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With spring right around the corner, it’s hard not to think about sandals, especially when what all you’ve been wearing for the past three months are winter boots. Only problem is this in-between season can still get a bit chilly, so skin-baring sandals? We’re shivering at the thought. But then, aha! We mustn’t forget about socks!

Listen, decorative socks exist for a reason, and that reason is to be shown off. If you’re not wearing them indoors or paired with winter boots, you can very well wear them with a striking pair of sandals. Think more street style star at fashion week and less dad on vacation. If you’re in the market for some inspiration, scroll through for 7 ultra-chic socks and sandals pairings.

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In Mosaico, a contemporary cuff that is Bodino’s favourite, concentric circles of white diamonds and black spinels are monochrome, hypnotic and thoroughly modern. A concealed button reveals the dial, the cover mirrored on the inside. 

Before Bodino rushes off he leaves me with a final thought: “secret watches are so often like cheese cake, with so many different layers, often the dial sits like a cherry on top”. It’s an unusual comparison but I get his point. With these three watches he has nothing to worry about – there are no cherries here – but they really are deliciously good.


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Though Kendall Jenner has cemented her It girl status with a solid lineup of standout statement pieces that are rarely (if ever) repeated, it’s her regular go-tos that act as the flawless foundation for every head-turning ensemble. She recently demonstrated this strategy to create two striking weekend outfits built upon the “basic” formula she relies on time and time again.

“It’s funny, both these outfits I wore in NYC this weekend got so many compliments,” Jenner shared on her site. “I totally think they’re both cute, but they’re a play on my basic formula: boots + leggings + crop top combo.” The magic touch that brings the look to the next level? “The only thing that’s different are the jackets, which are definitely completing the look,” she admits. The first consisted of a gold lamé puffer jacket and a coordinating gold and blue printed silk scarf tied around the neck. The second look was topped off with an oversize faux-shearling denim jacket and an unexpected navy velvet conductor’s hat.

Keep scrolling to see the two looks Jenner broke down on her site, as well as other times she has relied on her fail-safe formula.

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Sofia Richie is everywhere these days. She’s landing major covers, scoring cool ad campaigns, and walking the runway for big designers. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s consistently impressing us with her off-duty outfits, too. Now, our latest Richie obsession comes courtesy of Coveteur: The site photographed her for a new feature, and we’re obsessed with the images and accompanying interview.

Richie chatted with Coveteur about her go-to outfit combo with different styles of jeans. “If you’re wearing high-waisted jeans, I love a crop top and a long jacket,” she told the site. “If I’m wearing old-school Levi’s that are low-waisted, I love a big hoodie.” Everyone has their favorite denim looks, but we wouldn’t hesitate to follow Richie’s lead on this one. Head over to Coveteur to read her full interview.

Scroll down for a peek at Sofia Richie’s new shoot for Coveteur!

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As we quickly approach February, you’ll soon realize you’ve exhausted many of your go-to outfit combinations throughout this month without even realizing it. In an effort to keep up with your ever-stylish momentum in 2017, we are here to bring you the outfit combinations you should definitely turn to now that you are fresh out.

And since it’s Saturday, we are using our weekly roundup of our favorite fashion bloggers to do it. As they continuously keep their eye on the prize when it comes to the newest products, trends, and styling techniques, there really is no reason not to copy every outfit they come up with. That’s not to say we aren’t encouraging you to do a little creative thinking on your own, but hey, coming up with chic looks day after day is tiresome, and you could use a break right about now.

Ahead, shop the blogger outfits that will make your life 10 times easier this month.

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Welcome to our Ask an Editor series, where each month, I’ll answer a question submitted by our lovely readers. How does it work, you ask? At the end of this story, submit your style- or fashion-related questions, and I’ll pick the top submission to solve next month. (And maybe even give you a shout-out!)

This month I received several denim-related shopping and style questions. From requests for fresh outfit ideas to the It style to buy and ditch this year, everyone wants to be up to speed on the latest denim trends. I picked the most common question to solve for this edition of Ask an Editor, which revolves around the style to ditch this year and which one to stock up on.  

Scroll down for this month’s answer, and be sure to leave your style question for me at the end.  

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Il presidente Donald Trump ha firmato un ordine esecutivo che, tra diverse misure, chiede anche “l’immediata costruzione di una barriera fisica” sul confine meridionale, che dovrà essere monitorato e supportato da personale qualificato per evitare immigrazione illegale, traffico di droga e essere umani, atti di terrorismo. Si tratta del celebre muro tra Stati Uniti e Messico che Trump aveva promesso durante la campagna elettorale.

Reazioni contrastanti hanno salutato l’iniziativa, alcune marcatamente contrarie tra gli stessi repubblicani e un certo scetticismo di insieme aleggia sulla questione, mentre va avanti la querelle col Messico, che ha già chiarito che non intende pagare la costruzione del muro. Non si tratta proprio di una recenzione, aspetto su cui in passato non è mancato qualche dibattito.

Il tema del pagamento resta centrale ed è lo stesso ordine esecutivo, in un passaggio, a stabilire che bisogna identificare e stanziare, nei limiti di legge, tutte le risorse presenti nei fondi federali utili allo scopo.

In un’intervista invece alla Msnbc, Paul Ryan, repubblicano e speaker della Camera, afferma invece che “ci sono vari modi in cui il Messico può contribuire”, ma anche che la stessa Camera prevederà i fondi per la costruzione.

L’ordine esecutivo però su un punto è chiaro: in 180 giorni, a partire dalla data dell’ordine, chiede di produrre uno studio completo sulla sicurezza del confine tra Usa e Messico che tenga conto non solo dell’attuale stato dell’arte, ma anche di tutti gli aspetti geofisici e topografici, la disponibilità di risorse federali e statali per il conseguimento di un pieno controllo operativo e la strategia per mantenerlo.

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Diramato l’ordine esecutivo, ci sarà quindi il muro? Non sembra tutto così semplice. Come sottolinea anche la stampa Usa, un ordine esecutivo non può bastare e, in generale, scrive Politico, il gran movimento di questi primi giorni potrebbe scontrarsi con la realtà, visto anche lo scarno confronto con legislatori e agenzie federali.

Lo stesso ordine stabilisce che bisogna pensare a richieste di finanziamenti a lungo termine per il muro, “comprese la preparazione di richieste di budget al Congresso per gli anni fiscali attuali e futuri”. Ci sono ovviamente anche aspetti pratici da considerare, che non sono secondari: stando a quanto scrive il Washington Post, che cita un report del Government Accountability Office, solo un terzo del confine è fatto di terre federali o tribali, a queste si aggiungono quelle private e quelle terre statali. Sono da considerare anche gli interessi dei privati cittadini, come agricoltori, allevatori, proprietari di immobili. Tutte potenziali situazioni di conflitto che potrebbero far lievitare i costi.


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