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«Nous tournons une page de l’histoire, Anne a été la dernière reine de Roumanie, même si elle n’a jamais été couronnée», a déclaré à l’AFP Adriana Chiriac, médecin à la retraite et «monarchiste convaincue» qui a pris part ce samedi 13 août aux funérailles de l’épouse de l’ancien roi Michel de Roumanie. «Quand je suis née, la Roumanie était encore un royaume, c’est dommage que ces 25 dernières années (ndlr: depuis la chute de communisme) nous n’ayons pas eu Anne comme reine», a déploré Zenaida Rosu, une retraitée âgée de 80 ans. Outre sa propre famille et quelques représentants d’autres familles royales ou princières, nombreux étaient ceux qui avaient souhaité assister aux obsèques de Anne de Bourbon-Parme, organisées à Bucarest. L’AFP signale en effet qu’un millier de personnes lui ont rendu hommage en ce jour décrété de deuil national en Roumanie où l’ancienne famille royale jouit d’une forte popularité, même si une minorité seulement des Roumains se dit favorable à un retour de la monarchie.

A lire: Anne de Bourbon-Parme, épouse de l’ex-roi Michel de Roumanie, est décédée

Après un service religieux orthodoxe dans la salle du trône de l’ancien palais royal de Bucarest, une messe catholique a été célébrée en plein air, sur la grande place attenante. Puis, le cercueil de la défunte a été emmené vers Curtea de Arges, dans le centre de la Roumanie, là où reposent les anciens souverains du pays. Elle y a été enterrée dans une cathédrale orthodoxe, au cours d’une cérémonie privée.

L’ancien roi Michel de Roumanie n’a pu assister aux obsèques de sa femme

Début mars, Michel de Roumanie, âgé de 94 ans, avait annoncé son retrait de la vie publique, après que lui aient été diagnostiqués un cancer et une leucémie. En raison de cet état de santé, l’ex-souverain n’a pas eu l’autorisation de ses médecins pour quitter la Suisse où il demeure et n’a donc pas pu accompagner son épouse dans sa dernière demeure. Il a cependant pu suivre les cérémonies à la télévision. Leur troisième fille, la princesse Irina, qui habite aux Etats-Unis, était également absente. En revanche, les quatre autres filles du couple royal, les princesses Margereta, Elena, Sofia et Maria étaient là, en grand deuil et très éprouvées.

C’est en terre helvétique, où elle vivait depuis 2004 avec son époux l’ancien roi Michel Ier, qu’Anne de Roumanie s’est éteinte le lundi 1er août 2016, à l’âge de 92 ans. Résidant dans la commune d’Aubonne, dans le canton de Vaud, elle est décédée dans un hôpital de Morges, au bord du lac Léman. Née le 18 septembre 1923 à Paris, la princesse Anne de Bourbon-Parme, descendante du roi Louis XIV, avait épousé l’ancien roi roumain en 1948, après que celui-ci ait dû abdiquer sous la pression des communistes et partir en exil.

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Schumer’s parents’ divorce has often been mentioned in profiles of the comedian, though it’s normally paired with the fact that Schumer’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was a pre-teen. In past interviews, she’s explained how her father’s illness has colored how she looks at new relationships. “It affects your relationships for sure,” she told CBS Sunday Morning last July. “Everybody I meet and I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s cool, but…would I push him in a wheelchair? You know, would I want him to push me?’”

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Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid to play with beauty trends and bold hair color, but the 19-year-old has previously admitted that the one physical trait she’s not super comfortable with are her freckles. In fact, despite Jenner’s copious selfies, we rarely get a glimpse of the adorable smattering of spots.

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The reality star must’ve been feeling awfully comfortable with herself over the weekend because she offered up a gorgeous selfie that actually puts her freckles center stage and the feedback from fans was overwhelmingly positive.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Aug 12, 2016 at 9:47am PDT

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Jenner didn’t caption the pretty pic, so we’re not entirely sure how she was feeling when it was snapped, but we love seeing her softer, more natural side. 

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Some beauty decisions are about vanity and some are about practicality. And as you probs already figured out, some land in both of those categories. Using three different highlighters (not sorry)—vanity. Cutting my nails short so I can put in contacts without scratching a cornea—practicality. Puffy eyes? Well, fixing that issue is about looking good and feeling good. 

I’d like to be able to see properly, but I’d also like to be able to hide the evidence of my weekend sodium intake (regardless of what anyone else tells you, there are real ramifications to all you can eat sushi). For some reason, I seem to suffer disproportionately from puffy eyes. And because of that, I have been experimenting with every product and DIY home remedy under the sun. So here I am, ready to share my findings with you in the event that you’re struggling, too. 

