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Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous models in the world. She’s walked for Tom Ford, Versace, Balmain (and pretty much every major designer), graced the covers of major magazines and been the face of global brands including Guess and Tommy Hilfiger; not to mention starring in three Victoria’s Secret shows since 2015.

But it seems that’s not enough for some people, who claim her success is purely down to the fact that she was born into a privileged family – Gigi’s mum Yolanda is a model and reality TV star and her dad, Mohamed, is a luxury real estate developer.

EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid on being ‘too obsessed’ with Zayn Malik to play hard to get

Gigi Hadid

EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid on being ‘too obsessed’ with Zayn Malik to play hard to get

But speaking in Sydney, 23-year-old Gigi said the only way her parents have helped her is by teaching her a strong work ethic. She said: “People say that I don’t deserve to be where I am because I come from this successful family, but my parents were f***ing hardworking.

“My dad was a refugee. My mum was on a farm, went to New York, and worked to send money back to her family. They worked their a***s off, and they’ve given me a life because of their hard work, and I work hard to honour that.”

She added, “I shouldn’t stay in my house because people say, ‘You don’t deserve to be here because they were successful.’ That’s not how I consider it in my house.”

It’s not the first time Gigi has had to respond to critics – she’s previously had to deal with body-shaming and comments about her fluctuating weight. Each time, she’s responded with grace and honesty like the absolute queen that she is. Major respect.

EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid on being ‘too obsessed’ with Zayn Malik to play hard to get

Gigi Hadid

EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid on being ‘too obsessed’ with Zayn Malik to play hard to get

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And so to the Wizarding World once more for the second release from the post-Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts. JK Rowling’s latest sees Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) take his briefcase-housed zoo of magical creatures to the City of Lights as Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald reeks havoc over Europe and America. New spells, new weird and wonderful animals, new dark forces and the Parisian take on the magical world come together for a sequel that has everything you want, even if perhaps you’re left with more questions than you went in with. (Why would she do that?)

The allure of Rowling’s universe has always been its ability to carefully combine the magic with the real. Wizards go to school, they feel the same things as us muggles and even encounter threats of fascism, as witnessed in The Crimes Of Grindelwald, released November 16.

“The thing that I love about what Jo does is that all the issues that one is dealing with in muggle society are being dealt with in the Wizarding World too,” said Redmayne to Vogue. “They just have more exceptional powers and capabilities to deal with things. Those skills also end up causing problems…”

“There are so many parallels,” agrees Katherine Waterston, the franchise’s leading lady. “Something that people really latch on to when they watch these films is to be reminded that wonder is all around you. As we grow older, we sometimes we lose the freedom of a child’s perspective on the world. I think because wizards have to use their wands in such inventive ways and can come up with so many mad-cap solutions in problematic situations it keeps them conscious and maintaining a broader perspective on it.”

Finding JK Rowling’s Fantastic New Leading Ladies

What Rowling has also achieved in her books, plays and films is to champion the underdog. A glasses-wearing orphan who grew up in a cupboard under the stairs is the centrepiece of the narrative, as too is a magizoologist who finds himself more at ease with creatures than humans.

“She is one of the most inclusive people and has always made the heroic out of people who are perhaps outsiders in life,” Redmayne admitted of Rowling. “One of the things I love about this film and all of her works is that there are so many different characters, yet very few of them are super comfortable in their own skin. I think it’s something we can all relate to.”

This Instagram Account Combines Your Harry Potter And Dior Dreams

“I also love how she does all of this without condescending anyone,” agrees Waterston. “I think sometimes in these times it can feel very judgmental and sort of that one side is superior to the other. This is a lot of what we’re dealing with in America right now and Jo doesn’t attack it from that angle. She is really focusing on people coming together and having a better understanding of themselves. And, of course, warning against things that are seriously disturbing, like fascism, but I love the way she approaches it that is without severe judgement of the other.”

