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Big investors are promulgation a howling summary to Action Alerts PLUS gift portfolio holding Apple (AAPL): go out and buy a outrageous company.

It’s formidable to find error with a logic. Dealing with a cooling marketplace for PCs and smartphones, and a genuine probability a Apple Watch goes down as a niche fondle rather than a game-changer, Apple has to clear new sources of destiny growth. As Samsung’s CEO so matter of fact put it in a new interview: “we can’t do it all ourselves.” Hence, Samsung is out there pulsation a cement for buzzy Silicon Valley startups that could reason a destiny “it” product or service. 

But, when we are as cash-rich as Apple, we could bruise a cement and buy all of Silicon Valley and a essentially transformative acquisition. we consider a vast partial of Apple’s new under-performance stems from execs being wavering to aggressively use a money — either take a taxation strike and repatriate it or steal opposite it.

While many on Wall Street wish Apple to buy Tesla (TSLA) and Elon Musk to seed a purported unconstrained automobile ambitions, Apple has shown no external pointer it wants to get into a exceedingly collateral finish businesses of battery and electric oppulance automobile production. However, what Apple has displayed for years is a simple bargain that it is a consumer products business. The association bought Beats to get entrance to streaming subscribers and a torpedo name in a headphone business.

Apple has purchased several startups underneath a radar that do one thing impossibly well, and differently, that could support a company’s hardware and program ambitions. And given a perspective of it being a consumer products company, not Ford 2.0, it would make clarity for Apple to buy a increasingly tech-minded sportswear builder Under Armour (UA), a Growth Seeker portfolio name.

Tim Cook has sat on Nike’s (NKE) house of directors given 2005, permitting him a front-row chair into how record that changes tellurian function is starting to be built into wardrobe and messenger apps. Oddly enough, Cook’s impasse with Apple has been a flop, not agreeable any vital partnership between a notoriously sly consumer products companies. No voluptuous Nike hardware done by Apple. No game-changing Nike training app on a iPhone or Apple Watch. What a vital disappointment.

While Cook has kept a chair comfortable during Nike, Under Armour has essentially remade a jaunty attire market, jolt a roots of Nike, most in a same approach Steve Jobs did to Microsoft (MSFT). Here are dual reasons because Cook needs to renounce from Nike’s house and bid for Under Armour:

  • Under Armour is branch into a tech company: Through a horde of acquisitions of aptness app makers in new years, Under Armour has amassed a gigantic 150 million users on a several aptness apps.  People are inputting their workouts, acid for healthy recipes and logging using routes, among other things. The association has also grown a good bottom of engineers to enhance a functions of these apps. E-commerce by these apps is coming. The information supposing by users is going to assistance Under Armour sell some-more boots and shirts over a subsequent 10 years. For instance, Under Armour’s new intelligent sneaker tells a user when their boots are due to be transposed (after 450 miles) so as to equivocate injury. As a company’s arch record officer put it to me, “you don’t buy sell when we are injured.” Having such information on workouts and nourishment could be really useful to a association such as Apple, generally given a ambitions to have a purpose in a health-tracking marketplace around a Apple Watch and Healthkit. The some-more Apple knows about tellurian beings, a improved it’s means to make well-calculated bets on a destiny for a product platforms such as a iPhone and Mac. Moreover, it means Apple could indurate a use of offered finish ecosystems to consumers (buy an iPhone, get a App store). To me, what Under Armour has grown is suggestive of Beats building a plain user bottom for a streaming service. And above all else, Nike has not grown anything like Under Armour’s user base, and from what we can see has no intensions to do so (which is weird). Advantage Under Armour.
  • No association has combined commercial connected clothing: So far, no big-name association has grown a mass marketplace chronicle of a intelligent shirt, intelligent pants, intelligent hats, etc. What is out there, contend a intelligent belt, doesn’t give a user a loyal design of a in-depth information that one would consider is fitting from a mantle so tighten a bodies. But, a intelligent wardrobe marketplace is a subsequent outrageous thing as techies try to mislay what is called “friction” between a chairman and wearable devices. Consider this: according to investigate form Research Markets, intelligent wardrobe shipments will grow from 140,000 units in 2013 to 10.2 million units by 2020 — it’s a series which, while growing, could be most incomparable if a association like Apple is conceptualizing wardrobe around a Under Armour tag that measures heart rates, blood sugarine levels, we name it. In a universe of intelligent clothing, cosmetic hardware such as a Apple Watch or a Fitbit Blaze don’t exist — and if they do, it’s as a good appendage instead of a hubs being promoted today. we consider a approach for Apple to get concerned in this consumer products marketplace is operative with an athlete-driven code such as Under Armour. Also critical is that Under Armour has turn a code of choice for kids, or a era that will trust in a code to buy Apple’s intelligent clothing. 