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Natalie Portman definitely knows how to dress to impress. The Oscar-winning actress was spotted out and about in New York City today wearing not one but two chic coordinating ensembles, and she’s giving us some major work wear inspiration.

First, the mother of one kicked off her day with an appearance on Good Morning America to discuss her directorial debut A Tale of Love and Darkness (in theaters Aug. 19), where she glowed in an ice blue collared shirt and matching silky skirt (above). The 35-year-old paired her winning number with a pair of black lace pumps and a quilted leather Dior handbag. A sleek ponytail finished off her outfit.

Later on today, Portman was snapped out and about in the Big Apple once again wearing another matching set—this time a bright white top and skirt combo by Valentino embroidered with delicate flowers (below). She paired the same shoes and bag with the ensemble that she donned earlier in the day, and added a pair of silver-rimmed Dior sunglasses. She completed her look with a berry-colored lip and styled her brunette locks in bouncy waves.

Natalie Portman in N.Y.C.
XactpiX / Splash News

Two seriously stylish looks in one 12-hour period? Consider us a major fan.

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Catch Portman in A Tale of Love and Darkness when it hits theaters Aug. 19.

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“Du wirst eine Stilikone. Du wirst frischen Wind und modernen Glamour nach Monaco bringen”, prophezeite Karl Lagerfeld Charlène von Monaco. In puncto Frisuren ist die Fürstin mit ihrem Kurzhaarschnitt zum Stilvorbild avanciert. Auf dem Red Carpet in Cannes, bei der Fashion Week in Paris oder bei öffentlichen Auftritten mit Fürst Albert II. bezaubert Fürstin Charlène mit neuen Frisuren: elegant aus dem Gesicht gekämmt bei einer Gala in Monaco, im Stil der 20er-Jahre mit zarter Wasserwelle bei einer Benefizgala in Monte-Carlo oder mit lässig fallendem Haar und eingedrehten Strähnen bei den Filmfestspielen in Cannes.

Styling-Produkte für kurzes Haar

Voluminöse Stylings gelingen in kurzem Haar z. B. mit dem “No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner” von Percy Reed. Frisuren im Retro-Look glänzen z. B. mit “Marine Styling Balm” von Ecru New York. Das “Frizz-Ease Regenschirm Haarspray” von John Frieda fixiert Sleek-Stylings, Haaröl wie “Treatment Light” von Moroccanoil für feines und helles Haar perfektioniert die Spitzen. Stylings für kurzes Haar – von lässig fallend bis elegant – lassen sich mit “Texture Refine Haarwachs” von Sassoon Professional kreieren.

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Written by Menswear Style

on the

16th August 2016 / Where You Should Buy Sell Luxury Watches






Consider your outfit. The expertly-tailored pants, the fitted button-up with sleeves rolled to the elbow. Those casual leather boots that go with nearly every conceivable outfit you can fashion from the pieces hanging in your wardrobe. Now consider the anchor to each of these combinations, the one item you possess that, more than any other, can bring an outfit full circle and make you the complete. It’s time you realised the power of a wristwatch. And there’s no better teacher than passthewatch.com

It doesn’t matter if it’s leather or silver; solar, quartz, or mechanical; round face or rectangular, Pass The Watch has the perfect horological complement to your outfit. Don’t let the term “Luxury Watch” throw you – while there are a number of pieces at lofty prices, plenty of their timepieces are accessible to the everyday buyer. Seiko watches in particular strike an ideal balance between extravagance and affordability, almost epitomized by the Seiko SNDD23 Barcelona. The Japanese watch corporation pioneered the quartz watch – and at one point – all stages of watch production was handled in-house. For over 100 years, the Seiko watch brand has been one of the major leaders in the watch market, and their influence has been felt in popular culture as far as the James Bond films whilst also carrying the prestige of being an official Olympic Games Timekeeper.

If it is the case that you do prefer a high-end luxury watch, but still want to keep the price relatively low, WatchesAndWatches.com has an extensive collection of certified used and pre-owned Rolex watches with unbeatable prices. All of the pre-owned Rolex timepieces at this retailer undergo a detailed inspection, service and polish, ensuring each watch is truly in like-new condition when it goes onto the showroom floor. With some of the world’s most recognized designs, Rolex watches carry a level of luxury and style which very few other timepieces, let alone products, achieve. In addition, given the demand of Rolex watches along with their impeccable craftsmanship, a used one is in fact one of the safest investments available. Once, if ever, you’re ready to give up your used Rolex Daytona or Submariner, there will definitely be a buyer ready.

