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Though Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has nonetheless to exhibit specific sales results, that hasn’t prevented pundits from estimating sales total for a new-ish Apple Watch, that initial became accessible for sequence in Apr of final year. Now in a third entertain of widespread availability, a device has apparently perceived a comparatively temperate response from consumers.

The wearable hasn’t been a bust by any means, yet after an initial rush from iFans, it appears that “little” guys like aptness rope aristocrat Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) still order a roost. However, formed on a new consult of Internet users, not usually is a wearables marketplace approaching to ascend again this year, yet it could be smartwatches like Apple’s that lead a way.

Survey says
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently conducted a consult of 1,001 Internet users and asked them how many designed to squeeze health or aptness record in 2016. The good news for a Apples and Fitbits of a universe was that 74%  pronounced they intend to. 

The CTA’s estimates could infer sincerely accurate, given that eMarketer expects a wearables marketplace as a whole to burst some-more than 60%, from a estimated 39.5 million inclination sole in a U.S. in 2015 to scarcely 64 million this year. Of course, many of a wearables sales expansion is occurring interjection to consumers’ enterprise for health and aptness trackers, that plays right into Fitbit’s hands. CTA’s data, though, puts an engaging spin on Fitbit’s stream power as a aristocrat of wearables.

Of those consumers surveyed who pronounced they devise to buy health or aptness record in a subsequent 12 months, a largest apportionment — 35% to be accurate — pronounced they would select a full-function smartwatch, while “just” 27% design to opt for a health and aptness device, that would ring those offering by Fitbit and a rivals. In a remaining categories of a survey, 30% pronounced they were formulation to squeeze apps, 27% were eyeing intelligent apparel, and 23% had nap trackers on their list.

Back to a future
Apple, of course, isn’t a usually association offered a smartwatch, yet a integrate of arrows in Apple’s Watch shiver streamer into a new year are a recently expelled OS update, and a gossip that 2016 – some have suggested early this year – could see a introduction of a Apple Watch 2.

The OS refurbish in October was quite intriguing since it creates it easier for third-party app developers to enhance a Apple Watch’s capabilities, improves a device’s performance, and many importantly, creates it reduction contingent on iPhones. The some-more eccentric functionality a Watch is means to offer, a softened a chances Apple will be means to unseat Fitbit from a roost atop a wearables market. FitBit was No. 1 in a worldwide wearables marketplace with 22.2% marketplace share in Q3, according to IDC, while Apple trailed during No. 2 with 18.6%.

As for a rumored Apple Watch 2, not usually will that device expected embody even some-more updates and softened stand-alone functionality, but, let’s face it, anything new from Apple will immediately squeeze a courtesy of iFans, providing an initial sales boost, only as a initial Watch iteration did.

Infographic: Fitbit Retains Wearables Market Lead | Statista
You will find some-more statistics during Statista

Still an ascending climb
As a third quarter’s estimated wearables sales formula done clear, Fitbit is still a marketplace sales leader, and by a sincerely vast margin. Fitbit sole some-more than twice a series of bands as it did in Q3 2014, jumping from final year’s 2.3 million units to 4.7 million, according to IDC data.

Of course, Apple didn’t have a production-ready wearable on a marketplace in Q3 2014 to concede for approach comparisons, yet Watch sales did uncover a slight consecutive sales strike from a rudimentary quarter, when an estimated 3.6 million were sold, to an estimated 3.9 million in a third quarter. Apple being Apple meant that a quarter-over-quarter sales boost of only 300,000 unhappy many investors, that during slightest partially explains a double-digit decrease in share cost over a past month.

But as per a estimates of a CTA and eMarketer for what’s entrance in a universe of wearables, a lot could change this year. Will 2016 infer to be a year that Apple unseats Fitbit as a wearables leader? The foe might be tough given Fitbit’s confirmed position, yet with softened eccentric functionality, a opinion for some-more and softened apps on a horizon, and rumors of a Watch 2 imminent, Apple’s skeleton to browbeat wearables are staid to take a large step brazen in 2016.

The subsequent billion-dollar iSecret
The world’s biggest tech association forgot to uncover we something during a new event, yet a few Wall Street analysts and a Fool didn’t skip a beat: There’s a tiny association that’s powering their mint gadgets and a entrance series in technology. And we consider a batch cost has scarcely total room to run for early in-the-know investors! To be one of them, only click here.

