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A video has flush arrangement a arrangement section of a Space Gray Apple iPhone 6s, compared with a white Apple iPhone 6. While there aren’t many changes outwardly between a iPhone 6 and a iPhone 6s, it does seem that a distance of a Face Time camera has been increasing slightly. New program is approaching to urge a peep for a front-facing camera, permitting users to take improved selfies. In addition, there is speak that delayed suit video will be probable regulating a Face Time camera. It would seem that Apple will concentration some-more on joining a new iPhone units to a selfie craze.

Flipping over a arrangement section shows off a informed steer to many readers. Earlier this month, we showed we a behind of an Apple iPhone 6s arrangement unit, and showed we how Apple started regulating rivets to bind a steel helmet instead of screws and clips. That is being finished to improved keep a helmet in place deliberation that Force Touch will move harder taps from iPhone 6s users. Also on a behind of a arrangement section is a  rectilinear cutout with a extending component. This is all presumably associated to a new Force Touch underline entrance with a new iPhone models.

Apple will be phenomenon a Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus on Sep 9th. Despite copiousness of conjecture and leaks, there will not be a 4-inch Apple iPhone 6c denounced during a event, according to a latest news that we have heard. Speaking of 4-inch iPhone models, once a iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are launched, a 4-inch Apple iPhone 5c will be discontinued. The Apple iPhone 5s will take over a container that a iPhone 5c held, definition that a former will turn giveaway on agreement with a two-year sealed agreement with participating carriers.

Lastly, a recently published news states that Apple built a new iPhone antecedent featuring a 3.5-inch screen. That was a distance of a iPhone shade from a OG Apple iPhone expelled in 2007, by a Apple iPhone 4s, that was launched in 2011. Apparently, Apple has motionless opposite charity such a model.

source: EverythingApplesPro around 9to5Mac (1), (2)

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Apple has a lot of throwing adult to do if it’s going to launch a new Apple TV in September.

Apple’s tide streaming set-top box dates behind to 2013, and even that was usually a teenager refurbish from a prior year’s model. The program has also stayed mostly a same—with a difference of an iOS 7-like visible modernise final year—and while a app preference has grown, there’s still no correct app store to opposition those of Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Google’s Android TV.

No one feels a pain of this utterly so most as app makers, who would adore to underline their program and services on a complicated Apple media-streaming box. So rather than entrance adult with my possess wish list for a subsequent Apple TV, we reached out to some of these developers to hear what a mint Apple TV box could do to mount out.

Freedom From The Cookie Cutter

Apple now offers about 60 third-party apps for Apple TV, and all of them are on a parsimonious leash. Every app contingency fit into a despotic template, tangible by a tip navigation bar and text-heavy lists atop a featureless black background. If Apple opens a height to some-more apps, as expected, several developers we spoke with wish they won’t be stranded with those firm templates.

Nuvyyo, for instance, has combined a tradition Roku app for a Tablo promote DVR hardware, vouchsafing users find and record shows by a grid-like channel guide. That same complement couldn’t exist in Apple TV’s tide format, says Steve Brambilla, Nuvyyo’s executive of customer engineering.

“The live TV grid that we have right now in a Roku app, we had to rise that from a belligerent up, and usually carrying that ability to do it was awesome,” Brambilla says. (Roku still offers templates for creation quick-and-dirty apps, that Tablo used before overhauling a Roku app progressing this year.)

Apple’s tide templates do have one advantage: They emanate consistency, so users don’t feel mislaid as they pierce between apps. But that’s something Apple could solve with clever developer guidelines, says Scott Olechowski, cofounder and arch product officer for media server program Plex. With Android TV, for instance, Plex tries to follow Google’s discipline as best it can, even yet it is giveaway to separate from them.

“If people indeed belong to those, we consider we can get apps that act sincerely similarly, even if they don’t demeanour identical.” Olechowski says.

