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Roger Federer a annoncé jeudi sur les réseaux sociaux qu’il avait subi une opération chirurgicale au genou droit. 

«Mon genou droit me dérangeait depuis quelques temps». Roger Federer a annoncé jeudi sur les réseaux sociaux qu’il avait subi une opération chirurgicale au genou droit. Le Suisse de 38 ans «[espérait] que la douleur s’en irait», mais après un examen médical et une discussion avec son équipe, il a «décidé de subir une arthroscopie», qui s’est déroulée mercredi dans son pays d’origine. L’actuel numéro 3 mondial avait subi cette même opération au genou gauche il y a quatre ans.

«Après l’opération, les docteurs ont confirmé que c’était la bonne chose à faire, et sont très confiants pour ma récupération», poursuit-il. «Malheureusement, je vais louper Dubaï, Indian Wells, Bogota, Miami et Roland-Garros», ajoute le vainqueur de vingt tournois du Grand Chelem. «Je suis impatient de retrouver les courts, on se retrouve sur gazon», conclut-il, faisant allusion à Wimbledon.

Roland-Garros devait être le seul tournoi de Roger Federer sur terre battue en 2020. L’an passé, pour son retour, il s’est incliné en demi-finale face à l’Espagnol Rafael Nadal, actuel numéro 2 mondial.

Au mois de juin 2019, Roger Federer s’était confié à Paris Match. Il avait déclaré «ne pas avoir perdu la rage». De quoi rassurer (un peu) ses fans…

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Over the summer, I was at dinner in Berlin with an eclectic group that included stylist and fashion director of 032c Marc Goehring. I was expressing my newly discovered interest in leather pants when he, an experienced wearer, offered to take me to the local fetish store, well known for its custom made leather pants. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time, but that conversation planted a seed that grew quickly. The signs continued—my fashion-forward friend Michael Martin-del-Campo bought an incredibly chic Helmut Lang pair that fit him perfectly. District Vision co-founder and known hunk Tom Daly strolled into Dig Inn on Prince Street (whatever) one night wearing a vintage black leather pair with a denim shirt and an old North Face. They all wore leather pants in different ways, but they looked great.

I desperately wanted to dip my toe in the water, but it felt a bit out of reach. My style was a little more simple, dad-like, and decidedly not flashy. Still, I rushed home and fired up eBay to start trawling the world wide web. I needed a pair.

Although I consider myself to be an understated dresser, I often find myself attracted to statement pants: orange single-pleat chinos from Noah, Realtree Camouflage track pants from Stussy, even a pair of custom floral double knee work pants from Pentimento Shop. The more I scrolled through eBay and looked at #inspo online, the more leather pants began to feel truly approachable. If there is a will, there is a way. I didn’t want to look like an auxiliary musician hired for a Sex Pistols Vegas residency starring a hologram version of Sid Vicious, or even worse, Jeff Goldblum trying to stay relevant. I wanted to look like myself, but with a cool new twist. I am not Iggy Pop.

A man in a crosswalk wearing leather pants a puffer jacket and sunglasses

Spoiler alert: Chris found his pants and liked them.

Eric Chakeen

I decided that if I wore black leather pants in place of my usual Levi’s 501s that they would work. I would look like myself—maybe slightly more fashion-forward, but not like a ’60s Jim Morrison or an ’80s Joan Collins. In my mind, I would be a slightly preppy coastal elite New York City transplant combined with just a pinch of New Romanticism. Like: imagine if Malcolm McLaren had starred in School Ties.

After weeks of searching, I found a pair in an odd place. Like Lindsay Lohan, I had not thought about the premium denim category since 2006. But one evening while scrolling through Google search results, I found a simple pair made by Joe’s Jeans. No logos, no weird buckles; just plain black, unadorned leather pants. It felt strange, but on screen they looked right. I took the plunge.

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It’s time to Kiss and Tell! From firsts to worsts, we’re talking swapping spit all Valentine’s week long. In this installment, we’re going deep on what is a hickey, and how to get rid of one.

Ever found an angry, purple mark has popped up your neck after a particularly enthusiastic makeout session? We’ve all been there, left to wonder what is a hickey, anyway? How long will it last? And how do I get rid of it?

The truth is, hickeys are really no big deal. There’s never any reason to shame someone for having a hickey — like all forms of consensual sexual behavior, you don’t have to justify someone making out with your neck — but the paradox of the hickey is that it takes something private and creates a public, lingering effect. Nothing feels more right in the moment, but walking through the next few days with it displayed on your neck can be surreal. Suddenly, your private life becomes public. I was once a part of an act of passion, it screams, and now I’m just in math class.

Whether your goal is to avoid them entirely or simply give the best ones possible, here’s everything you need to know about hickeys.

