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The sartorial reign of KenGi shows no signs of fading, and we’re not complaining. But sometimes you just want a little change—a fresh source for cool outfit ideas, if you will. Enter the eight ladies who we wholeheartedly believe are just as cool and stylish as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They each possess that effortless quality that Jenner and Hadid do so well, they provide us with regular outfit inspiration, they set trends, and they take risks. You probably already know and love all of these heavy hitters, but we’ve taken on the task of reminding you just how stellar these celebs consistently look. Click below to see some of their best recent looks (both off- and on-duty) and shop pieces all of these ladies would love (including KenGi).

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Thought Lady Gaga was done churning out amazing looks this week? Think again.

The singer hit the streets of New York City today in a grey plaid suit, completely ignoring the fact that its well above 80 degrees outside. However, that doesn’t mean we love her super chic oversize jacket and matching wide-leg pants any less. Plus, Mother Monster added a seasonal touch to her outfit by wearing the coat open and pairing the set with a black bralette. To complete her work wear number, she added a pair of black-rimmed glasses and sky-high leather platforms. A simply updo, fresh face of makeup, and cherry red manicure finished off Gaga’s ensemble.

The superstar has been spotted out a multitude of stylish looks this week, from a stunning black Brandon Maxwell gown she wore at Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday party last night to a sexy denim crop top and coordinating short shorts she was snapped strutting her stuff in on Sunday.

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Keep the winning outfits coming.

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Keeping up the trend of recasting popular movies with all female casts a la Ghostbusters, Warner Brothers is in the midst of casting Ocean Eight, a remake of the various Ocean videos that starred Brad Pitt and George Clooney. The two movies are linked through Clooney’s Danny Ocean character, whose sister as portrayed by Sandra Bullock will lead the film.

Putting aside the film being directed by Gary Ross (Hunger Games), who is not a woman, and the female version getting 3 less people than the men’s version (not unlike the 78 cents we get on their dollar), our ears perked up quite a lot to hear that Rihanna has officially signed on to a cast that will be lead by Bullock along with Cate Blanchett plus Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham, Mindy Kaling and rapper Awkwafina–yes there is one slot still open.

Phew, talk about some heavy hitter actresses! As tough as the cast is, you have to figure the fashions are going to be a big part of the appeal. Let’s face it, there’s no way they can’t be if Rih has agreed to sign on.

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So you’re going on a trip. You’ve remembered to pack all the necessities, like your toothbrush, makeup, socks, pajamas, and more. What’s missing? Well if you’re Olivia Palermo, there’s one simple yet luxurious item that makes all the difference.

In a new interview with Allure, Palermo revealed her favorite travel essential. “It’s important to bring things that make your hotel room feel comfortable, and for me, that’s Jo Malone or Diptyque travel candles,” she told Allure. “The scents give me a lift and make me feel at home and at peace.” We’ll admit it: We’re usually too focused on planning weather-appropriate outfits and keeping clothes wrinkle-free to be concerned with making a hotel feel like home. But Palermo officially convinced us that we’re overlooking this important detail—consider candles on our permanent packing lists from now on.

Take a hint from Olivia Palermo and scroll down to shop travel candles by Jo Malone and Diptyque!

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Anyone who’s been to a concert knows that if you have on the wrong shoes, you’re toast. You’re probably going to be walking a lot (why are the parking lots always so far away?), not to mention standing a lot, so you want something comfortable. Plus, as with any crowded place where there are beverages present, you don’t want your pristine suede boots or white sneakers to become a casualty of the fun event. And last but certainly not least, you want stylish shoes to go with your equally stylish outfit! What’s a concert-going girl to do given these footwear limitations? Not to worry—there are plenty of cute shoe styles that will see you through a lengthy concert without crippling you or getting ruined in the process, and that are versatile enough to wear to any concert venue.

Read on to find out what the best concert shoes are, and may you be the best dressed girl at the show!

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You know the feeling all too well—you put your heels on at 9 a.m. for work, and by 10 a.m., you’re wincing in pain. Sound familiar? Sure, you could just live the rest of your life in flats, but heels just have that way of instantly elevating (literally) anything you’re wearing. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that’ll make teetering in sticks a bit more bearable—and it won’t cost a thing.

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Shoe expert and Shoe Are You? author Meghan Cleary suggests running your feet under cold water (even if it’s a sink in the bathroom), putting a little hand lotion on your feet while they’re a little damp, then putting your stilettos back on. “I personally have gotten another four hours out of a pair doing this mid-event,” she said. Just make sure you put your feet back in your shoes damp, not completely wet.

