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El estampado de camuflaje viene y va temporada tras temporada. Especialmente en aquellos armarios de las que buscan looks casual con aires modernos y deportivos. Sin embargo, este último año ha inundado el street style a lo grande, demostrando que el print militar tiene muchísimas (y maravillosas) posibilidades. Toma nota de cómo llevan las it girls los pantalones de camuflaje de mujer y saca a los tuyos todo el partido.

Pantalones de camuflaje de mujer y tonos neutro, el combo de las bloggers minimalistas

Los colores básicos y neutros, como el gris, el nude o el beige; pegan con todo. Esto significa que hacerse con un jersey en este color solucionará muchísimos estilismos de invierno. Especialmente si te va la simplicidad del minimalismo. Podrás llevarlos hasta con esta prenda en tonos khaki militar que pisa tan fuerte. Te recomendamos que juegues con los complementos: unas botas militares, unos mocasines o una cartera de mano cambiarán el look por completo.

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

Lleva tus pantalones de camuflaje de mujer con negro, el mix que no se agota

Es la opción más efectiva para lucir tus pantalones de camuflaje de mujer. Especialmente en esos días en los que falta tiempo para crear looks elaborados. El negro da un resultado más sofisticado, elevando el print camo para darle un aire chic que de otra forma no conseguiría. De taconazos a looks rockeros a golpe de biker. Recomendación fashion: si te atreves con todo hazte con unos de diseño baggy para verano y llévalos con crop-top, ¡parecerás Mel C!

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

El camuflaje irrumpe en el street style y nos pone firmes con estas 11 propuestas de tendencia

Los pantalones de camuflaje de mujer en clave working girl

Si alguien te ha dicho alguna vez que no puedes llevar pantalones de camuflaje a la oficina, no vuelvas a seguir sus consejos de moda. Porque con sus tonos khaki, esta prenda es solo una forma más lanzada y potente de lucir colores tierra de tendencia. Y son un básico, que con camisa blanca, chaqueta militar o blazer a juego serán la forma más eficaz de no aburrirse en el trabajo. Si lo dice Olivia Palermo…

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

Si quieres que se te vea, lleva tus pantalones de camuflaje de mujer con naranja neón

Si lo de pasar desapercibida es algo que no encaja contigo y te lanzas a los brazos de cualquier tendencia extrema, ¡di sí al neón! Especialmente al naranja, que le va a los verdes de los pantalones de camuflaje de mujer como anillo al dedo. Con complementos como botas, bolsos o riñoneras es un acierto seguro. Pero si eres de las que “o todo o nada”, ponle un abrigo de peluche o un jersey de punto y prepárate para hacer girar cabezas.

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

pantalones de camuflaje de mujer

Fotos | The girl in the yellow dress, Imaxtree, Gtres, @brigittexmontes, Little black coconut, Alyson Haley, Chic Street Style by Brenna, Brunette Braid,

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I think i know what you’re getting at though, and in my mind it’s not that you have something in mind so visibly Western, it’s that you want your work to look visibly Not-Western. And that’s where my bum starts to clench, and my palms sweat. Bc that feels like a rly difficult kind of Orientalism; representing the East through the lens of the West, or negatively defining the East by what the West is not. what kind of twisted inverted thing has happened there! how has the Coloniser got us so fucked up that we are unable to directly grasp the hands of our own aesthetic without reenacting the violence of our oppression also ??

And i think that, right there, that’s the difficulty of being an artist of colour trying to make art alongside the heavy weight of your own body history. You lean in too far and u slip into essentialism; diaspora Art is damaging! a type of violence (as Babbu has proven) in and of itself. but you lean out, and you’ve been whitewashed. but I call BOLLOCKS, hit the bullshit button. i am sick and tired of this balancing act where quite frankly the goalposts for this spinchter of ‘acceptable aesthetic balance’ change every damn year. And I can tell you that WE are not the people defining this acceptability! it’s the MARKET! this aesthetic balance is defined by what SELLS. when i think of artists a few decades older than me, like Anish Kapoor or Mona Hatoum, who were knocking around in the 90s 00s… like they weren’t making art about brown-ness at allllll. it was kinda passé, trite, a bit cooler to j Make like normal artists (normal being assimilated). Nothing wrong with it, it’s what sold at the time, and even if you weren’t selling, the stuff that does sell comes to define ~good taste~ anyway. Before that, round the 70s 80s we had Rasheed Araeen, Chila Burman, artists who defined themselves as part of the Black Arts movement. They made art fiercely about identity and aesthetically reflected that.