1. A hickey is really just a bruise.

Hickeys are basically just broken blood vessels caused by sucking, which results in a bruise. Hickeys are most likely to occur on softer, more sensitive skin like the neck, shoulders, chest. This blood is generally dark red at first, but once it dries out it turns to a darker purple or brown color, creating the marks we know and love (or hate, whatever).

2. Hickeys can last as long as two weeks.

There’s surprisingly little research done on hickeys, but the general consensus is that they last about one to two weeks. How long the mark stays on a person is up to the harshness of the suction and the health of the person affected; the more intense the hickey, the longer it’ll stick around, while the healthier the person is (think: well-hydrated, good circulation, enough iron), the shorter the hickey’s time on earth.

3. You can’t “get rid” of a hickey, but you can speed up the healing process.

There’s no actual cure for hickeys, but if you’re in a rush and need this thing gone, there are a few things you can do to speed up the healing process. You can put an ice pack (wrapped in a paper towel) on the hickey the first day. Repeat throughout the day to slow blood flow to the area.

As soon as you get the hickey, you can also begin to apply aloe vera and vitamin E. This will help the broken capillaries heal more quickly, as well.

If you’ve had the hickey for two days, it’s time to try a warm compress. Applying heat to the hickey will cause blood flow to increase, which at this point can actually help. Note: if it’s before 48 hours, don’t do this — it could actually make the hickey bigger if you do it early on when the blood vessels are still healing.

4. Keep your hands off the hickey.

Other than applying heat or ice, try to leave the hickey alone. Never scrape, overly massage, or otherwise prod and poke at your hickey, which at the very least will just irritate the spot further and increase the hickey’s lifetime, but can also be seriously damaging, and even lead to scarring.

5. Deaths from hickeys are extremely rare.

The hickey-related death of 16-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez was tragic and scary, but ultimately remains an outlier. Hickey-related deaths are few and far between, and, though tragic, are often more of freak incidents than something to prevent or worry about too much. Still, if you’re worried, avoid getting a hickey.

6. Hickeys can show up at any age.

The neck, the shoulders, and the chest are seriously sensitive to touch, meaning that being kissed there feels pretty incredible. When you’re newer to kissing and still fine tuning the Perfect Neck Kiss™, you’re more likely to be a little aggressive with your mouth, which is why hickeys tend to show up more on younger or newer kissers. With substantial practice and the right partners, your kissing will probably ease into a less hickey-centric mode, but if you’re someone who really appreciates a good necking, the occasional love bite can show up at any age.

7. Hickeys are seriously no big deal.

It’s totally easy to conceal a hickey if you so wish, especially if you have something memorable, like picture day, or a huge presentation. A turtleneck will do wonders for hiding a hickey, and you can even find a sleeveless version for warmer months. You can also apply a concealer that matches your skin tone. But ultimately, if you have a hickey that you were given in a consensual way, you just have a hickey, and it’s probably going to be gone in a few days, so try not to stress about it if you’re feeling worried. Likewise, if you’ve given someone a hickey they wanted, as long as you’re both committed to keeping the situation as respectful as possible, it’s all good.

This article was originally published in 2016.

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La nueva temporada de COS promete dar mucha guerra este año. La firma sueca presenta una serie de diseños para la primavera que podrían desfilar, perfectamente, sobre cualquier pasarela. Patrones trabajados al milímetro, interesantes juegos de volúmenes y una paleta cromática de ensueño son algunas de las características que definen las prendas de lo nuevo de COS.

Los modelos de la firma nos recuerdan a diseños que vemos en las colecciones de marcas de primera línea como Ulla Johnson, Balenciaga, Vetements, Carolina Herrera, Altuzarra, Erdem, Hermès o Victoria Beckham.

Los estampados nos transportan al universo de la firma americana Ulla Johnson y a la romántica Erdem. Los modelos más minimalistas se asemejan a la propuesta de la británica Beckham mientras que el estilo camisero podría ser parte de la colección de Balenciaga. Los diseños híbridos (al estilo Frankestein) se parecen a los de Vetements. Por último, los vestidos de vibrantes colores sólidos recuerdan a Carolina Herrera y las piezas de piel se asemejan a las de Hermès o Altuzarra.

Nos adentramos en su web para descubrir algunos de los vestidos de la marca que son una joya para las amantes de las últimas tendencias.

Si echas de menos la esencia original de Lefties, COS acaba de lanzar una colección de prendas procedentes de devoluciones y con taras

Vestidos camiseros

Los diseños minimalistas de corte camisero son unos de los más fáciles de combinar de lo nuevo de COS. Los vemos tanto de tejidos fluidos, como el lino, como de tejidos más rígidos como la piel. 



Vestido línea A con bolsillos. Su precio es de 89 euros.

App001prod 10
App001prod 10

Vestido camisero en color piedra. Su precio es de 99 euros.