Solving The “What to Watch” Problem

An liquid of new Apple TV apps would also mystify a routine of reckoning out what-to-watch problem that other platforms have gifted while permitting some-more developers into their app stores.

One expected resolution from Apple will engage judgment search, that is already headed to a iPhone and iPad with iOS 9. By vouchsafing app makers index their essence to seem in Siri and Spotlight searches, users could usually ask for a name of an actor or TV show, and get formula from particular apps. Rumors have suggested that Apple TV competence embody this underline as well, that creates clarity given that each other vital set-top box now has some kind of judgment hunt built in.

Beyond usually a standard searches for cast, crew, and titles, Tablo’s Brambilla hopes Apple will support some-more modernized searches, vouchsafing users ask for a subsequent partial of a uncover they like, or renouned shows from a certain time duration or genre.

“We’re kind of saying that a small bit now with Siri and Apple Music integration, where we can hunt for ‘top hits of 1986’ and be means to perform that request,” Brambilla says. “To extend that to third-party developers would be huge.”

Other media streamers have also been perplexing to lift calm out of particular apps and into a categorical menu system. Roku, for instance, has a territory called “My Feed,” where users can lane unreleased cinema and get told when they’re accessible in an app. Amazon’s Fire TV interface places even reduction importance on apps, and some-more on video from Amazon Prime and other sources. Android TV offers a “Recommendations” bar on a tip of a categorical menu, that third-party apps can feed into.

Brambilla points out that Apple TV already offers recommendations, though right now they’re wholly formed on video from iTunes. “I would think that if a UI doesn’t change too dramatically, that that competence be non-stop adult for some kind of recommendation API, that would eventually be sincerely identical to what Android TV has.”

Making The Second Screen More Useful

AirPlay used to be Apple TV’s torpedo feature. By vouchsafing iPhone and iPad users lamp scarcely any video or audio to a large screen, AirPlay served as a crutch for Apple TV’s singular app selection, and was mostly faster than regulating a unchanging remote control.

But a integrate years ago, Google devised a softened complement with a $35 Chromecast dongle: Instead of lucent video directly from a phone or tablet, Chromecast receives a set of instructions so it can tide that calm directly from a Internet itself. This frees adult a phone or inscription do other things, like crop a tide app, make a phone call, or leave a residence though disrupting a video. Chromecast also allows for volume controls from a phone or tablet, and lets others take control of a tide tide with their possess devices.

“With Chromecast, there are a lot some-more capabilities there that are usually taken with AirPlay,” says Albert Reinhardt, clamp boss of product for a indie streaming video use Fandor.

Reinhardt would like Apple to do some-more than usually replicate Chromecast’s palliate of use. He’s also anticipating for low connectors between iOS 9’s judgment hunt functions and AirPlay, and a faster approach to record into several streaming services. (Apple TV does let users record into apps by visiting a special activation page on those apps’ websites, though it’s still a flattering clunky procession that could be softened by something like Handoff.)

Plex’s Olechowski also praises Chromecast’s ability to hurl TV lamp information to a large shade as you’re browsing, that is useful for selecting what to watch with a group. “Being means to open that communication channel allows we to do a lot some-more in unison with a TV than we can with AirPlay today,” he says.

Better Hardware, More Features

With rumors of an A8 processor inside a subsequent Apple TV, developers are anticipating it can hoop some-more than usually a new call of apps.

For instance, Apple could move over a picture-in-picture mode that will entrance on iPads in iOS 9, vouchsafing users play videos in thumbnail mode on tip of other apps. While this is a unequivocally aged judgment for TVs, it’s not a underline we now find in streaming devices.

“With multitasking entrance to a iPad, we would adore to see that extended to a large screen,” says Ilya Pozin, cofounder and arch expansion officer for Pluto.tv, an app that strings several web video sources into live TV channels. “With some-more shade space comes some-more options for picture-in-picture or mixed viewports that could be generally useful for sports or even Pluto TV.”

