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    You’ve already resolved that 2017 will be the year you finally get in biceps-pumping, squat-thrusting, seam-splitting shape. The only question is: Uh, how? Here with the answers—and with suggestions on what to wear while you’re at it—is ridiculously handsome math-professor-turned-fashion-model Pietro Boselli.

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      Photo: Courtesy of Isabella Peschardt / @ibellapeschardt

      There is no denying the impact of social media on modeling. The current generation of Insta-girls is inescapable and their success owes much to voyeuristic apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Online fame has become a selling point for models and their agencies, but the true test of these platforms is whether or not they can consistently produce stars. Jenner, Gigi, and Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, and Hailey Baldwin have become household names thanks to the Internet, and now a new set of models is using their online clout to transition into high-profile bookings. Whether they’re the next generation of celebrity siblings coming into their own or commercial models breaking into the high-fashion sphere, these new faces are utilizing social media to push their careers to the next level.

      Photo: Courtesy of Sonia Ben Ammar / @itsnotsonia

      Sonia Ben Ammar
      Instagram: @itsnotsonia
      Instagram: 228K

      In addition to being a model, Sonia Ben Ammar is an actress and a singer who got her big break on the talent competition L’École Des Fans, where she performed a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” Ben Ammar’s online presence offers a glimpse of the life of a globe-trotting French multi-hyphenate, and features everything from selfies and outfit updates to behind-the-scenes moments in the studio. Making her fashion month debut during PFW with a walk for Miu Miu, Ben Ammar has already impressed two of fashion’s star makers, Miuccia Prada and superstar stylist, Katie Grand.


      Photo: Courtesy of Isabella Peschardt / @ibellapeschardt

      Isabella Peschardt

      Instagram: @ibellapeschardt
      Instagram: 306k

      Pouty, pretty, and unmistakably stylish, Isabella Peschardt is worthy of attention for her on-trend outfits and eye-catching selfies alone—but make no mistake, she’s also a serious model. Posing for photographers like Ellen Von Unwerth and Txema Yeste, Peschardt is making a name for herself in front of the camera.


      Photo: Courtesy of Cami Morrone / @camimorrone

      Cami Morrone
      Instagram: @camimorrone
      Instagram: 629K

      Like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid before her, Cami Morrone is a girl who can do both, balancing sexy appearances for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret with editorials. Off-duty she’s equally versatile, balancing blogging, kickboxing, running her popular social accounts, and taking on an acting role in Eli Roth’s remake of Death Wish.


      Photo: Courtesy of Jasmine Sanders / @golden_barbie

      Jasmine Sanders
      Instagram: @golden_barbie
      Instagram: 1.9 Million

      With nearly 2 million followers, Jasmine Sanders (aka Golden Barbie) is already one of the most followed models in the world, but her presence in high-fashion circles makes her a star to watch. Hitting the runway this season for Moschino and DKNY, Sanders continues to move seamlessly between online success and the catwalk.


      Photo: Courtesy of Sofia Richie / @sofiarichie

      Sofia Richie
      Instagram: @sofiarichie
      Instagram: 1.7 Million

      Let’s get beyond Bieber, for a minute: Sofia Richie is about more than whom she’s dating. Though she’s only appeared in one major show so far—Kanye West’s latest Yeezy extravaganza—Richie is among the Internet’s buzziest stars. Her continued editorial work has seen her grace the pages of indie glossies, but it’s her much-followed Instagram feed that has her testing out all the latest catwalk trends.


      Photo: Courtesy of Rose Bertram / @rose_bertram

      Rose Bertram
      Instagram: @rose_bertram
      Instagram: 584K

      A bombshell in the truest sense, Rose Bertram’s remarkable curves have been used to sell everything from portable speakers to high-end lingerie. A favorite of Sports Illustrated, Jeremy Scott, and HM, Bertram has more than paid her dues, and seems set for a breakthrough. To that end, a recent agency switch to IMG Models bodes well for her high-fashion future.


      Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Ren / @alexisren

      Alexis Ren
      Instagram: @alexisren
      Instagram: 6.6 Million

      As a bonafide online phenomenon, Alexis Ren is best known for her logic-defying bikini selfies and sculpted physique, but she’s primed for a significant crossover. Already doing ads for L’Oréal Paris, Express, and a host of commercial brands, it’s only a matter of time before high fashion takes note of Ren’s athletic appeal and unbeatable follower count—6 million fans can’t be wrong!


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        Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its progressive approach to onscreen representation (see: #OscarsSoWhite rounds one and two), but 2016 delivered several films that break the norm—including Fences. The Denzel Washington-directed movie is based on a play by August Wilson, and chronicles the unraveling marriage of a black couple in 1950s Pittsburgh.

        MarieClaire.com spoke to Viola Davis (side note: she

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          Everyone has those certain movies they watch again and again. For us, we’re a sucker for romance. Whether it’s a rom-com or a rom-dram, there are a few movies that stir something inside of us—be it nostalgia, happiness, or melancholy—and we just have to watch every time they’re on TV.

          Many times, our movie obsession comes down to the power of the onscreen couple. What would Titanic have been without the spark of Jack and Rose? Would we have cried quite so much if we, too, hadn’t fallen in love with Noah and Allie from The Notebook? This week sees the release of Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and if their adorable press tour is any indication, these two may be heading to the onscreen couple hall of fame, too. Ahead of its release, we rounded up our favorite movie couples of all time. 

