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    On Twitter today, Tim Cook has common a story of another Apple user whose Apple Watch warned them of vital health problems. Elissa Lombardo pronounced her husband’s Apple Watch alerted him he could have A-fib, call him to find medical attention.

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    According to Lombardo, her father had his Apple Watch for only dual days before it alerted him that he had an towering heart rate of 150bpm and rescued atrial fibrillation.

    Prompted by a Apple Watch’s warning, a Lombardos went to a puncture room where doctors found he had “major” blockage in his arteries. Mr. Lombardo had dual stents put in his coronary arteries, and his mother says he’s now “as good as new.”

    New Apple Watch saved my husband’s life this week! Only dual days aged and it diagnosed A-Fib and 150bpm. He went to ER that he never did with same symptoms. Found vital blockage in arteries as a result. Two stents later, he is as good as new! Telling a world. Thank U!

    Lombardo initial common her husband’s story with Cook final week, and currently a Apple CEO retweeted it with a intense message:

    Glad to hear your father is feeling better, Elissa. Stories like yours enthuse us — interjection for vouchsafing us know!

    This isn’t a initial story of an Apple Watch warning someone of most bigger health problems. Just final week, we listened from a user who creatively discharged his symptoms as “holiday anxiety,” though when his Apple Watch chimed in, he sought medical attention.

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      Tech hulk Apple has announced that a initial strange underline film will reteam actor Bill Murray and executive Sofia Coppola for a father-daughter comedy-drama called On a Rocks.

      According to a Hollywood Reporter, On a Rocks is about a immature mother, played by Rashida Jones, who reconnects with her larger-than-life seducer father (Murray) on an journey by New York.

      Coppola and Murray worked together on a 2003 comedy Lost in Translation, in that Murray played a cloyed film star distinguished adult an heated attribute with Scarlett Johansson’s wearied photographer’s wife. Murray was Oscar-nominated for a role, while Coppola won a Academy endowment for best strange screenplay.

      Oscar leader … Lost In Translation starred Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Photograph: Imagenet

      The film is a initial fruit of Apple’s understanding with A24, a US distributor behind such cult hits as Spring Breakers, Ex Machina and Moonlight. Reports advise Apple is formulation to deposit some-more than $4bn (£3.1bn) in strange calm by 2022, with a immeasurable infancy to date going on TV programming such as a new Amazing Stories anthology from Steven Spielberg and untitled array from Damien Chazelle and M Night Shyamalan.

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        Netflix cost strike means Amazon, Apple are bargains: Cramer

        Streaming hulk Netflix lifting a subscription prices means good things for other vast companies that offer subscription services, CNBC’s Jim Cramer pronounced Tuesday.

        “Netflix serves as a absolute sign that a subscriber business indication is impossibly clever here,” a “Mad Money” horde said. “A repeated use income tide is very, really lucrative.”

        Better yet, Wall Street desired a move, with Netflix’s 6.52 percent arise holding a broader marketplace higher. That’s a vigilance that other use providers that assign business on a repeated basement can follow in Netflix’s footsteps, Cramer said.

        In fact, a company’s pierce highlighted “two other bargains, dual companies with use income streams that could simply get divided with lifting their prices: Amazon and Apple,” Cramer said.

        Calling Amazon Prime “the singular biggest discount on earth,” a “Mad Money” horde pronounced he “wouldn’t even blink” if Amazon lifted a $119-a-year charity to $150.

        He also remarkable that when Amazon increasing a cost of Prime by 20 percent in 2018, it was met with small to no resistance.

        “That’s one of many reasons since we consider Amazon’s batch is a lot reduction costly than it seems,” he said. “On tip of Prime, they’ve also got a impassioned Web Services multiplication and a fast flourishing promotion biz. Put it all together and I’m a large fan of Amazon['s stock] here in a $1,600s.”

        The usually batch that competence be an even bigger discount is Apple, Cramer said, adding that shares are trade during a “measly” 11 times subsequent year’s gain estimates.

        The “Mad Money” horde pronounced Apple’s batch could “explode higher” if it lifted prices for a increasingly gummy services, quite given a vigour it has endured amid weakening iPhone sales.

        “Every month we compensate Apple to behind adult my photos and protection my phones. Don’t you? Every month we compensate [for] Apple Music,” Cramer said. “They are automatically charged to my AmEx account. If Apple were to put by a cost boost on any of these services, I’d feel compelled to keep profitable for it.”

        That longevity, joined with Wall Street’s welcome of Netflix’s cost bump, means these companies are radically in a transparent when it comes to lifting prices, he concluded.

        “The bottom line? What matters right now are a expectations, and so far, they’re being exceeded both by a companies stating gain and a likes of Netflix that are lifting their prices since there’s no insurgency to doing so,” Cramer said. “That is all certain in a marketplace where people are still negative, so disastrous that it staggers a mind.”

        Cramer: Netflix's cost strike means Amazon, Apple's bonds are bargains

        Disclosure: Cramer’s giveaway trust owns shares of Amazon and Apple.

