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AKRON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apple Growth Partners (AGP), accounting and business advisory firm, was
recently named one of a 2019 Best Employers in Ohio. The annual
list of a Best Employers in Ohio was total by a Ohio
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Council, Crain’s
Cleveland Business, and Best Companies Group.

This statewide consult and awards module is designed to identify,
recognize, and respect a best places of practice in Ohio, benefiting
a state’s economy, a workforce, and businesses. The 2019 Best
Employers in Ohio
list is done adult of 41 companies. Companies must
accommodate mixed criteria to be deliberate for participation.

“To be named one of a Best Employers in Ohio is a covenant to
a loyalty and professionalism of a group to fostering a positive
culture,” states Chuck Mullen, chairman. “In a final dual years, we’ve
joined dual additional firms, total a Cleveland workspace,
non-stop a new bureau in Canton, and adopted new information technology
infrastructure while assisting some-more clients grasp healthy growth.”

Having finished a year-long jubilee honoring a firm’s 75th
anniversary in 2018, a Best Employers in Ohio approval kicks
off an sparkling year forward for a firm.

“We are committed to a employees by charity new and
industry-leading benefits,” says Erin McCafferty, executive of
operations. “In a final year, we’ve rolled out a paid parental leave
program, tyro loan converging resources, and stretchable hours to
inspire operative remotely and ancillary work-life balance.”

Modern benefits, along with in-house resources for professional
growth and coaching, positions AGP as a colonize in a accounting
attention for worker advancement. As a organisation continues to grow its
participation in Northeast Ohio and beyond, care is committed to
putting employees first.

“Our clients are intensely confident since a employees are
fulfilled,” comments Mullen. “This approval ensures a organisation is on
a right lane and will reason us accountable for stability to identify
additional improvements for a firm.”

Companies from opposite a state entered a two-part consult routine to
establish a Best Employers in Ohio. The initial partial consisted of
evaluating any nominated company’s workplace policies, practices,
philosophy, systems, and demographics – value approximately 25 percent
of a sum evaluation. The second member consisted of an employee
consult to magnitude a worker knowledge – value approximately 75
percent of a sum assessment. The total scores dynamic a top
companies and a final rankings. Best Companies Group managed the
altogether registration and consult routine in Ohio and analyzed a data
and used their imagination to establish a final rankings. For more
information on a Best Employers in Ohio program, revisit www.BestEmployersOH.com.

Apple Growth Partners is an accounting and business advisory organisation with
some-more than 75 years of assisting grow internal businesses. With offices in
Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Kent, AGP offers a full operation of services
including review and assurance, taxation formulation and compliance, business
valuation, lawsuit consulting and transactional advisory services. To
learn more, revisit www.applegrowth.com.

Please hit Brittany White during 330.315.7852 or [email protected]
for additional information.

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For a immature UC Santa Cruz tyro arrested for allegedly traffic heroin and methamphetamine around an iPhone app, posters promotion a unlawful business were his undoing, authorities say.

Collin Riley Howard, 18, of Sunnyvale, has been indicted by a sovereign grand jury in San Jose, a U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday. To sell a accumulation of bootleg drugs, Howard built an iPhone app, sovereign prosecutors said. The app is clearly named after a UC Santa Cruz mascot, a banana slug.

“Howard grown a ‘Banana Plug’ application, that was accessible on a Apple App Store,” prosecutors said. Contraband offering for sale around a app enclosed cocaine, enjoyment and hallucinogenic mushrooms, prosecutors said.

“Posters promotion a focus had been hung adult around a UC Santa Cruz campus,” prosecutors said.

Those posters led a UC Santa Cruz military officer to a app, and a officer worked with a Department of Homeland Security’s investigations multiplication to use a app to ask pot and cocaine, finalizing sum with Howard around messaging app Snapchat, according to prosecutors. A Homeland Security questioner bought a drugs and kept in hold with Howard on Snapchat to set adult 3 some-more drug buys, prosecutors said.

“The third and fourth purchases were for some-more than 5 grams of methamphetamine,” prosecutors said. “At a fourth meeting, UC Santa Cruz military officers arrested Howard before any remuneration was made.”