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            For years I’d read that cheesy line, ”’Tis better to give than to receive,” on Hallmark cards and roll my eyes. But it wasn’t until recently, when my Uncle Fred passed away back home in Missouri, that I finally understood what it meant. Fred suffered from Ataxia, which is still relatively mysterious in the medical community, though it’s similar to multiple sclerosis in that it attacks the body’s nervous system, and those who suffer it slowly lose control of their motor functions. For the final years of his life he was housebound and depended on his wife, Auntie Tina, for literally everything, including eating and speaking and using the restroom.

            When he died three Christmases ago, my family stopped congregating at Fred’s house in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, and we were in the market for a new tradition. For a variety of reasons—the biggest one being I selfishly wanted to avoiding T.S.A. security during the hell that is the holidays at an airport—I suggested we spend the time at my house in New York. It was here that I discovered a way to honor my Uncle Fred.

            Yesterday, we participated in what has become an annual day of service. My mom, dad, Aunt Tina, and I arrived at Encore Community Services, which is located at St. Malachy’s Church on 49th Street. Fun fact: this is where Joan Crawford married Douglas Fairbanks in 1929, and where silent movie star Rudolph Valentino’s funeral was held in 1926. We were there to deliver meals to housebound elderly New Yorkers with Citymeals on Wheels. It started in 1981 with a Christmas dinner that fed 6,000 needy elderly and cost $35,000. Thirty-five years later, it’s an iconic New York institution that serves more than 18,000 elderly New Yorkers in all five of the city’s boroughs every day.

            Each year our group has gotten a little bigger, and this time I was joined by these pals: Global Health Corps co-founder Barbara Bush, novelist Christopher Bollen, Vogue’s Mark Guiducci, Nike’s Joe Holder and Matthew Kneller, and my boyfriend, Nick Brown. The basement at Encore is a senior center with a thrift shop and communal tables for people to shoot the breeze, and also where Citymeals on Wheels volunteers meet for a quick tutorial and to pick up their meals (there are hot, cold, frozen, and even kosher options) for delivery. We packed up, bundled up, and were out the door.

            The meal deliveries are pretty simple: you knock, they answer, you ask if they need help opening anything, and you’re off to the next apartment. Sometimes you get “the Claw,” which is when a hand comes out and snatches the meal and then shuts the door. But most of the time you get a peek into a life that the rest of New York City has forgotten. We get sweet old ladies clutching their oversize sweaters who are hard of hearing but thankful they are getting something to eat. We get gentlemen wearing suspenders who are happy to have a pretty lady like Barbara Bush knock on their door, and can’t help flirting a little bit. The apartments are always heated to what feels like 150 degrees, and more often than not there’s old-timey music blaring on an old-timey radio. What’s shocking to think about is that for the majority of the people who answer the door, this will be their single human interaction of the entire day. The food feeds their body, but these visits feed their soul.

            Left: My father Bill with my uncle Fred as children in South City, St. Louis; Right: In the 1950s, playing minor league baseball many years later.

            My Uncle Fred was a great guy. He reminded me of Clint Eastwood when I was a kid because he didn’t say much and wore a cowboy hat in a non-ironic way. He played baseball when he was young—he was inducted into the Missouri Amateur Hall of Fame—and he worked as an airplane engineer at Boeing for 38 years. He didn’t have any children, but my own childhood revolved around visiting him in a log cabin he built with his own two hands in the Missouri wilderness (it only took him 35 years to do it).

            It was sad watching him slowly deteriorate into his illness, though in many ways it’s a relief knowing that wherever he is now he can probably swing a bat again. But what’s the most special for my family is that through his memory, we’re able to give so many housebound New Yorkers a little holiday warmth in the cold. I finally understand those cheesy Hallmark cards now: even though I have a long list of Christmas wishes (in case anyone reading this is wondering I have my eye on some Berluti crocodile gloves), nothing I find under a tree will make me as happy as putting a warm meal in someone’s hands and a smile on their face.

            For more info, go to: citymealsonwheels.org.

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              Actually comfortable heels that you can party in? An oxymoron, a rarity, a glimmering unicorn in this overpopulated land of cute but painful and blister-inducing heels. Perhaps 1 in every 100 pair of heels is comfy enough to carry you through a full night of dancing—and that’s just not very acceptable, is it?

              It’s time to rethink the party shoe and go for something that’ll be both chic and comfortable. We’re talking about the shoes that feel like butter when you slide them on, the ones that cushion you with every step, the heels you can dance in all night and forget that you’re even wearing any shoes at all. Because at the end of a fun evening, the last thing you want to think about is how raw and cramped your feet feel. Sorry to say, no matter how cute the shoe, sore spots just aren’t worth it. From metallic gold slide-ons to velvet slingbacks, scroll through for 13 chic party heels that won’t absolutely kill your feet.

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                Lately on Who What Wear, we’ve been devoting a fair amount of time to helping you navigate winter dressing, ensuring you have all the wardrobe essentials and styling tricks on hand to get through the weather in style. If you live in Los Angeles, however, you know that we’re still seeing some crisp sunny days that don’t require full-on bundling up. As such, we can’t deny that L.A. girls are still wearing some of their go-to outfits from any other time of year.

                Take one of Margot Robbie’s latest ensembles as an example. While out in Beverly Hills recently, the actress styled a pretty simple outfit formula—a two-piece one, to be exact. All it took for her to look instantly stylish was a patterned wrap dress and a pair of white sneakers from Puma. It’s that easy. She topped off the outfit with cool hexagonal Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Marc Jacobs saddle bag just for good measure, but the combo of pretty frock and classic kicks is pretty much all you need to get the same vibe. If you’re lucky enough get away with a similar look, keep this easy equation in mind.

                Scroll down to see the complete ensemble.

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