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Supply sequence hearsay over a new 4-inch iPhone continues to accumulate, with a latest rumors suggesting Apple will name a revamped handset a “iPhone 5e,” with a minute ‘e’ potentially signifying that it is an ‘enhanced’ chronicle of a iPhone 5s.

The rumored name comes from a new news published Monday by China’s MyDrivers, that suggested a “iPhone 5e” is now in prolongation during Foxconn, forward of an approaching Mar release. The news also claimed a handset will underline an A8 processor with 1 gigabyte of RAM, tackling progressing claims that a new 4-inch iPhone would underline a latest-generation A9 chip.

Keeping a device a mid-range handset, it was also pronounced that a “iPhone 5e” will be singular to dual capacities: 16 and 64 gigabytes, lacking a 128-gigabyte options found on a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s lineups.

Monday’s news suggests a defining facilities of a “iPhone 5e” will be support for Apple Pay, as good as voice over LTE capabilities for aloft fealty audio calls. The device was also pronounced to be labelled during 3,288 yuan, that is about $500 U.S.

Thus far, rumors have simply referred to a new device as an “iPhone 6c,” following a fixing gathering of a iPhone 5c. However, for that product, a “c” referred to a operation of colors a cosmetic surrounding was accessible in. The new 4-inch iPhone is approaching to have a steel physique accessible in only dual or 3 surrounding colors.

Though it will demeanour mostly like an iPhone 5s, reports have suggested a pattern won’t be totally unchanged. Specifically, it’s approaching a new, smaller iPhone will underline “2.5D” cover glass, or somewhat winding like on a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, rather than a prosaic “2D” cover potion on a iPhone 5s.

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Apple’s streaming strain use now has some-more than 10 million subscribers, according to a news in a Financial Times. That sounds like a lot, though what it unequivocally indicates is that Apple might have mislaid a way.

QuickTake Apple

Apple Music debuted during a finish of Jun 2015. That means it upheld a 10 million symbol in less than six months. Spotify. a categorical rival, took 6 years to do it. Of a 10 million, 3.5 million apparently have been combined given mid-October, when Apple announced it had 6.5 million subscribers profitable during slightest $10 a month (there’s also a some-more costly “family subscription”). 

Great tempo, right? Well, maybe not.

The focus was pushed to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users as partial of an handling complement update. It was easy to activate a three-month giveaway trial, after that Apple would start charging a user’s account. Someone with an Apple ID (which is required to download apps) wouldn’t even need to enter remuneration details. At a finish of Sep 2015, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, 101 million iPhones were in use in a U.S. alone. There are hundreds of millions of other iOS inclination in other countries, and 7 new iPhones are sole each second, formed on information for a 2015 financial year. An strenuous infancy of these inclination have Apple Music installed: Apple prides itself that a users keep their handling complement adult to date.

Given a outrageous commissioned bottom and a palliate of subscribing, 10 million subscribers seems underwhelming.

By contrast, a user needs to make a unwavering preference to download Spotify. Even so, a Swedish-designed streaming app, that Apple Music set out to excommunicate as marketplace leader, appears to be flourishing fast. Spotify had 15 million profitable subscribers during a finish of 2014 and 20 million in early June. Dante D’Orazio during a Verge reported that Spotify experienced “the fastest subscriber growth” a in story in a past 6 months, that means that it combined some-more than 5 million while Apple Music was active. That’s impressive, given that it wasn’t flourishing from blemish and wasn’t preinstalled.

To be sure, Spotify has suffered from a foe — though not adequate to cause serious worry. Here’s how Spotify’s downloads on Apple’s App Store have developed given Apple Music began:



In a Google Play store, where Android users get their apps, Spotify’s opening hasn’t altered given Nov. 10, when Apple Music became accessible on a platform. Apple Music hasn’t been doing good on Android, where it isn’t preinstalled: According to App Annie, it has languished recently around 70th place by series of downloads, while Spotify is consistently near a tip (it is ranked 12th in a U.S. now).