Rowling Weighs In On Hermione Row

The lack of judgement surrounding the franchise lends itself well to the exploration of character arcs and – as Potter fans will attest to – the intricate detail of Rowling’s wizardry when it comes to a backstory. In this film it is Ezra Miller’s Credence who sees himself travel from the US to Paris to Grindelwald’s lair in search of his true identity, accompanied by Claudia Kim’s Nagini for much of his journey.

“Identity is a big part of this film because a lot of the characters have a search for their’s: a stable framework, a fixed narrative and a search for purpose,” Miller told Vogue. “It leads them all to a point in space and time which is what this movie really is about. It’s very important and each of us has this journey through that same category of questions like: who am I? Where do I stand? What do I want?”

Ezra Miller On What’s Inspiring His Fantastic Beasts Wardrobe

“That’s what brings us all together, especially our two characters,” adds Kim. “That is what we rely on. We are not perfect, we are so far from being perfect but we sort of are when we are together.”

As fans of the franchise themselves, Ezra and Kim admit to their roles as being dreams come true. It’s not the characters they play, the global exposure or household name status, it’s the involvement in a vehicle that matters to so many people and evidently did to them long before their casting.

“It’s a beautiful thing right? Because we’ve known, as diehard Harry Potter fans, that we are included,” lyricises Miller on Rowling’s focus on an inclusive universe. “In fact, we are it, we are the one. Jo freely gives us this gift to take it and to run with it and to take it back into the world of magic that ways always ours. I think we’ve always felt included.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindewald is in cinemas now.

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After a quick scroll through the saved folder on my Instagram, one thing recently became abundantly clear to me. Right now, there’s an unassuming It piece hitting the closets of cool fashion girls everywhere, and it’s the cardigan, my friends. It feels strange to include “It piece” and “cardigan” in the same sentence since the sweater has more associations with buttoned-up fashion or “grandma” style than anything else, but I can’t deny the cool factor it’s recently climbed to.

First, there’s a cardigan from French brand Sézane that has a 10,000-person waiting list, as Who What Wear fashion editor Lauren Eggertsen reported on. Then, there are celebs like Bella Hadid who have been spotted wearing cardigans on repeat but styled in entirely new ways that make them feel fresh and cool. She’s worn shrunken versions with jeans, but also oversize versions buttoned just at the top over a T-shirt or with nothing underneath at all.

The trend has been adopted by fashion girls from NYC to Paris, who have all given the sweater their unwavering stamp of approval. Now, the cardigan is sitting at the very top of my shopping list as I’m reinspired to wear it myself. Ahead, see how New Yorkers and French girls are wearing their cardigans and shop my edit of sweaters to add to your closet.

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The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is hosting “Exhibition Lab: Sargent and Fashion,” an exhibition of works of dedicated to 20th-century American artist John Singer Sargent, and fashion in 2021–22. The exhibition is on view through  June 23, 2019.

“’Exhibition Lab: Sargent and Fashion” takes you behind the scenes as the curators consider questions related to the role of dress in Sargent’s work, from the brazen polka dots of Mrs. Edward Darley Boit (Mary Louisa Cushing) (1887) to the Turkish attire worn by Sargent’s niece, Rose-Marie Ormond, in a photograph from the MFA’s Sargent Archive (and also used by Sargent in later portraits),” the museum writes.

” Who decided what sitters wore? What do these clothes reveal about nationality, power dynamics, and taste?,” these are some of the questions that the exhibition explores.

The exhibition, co-organized with Tate Britain, unites the finest portraits by Sargent with representative clothes of the period, including several of the actual garments depicted in portraits

The exhibition invites viewers to provide your opinions as the curators formulate a conceptual blueprint for the project.  This allows curators to test innovative strategies for mounting an exhibition of this scale and ambition while seeking opinions from visitors on content, design, and interpretation.