“there are so many artists out there rn that are finding an aesthetic balance, defining and mediating a relationship between their bodies, their histories and the skins within their work. n managing to do so on their own terms” – The White Pube

Now things feel more slickly capitalistic… Babbu, Hatecopy, whose work really is tied again to selling; all the artists i wrote about in my text about the Problem with Diaspora Art… it makes me wonder, why is the sphincter of acceptability passing back towards reclamation? is it really about embracing our bindiwearing-foreheads, or is it about selling something ~exotic ~cool to a white audience (whether they’re buying into it or not)? the market is deciding yet again. i want out of that back forth, and tbh from your wording (from you saying you want ur work to speak a different cultural language) it sounds like you do too. i think the way to do that is not fucking concern urself with whether the work looks too Western/European. bc by doing so, all you do is create an image of what the Occident wants the Orient to be, rather than an image of what we really are in reality. take bits, make something of substance, with meaning, that you can really say with your chest. sth that comes from the very internal depths of your body. Don’t reduce ur art to the nearest binary or representational object, get rid of the representational object all together! don’t look to convey meaning through objects, look to convey through another vehicle altogether. Look to some artists that do that really well already: Imran Perretta, Rehana Zaman, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Alia Pathan, Hardeep Pandhal… n not just South Asian artists! look to the Black diaspora too: Evan Ifekoya, Arthur Jafa, tbh Grace Wales Bonner’s show at Serpentine atm, Paul Maheke, fuckin loads omg too many to name!

there are so many artists out there rn that are finding an aesthetic balance, defining and mediating a relationship between their bodies, their histories and the skins within their work. n managing to do so on their own terms. I beg u look to them. it’s a subtle balance you must tread it yourself and figure out where the limit lies for you. Only when you put on those blinkers and dig from within will you be able to make something (aesthetically) that references what you want it to, without pandering to the white gaze. Good luck, I wish you well. 3

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C’est la mode des hypercars, ces voitures aux performances extrêmes qui fleurissent dans le sillage de la Bugatti Chiron de 1500 ch et la Konigsegg One:1 de 1359 ch. Après les Mercedes-AMG One de plus de 1000 ch à moteur V6 bi-turbo hybride empruntée à la F1, et l’Aston Martin Red Bull Valkyrie AMR Pro au V12 hybride de 1000 à 1130 ch, c’est au tour de Lamborghini de teaser sur sa future hypercar qui doit être présentée au salon de Francfort en septembre 2019 : la LH48B Terzo Millennio Concept.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Présentée initialement fin 2017 comme le fruit d’un partenariat entre la marque italienne et le Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (M.I.T.) cette Lamborghini ultime sera motorisée par un V12 atmosphérique (c’est-à-dire sans turbo) de 650 ch, épaulé par des moteurs électriques pour obtenir près de 840 ch ! Mieux, en lieu et place des batteries, la puissance électrique serait fournie par des super-condensateurs de nouvelle génération.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

D’après des informations non officielles, 63 exemplaires seulement de cette Terzo Millennio seront commercialisée au tarif unique de 2,5 millions de dollars (hors taxes). Pourquoi seulement 63 ? Pour évoquer l’année de création de la marque de voiture de sport par Ferrucio Lamborghini en 1963. De toute façon toutes les voitures sont déjà vendues à de riches prospects.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Car ce qui frappe le plus dans cette mode des hypercars, c’est la manière dont les marques de voitures de sport, à l’image des séries très limitées de la haute couture, entretiennent la rareté pour augmenter les tarifs et donc les marges. C’est ainsi que la marque Aston Martin qui a déjà écoulé ses Valkyrie “normales” et Valkyrie AMR Pro, avant même leur fabrication, vient d’annoncer par une photo teaser le développement d’un modèle baptisé “Project 003″ au moteur turbocompressé (cette fois) et dont les premières livraisons auront lieu en 2021. Dépêchez vous de passer commande !