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You might not be means to buy an Apple Car nonetheless — though during slightest an Apple Car website could be in a works.

Domain registry site WHOIS shows that Apple now owns a online domain name www.Apple.Car, fueling conjecture on record blogs like MacRumors and 9to5Mac that Apple might be building a self-driving car.

The name doesn’t indicate to a website, nor does Apple.Auto, or Apple.Cars, that also seem to have been purebred by a record titan. Apple did not immediately respond to CNBC’s ask for comment.

More from CNBC: Apple meets with self-driving automobile regulators: Report

As a blogs indicate out, Apple already has a car-related product, CarPlay, that syncs your iPhone with a car’s built-in display. But a new domain registries also block with prior rumors that Apple might be building self-driving automobile technology.

Related: Tesla Who? Faraday Reveals Futuristic Electric Car

In September, a California DMV reliable a assembly with Apple to examination unconstrained automobile regulations in a matter to CNBC. And Elon Musk, CEO of automobile association Tesla, has pronounced Apple is employing his former employees.

To be sure, a tight-lipped association hasn’t given any open denote that a self-driving iCar is imminent, even with everybody from Nissan to Blackberry to VW throwing down a gauntlet as this week’s Consumer Electronics Show wraps adult in Las Vegas.


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Apple Inc.’s investors are spooked.

The shares finished a day subsequent $100 for a initial time Thursday given Oct 2014 amid concerns that direct is loss for iPhones, a many vicious square of a company’s business. The stock’s solid dump in new weeks coincides with researcher and media reports indicating that Apple has cut behind prolongation of new handsets within a supply sequence to accommodate negligence sales.

More than 60 percent of Apple’s income comes from a iPhone so any pointer of debility for a product causes regard among investors. The company’s faith on a handset has customarily increasing over a past year, as sales of a iPad have declined and a Apple Watch has nonetheless to turn a mainstream hit.

Apple shares are descending as iPhone sales turn a means for concern

Apple shares are descending as iPhone sales turn a means for concern

The final time that Apple Inc. shares nose-dived, investors were disturbed about a company’s overexposure to a negligence Chinese economy final summer.

Now a record giant’s batch is plunging again — this time over fears about bad iPhone sales, not only in China though opposite a globe.

Shares of…

The final time that Apple Inc. shares nose-dived, investors were disturbed about a company’s overexposure to a negligence Chinese economy final summer.

Now a record giant’s batch is plunging again — this time over fears about bad iPhone sales, not only in China though opposite a globe.

Shares of…

(Paresh Dave and David Pierson)

The batch fell 4.2 percent to $96.45 Thursday, though showed slight gains Friday. Apple, a world’s many profitable association during $544 billion, has mislaid about $52 billion in marketplace capitalization this year.

“It’s a means for concern,” says Jack Ablin, a arch investment officer during BMO Harris Bank, that owns Apple shares. Even with a slide, he pronounced Apple is still a good value. “It’s been a unusual expansion story and we’re anticipating a expansion will continue.”

Apple, that reports financial formula for a holiday entertain on Jan. 26, has depressed 18 percent in a final month. Analysts during UBS and RBC Capital Markets lowered their estimates for iPhone sales Thursday, following identical moves by Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan and Drexel Hamilton.

Gene Munster, an researcher with Piper Jaffray Cos., who has followed Apple for some-more than a decade, pronounced a steepness of a stock’s decrease has astounded him. The reports entrance out about Apple’s supply-chain have combined an component of difficulty among investors, who might be selecting to sell in a deficiency of good information.

2016 tech products: Apple, Samsung ... and Dyson?

2016 tech products: Apple, Samsung … and Dyson?

With a new year comes new hopes, new dreams, new goals and new products. We’ve dull adult some of a hottest product releases potentially slated for 2016. These are a up-and-coming tech gadgets we should keep on your radar.

Apple had a large year in 2015. It expelled a first-ever smartwatch,…

With a new year comes new hopes, new dreams, new goals and new products. We’ve dull adult some of a hottest product releases potentially slated for 2016. These are a up-and-coming tech gadgets we should keep on your radar.

Apple had a large year in 2015. It expelled a first-ever smartwatch,…


“Investors can’t work in an opposite environment, that is what’s going on here,” he said. The batch will start to convene after Apple’s subsequent gain news since it will give some-more clarity on a company’s position, he said.

