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If we have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8 that’s still operative well, there’s no reason whatsoever to compensate $800, $900, or even $1,000 or some-more to ascent to a new iPhone. That said, there’s a good possibility your battery doesn’t final definitely as prolonged as it used to. If we don’t wish to get a low-cost battery box from a many Chinese brands out there, your best gamble is really a Apple Smart Battery Case. Don’t compensate $100 for it, yet — it’s on sale right now on Amazon for only $78!

Here are a bullet points from a product page:

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  • The Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 gives we additional battery life with a demeanour and insurance of an Apple-designed case.

  • Combined with a Smart Battery Case, iPhone 7 provides adult to 22 hours of battery life for browsing a web, adult to 24 hours of examination HD video, and 26 hours of speak time.

  • The Smart Battery Case also works cleverly with your iPhone to assign concurrently when you’re plugged in, so both box and iPhone will have some-more than adequate battery life to get we by a day, and afterwards some.

  • The soothing elastomer hinge and one-piece pattern make it easy to put a box on and take it off. You can even bond it to any Lightning accessory, such as a Lightning Dock. And iOS 10 or after allows we to see a battery standing of your iPhone 7, your Smart Battery Case, and even your Apple Watch, all in one place.

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If we trust many of a explanation in new days about Netflix’s unimpressive second-quarter results, you’d be forgiven for presumption a streaming giant’s House of Cards will shortly come acrobatics down.

Netflix mislaid 126,000 subscribers during a quarter, a initial time that’s happened given a pennon indeed started producing strange content. Yikes. And afterwards when we integrate that fact, and a quarter’s skip of new strike calm and a approaching detriment of shows like Friends and The Office with a stirring launch of opposition streamers from Apple, Disney, and HBO’s primogenitor company, among others — it’s a recipe for disaster and whatever a Streaming War’s chronicle of hand-to-hand fight is, with everybody holding a square out of Netflix, right?

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In reality, a destiny is substantially a lot brighter than these headlines from new days suggest:

  • CNBC: “Netflix usually had a misfortune day in 3 years — 7 experts on what comes next”

  • The Verge: “Netflix is losing dear shows, subscribers and confidence”

  • CNN: “Netflix’s subscriber skip could be a blip — or a pointer of tough times to come”

One of a easy culprits to censure for Netflix’s singular second-quarter skip on subscribers is a new travel in a US of a customary devise from $11 to $13. Setting aside a fact that it’s indeed a certain pointer Netflix feels positive adequate to lift prices in a face of a hazard from a slew of deep-pocketed new rivals — if you’re going to ding Netflix for a cost travel you’ve got to also do a identical thing to those rivals.

In other words, Netflix lifted prices, incited in a entertain with no new hits and a subscriber expansion was comparatively prosaic (there were indeed 2.7 million paid additions). To me, that’s indeed a vigilance that a new guys have small to no cost coherence as they ready to announce what they’ll assign subscribers, that Apple and WarnerMedia have not finished yet.

Here’s another approach to demeanour during a cost hike:

WarnerMedia is in an generally tough mark on a pricing front. It’s conspicuous that Netflix still has room to lift prices during this theatre of a game, though many business are already profitable $15 a month to tide HBO. As WarnerMedia works out how to cost a stirring HBO Max use that lumps in HBO content, and calm from TNT, TBS, Warner’s film catalog and many some-more — how many aloft do we brave to go above $15? Up to $17 or $18? That is sky-high domain for a streaming plan, generally with Netflix carrying set patron expectations on that front for long. And besides — if WarnerMedia prices HBO Max during $18, for example, that means a value they’re putting on all of a additions to a HBO Max package is a small $3.

Meanwhile, another thing to cruise about Netflix’s quarter: How can a destiny post-Q2 be so bleak, when reduction than a week after a entertain finished it launched Stranger Things 3 to record viewership of 40 million out of 155 million or so accounts?