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Why does this work? The lotion seals in the moisture of the cold water and lubricates against any sore spots.

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LONDON, United Kingdom — When Dasha Zhukova, Russian-American heiress and editor-in-chief of Garage magazine, attended Pierre Casiraghi’s wedding at Lake Maggiore this summer, she wore a dress crafted from leaf-patterned guipure lace and lattice embroidery, with delicate spaghetti straps and a sand-coloured mesh lining that fell just below the knee.

“People started asking, ‘Where’s that dress from?’ The more people started wearing our designs, the more we became a mystery,” says Han Chong, founder and creative director of Self-Portrait, the London-based label behind the dress. “Dasha is a millionaire! To think that she chose to wear a dress that costs about $300 to an event where all the women were wearing couture.”

But this is all part of Self-Portrait’s appeal. The label’s intricately-detailed garments involve the kind of technical work one might expect from a luxury brand — but a Self-Portrait lace blouse costs $261, while a double crepe dress costs $492. “I could see such big potential in launching a contemporary brand that moves at the speed of the high street, but has a luxurious quality,” says Chong.

It’s a formula that appears to be working. Spring/Summer 2015 has been Self-Portrait’s best-selling collection so far, with a 92 percent sell-through rate. From 2013 to 2015, sales grew by 300 percent — 90 percent of which was driven by wholesale, and 10 percent by online sales. And in just over a year, Self-Portrait has attracted 250 stockists worldwide, including Dover Street Market, Harrods and MyTheresa.com, who have signed on for Spring/Summer 2016. How did Chong do it?

Chong’s interest in womenswear design came from unlikely beginnings. “My parents own a shop that sells beef jerky in Malaysia — nothing to do with fashion!” he says. “But I grew up with my aunt, a local artist, who specialised in paintings. She was very creative and had a big influence on me.”

Self-Portrait Autumn/Winter 2015 in Selfridges London | Source: Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Autumn/Winter 2015 in Selfridges London | Source: Self-Portrait

Indeed, the Central Saint Martins graduate first dabbled in art — Chong’s work was displayed at the 2011 Venice Biennale — before turning to fashion. In 2011, Chong launched mid-priced fashion label Three Floor with co-founder Yvonne Hoang. The label attracted the attention of fashion editors and was worn by celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Scherzinger. However, “I found myself compromising a lot of thoughts and ideas, so I decided to go my own way,” the designer explains.

After stepping away from Three Floor, Chong founded Self-Portrait in 2013. “By this time, I had a lot of high-street experience as well as high-end, so I decided to mix the two,” he explains. Chong uses a combination of embroidered lace and sheer overlays in many of his designs, using fabrics sourced mostly from Japan and Korea. “Our handwriting is glamorous, but it’s not totally full-on and over-the-top. It’s got an edge to it; a unique quirk. It’s not a conventional red carpet dress.”

Jennifer Lopez was the first star to publicly step out in Self-Portrait, wearing a $262 tuxedo wrap dress from the label’s first collection, when she was a judge on American Idol in 2014. A few weeks later, model Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in São Paulo wearing the same dress. But it wasn’t until a year later that the brand began to gain significant red carpet buzz, appearing on celebrities as diverse as Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

The real breakthrough for Self-Portrait, however, came when Selfridges became the label’s first major stockist in 2014. “When we got the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with Selfridges, I felt that it was a big turning point for the brand,” says Chong. Since launching the label, Selfridges has sold over 100 Self-Portrait pieces each week.

“The label continues to be one of our best performers,” says Lydia King, buying manager at Selfridges. “The collection was genuinely different; approaching a very clear ready-to-wear opportunity from a different perspective, and taking contemporary womenswear in an exciting new direction.” According to King, Self-Portrait has been such a hit with customers that the brand has been allocated its own shop-in-shop in both Selfridges London and Manchester.

Self-Portrait Spring/Summer 2016 | Source: Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Spring/Summer 2016 | Source: Self-Portrait

“[Selfridges] have re-ordered our pieces five times throughout the season. This brought massive exposure for us, and started to attract key department stores internationally,” adds Chong. Indeed, Net-a-Porter took Self-Portrait on board for Spring/Summer 2015, while MatchesFashion.com signed the brand for pre-Autumn/Winter 2015.