        Questions for Cramer?
        Call Cramer: 1-800-743-CNBC

        Want to take a low dive into Cramer’s world? Hit him up!
        Mad Money Twitter – Jim Cramer Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

        Questions, comments, suggestions for a “Mad Money” website? [email protected]

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          DuckDuckGo has touted itself as a hunt engine that puts remoteness first, earnest to never to lane a users. In an bid to urge on this promise, a hunt engine has now partnered with Apple Maps for a location-based searches or residence lookups.

          Previously, a hunt engine used information from an open-source mapping use called OpenStreetMap alongside information from MapBox. This combination, however, charity singular information and couldn’t keep adult with a likes of Google.

          Now DuckDuckGo has integrated Apple’s MapKit JS horizon to energy map and residence searches on both mobile and desktop.

          DuckDuckGo’s policies align good with Apple’s position on remoteness and should give a use a fighting possibility opposite a foe from Google.

          When looking adult a sold address, businesses, or traveller captivate in an area, DuckDuckGo will now uncover a procedure with a tiny map box during a tip of a hunt page. Clicking on a map will enhance it, charity satellite views and a sidebar where necessary.

          DuckDuckGo promises that identifiable information like IP addresses will not be sent to Apple and all hunt information is rejected once sealed by a user.

          This formation also creates DuckDuckGo a biggest user of Apple Maps, entrance usually months after a Cupertino organisation non-stop a focus adult to third parties.

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            Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun creates a debate during a launch eventuality of a Mi 6 smartphone during Beijing University of Technology on Apr 19, 2017.

            China’s Xiaomi, once dubbed a “Apple of China,” is in a center of a months-long subjection and confronting informed headwinds in a tellurian smartphone market.

            The batch has strew 25 percent this year, plummeting to all-time lows and trade next 10 Hong Kong dollars. The company’s marketplace top now hovers around HK$240 billion ($30 billion).

            Xiaomi, founded in 2010 in Beijing, rose to considerable marketplace share among tellurian competitors such as Huawei, Samsung and Apple. It markets high-quality inclination during partially revoke prices and has some-more recently diversified a business to embody other connected inclination and services revenue.

            The association went open on Hong Kong exchanges in Jul during an pragmatic gratefulness of US$54 billion, though now trades some-more than 50 percent next all-time highs. The batch has posted usually one month of gains given debuting.

            Many of Xiaomi’s hurdles will sound familiar.

            Smartphone saturation

            Global smartphone direct is slowing, as inclination inundate determined markets and ascent cycles lengthen. Industry researcher IDC has been tracking year-over-year declines in tellurian smartphone sales for a final several quarters.

            Analysts and attention watchers have been job out a trend for months, though it appears to have set in with shareholders in new weeks.

            Apple released a singular warning of weaker-than-expected iPhone sales progressing this month, spurring a stock’s misfortune day of trade in 6 years. Samsung cited a “stagnant and fiercely rival smartphone market” in obscure a possess quarterly expectations final week.

            Xiaomi, a fourth-largest tellurian smartphone maker, still depends on a inclination for 70 percent of a revenue, according to FactSet data. That figure is trending downward as a company’s internet of things and other lifestyle products accounts for a incomparable share, though a bulk of Xiaomi’s income is still contingent on smartphone sales.


            Xiaomi has a singular emanate of timing, as well. The company’s six-month jail duration following a IPO only expired, ushering in a call of sales by early investors.

            The batch suffered a quite unpleasant three-day duration final week, immediately following a finish of a jail period. Shares fell roughly 17 percent in a three-day duration and traded during daily volumes not seen given a initial few days on a open markets.

            On Wednesday in Hong Kong, a batch fell 2.6 percent and traded during some-more than 700 percent a 30-day normal trade volume.

            China slowdown

            Compounding a headwinds is a ubiquitous mercantile slack in China, where Xiaomi banks some-more than 70 percent of a revenue, according to FactSet data.

            China’s expansion slowed in 2018 as a years-long debate to revoke a towering of debt and a crackdown on riskier lending practices harm domestic demand. Ongoing trade tensions with a U.S. and rising tariffs on exported products have tiny a economy even further, heading regulators to devise assertive stimulus.

            The nation has prolonged stood as a largest smartphone marketplace in a world, so reduced consumer spending is expected to harm a industry.

            — Reuters and CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi and Arjun Kharpal contributed to this report.

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              It has a prolonged time given iPod was one of a many critical gadgets in Apple’s books. The association dropped a iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano scarcely dual years behind in 2017, withdrawal a iPod Touch a solitary vital decendent of a trendsetting song player. The 6th era of iPod Touch was expelled in 2015 and so a prolonged due for an upgrade. And now a word is that a association is operative to move a new and updated verison of a usually flourishing iPod in a market.

              Macotakara citing Apple’s supply sequence sources pronounced that a Cupertino, California formed association is operative on building a 7th era indication of a iPod Touch that would reinstate a a 6th era iPod Touch, 32GB various of that sells during $199 or Rs 17,000 in India.