Among the notable objects on view is Mrs. Charles E. Inches (Louise Pomeroy) (1887), displayed for the first time with the red velvet evening gown with daring decolletage, later much altered, that the sitter wore for the portrait

The exhibition is on view through June 23, 2019,  at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA.

For details, visit: https://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/18868/5428/museum-of-fine-arts-boston-boston/exhibitions/page/38/0

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


Founder: Louise Blouin

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Finding the best clothes on Amazon can be challenging, and with the amount of inventory the site stocks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options at your Prime fingertips. Lucky for you, we always have our eye on the Amazon items that are trending and the hidden fashion pieces you can score on the world’s largest shopping destination. In addition to this shopping insight, we also have access to top names in the fashion industry and started a franchise where we find out the items stylists, designers, and influencers buy on the ’zon.

Next up in our shopping series, we have the go-to shopping list of Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand from Stone Cold Fox. The California-based designers, who made this “going-out” top wildly popular and founded one of the most recognizable fashion brands, share everything they rely on from Amazon. Recently, the duo also launched an intimates collection with Stone Cold Fox, so it’s safe to say they’ve been busy, so Amazon’s quick and easy wardrobe updates have undoubtedly come in handy. Shop the founders solid clothing list below.

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Os conocisteis y las chispas saltaron. Los primeros encuentros fueron memorables. Pero… ahora esos encuentros, las chispas y las ganas son cada vez menos. Y no es que no estés bien con tu pareja, es que… ya no disfrutas como antes con el sexo, ya no te apetece como antes. Estos son los motivos que pueden estar haciendo que tu deseo esté famélico y qué puedes hacer para volver a disfrutar.

Placer y deseo

Tendemos a pensar que el deseo es algo que está como flotando en el ambiente, algo que, con solo levantar la mano, podemos atrapar. Pero no, el deseo es algo “vivo”, necesita que lo alimentemos, que lo mimemos… o hace las maletas y se marcha (y esto nos pasa a mujeres… y a hombres, claro).

¿Por qué hablo de deseo cuando el título se centraba en satisfacción sexual? Porque ambos conceptos están relacionados: el deseo nos lleva a una mayor excitación, a querer probar, a querer más… y por tanto a disfrutar más. Si “Sin Smint no había beso”, sin deseo no hay verbena.

Cuando llegamos al encuentro sexual con bajo deseo (o nulo) es posible que en algún momento, bien porque nuestra pareja nos guste, bien porque hagamos el esfuerzo (esto, que puede parecer un poco duro es algo que escucho en consulta a menudo), nos pongamos un poco a tono.

Pero, ¿qué pasa? Que no es suficiente, que asociamos sexo no a placer de principio a fin, sino a esfuerzo, a imposición (aunque sea autoimposición), y no hay nada menos bonito con lo que relacionar el sexo.

Chica bajo edredón

Motivos por los que puede que estés disfrutando menos

No te sientes cómoda con tu cuerpo

Si piensas que tienes kilos de más, o de menos, si tu pecho no es como te gustaría… si no te sientes atractiva, si te centras en lo que no te gusta de ti lo más probable es que tu deseo entre en coma y tu placer se esfume.

Cuando durante el encuentro sexual estamos más pendientes de si se nos ve esto o aquello, de qué pensará el otro sobre nuestro culete o barriga, no estamos en lo que tenemos que estar, y claro, así es complicado mantener la excitación.

Y no es que se trate de engañarse o evitar ciertos temas o partes de tu cuerpo, se trata de mirarte y tratarte con bondad, con primor. Vale que tu pecho no es como idealmente te gustaría, pero… Míralo en el espejo, prueba desde otro ángulo, tócalo, mira cómo cambia tu pezón al ponerse erecto… Tu pecho es estupendo, amiga.

Y así con todo. Redirige la mirada y cambia el discurso, en lugar de centrarte en lo “que no”, fíjate en lo que sí, y en lo que “podría ser que sí”. Pisa morena, pisa con garbo.

