is to fashion—the two simply can’t be separated. And the love columnist’s podcast, which has been around all the way since 2006, takes an if-it-ain’t-broke approach to relationship advice; users submit questions, and Savage answers them in his signature witty way.
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guys we fucked podcastPhoto: Dee Guerreros

“Guys We F****d”

In case the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, “Guys We F****d” is all about women’s sexual empowerment and seeks to be an “anti-slut-shaming podcast.” And for hilarious hosts Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, both based in New York, no subject is too raunchy, from discussing past relationships to empowering self-affirmations that a self-actualized lady can have sex with whom she wants, whenever she wants. Recent episodes include an interview with Amber Rose over the first time she fell in love, and an episode titled “You Didn’t Go to France Because You Wanted to Masturbate?” We’ll leave it at that.
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“Sex Nerd Sandra”

If you weren’t paying attention in junior-high health class, turn to “Sex Nerd Sandra” for Sandra Daugherty and co-host Dave Ross‘s answers to important questions about the—ahem—nitty-gritty of getting down and dirty, and brings on plenty of experts—from sex therapists to male strippers and comics—to make one of the most entertainingly educational podcasts around. But the range of topics doesn’t stop there—also expect sex-positive takes on pornography, sex toys, and more.
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kiss me quick erotica rose caraway The 8 Best Sex and Love Podcasts You Need to Be Listening to Now

“The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica: Sexy Stories with Rose Caraway”

This one might not be so good for your morning commute. As the name implies, the show is pretty steamy, with host Rose Caraway acting as the show’s “Sexy Librarian,” reading erotic fiction spanning from the usual fare to zombie horror erotica.
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“Kinsey Confidential”

You’ve got questions, Debby Herbenick has answers. The sexual health educator with Indiana University’s famed Kinsey Institute offers a no-nonsense podcast answering all of your burning sex and love questions. At less than 10 minutes a pop, it’s quick, it’s no frills, but sometimes it’s everything you need.
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Milo Ventimiglia is a knee-toucher. As we sat at La Sirena inside the Maritime Hotel, talking about the new, uber tear-jerking ABC drama This Is Us, the very, very, very much-anticipated return of Gilmore Girls, and angsty teen love, the actor gave my knee the occasional friendly tap when emphasizing a point. My inner 16-year-old wondered how I was ever Team Logan, when Jess Mariano was around.

Over a pair of Bella Donnas, Ventimiglia discusses crying quiet tears, experiencing the extraordinary passion of Gilmore Girls fans, and why he’s not Team Jess―or Team Logan or Dean for that matter…

First, tell me about your new show, ‘This Is Us’

It’s the hardest thing to explain, but it’s the easiest thing to understand. It’s a show about family, it’s about love and loss and life – ultimately a family that is going through a lot of joy and a lot of heartbreak.

I mean, just from watching the trailer, I cried. I think that everyone cried.

Yeah. I still cry [laughs]. I do, I do. Honestly, I still cry when I see the trailer.

Are you a happy crier or …?

Umm I’m a quiet crier. I think I kind of tend to not… I don’t want to impose on anyone else and make anyone else emotional or anything. I tend to quietly cry, kind of turn away.

No pressure tears.

No pressure tears, yes. I feel like that’s how my father always did it and I feel like maybe as a responsible man it’s like I don’t want to impose on anyone else so I just kind of quietly turn my back, have a moment, compose myself and then go.

Do you have favorite cry movies or shows that just get you every single time?

Oh God. I’m going to sound odd for saying this but the movie Steel Magnolias used to get me when I was a kid. Oh man, it would really get me [laughs].

So if you had to have a good cry, you’re like: ‘Steel Magnolias’

But that’s the thing, I don’t think I really seek to have a good cry. I just kind of … there are just certain things that kind of catches me. But when I was a kid, Steel Magnolias definitely made me cry. Or The Family Man. You know The Family Man with Nick Cage? Dude, that movie … that will make me cry..