The offenses are purported to have occurred over a three-week duration in November. Howard is charged with 3 offenses associated to methamphetamine and one associated to cocaine, prosecutors said. He faces a probability of decades in jail and millions of dollars in fines.

As of Tuesday night, an app called Banana Plug, featuring a banana knock picture and a aphorism “We Have What You Want” was still accessible in a Apple App Store. Howard was listed as a developer, and was also listed as a developer for a label diversion and nonplus accessible in a App Store. On Tuesday night, a Banana Plug app seemed to be a diversion involving images of bananas and plugs in rows. Apple did not immediately respond to a ask for comment.

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When we consider of Apple, we consider iPhone, iPad, or even remoteness concerns.

You substantially don’t consider dispute minerals used in a production of a inclination or how blockchain could infer a heal for an reliable supply chain.

Well, we should. The tech hulk has filed a news with a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission indicating it is study ways to exercise Blockchain in some form or fashion.

Reading Between The Lines

Apple submitted a filing called a “Conflict Minerals Report; Summary of Apple’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing.”

In a report, Apple did not contend in any candid approach that it was implementing Blockchain for any of a operations. The tech behemoth alluded to a technology.

For example, Apple’s filing remarkable that final year it upheld a growth of certain industry-wide standards for a Blockchain Guidelines of a Responsible Business Alliance’s Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).

Here’s an excerpt:

In 2018, Apple chaired a house of a Responsible Business Alliance, served on a Steering Committee of a RMI, continued a appearance in a European Partnership for Responsible Minerals, and served on a Governance Committee of a Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade. Apple also contributed to several RMI operative groups, including, though not singular to, a operative groups for tin, gold, and other minerals; a smelter rendezvous team; a Blockchain team; and a minerals stating template team.

This news comes as a prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, pronounced recently that “in 2019, [Blockchain] will start to turn mundane.”

Human Rights At The Forefront

Apple boasts that it is “deeply committed” to support tellurian rights. It works with its tellurian network of suppliers that support a production of a mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and compared accessories.

In Apple’s wheelhouse are inventions they aren’t specific to gadgets. They are for charitable causes. This includes a Risk Readiness Assessment apparatus it grown in 2016. It assesses risks in a supply sequence over those compared with conflict. This includes risks like:

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Human rights

Its efforts embody defence a contentment of those concerned in a supply chain. Apple seeks to strengthen a places where materials are sourced. According to a filing, Apple’s retailer standards entail it regulating minerals in a products that do not “directly or indirectly financial armed dispute or advantage armed groups.”

The filing states:

In 2017, Apple took stairs to share a RRA some-more broadly with stakeholders, including an general tellurian rights non-governmental organization (“NGO”).

Apple recommends companies use a RRA to stay up-to-speed about supply sequence risks.

Apple began transitioning a RRA to RMI in 2018 to make a apparatus broadly available. As of Dec. 31, formula showed that 265 outfits were regulating a RRA. That compares to 211 users in 2017.

Not Too Much Of A Surprise

Apple has been outspoken about regulating renewable resources or recycled material.

It’s said:

There are a lot of profitable materials inside aged inclination that are ideal for creation new products. The plea is that recuperating them is unusually formidable and tough to do efficiently. And we wish to lapse an homogeneous volume of element to a market, to be used by us or others. Our aspiration is that one day we’ll remove zero from the earth.

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It’s common trust during this indicate that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has an iPhone problem. And that problem continues to vigour Apple stock.

Services Might Not Be Large Enough to Boost Apple StockServices Might Not Be Large Enough to Boost Apple Stock

Indeed, it was hardly 6 months ago that Apple batch reached a $1 trillion valuation. AAPL batch would rise in Oct – and afterwards tumble some 39%. Even with a convene in 2019, AAPL still is down 1% over a final year and still off some 27% from a highs.

Weak iPhone direct appears to be a primary motorist of a company’s difficulties. Revenue from a product declined 15% year-over-year in Q1, per a company’s 10-Q filing. The rebate of a company’s superintendence forward of a Dec entertain results sent AAPL batch plunging. Longer deputy cycles, debility in China, and a potentially approaching roof on cost increases all advise iPhone revenues competence good have peaked.