Teaser Aston Martin Project 003

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“Bygone” is one of the most personal songs on 2030. “Thought I gotta graduate but college ain’t a place for me / Is the choice I had to make ’cause I got somewhere else to be…. When I landed JFK my family fell apart / But I come home and tell them how New York was.” What was that like to write?

Lexie Liu: It’s not hard to write, but when I have to play it in front of my family, talking about what’s really going on…. that’s hard. My mum, she cried, but I really wanted her to hear it too. I feel like I didn’t want to drag (my parents) into my songs, but I had to somehow, because they’re a really big part of my life.

The fictional stories in your work, like the crashing Maserati and “flesh burning smoke” on “Strange Things”, force strong visuals into the mind of the audience instead of the listener creating a visual connection to the track themselves…

Lexie Liu: Oh yeah, that’s right. I was trying to create a scene and what I mean about staying true to my music is not just writing what’s happening to me but what’s happening in my head. I treat a lot of my songs like movie clips.

When I read your lyrics, they feel more like poetry and there are themes, like stars and galaxies, constantly, subtly, appearing. There’s one couplet I really like in “Sleep Away”, “Feeling like a whale on the beach, crying under the sun because of insecurity.” That’s beautiful.

Lexie Liu: Oh damn. That’s what I’ve been trying to achieve, no one has told me that, thank you so much. I want to be better at writing in English too, and in a more poetic way, but I’m still learning. All these frequent things coming out in my songs are connected, I have particular pictures in my head and they’re my favourite, it’s more like the colour of my mood.

“Being Asian but also doing hip hop is very contradictory somehow, in a literal way, but I’m going to try and refresh the vision” – Lexie Liu

Your videos, “Nada”, “Like A Mercedes”, and“Hat Trick”, lean towards cyberpunk and sci-fi. Have you always been a fan of these genres?

Lexie Liu: Blade Runner is one of my biggest inspirations: the visuals, the music, the subject, the vibe. I wasn’t a big sci-fi fan until I watched episode one from Black Mirror, season four. Then I started to read and watch more sci-fi.

You did a video campaign for Levi’s and your quote caught my eye. “During music creation, I enjoy turning negative and pessimistic thoughts into more valuable ones.” It sounds like you carry a lot of darkness…

Lexie Liu: Oh, definitely, for sure. And I’m a socially awkward person too.

It must be difficult when you have so many eyes on you and people, like me, asking these personal questions?

Lexie Liu: In my head, what I’m going through is, like, “Is she really interested in me or is she just finishing her quota of articles for the month?” (Laughs)

How do you deal with those intrusive thoughts?

Lexie Liu: Ummm, I don’t know, I just have to. I have to communicate with people.

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According to a few keen observations made by NSS Magazine, streetwear giant Supreme may soon be opening a flagship store in Milan.

Outlined in the article the clues which suggest such an exciting venture is currently pending include an item that was recently revealed on Monday as part of Supreme’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 collection: a “Metallic Jacquard” crewneck. Featured on said article of clothing are various lines of text highlighting the label’s current physical locations such as Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo. However with a closer look Milan can also be found among those locations, adding more fuel to the fire.

A second clue pointed out by NSS is the Mocha Maker, which is part of the SS19 accessory lineup, and the label’s collaboration with Castelli Cycling, a leading Italian cycling brand. The former is of course a staple in Italian households while the latter was used as the loobook’s lead image.

Finally the article touches upon Supreme’s legal battle against Supreme Italia. NYC DJ Funkmaster Flex addressed the “fakes” in Supreme’s teaser video posted to IG earlier this week leading up to the full reveal of its SS19 collection. One would say a good way to battle Supreme Italia and its illegal use of the Boxlogo would be to physically open a store in the country.

The Supreme Milan flagship is expected to open between Fall/Winter 2019 and Spring 2020. The rumors have also reportedly been confirmed by experts within the Milan street scene. Keep it locked here for more details on the new store when they drop.

For more on the brand, Supreme’s complete skate deck collection sold for $800,000 USD.