Now, if you’d rather sell a luxury timepiece instead of buying them, sellmewatch.com is the best place to sell your Rolex. No matter the watch – Cartier, Omega, Bulova – if you’ve got it, they’ll take it. Why leave beautiful watches around to collect dust when you can trade it in for cold hard cash. It should be noted, however, that Rolex watches tend to bag sellers the best bang for their buck. So if you’ve inexplicably gotten tired of your stunning Rolex watch, go grab an estimate from Sell Me Watch, and see what your hand-me-down might net you – after all, they pay more for Rolexes than any other watch buyer on the market.

Whether you’re sporting the perfect wristwatch on a night on the town, or rolling in the money you made after selling one, consider the power of a watch and what it can do for you.

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As the round-the-clock weekend Tube service
rolls out, we timetable the ultimate 24-hour hit list. Here’s the
best way to spend the day – and night – in London

Anthony Epes


Photography at Dawn

Set the alarm early to capture sunrise and eerily deserted
streets at a masterclass with Cities at Dawn photographer
Anthony Epes
, from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf.

Tube station: London


Morning rave

Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care at
Morning Gloryville’s first-light
 in an East London warehouse. The latest
fitness craze has all the fun of a proper party minus the hangover
(there’s no booze).

Tube station: Bethnal

Morning Gloryville’s
first-light raves


Wild swimming

Morning laps at the Hampstead Heath  ponds can
be a bit nippy. But you’re not here for a bath. The trick is to
take a deep breath and get your shoulders under, sharpish.

Tube station: Hampstead


Hampstead Bathing

Have you

The best lidos and outdoor pools in London


Learn the art of winemaking

London Cru, the capital’s first
winery, produces Chardonnay as fine as many from Burgundy. At
its winemaking classes, oenophiles can experiment with the levels
of tannins, sugar and acid to create their own blend.

Tube station: Earl’s Court


Butterfly setting

Mouse taxidermy is dead: it’s all about butterfly pinning.
Workshops with Louise Newton take
place at the Charles Dickens Museum and cover the basics, from
drying to displaying.

Tube station: Holborn


Afternoon tea

– the imaginary home of Phileas Fogg - is
all about monocles, maps and Morning Calls (a rum-based
cocktail). Earl Grey-infused gin brews in teapots are served
alongside cucumber sandwiches and cake.

Tube station: Green Park

You Me Bum Bum

Have you

The best afternoon tea in London


Immersive theatre

The first rule of You Me Bum Bum Train: do not talk
about You Me Bum Bum Train. At this interactive show, the audience
become actors taking on different roles as they move from set to
set on a 40-minute journey through an undisclosed
location in central London.

Tube station: top secret

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Michele Austin, Izzy Lee, Adam Scotland, Joe Speare and Harry Bennett in To Kill A Mockingbird | 10 best UK theatre productions in 2015


Life drawing with a twist

Bearded hipsters and roller-girls have bared all for Art
Macabre’s death-drawing themed classes
. This year’s
summer school (12-16 August) is dedicated to skulls and
includes research trips to London’s weirdest museums.

Tube station: various


Midnight matinee

Moonlight illuminates the stage during a special series of
late-night performances at the open-air Globe Theatre. Catch
Shakespeare’s Much Ado About
on 11 September then take the
first night Tube home.

Tube station:


Old-school dinner

Burgers, pizzas and kebabs have all been given the gourmet
treatment. Next up is 1970s favourite, chicken Kiev: made with wild
garlic and artisan breadcrumbs at new restaurant
Coin Laundry.

Tube station: Farringdon



Last entry into The O2 in Greenwich is 1am, but the lanes at
Brooklyn Bowl are open
until the final pin’s been knocked down.

Tube station: North


Hot dogs

American diners are all the rage in London, but The
Love Shake
is hard to beat. Hot dogs, milkshakes -
hard and soft – and free coffee refills are served until 2.30am and
4.30am every other Saturday.

Tube station: Old Street


Cocktails with a view

At sky-high Duck and Waffle, classic cocktails are
almost unrecognisable, with crazy flavour infusions such as bone
marrow and blue cheese. It’s open 24/7 so why not stay up and
see sunrise from the 40th floor?

Tube station: Liverpool

This feature was first published in Condé Nast
September 2015

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What to see and do in London

Bethnal Green London Underground tube sign | Top 10 things we love about the Tube