Apple hasn’t commented publicly about a reports or given any eccentric numbers on a iPhone.

Analysts charge a iPhone slack to a superfluity in a broader smartphone marketplace and reduction need for people to get new handsets. Apple also is in a duration of a standard business cycle before it releases a newly designed iPhone, that customarily rolls out around September. Cupertino, California-based Apple faced identical vigour from investors in 2014 before a entrance of a bigger-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The doubt investors are seeking themselves is either this time is different.

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Tim Cook: Tax accusations are 'total domestic crap'

They certain sell a lot of iPhones. And they certain make a ton of money.

Apple expelled a annual compensate of a tip executives on Wednesday.

CEO Tim Cook brought home $10.3 million in 2015, and he was distant from Apple’s top paid exec.

Cook’s bottom income was $2 million, and $8 million in income incentives. The package was surfaced off with $280,000 in several payments, including $53,846 in vacation “cash out” payments and $15,900 in 401(k) contributions.

For Cook, it was a flattering good year, and an boost from a $9.2 million he warranted in 2014.

But other Apple executives fared distant better.

CFO Luca Maestri, sell guru Angela Ahrendts, ubiquitous warn Bruce Sewell and product chiefs Dan Riccio and Eddy Cue any warranted some-more than $25 million.

Cook’s deputies warranted salaries of $1 million any nonetheless were also given matching batch awards of $20 million and income inducement payments of $4 million.

All warranted some-more than in 2014, solely for Ahrendts. That year, a former Burberry (BBRYF) executive took home $73.4 million. She was postulated a cold $70 million in batch endowment alone.

For Cook, though, a genuine income is in Apple stock. In 2015, tens of millions of dollars of his formerly announced batch awards vested. The shares were partial of his acquire package when he took over as CEO in 2011.

Cook still has some-more than $500 million value of batch awards from that package that have not nonetheless vested.

Cook’s compensate package was valued during $378 million when he became Apple’s CEO. But a value of a package has risen along with Apple’s share price.

Apple (AAPL, Tech30) shares sealed during $100.70 on Wednesday. The batch has strew scarcely 10% over a past 3 months.

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2015 was a bustling year for Apple that saw a association broach a series of new products and services, including Apple Music, new iPhone models, a iPad Pro, a neat new MacBook, a totally revamped Apple TV, a new 21.5-inch iMac with a 4K display, and final yet not least, a Apple Watch.

Still, Apple’s 2015, that was a company’s many essential year to-date, was rather tumultuous. Specifically, a series of Apple products and services were uncharacteristically criticized for unwell to live adult to Apple’s normal customary of excellence. As a result, we formerly categorized Apple’s 2015 as a year in transition, tangible in vast partial by new products and new technologies that a association will hopefully urge on and labour substantially in 2016.

DON’T MISS: Let’s postponement for a impulse to acknowledge all a shameless Apple ripoffs during CES 2016

So while Apple isn’t approaching to enter any new product categories in 2016, a association is once again staid to have a bustling year, with a series of new products set to be expelled over a subsequent 12 months. To give we an thought of what Apple has in store, we’ve gathered a list of a vital new Apple products that will approaching uncover adult on store shelves in 2016.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

As Apple’s primary income generator, we of march have to start with a iPhone. Apple’s iPhone recover news runs like clockwork and 2016 will approaching be no different. It’s a protected gamble that Apple in Sep of 2016 will recover dual new iPhone models, an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

From what we understand, these dual iPhone models will incorporate a same 4.7 and 5.5-inch form factors now found on Apple’s iPhone 6s lineup. As distant as specs are concerned, the iPhone 7 might incorporate a series of engaging changes.

Most notably, we might remember some reports suggesting that a iPhone 7 might totally do divided with a headphone jack and instead use a device’s lightning pier for audio-out. Other rumors have indicated that a iPhone 7 will be waterproof and be many thinner than a predecessor. The iPhone 7 Plus, meanwhile, will reportedly embody a series of facilities exclusively, including 3GB of RAM and a incomparable battery.

iPhone 6c

The usually 4-inch iPhone now accessible is a iPhone 5s, a princely device to be sure, yet one that’s still some-more than dual years aged during this point. In early 2016, in Mar to be exact, gossip has it that Apple will take a wraps off of a new 4-inch iPhone indication that has been betimes dubbed a iPhone 6c. While initial reports pegged a device as zero some-more than a souped adult iPhone 5s, some-more new reports advise that a iPhone 6c will be utterly a constrained device. In further to a blazing A9 processor, a iPhone 6c might also come with 2GB of RAM, a somewhat incomparable battery than what Apple used in a iPhone 5s, a steel support construction, and lastly, support for Apple Pay. Indeed, 3D Touch is substantially the only flagship underline a iPhone 6c will lack.

