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There are few things scarier for a parent to talk to their kids about than rape. It’s violent. It’s dehumanizing. It’s everything we want to protect our kids from. And yet something as simple as how you’re talking to your kids could be making the problem that much worse.

We’re now living in a country where an estimated 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18. Every two minutes, another American is sexually assaulted. And our college kids are at a heightened risk — 11.2 percent of all students (undergrad and graduate school) experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence or incapacitation.

And every day, our kids hear excuses for the perpetrators, accusations hailed at the victims.

What were you wearing that night?

She’s such a tease.

And on it goes. That’s why SheKnows’ Hatch program has partnered with the Ad Council to take a look at the conversations we’re having with our kids, to really look at what it is our kids hear day in and day out.

Moms, Dads: It’s on us to change the conversation. It’s on us to tell our kids who’s really to blame for rape (the rapists) and who’s never at fault (the victims). It’s on us to talk to our kids in a way that stops rape culture in its tracks and truly protects them.

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To take the pledge to give our kids better than we got, visit It’s On Us and stand up to ending sex assault on campuses nationwide.

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Before Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were serving relationship goals all over Instagram, he was out horseback riding with another lucky lady. And by that we mean Pratt was swept away by a devious steed hellbent on humiliating him, and had to be rescued by his heroine. #LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

“We were on horses, we were on this beach, it was supposed to be romantic,” Chris told Seth Meyers during a Late Night appearance. “And then the horse just took off running, and my feet came out of the stirrups, and my feet were up in the air, and I was holding the very end of the reigns, and my head was bouncing off the back of the horse’s ass. I was seconds from death.”

Fortunately, Pratt’s knight in shining armor came to the rescue: “The girl just totally rides up and saves the day. She had to grab my reigns and calm the horse, I was like…that was it. In that moment, we broke up in my head. In her head too…she was like, ‘yeahhhhh I used to like you but this is over.’”

Horses, man. How many relationships will they ruin before they’re satiated?

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When you find out that someone you know has cancer, it can be hard to know what to do. People tend to either avoid the topic altogether out of fear of saying the wrong thing or they jump on board and perhaps ask too many questions. But the thing is, almost everybody has the best intentions. To help facilitate conversation and to raise money for its charities, ReThink Breast Cancer started a new initiative with Ig2 (which worked on the branding) to stop awkward/intrusive convos in their tracks: Give-A-Care is a line of products from more than ten brands that you can gift to someone undergoing cancer treatment—and they’re more useful and funny than a bouquet of flowers: For instance, the lube (because chemo can send you into early menopause, which means hot flashes and sub-optimal lubrication) is labelled All-the-slow-jams-and-silk-sheets-in-the-world-couldn’t-do-it-for-me-right-now-I-need lube (ha!); and lemon candies (which help counteract the metallic taste that can result from chemo) are called When-life-gives-you-lemons-and-those-lemons-taste-like-chemo-you-need candies. Look through the gallery to see some of our favourites. Then watch our Facebook Live video at the bottom. We talk to four women who had breast cancer and they tell us the things they wish people had or hadn’t said during this difficult time.









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Sport Achat Nantes fait la part belle aux sports d’eau

…Urbain met en avant Skechers, Damart, Sector 9 ou Rywan. Et, donc, l’univers des sports d’eau affiche la présence de Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Picture, mais aussi NSP, Ion ou Maui.Le Sport Achat sera aussi l’occasion p…

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Con más de 10 años ante las cámaras, Sel tiene los mejores secretos para un pelo brillante y piel luminosa. Pero su constante sofisticación la hace ver más sabia a pesar de sus 23 años; ¡tal vez eso explica que use crema antiarrugas!

Tu melena es increíble, tanto así que te llevó a ser imagen de Pantene. ¿Qué secretos guardas? ¡Dime que te lo lavas con Coca Cola, mayonesa o algo!

No te voy a mentir, definitivamente he intentado todas esas cosas, pero lo que realmente hago es no lavarlo a diario. Me dejo el acondicionador un buen rato y también uso mascarillas.

¿Qué hay sobre su color?

Nunca lo he decolorado, ¡me da terror! Estoy muy agradecida con mis genes: mis papás me heredaron su pelo grueso y no quiero arruinarlo.

En el video de “Bad Blood”, de Taylor Swift, luciste un bob falso con fleco. ¿Te lo cortarías así?

Algo tan arriesgado sólo lo haría para una película. Mi look es muy clásico y estoy cómoda con él. Estoy pensando en cortármelo a la altura de los hombros; voy a experimentar con eso.

Tu cuerpo se ve fantástico, ¿cuidas lo que comes?

Recientemente he tenido que cuidarme mucho (el año pasado reveló que tenía lupus, por lo que se sometió a quimioterapia). Hago pilates y tomo clases de baile tres veces a la semana, pero aun así necesito de vez en cuando algo de comida chatarra, no puedo evitarlo. Cualquier platillo con queso, chocolate o que esté hecho en una cacerola ¡me gusta!

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¿Alguna otra confesión?

Uso lentes. También me aplico spray de pelo en las cejas para peinarlas: ése es mi truco. La gente se burla de mí porque uso crema antiarrugas. Soy un poco acumuladora, así que no estoy casada con ninguna marca, pero siempre me gusta estar un paso adelante cuando se trata del cuidado de mi piel.

“He usado esta marca toda mi vida. Comparte mi visión de una
mujer fuerte y bella, mensaje que quiero transmitirle a mis fans”.