Anecdotally, there has been a unchanging drumbeat of negativity per Netflix’s ability to keep cranking out hits. But not usually does Stranger Things go a prolonged approach toward sharpened down that evidence — let’s also take a demeanour during dual things Netflix positive investors during a second-quarter display it has no skeleton to pursue: Gaming, and ads.

There are mobile games tied to Stranger Things as good as Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance coming, though Netflix cautioned that: “Like a other merchandising initiatives, these games are designed to build fandom for a titles and don’t vigilance a pull into gaming as a new business for Netflix.”

Likewise, about a consistent conjecture a association will eventually start using ads: “When we review conjecture that we are relocating into offered advertising, be positive that this is false. We trust we will have a some-more profitable business in a prolonged tenure by staying out of competing for ad income and instead wholly focusing on competing for spectator satisfaction.”

All of that is not to contend that if things ever got so dire, Netflix couldn’t usually one day confirm to flip a switch and pursue possibly or both of those during some indicate down a line. Said another way, a association mostly gets seen as in an existential predicament if subscriber numbers start slipping, though that doesn’t have to be a case.

The bottom line here is a destiny still looks undoubtedly splendid for Netflix, that is about to get some of a toughest foe it’s ever had — despite foe that will have a near-impossible time perplexing to compare Netflix’s subscriber bottom in further to reckoning out their possess pricing and calm strategies.

Random final thought:

As we conspicuous above, it’s conspicuous that Netflix is still positive adequate to lift prices during this theatre of a diversion and hardly see a detriment of subscribers from it. Especially deliberation what it knows is entrance down a line from, let’s say, HBO alone: A Game of Thrones prequel, Watchmen, His Dark Materials and Westworld, to name a few entrance titles.

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  • Hurry and we can get a Fire TV Stick 4K for $15 reduction than an entry-level Fire TV Stick

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Deal: Get a Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro for usually $475 ($175 off) from Walmart

The summer vacation is in full swing, though that’s no reason to stop regulating your favorite gadgets. The iPad, usually like other tablets, is one of those gadgets that can fill all those giveaway hours with pristine entertainment. Either you’re examination a film or personification a game, these inclination can offer them all and afterwards some.

If we don’t possess a inscription yet, Walmart is creation it easier to buy one though carrying to mangle a bank. The Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro is now accessible for squeeze for usually $475, $175 off a MSRP. We’re articulate about a Wi-Fi usually indication with 64GB storage, that comes in 4 tone variations: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.

The inscription supports a Apple Pencil, though you’ll have to squeeze it alone if we need one. Also, it’s super quick and boasts a overwhelming 10.5-inch arrangement with a quick modernise rate.

Although it was launched dual years ago, a iPad Pro 10.5-inch is still a plain choice for those looking to buy a not so costly Apple tablet. For some-more sum about a tablet, we can check out the in-depth Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch review.

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The new European information insurance law requires us to surprise we of a following before we use a website:

We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and broach personalized promotion on a sites, apps and newsletters and opposite a Internet formed on your interests. By clicking “I agree” below, we determine to a use by us and a third-party partners of cookies and information collected from your use of a platforms. See a Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn some-more about a use of information and your rights. You also determine to a Terms of Service.

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Fortune repository suggested a yearly ranking about a tip 500 companies in a universe and a design is some-more than interesting. For a initial time in universe history, US companies are outnumbered by companies from China – 121 opposite 129 formed in a Asian country.

In a mobile record world, Apple is still a leader, sitting during 11th place overall, followed by Samsung in 15th, while Google’s primogenitor firm Alphabet is 37th. For a initial time ever Xiaomi assimilated a list during 468th place.

Revenues (in million USD)
Revenues Percent Change
Profits (in million USD
Profits Percent Change
Overall Ranking









While obvious companies like Microsoft, Huawei, Sony, and others are approaching to be in a Global 500 list, one firm that is blank is a owners of Oppo, vivo, and OnePlus brands – BBK Electronics. Also, keep in mind that a Nokia entrance listed here is a Network and Communications Equipment association that usually receives royalties from HMD Global that is protected to use a code for smartphones.