Rumor has it that a iPhone 6c will strike store shelves in April, only one month after a unveiling.

Apple Watch 2

Apple is approaching to betray a next-gen Apple Watch during a same Mar eventuality where it will broach a iPhone 6c. Spec wise, a Apple Watch 2 is staid to broach a series of improvements over a original, including a thinner arrangement case, a inclusion of a FaceTime camera, extended Wi-Fi functionality, and maybe new sensors. It’s value noting, though, that any health-oriented sensor technologies that would need FDA slip will approaching not be enclosed in a Apple Watch 2. It’s also a protected gamble that a Apple Watch 2 will come with a new preference of rope colors and designs.

As distant as a recover date is concerned, it stands to reason that Apple will hurl out a Apple Watch 2 someday in April, signaling that a company’s wearable will follow a same annual ascent cycle as a iPhone.

iPad Air 3

Apple’s iPad roadmap went on a slight road in 2015. Whereas a association typically rolls out iPad upgrades on an annual basis, Apple in 2015 opted to recover a new iPad Pro rather than an iPad Air 3. That being a case, there’s a good possibility Apple in 2016 will chuck a new iPad Air indication into a rotation.

Some of a early iPad Air 3 rumors advise that a next-gen device might competition a 4K display, an A9x processor, and a slight RAM bump. One underline a iPad Air 3 will not incorporate is 3D Touch, yet it’s a good gamble that destiny iPad models will residence this underline eventually. As distant as a recover date is concerned, early rumors forked to a probable launch in March.

MacBook Air

Even yet a svelte new Retina Macbook introduced this year gives a MacBook Air a run for a money, a Air doesn’t seem to be on a approach out anytime soon. This past November, a news out of China indicated that a MacBook Air will be updated with a thinner form cause and a new pattern that will lend itself to an altogether lighter device.

Perhaps a many engaging gossip per Apple’s purported 2016 MacBook Air is that a association will broach a 15-inch Air indication for a initial time.

Products that might not get a ascent diagnosis this year

Some products that might not accept any important upgrades this year embody a iMac, a Retina MacBook Pro, a iPad Pro, a Apple TV, and a Mac Pro.

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Two questions have been dogging Apple for a few years now.

  1. Can iPhone sales keep going up?
  2. What comes after a iPhone?

Tim Cook Co. did a flattering good pursuit of responding doubt No. 1 in a company’s 2015 mercantile year, that finished in September, with a biggest gain in iPhone section sales given 2012 and a 35 percent arise in net income, to $53 billion. But that only raises a bar for 2016. As for No. 2, a dual new products introduced given a iPhone, a iPad and Apple Watch, have sole lots of units, nonetheless finished almost nothing to revoke a company’s coherence on a flagship product.

As a result, a world’s many profitable, many admired, many dear corporation now has a price-to-earnings ratio of 10.9. Here’s how that compares with a few other iconic nonetheless distant reduction glamorous multinationals.

apple cheap

Microsoft is an generally engaging case. Apple’s longtime frenemy — a association that copied it in a late 1980s, roughly killed it in a mid-1990s, extended it a salvation after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 and afterwards watched Jobs wrest the limelight from it in a 2000s — has generated some courtesy and fad underneath new Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella. Microsoft’s gain have been disappearing for 4 years running, though. It has so distant mostly missed out on a good change to mobile inclination that has driven Apple’s success. Yet during a past year, a P/E ratio has left from even with Apple’s to twice as high.


There’s zero per se unreasonable about this, of course. Investors seem to cruise Nadella has a shot during putting Microsoft back on a expansion track, while they have difficulty saying how Cook can keep Apple on one. Bloomberg Gadfly’s Shira Ovide recommends that investors chill out and “be reassured by those abounding profits” during Apple, and that’s substantially good advice. But they should be reassured in partial since a company’s batch cost is so cheap.