Plex’s Olechowski is also anticipating for a hold pad in a subsequent Apple TV remote, a underline that is rumored, if usually as a approach to fast corkscrew by menu items. No one likes to crush a directional symbol repeatedly, and Plex users can be utterly outspoken when existent hardware shortcuts aren’t being utilized. “Sometimes, people are perplexing to do things, they know what they wish to do, and there’s usually a speed member to it,” he says.

More than any of these underline suggestions, however, developers who aren’t partial of a tide Apple TV’s disdainful lineup are simply anticipating they can get on a height in a initial place.

“I usually wish they do it, man,” Olechowski says. “I mean, honestly, that’s a thing that’s been unequivocally frustrating for us for a prolonged time.”

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If we non-stop adult Tidal final night, we would have found it streaming Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest in New Orleans. That is, adult until Drake came on. As Drake took a theatre for a brief set, Tidal cut a tide and put adult a message. “Apple is interfering with dexterity and will not concede this artist to stream,” it said. “Sorry for Big Brother’s inconvenience.”

Drake’s manager says Tidal is totally wrong

The summary highlighted what seemed to be a really despotic pierce by Apple to strengthen a partnership with Drake, generally given that some deduction from a unison are headed to a gift for communities still traffic with a effects of Katrina. The New York Post‘s Page Six even pronounced that Apple had sent Tidal authorised letters saying it could be sued for adult to $20 million if Drake were to appear.

But all of that competence be misinformation. According to BuzzFeed News, Apple had no contend in Drake’s tide being cut. The news says that Apple did not bluster to sue Tidal over a coming — it presumably didn’t even know that a eventuality was going on. Instead, Drake’s manager says that it was “100 percent” his preference not to tide a performance. “Apple doesn’t have a energy to stop us from being partial of a live stream,” his manager says. Drake’s stay apparently didn’t wish his set streamed since they were incompetent to safeguard that it “represented us in a right way.”

Drake’s manager adds later: “[Tidal] saw a event to take a conditions and spin it in their preference as a broadside stunt.”

Tidal maintains that what it pronounced is right. In a statement, Tidal says that it has a paper route to infer a side, nonetheless it’s clearly disappearing to tell it: “We have all a email profits and created association that took place with said, blocked performance,” Tidal writes in a matter supposing to The Verge. “That being pronounced we select to keep it classy. Great uncover to all a performers. Great opening Wayne. God Bless New Orleans. 10 years stronger.”

If we trust Drake’s camp, afterwards it seems like Tidal intentionally misled people into desiring that Apple was perplexing to harm fans and artists. If we trust Tidal, afterwards we competence consternation if Drake is only covering for Apple, which he has a vital understanding with. One approach or a other, one of these parties has to be wrong, possibly deliberately or by good confusion. Apple declined to comment.

Update Saturday Aug 29th, 3:32PM ET: this story has been updated to embody criticism from Tidal.

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What good is a new Apple TV box though new TV programs to tide by it?

That’s a doubt Apple watchers have been seeking given agreement talks with calm providers pennyless down (again) and a trade press began stating that Apple was prepared to launch a new set-top box in Sep though a rumored “skinny bundle” of must-have programming.

On Friday, TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino charity an answer. And not only any answer. One well-connected Apple pundit called it “the most-informed, best-written square on Apple TV that we will find before Sep 9.”

Panzarino’s theory, fabricated from progressing rumors and a bit of his possess reporting, is that what Apple will betray in a week and a half is not only a new set-top box, though a new computing platform—one so constrained in a possess right that it will strengthen Apple’s negotiating position with calm providers and finally mangle a logjam.

His conclusion:

“Some really intelligent people I’ve been articulate to advise that, by building a platform, Apple is generating precedence that it can use to good outcome in these negotiations. A mid-market dermatitis box charity is one thing, though a huge, rumbling height with an ceiling arena of living-room winning apps and third-party calm is another beast. If, apparently if, Apple is successful with a Apple TV, it could be in a position to browbeat calm in a approach that no other ‘smart’ TV height has before it.