In Apple’s U.S. App Store, Spotify is a top-grossing app in a strain difficulty and a fourth overall. 

So it appears that even Apple’s user bottom mostly prefers a marketplace personality to a pretender “native” offering. They have good reasons for that choice. One is bugs: Apple Music was rushed to marketplace with a few frustrating ones that it has struggled to fix. The nastiest was one that done downloaded songs in a user’s iTunes library unavailable. A report from November, some-more than 3 months after launch, described a writer’s pang during customarily being means to listen to one strain — “X” by a rapper Xzibit. Not everybody was as unlucky, and it was probable to get around a problem (mostly), though a bugs were undeserved of a world’s biggest association aggressive a clever obligatory in a new market.

Apple also has been criticized for nonintuitive, overcomplicated pattern — a censure a association isn’t used to conference – and a miss of some facilities gifted Spotify users value, such as a ability to emanate and share playlists easily.

Apple’s prior forays into new markets customarily were improved prepared and some-more effective. The iPod and a iPhone redefined their product categories, the iPad created a new one, and even a comparatively catastrophic Apple Watch became a best-selling smartwatch in a universe within a initial 6 months. Apple Music could have trashed Sportify on iPhones only as quickly, interjection to a height advantage, though unsuccessful to do so since a app wasn’t demonstrably better.

Sure, Apple Music has some exclusives, such as a new Taylor Swift unison documentary. That, however, is not adequate to satisfy most users to switch or to bombard out $10 for a second streaming strain subscription.

I attempted Apple Music and remained constant to my streaming use — Paris-based Deezer, that has a most some-more gratifying preference of non-English denunciation music. 

Of course, even with 10 million users. Apple Music will yield a association with $1.2 billion in annual revenue. That is dwarfed, however, by Apple’s projected income of $239 billion for 2016, though it’s not good adequate for a association with such a outrageous cult following and a near-captive assembly of hundreds of millions of people. 

Underwhelming product launches have turn excusable during Apple. we have small doubt that a association is not violation out Apple Watch numbers to equivocate disappointment, and it’s expected that Apple Music numbers won’t be damaged out in a subsequent quarterly report, either. Apple’s huge income and distinction have silenced critics for years, formulating a sense that past successes and geographical enlargement could lift a company forward forever. That is an illusion. Apple’s government needs to compensate special courtesy to a gait and peculiarity of creation before a numbers simulate what appears to be a unemployment in ideas and design.

(Removes anxiety to a Beatles catalog as an advantage to Apple Music in 13th paragraph. It became accessible on Spotify in December.)

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Unlike Apple, Google has been open about a driverless automobile ambitions and has also only purebred new auto-related ubiquitous top-level domains.

Image: Google

Apple has recently purebred several vehicle-related ubiquitous top-level domains, fuelling conjecture that it could be formulation to launch an automobile business.

Apple-focused site MacRumors reported that Apple had purebred apple.car, apple.cars, and apple.auto. The 3 domains were purebred by a association in Dec and are available on whois.domaintools.com, nonetheless nothing of a sites is nonetheless active.

Why Apple purebred a domains stays misleading though a pierce follows ascent conjecture that a iPhone builder has designs on a electric-vehicle marketplace and might also be building unconstrained vehicles.

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​Google's self-driving cars concerned in 11 crashes

​Google’s self-driving cars concerned in 11 crashes

Google comes purify on a series of accidents a driverless cars have been in over a past 6 years.

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Multiple reports indicate to Apple carrying hundreds of employees operative on Project Titan, amid claims that a association has been aggressively poaching staff from countless automobile manufacturers, including Tesla.

The Guardian has formerly reported that Apple has attempted to secure a contrast belligerent for unconstrained vehicles in San Francisco and discussed unconstrained automobile regulations with California’s dialect of engine vehicles.

Apple is reportedly stepping adult a efforts to emanate an electric automobile with a boat date of 2019, that comes as a association searches for a subsequent vital product category.