I’m not here to offer investment advice, though. I’m here to consternation what accurately investors are thinking. Could it be that Mr. Market is interesting a thought that, 25 years after Microsoft initial surpassed Apple in net income and 5 years after Apple regained a lead, a dual are about to switch places nonetheless again?

frenemies 1

They’re still extremely distant detached in earnings, generally when we cruise that a 2015 income number for Microsoft excludes a $7.6 billion write-off associated to a catastrophic squeeze of Nokia’s handset business only a year before (I used income incompatible unusual gains and waste since that’s what’s used in a P/E ratios in a charts above). But when we demeanour during marketplace capitalization, it isn’t scarcely as large a gap. Apple’s is $549 billion, Microsoft’s $422 billion.

market caps

When we demeanour at that chart, we can’t assistance nonetheless shake my head. Do investors unequivocally cruise that Microsoft has a shot during shortly resupplanting Apple as a world’s heading tech company, along a approach flitting Alphabet (formerly Google), that has a marketplace top of $516 billion? we certain don’t see it. But foreigner things have happened.

This mainstay does not indispensably simulate a opinion of a editorial house or Bloomberg LP and a owners.

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Apple Inc. bought a synthetic comprehension startup Emotient that specializes in facial approval record that interprets people’s emotions as they watch videos and other media.

Apple reliable a squeeze Thursday but giving terms or describing a skeleton for a San Diego, California-based company. Emotient has tailored a facial-recognition program to advertising, media testing, assembly response and investigate and other areas, according to a website.

Artificial comprehension has turn a strategically critical area for Apple as it seeks to build intelligent program restraining together a countless products. The world’s many profitable association has sought to sinecure some-more people to control modernized investigate in a margin and acquired dual other AI startups – Perceptio and VocalIQ – in new months.

The ability to review emotions around a mechanism opens adult a whole tie of product areas, trimming from applications that change according to a viewed mood of a chairman to collection for study how media impact a person’s state of mind. Emotient, founded by 6 researchers from a University of California during San Diego, had been postulated patents covering areas such as a use of AI to review images and interpret either a chairman would be appealing to another person. Another obvious includes systems for gauging a tinge of a review and automatically suggesting what can be pronounced to urge a rapport of it.

Promising Technology

The Emotient deal, reported progressing by a Wall Street Journal, fits with Apple’s plan of appropriation smaller companies with earnest record that can be integrated into destiny devices. Past acquisitions have shabby elements of stream products such as a Siri digital assistant, iTunes, a semiconductors inside a iPhone and iPad and a hunt capabilities of a map service.

Other vast record companies have been exploring emotion-recognition technology. Microsoft has conducted investigate by a Project Oxford cloud use and IBM is building products that can theory how a chairman is feeling from a tinge of their voice.

London-based Realeyes and Waltham, Massachusetts-based Affectiva are among a startups with Emotient regulating synthetic comprehension techniques to infer emotions from facial approval software. Prior to a acquisition, Emotient also offering an off-line chronicle of a product that could work but promulgation information behind to a vast information center. That lines adult with Apple’s possess artificial-intelligence work, that has explored conceptualizing services that safety user remoteness by not pity information into a cloud. Perceptio had grown identical off-line capabilities.

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Meanwhile, tech titan Apple saw a batch decrease nonetheless again, finale down 4.2 percent Thursday, and stability to dump in after-hours trading.

Another pivotal Apple supplier, Dialog Semiconductor, also cut a fourth-quarter income opinion final month, heading countless analysts to condense their iPhone section sales targets. Supply sequence checks indicated a 30 percent rebate in prolongation of Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus between Jan and March, as estimated by a Japanese financial news use Nikkei progressing this week.

On tip of that, new batch marketplace sensitivity in China strike Apple nearby a epicenter of one of a fastest-growing markets. Analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets chopped 10 million units from his iPhone sales aim after supply sequence information points Thursday.

“The fear is, does this upsurge into a consumer marketplace over there and impact iPhone sales?” Daryanani told CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” on Thursday. “You haven’t seen it so far, i.e., a final Sep formula we had. But that’s positively a right regard to have, given how critical China is to Apple.”

Friday will tighten one of a misfortune weeks in a record zone of a marketplace for 5 years, with associate Apple suppliers display sold weakness: As of Thursday, Skyworks was down 12.4 percent week to date while Avago was down 11.2 percent week to date. The companies did not immediately respond to CNBC’s ask for comment.

Disclosure: RBC Capital Markets is a marketplace builder in Apple. CNBC’s Christopher Hayes contributed to this report.