Los básicos de Selena

Pinzas Slant, Tweezerman
“Unas cejas perfectas hacen toda la diferencia, no importa si no estás maquillada. Las pinzas anguladas te ayudan a mantenerlas en su lugar”.


$325; Liverpool.

Jugo Detox, Elixir
“Son buenísimos para la piel, los jugos verdes son como un facial de dentro hacia fuera”.


$700/6 botellas de jugos; elixirdetox.com.

Spray Still Standing

“Casi todo el tiempo uso tacones, así que me aplico este spray frío en los pies y siento cómo los adormece: es como si fuera flotando por la vida. Es increíble”.


US$28; stillstandingspray.com.

Vela Santal, Diptyque

“Tiene un olor súper calmante. Me gusta tener velas en todos los cuartos, en mi vestidor e incluso el autobús en el que me voy de tour”.


$1,241; ozcosmetics.com.mx.

Cepillo Junior Mix, Mason Pearson

“Estoy obsesionada con él. Todas las mujeres deberían probarlo. Las puntas se me abren de vez en cuando y este cepillo me ayuda a evitarlo. ¡Es mágico!”.


$3,240; Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Shailene Woodley was the sexiest flower child for the premiere of Snowden at Spain’s San Sebastian Film Festival Thursday night.

The 24-year-old Divergent star owned the red carpet dressed in a chic olive-colored spaghetti strap gown overlaid with black, flower-embellished tulle that showed off her décolletage and lean arms. Woodley paired the dress with an edgy slicked-back hairstyle and accessorized with sparkling silver drop earrings. A very subtle pink lip let her dramatic smoky eye makeup take center stage and added a feminine touch to her look.

Woodley and her co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been busy promoting the film in Europe, but that didn’t stop them from sampling a stein or two—dirndl and all—at Oktoberfest in Munich earlier this week.

In Snowden the young actress takes a serious turn as Lindsay Mills, the girlfriend of notorious National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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“It’s about a man in the hot seat because he loves someone and could have a very nice life with her and continue on peacefully without disrupting it,” Oliver Stone, the film’s award-winning director recently told InStyle.

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One good way to start road-mapping a new season’s look is to create a mood board based upon the cues of a particular icon you deem worthy of emulating for the upcoming season. Will this person provide enough fodder to help articulate a season’s worth of outfits? Are the cues strong enough to proliferate or evolve with you? If you get sick of how the icon dresses, do you still feel confident that you will want to emulate the person’s character/behavior? These are some of the questions one must ask before submitting themselves to the gaze of a superficial deity.

I have gone ahead and decided that for me, said diety will be Goldie Hawn. I arrived at this conclusion after watching The First Wives Club and Housesitter in tandem (to hell with monotasking, says I!). Both movies effectively forced me to mull over two particular outfits: a white leather pantsuit with an inner white bodysuit and, similarly, a red tank-style bodysuit with high-waist jeans, camel suede boots and a leopard-print coat that could have easily been a stuffed animal from before it became a coat in the latter movie. Sure, these are cues taken by her characters — a has-been actress with a vague drinking problem and a high-key squatter-slash-pathological liar with beautiful blue eyes — but you know what I say, right? In order to do style, you’ve got to own the character you’re playing with everything you’ve got. And besides! We role-play every day when we get dressed, don’t we? So Hawn it is. And with the above slideshow come a couple of very important shopping lessons.

The first: No dress is off limits — be it mini, printed, tea-length, featuring fluffy sleeves or very un-ironically worn with a pair of straight-up dancing shoes.

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Also, be strong and convicted in your accessories! Have a scarf so long it may as well be Karlie Kloss? Wear it. A jacket with feather trim as yellow as Big Bird? The camera would like it no other way. How about a comb so damn huge, it seems more appropriate to use it on a horse? Bring it out, bring it out, bring it out.

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After that, though, if you’re too tired, or busy, or overwhelmed for a dress, there is no harm in pretending you are Keanu Reeves north of your nose and south of your forehead (so basically, just over your eyes) but being cool as a Lebowitz named Frank with a plain black blazer, white T-shirt and high-waist blue jeans.

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Most important, though, remember:

Feature photographs by Joseph Klipple; carousel photographs by Frank Carroll/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank and Joseph Klipple via Getty Images.


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Ahh, the late ’90s.

Just in case you needed a reminder that the decade was a popular time for very intricate updos, Jessica Biel is here to remind you. The actress took to Instagram today to share a throwback photo from her days on the hit TV series 7th Heaven, and her and her co-star Beverley Mitchell’s hairstyles in the snap are priceless.

Dear @beverleymitchell: Your hair looks so much better than mine,” the 34-year-old wife of Justin Timberlake captioned the cute image. “Why did you let me go out like that?! #TBT.”

Dear @beverleymitchell: Your hair looks so much better than mine. Why did you let me go out like that?! #TBT

A photo posted by Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) on Sep 22, 2016 at 1:45pm PDT

But the fun didn’t stop there. Mitchell also posted her own hair-raising ‘gram from the show to celebrate #TBT, and it was equally as entertaining. “Dear @jessicabiel why didn’t you tell me I look liked a clown? Not my best look!” she wrote alongside the picture. “That hair, that top, that skirt? I cut out the boots because it just was too much!

Dear @jessicabiel why didn’t you tell me I look liked a clown? Not my best look! That hair, that top, that skirt? I cut out the boots because it just was too much!

A photo posted by Beverley Mitchell (@beverleymitchell) on Sep 22, 2016 at 1:53pm PDT

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Don’t be so hard on yourselves ladies—these looks were definitely cool back then.