Apple Unveils iPhone 6
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images

The company’s subsequent quarterly sales might suffer, generally in China

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were intensely successful product launches, breaking records by offered a sum of 10 million units in their initial 3 days. This is, of course, good for Apple; though it might also foreshadow a outrageous problem for a association in a really nearby future.

These clever sales numbers might be causing a “super cycle,” as Wamsi Mohan, an researcher during Bank of America Merrill Lynch, explained in a note to investors:

The iPhone 6/6 and represents a super cycle, in a opinion, direct is being pulled in from a subsequent year, and we see a Dec entertain of 2014 as a rise conveyance entertain for iPhones until a intensity iPhone 7 recover in Sep 2016.

Earnings for companies such as Apple tend to be cyclical, with a call of aloft gain followed by a call of reduce earnings. Because a iPhone 6 was so successful, a association is now experiencing a call of intensely high sales. Mohan predicts that it will be followed by a call of intensely low sales.

Since so many people recently bought a iPhone 6, direct for a new iPhone, that is approaching to launch in Sep 2015, will be most reduce given business won’t feel a need to reinstate their phones after only a few months.

Some consider that this super cycle could be a problem for Apple sales in China in particular. After a iPhone 6’s resounding success in Dec of final year, Apple has already been demoted from a tip offered smartphone in China to series three. This could possibly meant bad news for Apple sales in that country, or it could simply be partial of a healthy product cycle. CEO Tim Cook, for one, is assured about Apple’s success in a Chinese market.