Apple needs a new expansion driver. And it’s common trust that a company’s Services business is ostensible to be that driver. CEO Tim Cook has frequently discussed a company’s long-term goals for a Services business. It’s a usually approach for Apple to equivalent a “commoditization” problem confronting a iPhone and a series of a other hardware problems.

And as a Wall Street Journal reported this week, Apple is repositioning itself for a some-more services-based future. The pivotal doubt for Apple batch is either AAPL will be rejuvenated by a Services business .

The Pivot to Services

The Journal highlights innumerable changes that Apple is implementing. At a government level, a company’s conduct of synthetic comprehension was promoted to a executive team, and a executive in assign of Siri departed. Additionally, 200 staffers were private from a company’s long-discussed though still-secretive unconstrained pushing efforts. Meanwhile, services multiplication arch Eddy Cue “is focusing many of his engineering group on building a company’s media offerings, including Apple’s entrance Hollywood programming.”

The changes mislay any doubt that Apple itself believes that direct for a iPhone is declining. Any expansion that Apple can expostulate going forward  will come from a smaller products and services. But that competence be a problem for Apple stock.

The Fundamental Problem Facing Apple Stock

The elemental problem confronting Apple batch is a same one it’s had for years. The iPhone is such an critical product that it’s literally irreplaceable. In calendar 2018, iPhone sales totaled $157.6 billion. All of that income came from only one product (albeit with opposite versions).

To put that figure into perspective, Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) generated $232.9 billion of income in calendar 2018, and it has tens of thousands of products. Apple’s iPhone income equaled some-more than two-thirds of Amazon’s total sales.

And a iPhone is hugely profitable. Apple doesn’t mangle out product margins, though a consolidated, trailing, twelve-month handling margins are about 27%. Apple generated $59 billion of net income in calendar 2018. At slightest half of that (and expected some-more than half) came from a iPhone.

In other words, a iPhone generates during slightest $30 billion of after-tax distinction for Apple. Declines in that figure – of even a few commission points a year, let alone a 15% sales decrease seen in Q1 – emanate an huge headwind for a company’s earnings. Relying on Services to equivalent that vigour competence be seeking too much.

Is Services Enough?

Admittedly, a Services business is behaving awfully well. Its income jumped 23% to $37 billion in mercantile 2018, and a sales grew another 19% in Q1.

Again, Apple doesn’t mangle out shred or product margins. But a distinction domain of a Services business is substantially aloft than that of a hardware. The 30% “Apple tax” paid by app developers, for instance, costs Apple really little, so many of it drops directly to a company’s bottom line.

AAPL also has opportunities in Services. It has ambitions in content, with a Journal citing an estimated $1 billion of spending on calm this year alone by AAPL. And a new “killer app” could be on a way. Specifically, a association is looking to hurl out an integrated news subscription, per a WSJ, that could be bundled with other offerings (such as cloud storage). Apple could offer something like Amazon Prime, though though a shipping and selling benefits.

Still, awaiting Services to keep Apple’s increase fast – that is what a stream gratefulness of Apple batch requires – is utterly ambitious. Again, a iPhone generates during slightest $30 billion of after-tax profit. Services, over a final 4 quarters, has combined $39 billion of revenue.

The pierce into calm competence be late: Apple faces foe from Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Amazon, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL,GOOG), and many others in that market. A $10 per month news subscription won’t pierce a needle when Apple batch is still valued during some $800 billion. And companies including Netflix have looked to work around a App Store, formulating a intensity hazard to a walled (and profitable) “ecosystem” that AAPL is perplexing to build.

Services can help. But it’s tough to trust that it alone can equivalent a iPhone’s decline.

Services Probably Can’t Rescue Apple Stock

All told, from here, Apple looks like it could decline. Apple can’t reinstate a iPhone with Services since zero can reinstate a iPhone. It’s a many essential product in a story of mankind, and there truly isn’t a tighten second.

Apple’s change does make some sense: Services is a best business Apple has left. That’s precisely a problem, however: it competence be a best business left, though it’s not as good as a one that AAPL is being forced to focus divided from.

As of this writing, Vince Martin has no positions in any of a bonds mentioned.


