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Still around NBC Bay Area chopper.

A double-decker debate train with an alfresco tip reportedly mislaid control and crashed into a construction site of a new Apple flagship store, during a dilemma of Post and Stockton, only before 3 p.m. today. NBC Bay Area had a chopper on a scene, display scaffolding that collapsed on and around a bust, and ABC 7 reports that a damage sum is now during 20, with 5 people in vicious condition, including a bicyclist who was struck by a bus. The train motorist was also taken to a hospital.

From footage from a stage it appears mixed vehicles were concerned in a pile-up with several wedged opposite a scaffolding by a bus, and a second alfresco debate train subsequent to a one that crashed.

Witnesses have posted shots of a stage on Twitter, display a harmed being private on gurneys. The Examiner’s Chris Roberts cites Union Square staffers who “say [the] double decker debate train ‘lost control,’ ran into traffic.”

Another report, around a declare who spoke to ABC 7, says that a train motorist was speeding and pushing erratically for during slightest dual blocks before to a crash.

The review into a occurrence is, obviously, ongoing.

We’ll refurbish we as we learn more.

This post has been updated throughout.

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Apple retailer Quanta is pronounced to be scheming for a entrance of a new Apple Watch by a finish of a second entertain of 2016, that would place a launch somewhat after in a year than a first-generation model.

Details on a launch window for a next-generation Apple Watch were apparently common by Quanta Chairman Barry Lam, according to China’s United Daily News. Lam allegedly pronounced that he expects Apple Watch shipments to grow extremely subsequent year, interjection to upgraded hardware and program that will launch by Jun 2016.

This year, a initial Apple Watch launched in Apr with singular supplies, yet Apple fast softened accessibility and distribution. The product lineup was stretched in Sep to embody new tone options and bands.

A launch for “Apple Watch 2″ before a finish of a second entertain of 2016 would place it as late as June, or a few months after this year’s Apr debut. The UDN news was initial detected on Friday by G for Games.

The purported statements from Lam were brought adult during Quanta’s gain call, though a association declined to comment, according to DigiTimes. However, association clamp authority CC Leung did contend that it expects shipments of wearable inclination could double in 2016.

Quanta is now expanding a ability to arrange new products, and investors trust a bulk of that enlargement will be focused on a Apple Watch.

Rumors suggested that Quanta was creatively a solitary retailer for Apple Watch manufacturing. But purported prolongation issues were pronounced to have authorised opposition assembler Foxconn to flesh a approach in to prolongation of a wearable device.

Rumors about a supposed “Apple Watch 2″ have been light so far, with one news in Jul suggesting a second-generation indication will demeanour accurately a same as a stream version, though will exaggerate a incomparable inner battery. It was also suggested that a new Watch will urge outside visibility.

Other controversial rumors have claimed that Apple could be operative on new “smart bands” that will raise functionality of stream models but requiring users to refurbish to wholly new hardware. The Apple Watch has a dark information pier within one of a tag connection grooves.

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The fourth-generation Apple TV has a lot going for it. In a past integrate of weeks I’ve used a Plex app to perspective video encoded in a format never before playable on Apple TV, had a Wii-style knowledge overhanging along with Beat Sports, and enjoyed a lot of laughs with my family while personification several rounds of SketchParty TV.

Most of a complaints I’ve seen about a device have had some-more to do with setup in general, and a submit of content like email addresses and passwords in particular, than with a rest of a device experience. My setup routine was flattering rocky, for sure. And a contrition is, it could’ve all been mitigated with a further of one thing: my iPhone.

appletv device setup

The iPhone can assistance we set adult your new Apple TV, though after that you’re on your own. 

To Apple’s credit, it assumes that many Apple TV users will have an iPhone and integrates a iPhone into a initial setup experience. (There’s a some-more primer setup routine if we don’t have an iPhone.) New Apple TV owners are stirred to reason their iPhone subsequent to a Apple TV to bond a dual devices, during that indicate they can use their iPhones to record a Apple TV into a internal Wi-Fi network and bond to their Apple ID. It’s a good idea, and it worked exquisitely for me.

But a rest of my setup knowledge compulsory me to enter in my email residence and prolonged passwords full of black and upper- and lowercase letters countless times. That was a core of my frustration, and it’s where Apple can make a whole knowledge improved by creation a iPhone an (optional) prolongation of a Apple TV.