Still, a domains could be associated to Apple’s other existent automobile products such as CarPlay, that will hurl out to Sync-enabled Ford vehicles over a subsequent year.

Google hasn’t been as sly about a driverless automobile ambitions, though has also purebred new auto-related ubiquitous top-level domains in a past week.

According to whois.domaintools.com records, Google purebred google.car and google.auto on Jan 7. Neither of those sites is active either.

Ford and Google were rumoured to be announcing a production partnership during CES final week. However, while Ford did fact a driverless automobile technology, there was no discuss of a Google partnership.

Google’s latest activity outline for a driverless vehicles in California and Texas fact how it has blending a camera and laser sensors for inclement weather. According to Google, it’s had to rise mini windscreen wipers for a architecture containing a sensors to safeguard visibility.

Google records it has taught a vehicles to expostulate some-more carefully in soppy conditions and says, “If it’s quite stormy, a cars automatically lift over and wait until conditions improve.”

The association combined that it is commencement to collect information in inclement and snowy conditions. It reported no accidents to California’s DMV in December.

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  • Apple stairs adult electric automobile efforts: Is a Apple Car follow a ‘jump a shark’ moment?
  • Three outrageous hurdles confronting Apple in 2016
  • Google moves towards self-driving automobile sales

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The Apple Watch is 8 months old, and while that competence seem like only a blink of an eye to we and me, it’s an perpetuity in a tech world. With a strange Apple Watch now removing prolonged in a tooth, it’s expected that Apple has an updated chronicle in a pipeline.

But what competence this refurbish bring? Officially we know nothing, though that doesn’t stop us from creation a few prepared guesses. And with a new product such as a Apple Watch, it’s distant easier to make prepared guesses since we can only demeanour for gaps in what a product can do, and fill them.

  • Front-facing camera: Everything needs a camera these days, and a front-facing camera on a Apple Watch would concede it to be used for FaceTime video calls.
  • Faster processor: While a Apple Watch can’t be described as sluggish, it could do with some-more pep. At times it feels like a animations and such are there quite to cover adult a delayed processor.
  • Waterproof: For me, a watch being waterproof is a must. Especially for something marketed as a aptness device.
  • Better battery life: Who doesn’t wish improved battery life? Especially when a stream battery needs a daily recharge.
  • GPS: The stream Apple Watch doesn’t have built-in GPS functionality, instead relying on a iPhone. Adding a GPS chipset would advantage those who use a device for aptness tracking.
  • Thinner: The stream Apple Watch is a bit thick to wear underneath shirts cuffs. Since Apple has a robe of creation a products thinner, this seems like a protected bet.
  • Larger case: If we have large wrists afterwards even a incomparable of a dual Apple Watches looks comically small. A incomparable 45mm+ pattern would fit these folks, and move with it a bigger shade and battery.
  • Solar charging: This is a good underline benefaction on many digital watches. It wouldn’t reinstate carrying to use a charger, only assistance tip adult a battery when out and about.

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Apple News has one, vital issue: No one knows how many people are indeed reading a content.

Apple’s comparison clamp boss of Internet program and services certified to a Wall Street Journal in an speak published on Sunday that Apple doesn’t “know what a right series is” on Apple News traffic. He pronounced that a association is operative on a glitch, though combined that a trade count Apple has been presenting to publishers is “lower than reality.”

Not meaningful accurately how many people are reading stories on Apple News is a vicious emanate for publishers and Apple alike. Traffic eventually dictates how most income can be generated on a ads sitting around a stories. If publishers, marketers, and even Apple has no thought how many people have review a sole story, there’s no approach to allot a correct promotion rate.



denounced Apple News during a Worldwide Developers Conference final year. The platform, that launched with iOS 9, is designed to share news from publishers all over a world. When users start adult a app, they can fast start reading content. The app is radically a feed for users to review a news stories they caring about. Cue told a Journal that over 100 publishers, including Fortune publisher Time Inc.


, have sealed on to Apple News. He claims that 40 million people have during slightest attempted out a app, though did not contend how many people use it on a unchanging basis.

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Declaring that 40 million people have so distant used Apple News might not do most to encourage publishers that might already be gun-shy about Apple News. Apple has, after all, sole some-more than 1 billion iOS devices. That said, Apple News is usually accessible in a U.S., U.K., and Australia, and requires iOS 9, so many of those inclination will not qualify.