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A lady runs along a towering lane during a stormy day, gaining speed as she climbs uphill. Suddenly she is swept adult to a clouds and manages a array of mid-air acrobatic stunts and dance moves before plunging into a transparent blue freezing lake. She emerges protection with her Apple Watch Series 4 operative perfectly.

Apple UK is debuting a new film for a Series 4, patrician ‘Flight’ during a live promote of a Brit Awards. The dainty film, destined by Jonathan Glazer, was done to etch a feeling of leisure users knowledge with Apple Watch Series 4 with mobile connectivity. In a film, a woman, by her skyward adventure, stays connected in opposite environments by her watch.

British executive Glazer is famous for films such as Under a Skin and Sexy Beast. Working with universe champion atmosphere dancer Inka Tiitto, a twin brought a feeling of leisure and easy transformation to life. The soundtrack is Breathe by Son Lux.

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I wish to stress that notwithstanding a fact that a above cinema exist, Apple has not made a new anti-chocolate bar, anti-baby, or anti-dancer emoji. Neither has it done an anti-rainbow dwindle one.

Many people online knew this, it should be said, and simply common a struck-through dwindle as an inside joke. Twitter is a fun place where humor can fast remove all context and morph into something bigger and weirder. Even “mitchell,” a self-proclaimed progenitor of this passion (whose Twitter name now proudly and/or shamelessly exclaims this fact), has certified that it’s not a new emoji from Apple. He told Out that he “discovered” a smirch a while ago. Yet Emojipedia wrote about it in . . . 2016. Either way, congratulations on going viral.

To recap: Despite a chaos, Apple has not introduced a new hate-filled emoji library. It’s simply an cultured side outcome of a complement people have overtly famous about for years. All a same, I’ll substantially have to write this essay again in a few months when we hear about a new anti-poop emoji.

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Apple began rolling out Apple Pay to business in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, with early reports display harmony with formerly reliable financial partners including a country’s largest institution, a National Commercial Bank.

Apple Pay
Source: Twitter user ToaimiF

A series of iOS device users took to Twitter and other amicable media outlets early Tuesday to share a news, posting screenshots of a Wallet app displaying provisioned credit, withdraw and prepaid cards from Saudi banks. Separately, particular banks like Al Rajhi reliable entrance to a use in recover records concomitant iOS app updates.

Apple’s informal Apple Pay webpage confirms a rollout and business have successfully related cards from all 4 internal institutions listed on a site. Currently, Apple promises support for a Saudi Payments Network (MADA), Alinma Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, Bank Aljazira, a National Commercial Bank and Riyad Bank. Cards with subsidy from Visa and Mastercard are also accepted.

The webpage lists 46 brick-and-mortar stores charity support for Apple Pay transactions, including vast bondage like Carrefour, Krispy Kreme, IHOP, McDonald’s, Swarovski, Zara and more. Apple facilities another 28 retailers that accept Apple Pay for in-app payments.

Apple initial teased arriving Apple Pay support for Saudi Arabia final October, though unsuccessful to yield serve fact as to when a use would launch.

Prior to Saudi Arabia, Apple introduced a first-party payments resolution to users in Germany in December.

Apple Pay launched domestically in 2014 with support for a handful of banks and integrations with vital credit label companies. The product has given stretched to vital countries around a world, including vital markets like Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia and a U.K. With a tentative launch in Saudi Arabia, Apple’s payments use is accessible to iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac users in 34 territories.

Updated with acknowledgment and additional information from Apple.

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Since Steve Jobs introduced a universe to a initial iPhone in 2007, Apple has made itself into a smartphone-first company. But new care changes and disappearing iPhone sales advise that won’t be a box for most longer.

A array of executive shake-ups followed CEO Tim Cook’s foresight note in early Jan to shareholders saying that a association is expecting to make most reduction income than approaching in 2019. That’s a transparent pointer that a Cupertino-based association is aiming to change concentration divided from a phone that has so prolonged tangible it by redirecting efforts into a services, synthetic intelligence, and intelligent home. But Apple could be personification catch-up opposite competing tech companies in these sectors for years to come.