App001prod 2
App001prod 2

Vestido camisero de piel. Su precio es de 390 euros.


Vestidos a todo color

Los diseños al estilo pop of colour son toda una explosión de cara a la próxima primavera. Colores como el fucsia, el azul pitufo o el melocotón prometen ser los reyes de la calle durante los meses de calor.


App001prod 1
App001prod 1

Vestido voluminoso en color fucsia. Su precio es de 79 euros.

App001prod 7https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.draped-neck-tie-dress-blue.0865779001.html
App001prod 7https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.draped-neck-tie-dress-blue.0865779001.html

Vestido con escote drapeado. Su precio es de 115 euros.

App001prod 8https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.panelled-asymmetric-dress-red.0834248005.html
App001prod 8https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.panelled-asymmetric-dress-red.0834248005.html

Vestido en rojo anaranjado. Su precio es de 89 euros.


App001prod 6https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.dress-with-puff-sleeves-orange.0887775002.html
App001prod 6https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.dress-with-puff-sleeves-orange.0887775002.html

Vestido con mangas abullonadas. Su precio es de 89 euros.

Vestidos estampados

Los prints vivos son perfectos para dar la bienvenida a la primavera y son una de las parte de identidad de una de las firmas más populares del momento: Ulla Johnson. COS presenta algunos modelos que son muy similares a los de la firma estadounidense.


App001prod 3https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.printed-puff-sleeve-dress-purple.0869422002.html
App001prod 3https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.printed-puff-sleeve-dress-purple.0869422002.html

Vestido con estampado en lavanda y lima. Su precio es de 115 euros.

App001prod 4
App001prod 4

Vestido de rayas con frunces. Su precio es de 99 euros.


App001prod 9https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.printed-asymmetric-wrap-dress-blue.0843376001.html
App001prod 9https://www.cosstores.com/en_eur/women/womenswear/dresses/product.printed-asymmetric-wrap-dress-blue.0843376001.html

Vestido estampado con drapeado central. Su precio es de 99 euros.

Fotos | COS, @cosstores, Instagram

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Es normal que después de usar extensiones de pestañas las pestañas postizas pasaran a un segundo plano en tu vida (a mi también me pasó). Pero como auténtica fanática de todo lo que tiene que ver con la mirada, tenía que probar la nueva revolución en el mundo de las pestañas postizas: las imantadas con eyeliner magnético.

Porque habíamos oído hablar (e incluso probado) las pestañas postizas magnéticas que consisten en dos pares de pestañas que se juntan con imanes encima y debajo de nuestra pestaña natural, pero no las que “se pegan” a un eyeliner. Y la verdad, estas me parecen mucho mejores. Sobre todo después de haberlas probado.

La prebase de pestañas de Givenchy y otras 9 para aplicar antes de la máscara y conseguir pestañazas largas

Una ideaza que, para mi, tiene todo el sentido del mundo porque no imagino unas pestañas postizas sin delineado encima. Y todo lo que sea ahorrar pasos y facilitar mi rutina de maquillaje es bien.

Ardellbeauty 82342287 2477601069234817 4664207173278760789 N
Ardellbeauty 82342287 2477601069234817 4664207173278760789 N

La marca Ardell es quién está detrás de este, mi nuevo invento favorito. Y su precio es de 18 euros. Un precio bastante asequible sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que las pestañas se pueden reutilizar tantas veces como se quiera. Tantas que la marca también también vende solo el pigmento para el eyeliner (18 euros) por si se te acaba o por si eras usuaria de las anteriores pestañas magnéticas dobles y quieres usar su imán con el eyeliner.

Este verano apostamos por el lifting de pestañas para lucir una mirada de infarto y sin perder la naturalidad

Captura De Pantalla 2020 02 20 A Las 11 24 39
Captura De Pantalla 2020 02 20 A Las 11 24 39

Este pigmento es negro mate, muy intenso y waterproof y su fórmula es bastante suave, cosa que facilita un montón a la hora de aplicarlo sobre el ojo. Además, no contiene parabenos ni látex. Viene con un pincel pequeño con punta biselada que me ha resultado muy cómodo, sobre todo por su tamaño ideal para llevar en el bolso. Pero lo puedes aplicar con cualquier otro pincel que tengas. (El pack de delineador independiente viene con un pincel idéntico pero más largo).

Las pestañas están disponibles en tres tipos de looks: wispies, demi wispies y 110. Yo he probado el estilo demi wispies.

Probamos 5 productos de Nilens Jord, la marca danesa de farmacia para las que tienen alergia al maquillaje

Mi experiencia con las pestañas magnéticas de Ardell

Lo primero que recomiendo es que cojas una de las pestañas del pack y te la coloques sobre tus pestañas para hacerte una idea del look y de cómo las quieres colocar. Esto te servirá, por ejemplo, para saber si necesitas recortarlas un poco. A mi personalmente me gusta que las pestañas sean más intensas en los extremos para aumentar el efecto ojo rasgado, por eso las recorté un poquito en la zona del lagrimal.