“We immediately fell in love with the brand’s unique mix of femininity with a modern edge. In its first month on the site, we sold a significant amount of Self-Portrait stock globally,” says Linda Ayepe, womenswear buyer at Net-a-Porter.com. According to Chong, Net-a-Porter sold out of Self-Portrait in two hours when it first launched the label in February.

“Self-Portrait is very modern with a strong identity, and is very well-priced, so it’s a winning combination,” adds Natalie Kingham, buying director at MatchesFashion.com. “The lace Azalea dress has been our best-selling piece, and sold out in just over 24 hours.”

Today, the Self-Portrait team consists of seven full-time staff, plus two additional team members in Hong Kong who help oversee shipping and production. “When I first started, I didn’t understand things like margins and sell-through. I always thought, ‘How hard can it be?’ But I definitely learnt a lot of things along the way; learning how to run the business, realising I have to do things like register my company,” says Chong, who attributes some of his business acumen to the experience of running his first fashion label.

Going forward, Chong’s top priority is growing the business in the US, Self-Portrait’s second-largest market after the UK, in terms of both online customers and wholesale orders. “The US is important for us, but I also want to do things in a way that is controlled. I want to grow the brand as organically as possible. It’s easy to get carried away,” he says.

New product categories are also in the pipeline. Chong plans to launch a bridal collection, and a sunglasses collaboration with Le Specs is set to launch in March 2016. “Kidswear might also be a future opportunity for us,” Chong says. “A lot of our customers have asked if we’ll do childrenswear. Imagine that! They want a mini-me version of themselves.”

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I will be the first to admit that I have tried (and failed at) my share of fad diets. The Special K Challenge? That was my jam in college. The Master Cleanse? I lasted one day. It’s safe to say I have commitment issues when it comes to dietary restrictions. But maybe that’s because most diets are just passing trends not intended to be long-term lifestyle changes, which is why Whole30 was a game changer for me.


I recently booked a trip to Southeast Asia and when I realized just how often I was going to be in a bikini, I decided to follow Whole30’s clean-eating program for the month leading up to my vacation. You may have heard of it: The book, written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, was published last year and quickly gained steam, though I opted to follow the plan on its website instead. While comparable to the Paleo diet (which celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus, and Megan Fox reportedly adhere to), the Whole30 program is designed to eliminate foods that are problematic for many people, including dairy, sugar, and everyone’s favorite foe, gluten. After 30 days, you can reintroduce these items back into your diet and see how they affect you. Not an easy challenge, but I (honestly!) made it through all 30 days without consuming sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, processed foods, or alcohol. Basically, all the foods that I love. Was it worth the pain? The results were better than I could have expected. Here’s why this is one lifestyle change I plan to stick to:

1. No more bloat: It’s important to remember that everyone is different, so my results are not necessarily going to be the same as yours, but the first thing I noticed was feeling less bloated. I found that I could eat a meal and not regret it afterwards, which I never really knew was possible. I would get full, but because the foods I was eating were pure and unprocessed, I never felt uncomfortable. After the first week, not only did I feel less bloated, I looked less bloated—most noticeably in my face and stomach. The first week was the hardest (on day three, we celebrated a coworker’s birthday with donuts, which I couldn’t take part in!), but once I made it through that hump, it was much easier.

2. Glowing skin: While I primarily did Whole30 to lose weight and change my bad eating habits, there have been a number of perks I didn’t anticipate. For one, my skin looks fabulous. By week two, my sporadic breakouts really started clearing up and now my skin looks and feels smoother, and has a glow.

3. Smiling face: My moods also improved dramatically. I never realized how much the things I was eating correlated to how I felt emotionally, but I’ve been happier all month—and my coworkers and friends have noticed, too. I also have more energy and have found that waking up at 6:30 a.m. for my morning workout class doesn’t suck quite as much anymore.

4. Fruit is my friend: For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a grip on my eating habits. I have always had an uncontrollable sweet tooth (and little will power) but after 30 “clean” days, my candy cravings have taken a dive. Now when they pop up, I reach for a piece of fruit instead.

5. Skinny jeans are back on: I gave up the scale long ago, so I’m not entirely sure how much weight I lost, but my clothes are looser and so much more comfortable. Hello, skinny jeans (and bikini), I’m ready for you again!

My goal was to get in shape for my summer vacay—and I did—but I also reset my mind by sticking to a plan for an entire month. It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it for me. And if I can do it, anyone can.