“If Apple did indeed ‘delay’ a Apple TV from being expelled during WWDC, afterwards it substantially had a reason. And, if my sources are correct, that reason could good be polish, polish, polish. The knowledge of regulating it is pronounced to blow divided a forms of junky intelligent TV interfaces we’ve had to understanding with so far. This is a initial genuine Apple TV product.”

If you’re meddlesome in Apple and a destiny of television, Panzarino’s Apple Is About To Lay Down Its TV Cards is a must-read.

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As Apple arch Tim Cook sensitively slipped out of a open assembly during a White House for a private lunch with Eric Holder in Dec 2013, a profession ubiquitous braced himself for a severe encounter. His Justice Department had sued Apple some-more than a year earlier, after all, for a proceed that a association labelled a e-books, touching off a bruising authorised fight between a two. And this time Apple seemed even some-more apoplectic. It was operative over a flurry of reports that a NSA had sensitively burst a servers and gained entrance to infinite millions of a customers’ personal communications.

Cook and Holder hotly debated confidence and remoteness during their first-ever assembly on that frozen Dec day, though a profession ubiquitous pronounced he sat opposite a many opposite personality than he had expected. “We found we had a mutual Alabama connection,” Holder recently explained in an interview. The sister of Holder’s mother had helped desegregate a University of Alabama, and Cook, a happy male innate and lifted in a South, knew firsthand a impact of discrimination.

Cook’s demeanor, however, wasn’t even a many conspicuous partial of a meeting. A private contention in Washington with a profession ubiquitous (in itself a monument for many tech magnates) would have been inconceivable for Cook’s ardent predecessor, Steve Jobs, who actively scorned D.C. Cook, many as he sought to shirk Jobs’ shade as CEO, had also endeavored sensitively to rethink his company’s attribute with a nation’s capital, apropos a personality not usually prepared to rivet a energy brokers though plea them plainly when it mattered most.

In a months given Edward Snowden’s notice leaks rattled a tech industry, Cook has turn one of corporate America’s loudest activists on a operation of issues. He’s met with members of Congress. He’s reached out privately to tip administration officials, including, many recently, Holder’s replacement, a newly minted Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The initial plainly happy CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Cook has brought his name and Apple’s code to bear in vital inhabitant debates, generally same-sex matrimony and equality. And his code of passionate, targeted domestic activism has furthered his company’s immeasurable domestic agenda, from advancing taxation remodel in Congress to addressing a pitfalls of surveillance—a remoteness discuss that continues to obscure a nation’s capital.

Once a domestic neophyte, Cook now occupies a open purpose in politics distinct any CEO in Silicon Valley, and his singular proceed has rewired his company’s domestic strategy. “Companies live in a shade of their leaders,” pronounced Dean Garfield, a boss of a Information Technology Industry Council, a trade organisation that depends Apple as a member. “And we consider this is no different.” (Cook declined to be interviewed for this story.)

It’s a remoteness debate, arguably above all else, that’s galvanized Cook’s activism and primed him to make his symbol in Washington in a proceed that Jobs frequency did. It is an emanate that could conclude family between supervision and citizenry—and tech companies and their customers—for a prolonged time to come, and for Cook it is as many about increase as principle. Apple’s content summary and video chatting services offer end-to-end security, definition a iPhone hulk can’t see users’ communications and give a information to a supervision when it comes knocking. Cook has prolonged distinguished this fact, emphasizing that Apple does not collect troves of patron information in a proceed a competitors, namely Google, now do. But Apple’s fixed invulnerability of encryption has murderous law coercion officials, generally FBI Director James Comey. He’s regularly called for “backdoors” into digital communications in sequence to find criminals and terrorists who are “going dark,” a idea Apple considers to be anathema.

Holder, who spoke with POLITICO about his lunch with Cook, pronounced a CEO has prolonged framed his fixed invulnerability of remoteness as a matter of conviction. He spoke about encryption afterwards not as an perplexing contention about record policy, though one where a wrong answer could be “inhibiting [to] tellurian rights.”