No conoces tu cuerpo

Es complicado que otra persona de con el sitio, el movimiento, la velocidad y la intensidad exactos para que rocemos la gloria… si nosotras mismas no sabemos llevarnos hasta allí.

Necesitamos conocer nuestro cuerpo, probar y jugar con él para saber dónde y cómo nos gusta más. Y eso pasa por mirarse al espejo, cuerpo y genitales, claro, y por tocarse: tu cuerpo te va a dar grandes alegrías, ya verás.

Mala comunicación con la pareja

Esperar que el otro sepa, como decía, qué es lo que queremos y cuándo lo queremos es ser bastante injustas con nuestra pareja (y viceversa, claro).

A menudo veo en consulta parejas que llevan juntos diez o doce años que jamás han hablado de sexo, que nunca se han dicho si eso que han hecho les ha gustado más o menos que aquello otro…

No es que según terminemos de hacerlo tengamos que montar una charla-coloquio o un simposio, pero hablar de sexo, de nuestro sexo como pareja, es de las cosas más sanas y productivas que podemos hacer.

Hay a quien le da corte o quien piensa que esto no hay que hacerlo porque “el otro ya nos conoce y no hace falta”, pero la realidad es que la falta de comunicación en este sentido lleva a una menor satisfacción sexual, lo veo constantemente.

Menos hablar de la compra y más de la cama.

Chica de espaldas

Tienes la cabeza en otra parte

La declaración, que está sin hacer, la nevera, que está tan vacía que el bote de salsa de soja hace eco cada vez que abres la puerta, solo te quedan las bragas de regla y la faja de Bridget Jones limpias… pero, ¿de verdad es momento de pensar en ello mientras tu pareja está… “bajándose al pilón” (gracias, Sexo en Nueva York por este concepto)?

No, no lo es. Es verdad que son muchas cosas las que tienes en mente todos los días, mucho que organizar, mucho que hacer, pero para, date un ratito, este ratito. Si notas que tu cabeza se va a otra parte recuérdate que no es el momento de pensar en eso y focaliza tu atención en lo que estás haciendo, en el cuerpo de tu pareja, en su olor, en dónde te toca…

Depresión, ansiedad, estrés, cansancio…

Todos estos son verdaderos aniquiladores del deseo, del placer. Los trastornos del estado de ánimo, o el simple hecho de tener una mala racha emocional, puede hacer que nuestro disfrute se resienta (y mucho).

En cuanto al cansancio, ay, sí que tiene efectos moduladores: por mucho que tengamos ganas hay veces que el cuerpo dice “Mira, maja, hoy yo ya” y no hay más que hablar, ya pueda venir el mismísimo George Clooney (sin café) o el Brad Pitt de “El Club de la lucha” que nada, cero, piiiiiiiiii, tu deseo ha sido declarado muerto.

Tienes problemas de pareja

En ocasiones un problema a nivel sexual puede ser la punta del iceberg de un conflicto más amplio en la pareja.

A menudo en consulta cuando indagamos en qué puede haber detrás de esa poca apetencia o de ese sexo “no espectacular”, nos encontramos con quejas y recriminaciones referentes a la relación.

Ojo, maticemos: hay parejas que pueden estar al borde de la ruptura y aún así tener sexo, del mejor, tres veces al día. Pero también hay parejas, muchas, para las que un bache en la relación o un conflicto puntual puede afectar en cuánto nos apetece el sexo… o si estamos de humor siquiera para planteárnoslo.

Reflexiona sobre si tu pérdida de ganas o de disfrute se debe no a algo meramente sexual, piensa en tu relación, en qué te gusta y en qué no. ¿Hay algo ahí? Si es así, ahora que lo sabes, intenta abordarlo con tu pareja y juntos buscad soluciones.