“This is a pointer a association is perplexing to get a regulation right for a subsequent decade,” Apple researcher Gene Munster told The Wall Street Journal. “Technology is evolving, and they need to continue to tweak their structure to be certain they’re on a right curve.”

News about Apple employing former-Microsoft exec, Sam Jadallah, to renovate a intelligent home business pennyless on Saturday. Google’s former arch of hunt and A.I. was snatched adult by Apple in mid-2018 and was recently promoted to a executive team. And conduct of program services Eddy Cue has poached dual Sony executives to accelerate Apple’s upcoming, streaming service.

But even with all of this new talent, Apple will be stepping into domain where a likes of Netflix, Amazon, and Google have prolonged ruled. But a association has been corroborated into a corner; consumers are removing sleepy of marginally different, nonetheless increasingly some-more costly iPhones each year. So they’re gearing adult to quarrel what will expected be an ascending conflict for years to come.

Apple’s Future After iPhones: Software Services

Apple’s initial product recover of a year reportedly won’t underline any hardware, it’ll be a launch of a subscription news service. Expect a association to horde some-more software-only product launches in a nearby future, an party platform, and a gaming-service are on a horizon. But by doing this, Apple would be jumping on a same bandwagon Netflix and Spotify have been roving for years now.

apple newsapple news
Apple will expected entrance a reward chronicle of Apple News as a initial product launch of 2019.

During a new gain call, a association reported that it has amassed some-more than 360 million paid subscribers to services, like Apple Music and iCloud. Leaning into this business indication could infer to be lucrative, though many of a destiny skeleton will have it competing for business opposite timeless services.

Apple has reportedly invested $1 billion for strange calm that will be featured on a streaming platform. Compare that to $15 billion Netflix is spending this year alone to furnish shows.

The Cupertino-based company’s will offer giveaway strange calm for device owners, that could incentivize hardware purchases. But convincing business to spend another $10 on another streaming use alongside Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime video could infer formidable as cord cutters competence spin into subscription slicers.

Apple’s Future After iPhones: Voice Assistant

Siri competence have been a initial voice partner to turn widely available, though it has given succumbed to products by Google and Amazon. The Goole Assistant and Alexa are simply only some-more able than Siri, though with some improvements, Apple could revive a voice partner to a former glory.

loup ventures voice assistanceloup ventures voice assistance
A exam by Loup Ventures shows that Siri has shown large improvements in reduction than a year.

Alexa has an corner with assisting business emporium online and a Google Assistant acts like a secretary in your smartphone, though Siri is a sleeping hulk prepared dominate. More people in a United States had iPhones than any other phone code as of a third-quarter of 2018, that means millions of Americans have entrance to Siri and Apple only needs to enforce them to use it.

Data from Loup Ventures uncover justification that Siri has gotten most smarter in reduction than a year, that coincides with Giannandrea’s hiring. But it also showed that many people suspicion it was subpar compared to Alexa or a Google Assistant.

With Giannandrea on a executive team, improving Siri will expected turn high priority and rolling out new facilities will be pivotal to pulling consumers to use Siri each day. But flourishing a Siri user bottom also means severely improving Apple’s lagging intelligent home business.

Apple’s Future After iPhones: Smart Home Efforts

A list of arriving services doesn’t meant Apple is giving adult on hardware, and with Jadallah on board, home audio competence accept some-more attention, as a HomePod intelligent orator is in dead-last compared among a competitors.

smart orator marketplace share information jungle google applesmart orator marketplace share information jungle google apple
Apple is in dead-last in a intelligent orator race.

A news by intelligent orator investigate organisation Voicebot.ai suggested that Apple hold 4.5 percent of a U.S. intelligent orator marketplace share as of Sep 2018. With improvements to Siri, consumers could be convinced to squeeze a HomePod, primarily touted as a device famous for high-quality audio, not an A.I. brain.

Apple’s intelligent orator was behind and expelled years after Amazon initial forsaken a initial Echo product. Plus Siri’s singular functionality didn’t accurately clear a $350 cost tag. A whole new intelligent home tactic led by Jadallah and Siri improvements underneath Giannandrea be means for a HomePod comeback, though Apple has a lot of work to do to locate adult to a competitors.