              Currently, a iPod Touch is one of a reduction dear inclination in a company’s portfolio detached from a 4th era Apple TV, that costs $149 (Rs 14,100 in India), and a AirPods, that costs $160 (Rs 11,999 in India). On a aloft end, a association has 6th era iPad, that ships for $329 (Rs 38,600 in India) and a $449 (Rs 37,999 in India) iPhone7. The association sells no device in $200 – $300 cost segement. Launching a $250 iPod Touch could also meant that a association is looking to fill in this gap.

              Alternatively, it could also meant that a association is looking to captivate a immature propagandize and college going students who can't means a Rs 77,000 iPhone XR yet.

              However, a announcement not usually done a prophecy about a iPod though also about Apple’s arriving iPhones. As per a report, only like a 11-inch iPad Pro and a 3rd era 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a subsequent era iPhone competence get a USB Type-C connector. However, a people operative on removing a underline on-boarding a arriving iPhone pronounced that a product has not reached a anxiety pattern theatre yet. This could prove that Apple 2019 iPhone, that could presumably be called a Apple iPhone XI, could presumably skip a update.

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                Apple Watch Series 4 during a Steve Jobs Theater during an eventuality to announce new Apple products Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, in Cupertino, Calif. 

                Apple has been in talks with during slightest 3 private Medicare skeleton about subsidizing a Apple Watch for people over 65 to use as a health tracker, according to people informed with a discussions.

                The insurers are exploring ways to finance a cost of a device for those who can’t means a $279 cost tag, that is a starting cost of an comparison model. The latest chronicle of a device, that includes a many endless health facilities including tumble showing and an electrocardiogram to magnitude a heart’s rhythm, retails for a smallest of $399, that many seniors could advantage from though can’t afford.

                The talks have not resulted in any central deals only yet, a people said. Apple has paid a revisit to several of a largest insurers in a market, as good as some smaller, venture-backed Medicare Advantage plans. The people declined to be named as a discussions are still private. Apple declined to comment.

                Health experts contend that seniors are an ideal marketplace for a Apple Watch, that has introduced facilities that can be used by anyone, though are many profitable to seniors, including tumble showing and cardiac arrhythmia monitoring. It also creates clarity as a business indication for insurers, as seniors are a quite remunerative market.

                “It’s a shred of health word with a top dollar income and domain per member,” explains Augustin Ruta, a health word consultant during A2 Strategy Group. Ruta also remarkable that Medicare members enrolled in these private skeleton tend to have reduce shake rates, that gives insurers some-more of an inducement to deposit in members’ long-term health outcomes.

                A win for Apple, insurers and patients

                About 19 million seniors, and growing, are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, that are private health skeleton that accept supervision payouts for providing services to seniors — about $10,000 per member, on average. Consulting organisation PwC, a code name for PricewaterhouseCoopers, expects a Medicare Advantage marketplace to beget some-more than $350 billion in annual income by 2020, nonetheless a marketplace is regulated to extent insurers’ profits.

                The supervision payments yield some-more coherence for insurers using Medicare Advantage skeleton to deposit in new technologies, like a Apple Watch, if they have a demonstrated benefit.

                Apple Watch competence be pricier than other trackers, such as a Fitbit, though word executives contend they’d work with Apple if a association can uncover that it helps a members detect potentially critical health problems before they need an costly intervention.

                “Avoiding one puncture room revisit would some-more than compensate for a device,” pronounced Bob Sheehy, CEO of Bright Health, an word start-up with a Medicare Advantage plan, and a former CEO of United Healthcare.

                Apple is increasingly invested in this kind of research, such as a heart investigate with Stanford University and a partnership with Zimmer Biomet to improved know by a Apple Watch how patients can some-more fast redeem from knee and hip deputy procedures.

                The latest Apple Watch now includes an electrocardiogram, that is designed to collect adult on atrial fibrillation, a condition that impacts distant some-more people over a age of 65 than their younger counterparts, and puts them during a aloft risk for cadence and other potentially deadly health outcomes. While Apple Watch doesn’t diagnose illness or reinstate a doctor, a association is positioning it as an “intelligent health guardian.”

                Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in an talk final week that health record would be a vital beginning for a association in a future.

                “We are holding what has been with a establishment and lenient a particular to conduct their health. And we’re only during a front finish of this,” Cook said. “But we do think, looking back, in a future, we will answer that question: Apple’s many critical grant to humankind has been in health.”

                Cook also tweeted Tuesday about a patron who used an Apple Watch to detect a heart condition.

                Apple’s health group is also looking to work with other vast insurers outward of Medicare.

                It sealed a understanding with Aetna in Aug of final year; and in Nov 2018, it integrated with United Healthcare for a module that rewards those who travel during slightest 10,000 stairs per day to finance a cost of a watch. It is also operative with life insurer John Hancock to offer a steeply ignored watch to those who live healthy lifestyles.

                Apple doubling down on health, has hired over 40 doctors


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