Other companies value observant are Hon Hai (better famous as Foxconn), sitting during 23rd, ATT during 25th, tradesman JD.com during 139th, chip manufacturers SK Hynix, TSMC and Micron during respectively 335, 363 and 409 and Wistron, smartphone manufacturer during 424. Apple fans would adore a fact that a Cupertino association is second in a universe by yearly increase – $59 billion, notwithstanding a unimpressive iPhone sales in a final quarter.

Apple is a tip record association in 2019 Fortune Global 500 ranking

The yearly list is formed on sum income in a past twelve months, and a tellurian various has existed given 1990. Although it was primarily inventory private-owned and public-owned complicated attention companies from a manufacturing, mining, and appetite sectors, eventually with time a list had to enhance due to a building mercantile landscape.


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  • Phil Harrison was training for his initial marathon when a ECG duty on his Apple Watch Series 4 alerted him that he had a potentially dangerous heart condition.
  • Just 10 days before his marathon, he went in to see his doctor, who detected his heart valve indispensable to be repaired.
  • Harrison underwent open heart medicine on Jul 3, though skeleton to run a marathon he missed out on subsequent year.

    When Phil Harrison started training for a Brighton Marathon, he deliberate himself an average, healthy 30-year-old. While a U.K. proprietor had some past heart issues, they were deemed so slight that they no longer compulsory follow-up.

    Thanks to running, he thought, he was a healthiest he had ever been.

    But only 10 days before a marathon, he had a health scare—and credits his Apple Watch Series 4, that he used to train, with giving him a pull he indispensable to get lifesaving care. Afterward, he took to Reddit to appreciate Apple for saving his life.

    Harrison and his partner started using together as a approach of removing fit in a open of 2018. They began doing three-mile runs 3 to 4 times a week, and started looking to a Brighton Marathon in Apr of this year as their initial shot during 26.2 together.

    As a marathon drew closer, a dual continued their runs, following a beginner’s devise for marathon training. They only hoped to finish a race, and did not have a sold time idea in mind.

    [Build your personalized and adaptive training devise for FREE with Runcoach.]

    Then, about 10 days before a marathon, he was set to go out for a training run after work when he gifted what he suspicion was heart palpitations. He motionless to exam out a new ECG app on his Apple Watch Series 4, that uses your fingerprint to record your heart stroke and can advise we of intensity abnormalities.

    Harrison’s before health story enclosed an emanate with a heart valve, though it was so slight that he stopped wanting check-ups for it. He figured what he was feeling was zero to be endangered about, though motionless to check it out on a app anyway, as he told Runner’s World.

    What showed adult on his watch was a warning for atrial fibrillation, a critical form of strange heartbeat.

    Harrison pronounced that had his watch not alerted him, and though nudging from his partner, he expected wouldn’t have gotten evident medical attention. It still took him some convincing that it wasn’t only a normal feeling.

    “I am certain we had symptoms before we beheld this time, though only generally abandoned it only meditative that it was normal,” Harrison said. “If it wasn’t for a ECG duty flagging adult something worse, we substantially would have abandoned it again.”

    His alloy was astounded that a symptoms were occurring again, generally given his initial condition no longer indispensable unchanging check-ins. Harrison schooled that he indispensable open heart medicine to correct a valve in his heart, so he was not means to run a marathon.


    Before his operation, he posted his knowledge on Reddit to appreciate Apple, and even sent an email to a company. He was repelled when he got a response from CEO Tim Cook. It read: “Phil, I’m so blissful we sought medical courtesy and you’re on a highway to recovery. Thanks for your note and kind words—your story inspires us to keep pulling forward.”

    “I didn’t write a post to get a response,” he said. “I was only doing it to assistance myself demonstrate how we was feeling during a time after removing a news of wanting an operation.”

    He had a medicine on Jul 3, and pronounced he feels really good, all things considered.

    He should be behind to work in a few weeks and also skeleton to lapse to using so he can tackle a Brighton marathon subsequent year.