“I suspicion Tim’s viewpoint on a doubt of encryption … had a grade of legitimacy that we consider others in supervision were not peaceful to acknowledge,” Holder said. “It didn’t meant we concluded with it 100 percent, though we positively suspicion in perplexing to delineate process in this area, and what a government’s position was eventually going to be, that he lifted current concerns that have to be considered.”

The dual competence have haggled over a intricacies of record process in that initial meeting, though over a entrance months, they would forge an doubtful bond—one solidified by a fact that Holder, a owners of an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Mini, is a self-described Apple fan boy. And some-more still, their attribute also came to shorten a new, hands-on instruction Cook had started holding his association in a city it’s mostly dismissed. 


Tim Cook hadn’t always been drawn to Washington, but a Apple CEO this May still trafficked east to broach a derivation debate to graduates of George Washington University. Taking a lectern on a National Mall, not distant from where Martin Luther King had oral decades earlier, Cook removed his first-ever revisit to a collateral in a summer of 1977. A 16-year-old vital afterwards in Robertsdale, Alabama, he had won an letter contest, and with it, a outing to a White House. But before he and his associate students could accommodate with President Jimmy Carter, Cook pronounced a organisation initial paid a revisit to then-Gov. George Wallace.

To Cook, afterwards and now, Wallace represented politics during a many repugnant. “He pitted whites opposite blacks, a south opposite a north, a operative category opposite a supposed elites,” he explained in his speech. “I shook his palm as we were approaching to do. But jolt his palm felt like a profanation of my beliefs.” Carter, on a other hand, represented a distant some-more just alternative. “He hold a many absolute pursuit in a world,” Cook explained. “But he had not sacrificed any of his humanity.” The Apple arch afterwards speedy graduates to find their possess “north star.”

For Cook, during least, his possess compass forked him that week toward Capitol Hill. Part of a array of still overtures, he attended a private cooking with a party of House Republicans during Central, a neo-French brasserie during a dilemma of 11th and Pennsylvania Avenue. The organisation enclosed Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a authority of a House’s tip slip panel; Rep. Darrell Issa, Chaffetz’s prototype and a distinguished voice on tech process issues; Rep. Devin Nunes, a pivotal actor on taxation reform, one of Apple’s biggest priorities in Washington; and Rep. Patrick McHenry, who orderly a gathering. The conversation, according to Chaffetz, spanned a operation of topics—from Cook’s proof of his possess Apple Watch to a company’s domestic agenda. But Cook himself came with an open mind—and ear, as a congressman after recalled. 

“At a end of this latest meeting, he said, ‘What can we do for you?’” Chaffetz recounted. “And we said, ‘We need your personal involvement. Apple is one of a biggest companies in a world, and they’ve been stealing in California, a non-participant in a domestic arena. But we need Apple, and we personally, to be intent in Washington.’” 

For a tech titan prolonged barbarous for a singular form in Washington, Apple indeed ranked among a beginning tech players here. Decades before Google and Facebook even existed, and years before Microsoft hired a lobbying armada in a arise of a sovereign antitrust probe, Apple in a early 1980s had put down a roots—at initial in a D.C. suburb of Reston, Virginia. 

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On Friday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter will assistance flog off a new partnership between a Obama Administration and an array of tech players including Apple


, Hewlett-Packard


and Boeing


to emanate next-generation wearable record for U.S. armed forces, according to VentureBeat and other reports.

The idea of this public-private partnership, that will be formed in Silicon Valley, is to come adult with wearable gadgets that guard a wearer’s critical signs or other information but restricting his or her operation of suit or apropos a daze in what could be dangerous circumstances.