Cue’s confirmation that Apple isn’t transparent on how many people are indeed regulating his company’s News height is maybe not startling to publishers. Last year, Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp pronounced that he was “disappointed by a ad revenue” entrance from Apple News, adding that a trade it was generating was rather underwhelming. A few unclear publishers told Digiday in Nov that they, too, were “disappointed” by Apple News.

WATCH: For some-more on Apple News, check out a following Fortune video:

“We got behind information on usage, and it’s still really limited, and offered ads isn’t easy,” one unclear executive pronounced of Apple News.

Now that Apple has pronounced that it has been incompetent to accurately weigh traffic, it could make it some-more formidable for a association to make it in what is an increasingly rival marketplace. Facebook


has an choice news vehicle, called Instant Articles, that’s designed to yield a latest news to a some-more than a billion users. Snapchat, a association that became renouned for a height that allows calm to self-destruct, is also competing in a market.

Those services, along with Apple News, paint an try by a companies to keep users intent with their platforms. They reason being that a some-more people rest on them to get their news, a some-more expected they’ll be to stay with a particular services. In a box of Apple News, it’s all about gripping business on iOS, rather than switching to Android. Indeed, Apple allows publishers to take 100% of a promotion revenue, if they broach a ads themselves. Only those publishers that rest on Apple’s iAd need to palm over 30% of a income to Apple.

MORE: Facebook and Apple’s News Offerings are Suffering From Growing Pains

Still, removing off to such a uneasy start is not good for Apple, and Cue done transparent in his speak with a Journal that his association is actively operative during regulating a issues. He didn’t yield a timeline on when Apple would finally know accurately how many users are reading calm on a app.

Apple did not respond to a ask for comment.

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The subsequent indicate recover of Apple’s mobile handling complement is moulding adult to be one of a many critical yet, with a slew of new facilities that assistance users sleep, keep their supportive information underneath wraps, and get a improved overview of their health entrance in iOS 9.3.

Headlining a surprisingly large recover is Night Shift, an oft-requested underline that automatically shifts a tone heat of an iOS device arrangement toward a warmer finish of a spectrum as night progresses. In a morning, it automatically earnings to normal.

Apps that perform a identical duty — such as f.lux — have prolonged been renouned on a Mac, and users have clamored for a ability to use them on iOS devices.

The built-in Notes app has also been spruced up. Users can now encrypt particular records with Touch ID or a tradition password, while a full list can be sorted alphabetically or by date combined or date modified.

Apple says a News app will be faster to update, and a For You territory is now smarter and adds a ability to play embedded videos directly in a feed. The Health app now displays Apple Watch activity natively and facilities a somewhat redesigned dashboard view.

CarPlay has also perceived some love, with extended Apple Music formation — adding a New and For You sections — alongside improved indicate of seductiveness search. Drivers will now have entrance to a “Nearby” duty that fast identifies gas stations, parking, restaurants, coffee shops, and other frequently-requested points of seductiveness with a singular tap.

Apple surprisingly suggested iOS 9.3 progressing Monday, even before releasing iOS 9.2.1 to a public.

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Apple is reportedly removing critical about ditching a headphone jack in a subsequent iPhone, and is operative on new cordless Beats headphones for we to buy instead.

The tech hulk is building Beats headphones that bond to a phone around bluetooth and won’t have any cords during all, according to a new news from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The earbuds, that should be means to collect adult calls and activate Siri, are doubtful to boat with a iPhone 7, Gurman notes—probably given of a reward price. Comparable cordless headphones like a Bragi Dash cost $300.

Apple declined to comment.

Rumors are present that Apple is meditative about withdrawal off a headphone jack from a iPhone 7, a thespian change to make a phone ever thinner. But consumers don’t sound all that eager about a change, that would describe many pricey accessories totally useless. TechCrunch reported that a petition to ask Apple to not mislay a headphone jack has 200,000 signatures.

The iPhone 7 is reportedly slated for a Sep release, though a pattern is still adult in a air, given a device won’t be going into prolongation for another few months. Gurman says Apple’s contrast 3 opposite kinds of iPhone 7 prototypes; and a new Fast Company essay says a iPhone 7 competence be waterproof and have wireless charging functionality, identical to a Apple Watch.