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The It bag era might be over (RIP) but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still something to be said for giving a knowing nod to a label of the moment. That nod may no longer come from the wink of a recognisable logo, but for the cognoscenti a certain style or print will be immediately clocked. This summer, that quiet cult buy phenomenon has spread to the beach. 

There are a number of key, instantly clockable styles which are bound to appear around any self-respecting infinity pool. Cult swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez said to Business of Fashion of this heightened awareness of swimwear brands: “Everyone knows the product. Girls know the names of the bathing suits they’re buying.” Thanks to perfectly-choreographed holiday Instagram photographs and careful edits from designer retailers like Net-a-Porter and Matchesfashion.com, swimwear has taken on cult status. 

Here are the key swimwear brands to know now…


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Yes, we are still in the peak of summer, but the fall season will be here before you know it, and we want to be sure your closets are ready. While pulling out some of our favorite F/W 16 trends, there was one in particular that we realized you probably already have hanging in your closet at this exact moment. Designers such as Altuzarra, Chloé, Etro, and Preen sent out handfuls of long, bohemian-inspired dresses that we cannot wait to slip into. But wait—have we seen these before?

Ah yes. Similar to the array of floral maxi dresses we have been advising you to wear with sneakers this summer, the fall version of this dress is slightly richer in color and contains longer sleeves, not to mention the occasional ruffle. That’s not to say you couldn’t make the maxis you already have work for the cooler months as well, perhaps by layering a turtleneck underneath, throwing on a jacket, or styling with velvet booties. So whether you’re looking to repurpose the items you already own to suit fall’s biggest trends or are on the hunt for new ones to invest in, look no further than these bohemian dresses.

Below, find our favorite shots of this trend on the runway, on the streets, and in stores for you to shop right now.

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Cette semaine,”O” pose une dernière fois ses valises à Rio de Janeiro, ville multi-facette aux couleurs pétillantes et au climat de fête. L’effervescence des Jeux Olympiques qui débuteront dans quelques jours est palpable jusque sur les plages de Copacabana et d’Ipanema. Dans la valise, les sandales à pompons multicolores se fondent dans le décor, l’imprimé tropical s’impose comme maître sur des robes ou des tops aux épaules dénudées et les couleurs se mélangent à l’infini. “O” a sélectionné 30 essentiels à porter pour arpenter la ville avec allure. Ambiance.
Photo d’inspiration : HM printemps-été 2016

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This is too expected,” Chris Gethard says with a knowing sigh as he eyes a vinyl copy of Vauxhall and I, Morrissey’s fourth solo album, his thumbs lightly caressing the corners. He’s well aware that at the moment he’s being both #onbrand and #peakgethard, to use the parlance of our times, but he can’t help himself.

Chris Gethard is known for many things. To some, he’s merely a comedian best known for a joke about an epically bad MDMA experience at Bonnaroo. To his most devoted fans, he’s the creator and host of The Chris Gethard Show, an anarchic talk show that began as a New York public access program before moving to the socially conscious cable imprint Fusion, and which often resembles an unexpectedly fluid combination of a basement punk show and group therapy. To some, he’s best known as the creator of the EarWolf podcast Beautiful/Anonymous, which features revelatory long-form conversations with strangers that can veer from shocking to heartbreaking. To many, he’s best known as Ilana’s spineless boss on Broad City. With the release of the new film Don’t Think Twice, which follows a New York improv troupe dealing with the aftershock of one member’s success, many might begin to know him as a dramatic actor to keep an eye on.

Given his accomplishments, it wouldn’t be fair to say that he is above all known as a devoted fan of the works of Stephen Patrick Morrissey, but he’s put just as much into that area of his life as anything else. Of Gethard’s three tattoos, two are Moz related. He has one of Morrissey’s signature on his right shoulder (when Morrissey played Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few years ago, Gethard begged friends that worked there for the chance to meet his hero in the hallway for 40 seconds for a quick autograph; he immediately “sprinted to a tattoo parlor”). His right inner bicep is adorned with the phrase “It Takes Strength To Be Gentle And Kind,” a lyric and guiding principal from “I Know It’s Over.” That song first appeared on the 1985 Smiths album The Queen is Dead, though Gethard insists the superior recording appears on the 1988 live album Rank. As he owns “hundreds” of Smiths bootlegs, it seems wise to defer to him on this matter.

Before we leave the Brooklyn record store Rough Trade, Gethard—dressed in a blue polo, black glasses, black pants, grey New Balance sneakers, and carrying himself like he knows he could get shoved into a locker at any moment (but wouldn’t mind as long he could get material out of the experience)—engages with the clerk in a lengthy and unprompted explanation of how former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr achieved the iconic reverberating guitar tone for their iconic single “How Soon Is Now.” Like many who came of age in New Jersey’s basement punk scene, Gethard got into Morrissey when he noticed that all his favorite pop-punk and hardcore bands, such as H20 and J Church, kept covering the Smiths. Morrissey connects hardest to the young people who feel like there is something intrinsically and inexorably unlovable about them. For some of those fans, that feeling is always there against all reasonable evidence, pushed away in a corner of the heart, ready to rise at any point and give lie to the happiness they think they’ve found.