If this sounds familiar, it’s since prior generations of Apple TV could bond to iOS inclination around Apple’s Remote app. In an knowledge identical to what we get currently with a fourth-generation Apple TV’s Siri remote, we could even appropriate your finger around on a iPhone shade to navigate by menus. And when a Apple TV interface stirred we to form some text, adult would slip a keyboard on a iPhone, so we could equivocate laboriously “typing” content by shifting a cursor behind and onward opposite a keyboard on your TV screen.

apple watch remote

The Remote app for iOS even has an Apple Watch version, creation it a double contrition it doesn’t work with a new Apple TV.

Unfortunately and rather inexplicably, a iOS Remote app doesn’t work with a new Apple TV. That’s bad timing, though it creates me consternation if a reason a aged Remote app hasn’t been updated is since there’s something new on a horizon, an Apple TV app. (And if it’s not on a horizon, cruise this essay a opinion to put one on a wish list.)

The iPhone can obey a facilities of a Apple TV’s Siri remote: It’s got a microphone, hold aspect for tracking, and suit sensors. Yes, it lacks a Siri remote’s earthy buttons—and I’m a organisation follower that earthy buttons are undeniably critical for any remote control, since a final thing we need to do when you’re examination a film is demeanour divided from a shade to make certain you’re dire a right area of your remote. But a iPhone can do a Siri remote one improved by putting adult an onscreen keyboard for those moments when we need to form in an email residence or password.

Currently a Apple TV can usually support a singular Siri remote, and this competence be partial of a issue—perhaps a iPhone can’t fake to be a Siri remote with a stream chronicle of tvOS software. But if that could be solved in a destiny update, it opens adult a lot of possibilities. Not usually could people buy a second Siri remote to use as a second diversion controller for multiplayer games, though an iPhone could also be used in that capacity.

sketchpartytv appletvSketchParty TV

Plenty of Apple TV apps can use an iOS device for control, though it’s on an app-by-app basis. 

Right now, we can use an iOS device as a remote controller for Apple TV apps, though it’s usually on a per-app basis. If we wish to play Beat Sports with mixed players, we have to download a Beat Sports Remote. Same with Crossy Road. While some apps (like SketchParty TV) unequivocally do make use of a iPhone interface, Crossy Road (in two-player mode) and Beat Sports Remote are mostly reticent vessels for submit to their analogous Apple TV app.

That seems like a waste. Instead, because not build an Apple TV Remote app that lets any iPhone act as an additional Siri remote for two-player games? It creates a whole lot of sense. And that, along with a long, difficult strings of my high-security Internet passwords, are because this underline has rocketed to a tip of my Apple TV wish list.

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) – Apple (AAPL – Get Report)  is shutting down a song streaming use Beats Music, notifying users that their subscriptions will be cancelled on Nov 30. 

The tech hulk final Jun acquired Beats Music for $3 billion. 

Instead, Apple is enlivening people towards a possess Apple Music streaming service, which will incorporate Beats’ features, Fortune reports. 

The stop of Beats Music is no warn given it didn’t obtain any new subscribers due to Apple Music going live on iOS in June. 

Even yet Beats Music will be close down, consumers will still be means to buy its products such as headphones and speakers, according to Forbes.

Apple shares are sliding 2.58% to $112.74 on Friday. 

Separately, TheStreet Ratings group rates APPLE INC as a Buy with a ratings measure of B+. TheStreet Ratings Team has this to contend about their recommendation:

We rate APPLE INC (AAPL) a BUY. This is driven by a few important strengths, that we trust should have a larger impact than any weaknesses, and should give investors a softened opening event than many bonds we cover. The company’s strengths can be seen in mixed areas, such as a plain batch cost performance, considerable record of gain per share growth, constrained expansion in net income, clever income expansion and important lapse on equity. Although a association might bay some teenager weaknesses, we feel they are doubtful to have a poignant impact on results.

Highlights from a research by TheStreet Ratings Team goes as follows:

