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    Black money list

    Black money list: No intention to withhold any name, govt tells SC
    Black money list: No intention to withhold any name, govt tells SC

    Black money list: No intention to withhold any name, govt tells SC



    New Delhi: In an important revelation, the Centre on Monday released eight names against whom it has started prosecution for allegedly stashing black money in foreign banks.

    Pradip Burman (former director, Dabur India Limited) and Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya (chief promoter of Rajkot-based Shreeji Trading Company) are the Indians named in an affidavit filed by the government in the Supreme Court.
    Goa-based mining company Timblo Private Limited and its five directors were also among the names that figured in the list.

    The affidavit, filed days after the government came under attack from political rivals that it was chary of revealing names, said that these names have been received from French authorities and other countries.


    Promising to disclose more names of black money holders who have come under its scanner, the government said that all foreign bank accounts cannot be termed as “illegal”.



    Black money list

    Black money list



    The additional affidavit on the black money issue was filed today in furtherance of its affidavit recently when it had said that names of account holders in foreign banks cannot be disclosed till there is evidence of tax evasion against them and prosecution is launched in India.

    While Burman’s name was received from French authorities, the names of Lodhiya and others have been received from “other countries”.

    The list names Timblo Private Limited and its directors Mrs Radha Satish Timblo, Chetan S Timblo, Rohan S Timblo, Mrs Anna C Timblo and Mrs Mallika R Timblo. It was not clear whether the account holder is the company or its directors.

    Shortly after the disclosure in the Supreme Court, Dabur India promoter family, Burmans said the account complied with all legal requirements.

    “We wish to state that this account was opened when he (Pradip) was an NRI, and was legally allowed to open this account,” a Dabur spokesperson said in a statement.

    “We have followed all the laws and the complete details regarding the account have been voluntarily, and as per law, filed with the Income Tax Department, and appropriate taxes paid, wherever applicable,” he added.

    Lodhiya denied having a Swiss bank account. “We have already declared in the income tax and there is nothing…We don’t have any Swiss account that is the only thing which I can say,” he said.

    Radha Timbo declined to comment on her name being mentioned in the affidavit, saying she has to first study it before commenting.


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      No sex in the time of Ebola, not even for the cured: Here's why

      No sex in the time of Ebola
      No sex in the time of Ebola, not even for the cured: Here's why

      No sex in the time of Ebola, not even for the cured: Here’s why

      Sex could keep the Ebola epidemic alive even after the World Health Organization (WHO) declares an area free of the disease, one of the discoverers of the deadly virus said on Tuesday.

      The WHO is hoping to announce later this week that Nigeria and Senegal are free of Ebola after 42 days with no infections — the standard period for declaring an outbreak over, twice the maximum 21-day incubation period of the virus.

      However, it appears the disease can last much longer in semen.

      “In a convalescent male, the virus can persist in semen for at least 70 days; one study suggests persistence for more than 90 days,” the WHO said in an information note on Monday.


      “Certainly, the advice has to be for survivors to use a condom, to not have unprotected sex, for 90 days,” said Peter Piot, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a discoverer of Ebola in 1976.

      “If we would apply the rule for double the time, that would be 180 days — six months. I think it (90 days) is probably a compromise, for practicality,” he told a news conference in Geneva.

      Ebola spreads via bodily fluids such as blood and saliva, but it has also been detected in breast milk and urine, as well as semen, the WHO says. The whole live virus has never been isolated from sweat, however.

      More than 3,400 people are already known to have died in the world’s worst Ebola outbreak on record, the vast majority of them in three West African countries: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

      With inputs from Reuters