After we arrive at the nearby Brooklyn diner Jimmy’s, he ponders his position in the comedy world. “I always think all the other comedians in New York hate me—I’m just convinced that they all dislike me,” he says while picking at a plate of kale and tatter tots. “When generally, I think I’m a pretty well-respected guy.”

“I always think all the other comedians in New York hate me—I’m just convinced that they all dislike me.”

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With rompers and jumpsuits taking a front seat on the fashion scene this season, I thought I’d share my top five rompers for Summer with you all. I love rompers! They’re fun, cute and change up the outfit game! Rompers are a fun way to switch up our outfits. I love swapping out my look from the standard dresses and skirts, and adding a romper into the mix. These one-piece statements give such a distinct feel and I never seem to get tired of them. Although they can be tricky for going to the washroom, in the end it pays off.

Having said that, not all rompers work for my body type. Given I have a longer torso, I prefer rompers with longer shorts. Rompers tend to come in all shapes and sizes, so I’m sharing my top five rompers that hopefully you’ll enjoy too! If you’re not comfortable with wearing the shorts version of rompers, I highly recommend trying out some of the cute longer pant variations. I’ve included a variety of options below including lace variations, gingham print, off the shoulder structure, and lastly the darling embroidered romper. There’s so many options that are chic and fun for this summer!

  1. Black Romper with Lace Trim (similar to what I’m wearing)
  2. White Lace Romper
  3. Gingham Romper
  4. Off the Shoulder Romper
  5. Embroidered romper

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends! Hugs, VV.


Black Romper: old (similar here) | Poncho Belt: Vintage | Booties: thanks to Le Chateau








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Un vendredi soir de juin, boulevard Bessières à Paris. C’est une veille de week-end, pourtant l’école 42 fourmille de jeunes en T-shirt et baskets. Ce soir-là, l’école fondée par Xavier Niel qui forme l’élite de l’informatique, attend une cinquantaine d’invités : 12 filles et 39 garçons sélectionnés parmi quelque deux cents étudiants et jeunes diplômés issus de Centrale, de l’Essec, de l’Ecole nationale supérieure des arts métiers (Ensam), d’Epitech… Des développeurs, des designers, des “data scientists” (analyste des données) qui viennent tous concourir au deuxième hackathon soutenu par Louis Vuitton.

La modernité avant tout

Contraction de “hack” et de “marathon”, un hackathon désigne une sorte de bataille créative entre équipes de geeks. Dans un temps donné − 48 heures non-stop − elles se mesurent à coups de codes et d’algorithmes. Objectif : construire un projet informatique astucieux, un logiciel, une appli… Quel rapport avec Louis Vuitton ? “La modernité, répond Franck Le Moal, le directeur des systèmes d’information (DSI) de la maison. Ces hackathons permettent d’aller vers ces nouvelles générations qui sont potentiellement nos clients et nos collaborateurs.” Et de citer les bénéfices liés à la précédente session, en septembre dernier, aux ateliers d’Asnières. “On a créé une première plateforme big data grâce à laquelle on peut mesurer la qualité des produits via les réseaux sociaux. Grâce à une appli de reconnaissance d’image, nous pensons même créer un “Shazam” Vuitton.

Pour cette deuxième édition, la maison est allée encore plus loin en imaginant un jeu de simulation en entreprise, ou “business game” dans le jargon technique, baptisé “Unlock Supply Chain”. But du jeu : concevoir une chaîne logistique connectée en temps réel et sur mesure pour Louis Vuitton. Concrètement, la griffe pourrait suivre en direct un produit, de sa fabrication à son arrivée en magasin. Résultat escompté ? Une réactivité totale entre le désir du client et sa satisfaction, avec une gestion des stocks au plus près.

Un terrain de jeu fabuleux

Retour sur le campus. A la cantine de 42, il est presque 20 h, et ça respire la franche camaraderie entre candidats qui attendent le coup d’envoi. Miriam, 22 ans, étudiante en master “management transport et logistique“, vit son premier hackathon. Elle ne sait pas à quoi s’attendre, si ce n’est qu’elle ne dormira sans doute pas beaucoup. Margaux, 26 ans, data scientist, en est à son troisième. Elle vient pour le challenge, pour apprendre, rencontrer de nouvelles têtes. “C’est parfait pour décompresser de la semaine, se réjouit Loïc, 24 ans, start-upper et développeur. On se lance des défis, et on s’amuse. Et puis c’est Louis Vuitton qui invite !