  • Looking during where a batch is currently compared to one year ago, we find that it is not usually higher, though it has also clearly outperformed a arise in a SP 500 over a same period. Although other factors naturally played a role, a company’s clever gain expansion was key. Turning a courtesy to a destiny instruction of a stock, it goes though observant that even a best bonds can tumble in an altogether down market. However, in any other environment, this batch still has good upside intensity notwithstanding a fact that it has already risen in a past year.
  • APPLE INC has softened gain per share by 38.0% in a many new entertain compared to a same entertain a year ago. The association has demonstrated a settlement of certain gain per share expansion over a past dual years. We feel that this trend should continue. During a past mercantile year, APPLE INC increasing a bottom line by earning $9.20 contra $6.43 in a before year. This year, a marketplace expects an alleviation in gain ($9.91 contra $9.20).
  • The net income expansion from a same entertain one year ago has severely exceeded that of a SP 500, though is reduction than that of a Computers Peripherals attention average. The net income increasing by 31.4% when compared to a same entertain one year prior, rising from $8,467.00 million to $11,124.00 million.
  • Despite a flourishing revenue, a association underperformed as compared with a attention normal of 25.6%. Since a same entertain one year prior, revenues rose by 22.3%. Growth in a company’s income appears to have helped boost a gain per share.
  • Current lapse on equity exceeded a ROE from a same entertain one year prior. This is a transparent pointer of strength within a company. When compared to other companies in a Computers Peripherals attention and a altogether market, APPLE INC’s lapse on equity exceeds that of a attention normal and significantly exceeds that of a SP 500.
  • You can perspective a full research from a news here: AAPL

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Subject: Apple is open


I’m certain we are all wakeful of a unsuitable occurrence that took place during a store during a Highpoint selling core in Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday. Several immature men, who are students during a circuitously school, had been asked by a confidence ensure to leave a store. In an try to residence a situation, one of a store employees gave an answer that repelled many of us.

What people have seen and listened from examination a video on a web does not paint a values. It is not a summary we would ever wish to broach to a patron or hear ourselves. Our worker immediately voiced his bewail and apologized to a students.

None of us are happy with a approach this was handled. But we can all be unapproachable of Kate, one of a comparison managers during a Highpoint store.

On Wednesday, she greeted a same organisation of students to demonstrate a intense reparation on interest of a store and a company. She reassured these immature organisation that they and their associate classmates would always be acquire during a store. The school’s principal after told a contributor that she delivered her summary “with good grace,” and one of a students said, “It feels like we have probity now.”

Her difference that day echoed a summary you’ve listened many times from me and from Angela. It’s a elementary oath we all make to a business and to ourselves:

Apple is open.

Our stores and a hearts are open to people from all walks of life, regardless of competition or religion, gender or passionate orientation, age, disability, income, denunciation or indicate of view. All opposite a company, being thorough and embracing a differences creates a products improved and a stores stronger.

The Apple Store Highpoint is staffed by people who share these values and illustrate a joining to diversity. The group is done adult of coworkers from Australia, as good as Egypt, Italy, India and 5 other nations. Collectively they pronounce 15 languages, including Urdu, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin.

While we resolutely trust that this was an removed occurrence rather than a sign of a broader problem in a stores, we will use this impulse as an event to learn and grow. Our store caring teams around a world, starting in Australia, will be lovely their training on inclusion and patron engagement. These are concepts and practices they know well, though can always mount to reinforce.

Respect for a business is a substructure of all we do during Apple. It’s a reason we put so most caring into a pattern of a products. It’s a reason we make a stores pleasing and inviting, and extend their strech to advantage a communities around them. It’s a reason we dedicate ourselves to enriching people’s lives.

Thank we all for your loyalty to Apple, to a values, and to a business we are so really advantageous to serve.


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For The Social Network, a film about Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin combined a fast-talking, arrogant, emotionally ignorant genius-innovator spooky with boardroom betrayal. For Steve Jobs, on a other hand, he’s combined a fast-talking, arrogant, emotionally ignorant genius-innovator spooky with boardroom betrayal. The tropes are familiar, though this is still another unequivocally refreshing and exasperating two-hour guitar solo of a film from Sorkin, an alpha masculine arrangement of intelligent fight and pride featuring a masculine diva to whom honour contingency be paid and with whom arguments are humiliatingly lost. Sorkin’s essay is a bipolar rush. For any of his films there contingency certainly be another, unreleased one with all a same characters, who stay in bed all day and glance during a wall.

This film about a good Apple engineer Jobs, played by Michael Fassbender, is an insinuate and theatrically inventive piece, blending from a certified autobiography by Walter Isaacson. It focuses on 3 private crises: Jobs’s backstage meltdowns before a product launches of his Apple Mac in 1984, his luckless NeXT mechanism in 1988, and a iMac in 1998, by that time he has wholly grown his sartorial character of rimless eyeglasses and black polo-neck tucked Seinfeldishly into laundered Levi’s. The unusual impulse during a commencement arrangement an individualist proceed to foot-washing is conjunction remarked on nor repeated.