So you worked with Mandy Moore, you worked with a lot of really great people. What was it like on the set?

Fun. Exciting. Inspiring. They are an amazingly talented group of people that I feel everyday lucky to be around. They make me work harder. They are all so naturally talented and gifted– for me, I see what they are doing and think ‘oh man, I need to step up my game.’

Okay, I have to hit ‘Gilmore Girls’ cause everyone is freaking out.

Of course, yeah totally. Which is insane. If you watched it originally, way back when. You’ve never seen….?

I did. I watched it originally and then I binged watch it last year like a casual psychopath.

You did, wow. Trust me, there are people that say to me that they’ve seen it seven times.

Oh, I’m sure.

I’m like seven times?! How do you see it seven times? That is crazy.

People are really into it. So what was it like returning to the set, getting this opportunity?

It was a little strange but it was also fun. I’d stayed close to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino. When they called and said that they were doing this, I said ‘Yup, of course I’ll be there. I’ll totally be there.’ But it’s strange to play a character that I’ve played 13 or 14 years ago. He’s kind of the same where we left him. We pick right back up in the same spot.

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Take a good look at this scruffy, gray-and-white fur face. Sure, it’s definitively adorable…but does it belong to a dog or a cat?

The internet can’t decide — and much like with the blue and black vs. white and gold dress, or the shiny legs vs. white paint optical illusions that dominated news feeds for days, this viral photo of an enigmatic animal named Atchoum has ignited an online phenomenon.

The great debate began last week, when Twitter user n2o innocently posted a picture of Atchoum with the caption “Her. – ‘do you have a dog or a cat?’ Me. – ‘I don’t know.’” Poof: more than 13,000 retweets and one article in the Daily Mail later, the origin of this furry fellow has become a subject of international fascination. (Because when you need a break from politics, cute and cuddly animals are always there for you.)

Baffled Twitter users quickly chimed in to defend their takes.

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Nicole Kidman is always a style star but when she was caught leaving Catch in West Hollywood, California on Saturday night, the Australian beauty exceeded our expectations.

Seemingly floating to her car, the actress wore a gorgeous nude colored tulle Vionnet gown with Grecian accents. The twisted rope around the top of the dress defined her tiny waist and allowed the tulle to billow and swish around her as she left the popular eatery to join Flaunt and Vionnet’s celebration of The Nocturne Issue.

Sparkling (with her many jeweled accessories, natch), Kidman was decked out in glittering silver and gold rings and bracelets that truly lit up her neutral outfit. She also wore diamond and ruby gold drop earrings that complemented her red lipstick and soft smoky eye. The contrast? She kept her shoes simple with black-heeled sandals.

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Kidman has most recently been spending time filming the reboot of the western drama, The Beguiled, where she will play headmistress Martha Farnsworth. But you can catch her on multiple screens soon. She has been racking up many projects this year, including the TV show Big Little Lies and the films How To Talk To Girls At Parties and The Killing of A Scared Deer, all set for release in 2017.

VIDEO: InStyle Cover Shoot with Nicole Kidman


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There are certain fashion industry icons that the world is fascinated by (or obsessed with, depending on how you look at it), and no one has held our attention more over the past several decades than the incomparable Anna Wintour. Perhaps it’s due to the wildly popular and critically acclaimed The September Issue or simply the allure of Vogue magazine. Whatever the reason, fashion girls (and pretty much everyone else) are entranced by her.

Recently noticing a plethora of available archival images of Wintour (dating back to the ’80s), we did some digging to bring to you our favorite rare photos of the icon. The most fascinating result of our research was the distinct evolution of Wintour’s style. While we familiarize her now with midi-length printed dresses and skirt suits, she once favored glamorous mini-length metallic shifts and Kate Moss–esque slip dresses. So basically, she was the most well-dressed woman in the ’90s, too. Intrigued?

Keep scrolling to see 17 throwback Anna Wintour photos, starting in 1988.