Img 1319
Img 1319

Estas pestañas postizas están pensadas para gente albina, porque ellos también quieren una mirada potente

A continuación, basta con dibujarte el eyeliner como normalmente (aquí entra en juego tu maña con el pincel) y colocar las pestañas magnéticas sobre el delineado mientras el producto aún está semi-húmedo. Presionas un poco (un poco de verdad), no hace falta que te empeñes en ello porque verás que se pegan facilísimo. Es una maravilla (yo que he usado muchas pestañas de pegamento en mi vida, te lo prometo).

Pero lo mejor no es solo el hecho de ponérselas, es quitárselas. Tan fácil como despegarlas suavemente y luego desmaquillarte. Sin tirones.

Con respecto al tiempo, las he usado cuatro veces y lo he cronometrado. Las cuatro han durado en torno a siete y ocho horas. El día que menos me duraron fue uno que me quedé dormida a la hora de la siesta con ellas (algo que no recomiendo porque puede hacer que se acumulen bacterias y el ojo se infecte).

Img 1326
Img 1326

Como comentario final, me parece importante aclarar que aún tratándose de unas pestañas reutilizables yo no las reutilizaría más de 20 veces por cuestiones de higiene. Es importante limpiarlas siempre de posibles restos de maquillaje después de cada uso, guardarlas en un lugar limpio y tener cuidado a la hora de quitarlas para no romperlas. Yo las he limpiado con un poco de aceite desmaquillante y un palito de algodón. He utilizado este de Vera The Birds (15,90 euros) que es uno de mis favoritos, pero podría valerte otro.

Tampoco aconsejo abusar de ellas ni de las extensiones de pestañas, pues puedes dañar tus pestañas naturales y creo que sería recomendable usar un serum fortalecedor si las usas, para que tu pestaña obtenga un extra de cuidados. Una buena opción es este llamado Infinity del que hablé hace tiempo (19,95 euros).

Fotos | Ardell, Trendencias

A2K A2K Infinity Fortalecedor de Pestañas 15 ml

A2K A2K Infinity Fortalecedor de Pestañas 15 ml

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There are certain wardrobe investments you make because they’re trendy and flashy and catch your eye, and then there are others you make that are on the more practical side. These items might not be the ones you’re jumping up and down with excitement to wear, but I guarantee they’re the ones that you wear most in your closet. I’m talking about wardrobe basics—pieces like white T-shirts and straight-leg jeans that make up the backbone of your wardrobe. Now, it might be tempting when cleaning out your closet each season to add some of these items to the giveaway pile to create room for the aforementioned trendy pieces, but trust me when I say that’s a mistake.

There are certain basic items that you should always have on hand and you’re all but guaranteed to miss them as soon as they’re gone. The exception to this statement is if the item is too worn out to the point that it’s not functional anymore (e.g., it has holes or permanent stains). Outside of that, though, it’s best to hold on to these pieces. From the third piece that always looks polished to the shoe style you’ll most likely wear for the rest of your life, below I’m outlining the five best wardrobe basics you should never purge from your closet.

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More often than not, what the fashion world crowns an It piece and what we actually want to own are two very different things. As a digital fashion editor, I’m constantly scouring the internet to uncover these buzzy It pieces, and in doing so, I’ve become acutely aware of all the latest items to earn cult status. (I’ve even created a column to tell you all about them each month.) What I’ve learned is that more often than not, these “famous” items tend to not be the most wearable—all for the ‘gram, you know?

So I recently made it my mission to test-drive some of the most famous fashion items in person and give them my brutally honest review. Would those Bottega Veneta sandals be comfortable to walk in? Would those Gucci sunglasses look too over-the-top? I went out to a few retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue in search of these beloved garments I’d seen in street style galleries and Instagram feeds galore, and after hauling armfuls of options into my dressing rooms and snapping the pics to prove it, I can honestly tell you which items lived up to their hype and which ones simply didn’t translate as well in person.

From the sandals seemingly every fashion person owns to several Insta-famous dresses, scroll down to see the dressing-room shots of what I tried on, and find out which pieces are 100% worth it.

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Fun fact: The first time we reported on long shorts was 12 months ago. We predicted their rise to the top in 2020 and clearly, we were right. Because of that, we’re kind of already in the future, but due to the existing success of this trend, we can once again assume that this style is here for the long haul. The runways set the trend for S/S 20 and now that we finally have some new street style imagery that’s educating us on all the fresh new ways to wear them right now. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a handful of the most stylish ways fashion girls are styling long shorts this year that are not only trendy but are easy to recreate. To prove it to you, we shopped out each look for you so you don’t even have to lift a finger.