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    Check out a companies creation headlines midday:

    Halliburton — Oilfield services association Halliburton’s batch rose 9.2% after a association announced a quarterly benefit before a opening bell. The association posted practiced quarterly boost of 35 cents a share, violence estimates by 5 cents a share as a association continued to grow internationally and cut costs in North America.

    Apple — Apple shares rose 2.3% after Morgan Stanley lifted a cost aim on a batch to $247 from $231, citing “a certain setup into earnings” and “multiple catalysts over benefit that make [it] a tip collect into year end.” The tech hulk will announce a quarterly benefit subsequent week.

    Stitch Fix — The online personal styling company’s batch jumped 1% after analysts during Stifel upgraded a batch to buy from hold. Analysts cited customer growth, stronger personalization, and new facilities like a charity of particular equipment in their upgraded opinion for a $2.7 billion company.

    Boeing — The aircraft manufacturer’s batch slid 1% after Fitch Ratings published a disastrous opinion for a a 737 Max maker. Fitch warned that a company’s debt could boost by $10 billion to some-more than $24 billion by a finish of a year, due to a education of a 737 Max, that was concerned in dual deadly crashes.

    DaVita — DaVita rose 4.9% after a dialysis services association released second-quarter superintendence that kick analysts’ expectations, driven by “improved expectancy of distinction from calcimimetics” drug. The association pronounced it expects handling income for a second entertain of 2019 to be between $460 million and $465 million, above estimates around $400 million supposing by FactSet.

    Lennox — Lennox fell 5.3% after a air-conditioner builder cut a superintendence and missed Wall Street’s benefit estimates for a second quarter, citing colder temperatures. The association saw benefit per share of $3.74, next a estimated $4.12, according to FactSet. Lennox also practiced benefit per share from stability operations to $11.30 to $11.90 in 2019, reduce than expected.

    Micron Technology, Applied Materials and Lam Research — Each chip batch climbed some-more than 3.5% on Monday after Goldman Sachs upgraded all 3 semiconductor companies to buy from neutral ratings. Applied Materials, that was combined to a “Conviction Buy” list, led a approach with a 4.89% gain. Goldman analysts were some-more bullish on a memory chip attention as a whole, saying, “We trust that a additional register memory companies are carrying will be depleted faster than the prior expectations.”

    — CNBC’s Mallika Mitra, Jesse Pound, Elizabeth Myong and Marc Rod contributed to this report.

    Correction: A prior chronicle of this story misstated Micron’s name.

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    Tech hulk Apple’s yearly iOS (operating system) refurbish is now in a contrast phase, though testers have suggested an Arabic app store, along with an Arabic Keyboard.

    Developers and beta testers were means to get a initial demeanour during a new handling complement on a iPhone final June, and were shown that users will be means to navigate a app store in Arabic, and be means to form from right to left.

    This new iOS underline demonstrates a joining to expanding a interest in a Arab world. It will also inspire internal developers to attend serve in Apple projects, creation a good starting indicate for them to be some-more concerned in a Apple ecosystem.

    The new complement is set to come out in Sep this year, so we’ll have to wait to try out iOS 13 ourselves. Only developers and beta testers – those partial of a contrast proviso – can preview a system.

    Apple’s iOS is updated on a yearly basis, definition a horde of formula new and sparkling facilities for Apple users – including formula new emojis. Soon we won’t need difference to text.

    In a meantime, we can have a discerning preview of what else a complement has on offer by visiting www.apple.com.

    Apple has also launched giveaway summer camps for kids in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, giving them a possibility to learn to formula robots, emanate and revise song and videos.

    n other app news, if you’re formulation a outing abroad though disturbed about withdrawal your residence to deflect for itself, this new Dubai Police app offers home confidence services for free.

    As for other important companies, Dubai Festival City Mall has partnered with Spotify in an attention first, that means songs from a mall’s uncover IMAGINE can now be streamed around a app.
    For some-more information, revisit www.apple.com.