@supremenewyork will be opening a new store in Milan very soon (probably during FW19/SS20 season) as indicated on the Supreme “Metallic Jacquard” crewneck that was previewed in the SS19 lookbook yesterday! Swipe and have a look.??? Link in bio for more details. #nsstaste #nssmag

A post shared by nss mag (@nssmagazine) on Feb 19, 2019 at 12:01am PST

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Tesla is reported to be planning a new leasing service for its Model 3 electric vehicle. The model — which has recently been approved for European roads — is priced at $42,900 USD, and the new service will be similar to the leasing systems currently in place for Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars.

According to leaked internal emails, the company is preparing its employees to launch the service in the next couple of weeks. Tesla, however, has denied this in a statement released to Electrek, explaining that “no decision has been made about when Model 3 leasing will be available, but it will definitely be after the dates outlined in this document.”

In other automotive news, Aston Martin has announced its “Project 003” hypercar.

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Il sito di annunci online Subito amplia il proprio organico a conferma di una strategia di crescita costante nel tempo e prevede l’inserimento di 50 nuove figure per il 2019, con un forte focus sull’area informatica.

La strategia del gruppo ha permesso di passare da 4 a oltre 160 dipendenti nei suoi 11 di attività in Italia, con una crescita del 22% dell’organico nel 2018 rispetto al 2017. Un obiettivo supportato da un continuo investimento volto a consolidare il posizionamento di Subito come player principale nel settore degli annunci online.

I 50 nuovi assunti andranno ad affiancare un team di 164 persone, giovane (età media 36 anni) e fortemente focalizzato su producttech (44% del totale dipendenti). Per questo la maggior parte dei profili ricercati devono avere più di tre anni di esperienza, abilità tecniche ma anche apertura mentale per imparare sempre nuove competenze, e flessibilità per adattarsi alla dinamicità dell’azienda. Le posizioni aperte riguardano:

Settore It
In quest’ambito Subito ricerca data engineer (profili che lavorano su complessi progetti gestendo e movimentando un’ampia mole di dati  da cui trarre insights e rendendoli fruibili ai data analyst), Android e iOs developer: (lo sviluppo dell’app per dispositivi Android o Apple); DevOps engineer (gestire la progettazione, l’evoluzione e il mantenimento dell’infrastruttura del nostro prodotto); Fullstack web developer (sviluppo web della piattaforma); Data quality engineer (garantire la qualità dei dati estraibili dalla piattaforma).

Leggi anche

Per tutte le posizioni l’offerta è a tempo indeterminato e il candidato ideale deve essere in possesso di una laurea e avere un’esperienza di più di 3 anni nel campo dell’information technology.

Settore Sales
Si ricercano Sales strategy specialist (sviluppare un’efficace strategia di vendita al fine di massimizzare i profitti e ottimizzare i costi); Key account manager (promuovere soluzioni di digital marketing  sia nei confronti di clienti già acquisiti sia cogliendo eventuali nuovi opportunità di ampliamento del portafoglio clienti). L’offerta è a tempo indeterminato e il candidato ideale deve essere in possesso di una laurea e avere maturato  3-5 anni di esperienza.

Settore General Administration
Si ricercano Audit and business controller. Il profilo che si occupa di monitorare il processo di business per identificarne potenziali rischi e criticità. Per la posizione l’offerta è a tempo indeterminato e il candidato ideale deve essere in possesso di una laurea e avere esperienza di almeno 2 anni nel campo audit.

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Aston Martin is back with a new announcement revealing its latest boundary-defying automotive — codenamed “Project 003.”

Joining the company’s previous Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercars, which were produced in congruence with Red Bull Racing, Aston Martin is now already thinking about the next iteration of its Formula 1 Racing-styled, street legal vehicles. The new project is expected to take what they’ve learned from the previous two models, featuring a newly engineered lightweight structure that’s powered by a gas-electric hybrid system. On top of that, it will include active aero and active suspension systems to provide enhancing driving dynamics and more practical elements for a street-legal vehicle — usable luggage space will definitely add to this.

While the details surrounding “Project 003” are limited, we do know that there will be both left and right-hand drive models available, and will similarly be limited to 500 units worldwide. 

Take a look at the teaser image above, and be on the lookout as more information surrounding the new hypercar will likely be revealed in the very near future.

For more related news, take a look at Lamborghini’s LB48H Terzo Millenio hybrid hypercar.