Steve Jobs premieres during Telluride: what did a assembly think? – video

Each eventuality looks like a preface to a TED speak in hell. Daniel Pemberton’s low-pitched measure jitters any stage to a nerve-jangling climax, and there is an comical hold of a Downfall travesty about any of Jobs’s contingent of tempests. Maybe one day Sorkin will write about Hitler’s private poise before a advance of Poland in 1939, France in 1940 and a Soviet Union in 1941. Or maybe 3 broodingly egghead scenes for Col Kurtz before 3 opposite cow-slaughtering jungle ceremonies in 1966, 1967 and 1968.

There are a classical Sorkinian poetry arias, walk-and-talk riffs and high-impact discourse of a arrange unequivocally usually David Mamet can match. And of march impossibly intelligent comebacks. “God sent his usually son on a self-murder mission,” says Jobs, “but we like him anyway given he finished trees.”

This indoor firework arrangement is uniformly realised by executive Danny Boyle who balances and coordinates Michael Fassbender’s star effort and screentime with that of his ancillary cast: submissive selling executive and confidante Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), duped out in nerdy hair and glasses, engineer Andy Hertzfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg), CEO and quasi-dad John Sculley (Jeff Daniels) and former Apple compadre; and quasi-brother Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), who feels horribly deserted and let down. It is maybe a obstacle of this film, or of Jobs’s possess monomaniacally driven existence, that a characters who have a slightest participation are those who have usually a dilettante or quite tellurian tie with Jobs: a uneasy mom of his child, Chrisann (Katherine Waterston) and his neglected daughter Lisa, finally played in adult life by Perla Haney-Jardine.

Fassbender gives an wholly smooth and autocratic performance, nonetheless infrequently it was bad aged Ashton Kutcher in a unloved 2013 biopic Jobs who resembled a good masculine more, with a some-more saturnine and sarcastic face. Fassbender’s opening is harder, fiercer and blanker, understandably as a outcome of arrangement him during 3 of a many unrelaxed times of his life.

Kate Winslet as Jobs’s submissive selling executive and confidante Joanna Hoffman. Photograph: Duhamel/Rex Shutterstock

This Steve Jobs is a brag and a blowhard who runs on a rocket fuel of pristine masculine self-pity. He is spooky with betrayal, that is, other people’s profanation of him – like a co-worker who talked about his private life to Time magazine, and Sculley, who he feels suspended him from Apple in a 1980s. But he has a tough time bargain that he has tricked his daughter by not acknowledging her, and has tricked his aged friend Steve Wozniak by refusing to acknowledge a work finished by Wozniak’s group on a progressing product, a now uncool and archaic Apple II. With icy ruthlessness, he is endangered usually with a future, and maybe a film is even hinting during a import of Wozniak’s nickname “Woz” – a spirit of “was”. Jobs is endangered usually with what will be.

The final scenes are, arguably, constructed and emollient. Yet we are still left with a play that is honestly endangered with meditative and ideas applicable to a approach we live now. If Boyle and Sorkin wish to go on to make a film about a glamorous innovative talent who was not a man, we advise Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood star who law communication record that finished mobile phones possible.

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Apple, stability a assertive sell enlargement in China, has announced that it will be opening a 22nd sell store in a nation in Chengdu, a vital city in Sichuan Province, on Saturday, Nov 21 during 10:00 AM internal time. The new store is slated to open reduction than a month after a grand opening of a 21st Apple Store in China in a vital pier city of Dalian on Oct 24.


Taikoo Li shops in Chengdu, China, where an Apple Store will open Nov 21
The new Chengdu store will be located in a upscale Taikoo Li selling piazza during 8 Middle Shamao Street in a Jinjiang District, where several high-end retailers such as Gap, Gucci, Omega and Zara are located. The store will be open 10 AM-10 PM internal time bland and offer normal Apple Store services, including a Genius Bar, Workshops, JointVenture, events and seminars.


Apple is now employing for a initial sell store in Singapore, approaching to open in 2016
Apple has also posted new pursuit listings for a initial sell store in Singapore, that is rumored to open in late 2016 during a Knightsbridge four-story oppulance selling center. The association is looking for Specialists, Geniuses, Creatives, Business Specialists and other normal Apple Store positions.

Apple does not now have an central sell participation in Singapore, a vast city-state and nation south of Malaysia in Southeast Asia, though a Apple Online Store and dozens of Apple Authorized Resellers work in a region. The closest earthy Apple Stores are located several hours divided in Australia and Hong Kong.