Specifically, a Department of Defense awarded a Flextech Alliance $75 million over 5 years to emanate what it’s job a Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Flexible Hybrid Electronics. The sovereign endowment will be matched with some-more than $96 million from other sources, including private companies, universities, a City of San Jose, and non-profits, according to Flextech. The Manufacturing Innovation Institute or MII will be overseen by a DoD.

To be clear, a diction of a DoD press recover itself is a small cloudy as to a impasse of Apple, or any of a specific companies, in this effort. It says that a FlexTech Alliance is

“Backed by companies as different as Apple and Lockheed Martin and vital investigate universities including Stanford and MIT, represents a subsequent section in a long-standing public-private partnerships between a Pentagon and tech community.”

So don’t count on soldiers removing their possess Apple Watches only yet.

For some-more on a wearables market, greatfully take a demeanour during a video below:

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MacRumors recently schooled that Apple’s One to One training module for Mac, iPhone and iPad might be entrance to an finish soon, and we can now endorse that Apple Stores are holding meetings with sell employees about phasing out a membership-based service, that has been accessible underneath a stream name given May 2007. One to One members should be sensitive about a changes in a nearby future.

Apple is timid One to One to concentration on giveaway open workshops such as Mac Basics, Personalize Your Mac, iPhone and iPad Basics, iCloud Basics and iPhone Photography. Group Training and Open Training will be dropped immediately, while Personal Training will sojourn accessible for business that recently purchased One to One until their membership expires, according to sources.

One to One costs $99 per year and provides business that squeeze a Mac with individualized education sessions from Apple sell employees associated to Getting Started With Your Mac, Getting Started With Your iPhone, Getting Started With Your iPad, iCloud, Mail Contacts Calendars, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, iTunes, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Logic Pro.

Update: One to One will be late on Sep 28th per an inner memo performed by 9to5Mac.

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Though new Apple TV hardware is approaching to seem during an arriving Sept. 9 event, Apple’s long-awaited subscription radio use is validated to sojourn on hold, interjection to ongoing negotiations with calm owners.

Echoing progressing reports, Jessica Lessin of The Information pronounced in a minute to subscribers on Friday that she has been told by sources that a “economics” of a subscription TV use sojourn a categorical adhering indicate between Apple and a intensity partners. Specifically, a cost Apple wants to assign consumers is pronounced to be too low for calm makers, preventing a use from debuting subsequent month.

What to expect:
Next-gen Apple TV

  • Siri voice input
  • New remote with touchpad
  • Dedicated App Store
  • Debut during Sept. 9 event

Read more:
Late 2015 Apple TV

“There’s still a vast opening between a cost media companies wish for their TV channels and a roughly $40 a month Apple wants to assign consumers,” Lessin wrote. “Something has to give.”

Lessin’s sources pronounced that in a deficiency of a subscription service, Apple will concentration on formation with HomeKit accessories, permitting a Apple TV to be a heart for determining connected inclination in a home.

She was also told that Apple skeleton to spotlight security, highlighting a fact that information will be stored on a Apple TV itself and not in a cloud.

Apple’s seductiveness in $40-and-under pricing has been publicized given March. Back then, it was pronounced Apple hoped it could work out a understanding to launch a new service, and a new set-top box, by June, in time for a annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

But conjunction a use nor new hardware were denounced during WWDC, and a new Apple TV phenomenon is now pronounced to be a partial of Apple’s Sept. 9 event. The device is pronounced to embody support for Siri voice control, a new remote with touchpad, and a dedicated App Store for third-party downloads.

Despite a hardware’s apparent approaching launch, mixed reports have pronounced a subscription use has been internally behind to someday in 2016, due to sputtering talks with vital networks like CBS, Fox, and NBC.

But in further to purported chartering hurdles, Apple has also been pronounced to miss a network infrastructure able of feeding what is approaching to be a vast series of Apple TV boxes. Apple presumably needs to stock servers around a U.S. with calm to safeguard a well-spoken streaming experience, though so distant usually fields information centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon. The association has been building out a exclusive network, though now leans heavily on Akamai to hoop a calm placement grunt work.