Parmi les gagnants de la première édition, Loïc se souvient du traiteur qui leur servait les repas, des masseurs venus les délasser… Cette fois, au sein de 42, l’ambiance est moins luxe : buffet self-service et matelas à même le sol au programme. Les invités auront tout de même droit à une séance de yoga et un bar à glaces, entre autres surprises. C’est aussi un terrain de jeu fabuleux. “Ça ressemble aux Sims version XXL !“, lance Sébastien, 24 ans. Et pour cause, Louis Vuitton met à leur disposition tous les outils pour jouer à la marchande : une plateforme de 5 gigas de données et des millions de lignes de ventes. Et aussi le tout nouveau Anaplan, un outil collaboratif de productivité, sorte d’Excel puissance 1000.

Des prix intéressants à la clé

Le staff d’encadrement Louis Vuitton est là également, de jour comme de nuit. Une vingtaine de pros DSI, logistique ou merchandising, métamorphosés en “coachs”, qui ne manquent ni de professionnalisme, ni d’humour. Jusqu’à entonner La Bamba, guitare à la main, pour tenir éveillées les équipes dans la soirée du samedi. “Ils sont aux petits soins, nous prennent vraiment au sérieux en répondant ou écoutant nos questions, et nous poussent à nous dépasser“, souligne Hermance, 24 ans, passée par l’Ensam, bluffée par tant d’attention.

Dimanche, 20h, c’est la fin du hackathon avec champagne et petits fours pour tous, et pour les gagnants, des récompenses en forme de voyages à Los Angeles, sacs Keepall, ou portefeuilles siglés LV. Surtout, les meilleurs d’entre eux se voient proposer un stage, un contrat d’apprentissage, voire une “incubation” dans la maison de luxe. Parmi les projets retenus : des outils de visualisations rapides pour gérer de manière ciblée le travail des ateliers en fonction des ventes, des puces intégrées dans les produits pour indiquer combien de fois un article est essayé, reposé… Quoi d’autre ? Pour le savoir, rendez-vous le 9 septembre à l’école Epitech, pour le troisième hackathon Louis Vuitton.

Photo d’illustration : Julien Mignot


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In an annual survey that tracks entrepreneurship throughout the U.S., it was found that women entrepreneurs reported to needing half as much money as men when starting businesses. Women: We’ve been doing less with more since the dawn of time.

The survey, called the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, asked 5,944 people between the ages of 18 and 74 living in the U.S. about their entrepreneurial habits and found that the typical woman who had just started a business said she started it with only $10,000. And while women reported to needing only half as much money, they were twice as likely as men to rely on family members to help in funding their new ventures. 

But what was most interesting is that women started their businesses much later in life than men: Women were most likely to launch new ventures between the ages of 35 and 44, while men got their entrepreneurial feet wet between 25 and 34. Donna Kelley, a co-author of the study, said the reason for that could be women getting driven out of the corporate world due to “career frustration.” Kelley also told Bloomberg that she believes women could start their businesses on such shoe-strapped budgets because they are likely to be more efficient with their money. Or alternately: They’re given less money from the get-go. 

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VF Corporation reported its second quarter 2016 financial results on Friday, which was in line with expectations for the quarter according to VF Chairman and CEO Eric Wiseman.

Revenue increased 1% to $2.4 billion driven by a 2% increase in revenue for the Outdoor Action Sports category, and 3% increases for both Jeanswear and Imagewear. The Outdoor Action Sports category reached $1.4 billion; Jeanswear hit $629 million and Imagewear increased to $255 million.

North Face, Vans, Wrangler and Lee Jeans revenues performed well increasing 2%, 4%, 2% and 8%, respectively, but Timberland revenue decreased 7%. The Sportswear category also declined 19% to $115 million including a 20% decrease in Nautica revenue, despite the brand’s recent relaunch.

The poor performing category and brands were offset by the company’s better performing International and Direct-to-Consumer sectors, which increased in revenue by 5% and 6%, respectively.

VF Corp also took a $97 million net loss from the discontinued operations of its Contemporary Brands businesses. On June 30, 2016, the company agreed to sell its 7 For All Mankind, Splendid and Ella Moss brands to Delta Galil for $120 million. The company expects the sale to be completed in the third quarter of 2016.

Eric Wiseman, VF Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Earlier this year, we said we would actively manage our portfolio of brands and we’re doing just that. We expect to deliver on our current 2016 outlook and, as a result of the actions we are taking, be even better positioned to provide the strong long-term returns our shareholders have come to expect.”

For 2016, VF Corp expects its revenue to increase 3 to 4 percent versus the previous outlook of a mid-single-digit percentage rate increase. The company expects its Outdoor Action Sports, Jeanswear and Imagewear categories to increase in revenue over the year and for the Sportswear coalition revenue to decline.

Vans of VF Corp

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