Y por último el que a nadie le gusta escuchar, el que más cuesta aceptar ante la pareja, el que más nervios causa cuando lo comentamos en consulta:

No te gusta el sexo… con tu pareja

Puede que tu pareja no sea un gran amante, puede que lo sea pero que como no habláis de sexo (como decía antes) no sepa qué hacer ni dónde hacerlo para que disfrutes más… y también puede ser que tengáis gustos y preferencias diferentes (a veces diametralmente).

Lo que para uno es una buena sesión de sexo para el otro puede haber sido un trámite, agradable, sí, pero trámite.

Si te aburre, si no te gusta “su técnica”, insisto, habla con tu pareja.

¿Cómo recuperar el placer?

La receta es corta, pero no por ello sencilla: responsabilízate de tu placer. Es tu cuerpo, es tu disfrute. Eres tú la que se está perdiendo momentos de gozo.

Reflexiona acerca de los motivos que he mencionado antes, ¿hay alguno con el que te sientas identificada? Si es así ponte manos a la obra, traza un plan para hacerle frente: plantéate cómo hablar más con tu pareja, prueba a masturbarte en distintas posturas, con distintos estímulos para conocer tu cuerpo, plantéale a tu pareja la necesidad de resolver los conflictos que tenéis, reflexiona acerca de las creencias que tienes sobre el sexo, cuestiónalas, fantasea, planifica, prueba…

Si es el estrés el que está boicoteando tu vida sexual quizá te interese pensar un poco si merece la pena o qué puedes hacer para reducirlo en la medida de lo posible.

Y es que el placer, como empecé diciendo en este punto, es algo de lo que debemos responsabilizarnos, algo que, si lo que queremos es que esté sano y estupendo, debe estar en nuestro Top 10 de prioridades. Merece la pena.

Y si es que tu deseo se fue para no volver, si te duele al tener relaciones, si te sientes mal con algo relacionado con el sexo, te recomiendo encarecidamente que acudas a un profesional y le cuentes tu caso, seguro que puede ayudarte.

Fotos | Pexels.com

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54 ans après le classique de Robert Stevenson avec Julie Andrews, Disney sort cette année une nouvelle adaptation du roman de Pamela L. Travers pour le plus grand plaisir des (grands) enfants qui ont tous eu besoin d’une Mary Poppins dans leur vie. Dans le rôle de la nurse britannique ? Emily Blunt qui se glisse avec fraîcheur et malice dans la peau de ce personnage irrésistible de l’univers Disney. Et pour fêter comme il se doit ce grand retour, le BHV Marais se met aux couleurs du film tant attendu le temps des fêtes de fin d’année. Jusqu’au 31 décembre prochain, le grand magasin parisien accueille un pop-up store consacré au Retour de Mary Poppins, lieu éphémère idéal pour dénicher le cadeau idéal pour petits et grands. Pourquoi pas piocher dans la collection capsule spécialement imaginée pour l’occasion ou dans le vestiaire enfant Catimini à l’effigie de la célèbre nurse britannique ? Un parapluie coloré, une peluche craquante, un cahier de coloriages ou une bougie parfumée feront à tous les coups plaisir sous le sapin cette année.

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© Girls Aloud © Shutterstock

Cheryl has new music, so would she go back to Girls Aloud?

Cheryl is back with new music and that means she’s been out and about doing interviews. Cheryl sat down for a chat with one interviewer who decided to ask the question about a Girls Aloud reunion.

When quizzed about the possibility, Cheryl told The Guardian’s Guide, “It’s not going to happen,” she says, and that’s that.” However when the interviewer upped the stake and said, “I’ve got 10 million quid and I’d like to give it to The Prince’s Trust Cheryl’s Trust Centre in exchange for one Girls Aloud reunion,” Cheryl seemed to agree that would be worth it.

However, as the interviewer pointed out there are a lot of millionaires out there who could make that happen, the mum of one quickly backtracked and joked, “You do know I meant 10 million for each of us, right?”

Cheryl and Liam’s relationship timeline